Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma Praises Kanak’s Beauty

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya butters Parminder Singh/Uma to fix his meeting with baby Diana. Uma says he looks to be a good businessman. Aditya asks what does he mean. Uma whisks and beats him and says he will fix his meeting with baby D and asks him to come to Budha temple at 1 a.m. today. He returns to hotel room and asks Kanak how was his acting. Kanak says superb and kisses his cheek. He gets nervous. Rani gets shy and says he will go and check hotel and leaves.

Payal yells at Vansh why did he bring dishwasher, Ved is about to lose his job. Ved says that is fine, he will pay via EMI. Payal yells what after he loses job. Vansh asks her to relax, he paid it in cash as he got wedding order advance. Ved says he did good thing. After sometime, Payal washes dishes with hands. Saras asks

why don’t she use dishwasher. Payal taunts once Ved loses job, she has to use hands itself and does not want to be lazy, asks if she remembers, she used to wash dishes with ash in Uma’s house. She continues that Ved is helping family since long, but Vansh brought 1 machine and he is being praised.

Kanak reaches Budha temple and wait for Aditya. She sees dhoti kurta wearing man and thinks he is Uma. Uma comes and asks how is he looking in sardarji’s attire with contact lenses. She says fabulous and asks who is the other man then. Adtya turns and they are surprised to see him in dhoti kurta. Uma walks to him with baby D and introduces her. Aditya asks Uma how is he looking in dhoti kurta, he use it to fool ullu da patha Uma. Uma angrily whisks his mouth, says don’t make mistake, then changes tone and says don’t make mistake in front of baby D. Kanak says she likes Indian culture. Aditya does surya namaskar. Uma says he does 100 suryanamaskar. Kanak asks why 100, why not only 1, he can do it even in the evening. Uma says baby D’s upper floor is empty. Kanak says she loves everything India and even Adi is good. Aditya says his name is Aditya, he does not like short name. Kanak and Uma reminisce Aditya shouting at Nanda not to call him Aditya, he is Adi.

Aditya asks Uma how to trap her. Uma looks in to Kanak’s eyes and says she is so beautiful he eyes are so beautiful, her body smells sandalwood and Kanak face resembles sandalwwood. Aditya stops him and says let him try.
He repeats and continues luring her. Kanak acts as getting impressed. Aditya thinks Baby D is trapped.

Precap: Uma dances with Kanak on O Mere Har Safar..and wishes her happy valentine’s day. Kanak sees Aditya and Nanda coming towards them and asks Uma not to move.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bhaana

    Wowwww…… hilarious, totally enjoyed all episodes r too good recently, kisi ki Nazar Na Lage as said in SBS update ?
    Uma, Kanak n adi combo pack is lovely, love the way how he stopped Kanak n adi hug, Dil kush kardiya and rakshabandhan was hilarious.Omg dharamic adi n suryanamaskar?, I remember he played pranks to escape from doing it in ladno, now he is forced to adopt it in bkk?? bolenath ki jai?
    Hardeep Singh is too harsh, Rani is right adi needs to be treated by his mom.
    Wonderful combination of romance, suspense, comedy with a little drama, credit to the CVS, great going.
    I’m not at all exaggerating hooked to it after losing hopes recently, so kindly bear me?
    Precap, valentine’s day so early in our show super excited…

  2. I am liking this Harpeet Singh serenading our Baby Di Can see KanUma love ❤️ This Aditya is kinda dim upstairs at times Uma taking advantage & smacking him great ? Kanak was was so excited ? liked her kissing ?Uma on the cheek so cute Payal as usual bubble buster takes the air & happiness of everyone what’s her problem suddenly acting she is a dedicated wife & done so much for this Rathi family ? The dance ? on the roof top looks interesting hope they don’t get caught Masisa & Aditya will think it’s their imagination hopefully if they are seen as Uma is in prison Can’t wait ? for tomorrow

  3. I just read the spolers and what a nonsense. So it turns out after exposing Maasi sa and aditya Kanum goes back home – just perfect and then Uma leaves Kanak in Rathi house till he works hard to make his own pharmaceutical company . Personally didn’t expect that and I’m disappointed. If writers are out of ideas then it’s better to take a break instead of feeding us crapy scenarios

  4. Mavisboamah

    omg kanak, uma , aditiya are just the best too bad aditiya is a villain, kanak kiss to uma on the cheek was too good and precap looks just amazing kanum are the best jodi on star-plus.

    1. They r best bt am angry y star plus not nominated them in best Jodi & y every tym shivay n Anika won the best Jodi award?

      1. Bhaana

        That’s sad to hear not even nominated, we have to wait Shreya
        Starplus recognised ib pair very late and kanum winning moments are near as the channel started to promote our show recently.
        Btw y no review regarding episode r u too busy.
        Is I’m the only one drooling at bkk track, pls try to be active here guys if possible

      2. Hi dear bhaana I watch the show regularly & visit the tu page on regular basis & always love to read ur comments guys bt not getting tym to review the episode bt will try to be active from now ?

      3. Bhaana

        Thanks dear, missing your humour n predictions.
        Happy chocolate day to you Shreya n all tsmspians

  5. Kanak,Aditya,uma scene was very nice.precap is very good Kanak is very beautiful in red dress. Payal is nonsense . What problem she have. Vansh got that machine with his money then what problem. Meenakshi is better than Payal. Meena is happy in season1 any new item come to Rathi house not like this selfish,idiot payal

  6. When will 7 pm come can’t wait to see our kanum first valentines day celebration ???Hope we get some sizzling romance today ??. Happy chocolate day guys ???

    1. Happy chocolate day dear ?? & to all frnds

  7. Hi Friends……..Yesterday’s episode was fabulous. And precap is superb can’t wait till 7 pm.
    Rakshabandhan scene was hilarious. Kanak and Uma the best couple on screen.
    They both really deserve an award.

  8. Hi Friends…….
    Yesterday’s episode was fabolous and precap is awesome and romantic, i hope massis did not see them.
    Raksha Bandhan scene was really hilarious.
    Kanak and Uma are the best couple on screen. I really love they dedication. They both deserve an award this years guys…
    I read an update now, they will be new Villan’s entry in TSMSP.
    Check this – http://www.serialgossip.com/gossip-22929-a

  9. wow amazing, totally enjoyed all episodes very good recently, the precap with kanum omg can’t wait guys..awesome i love tsmsp

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