Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak Learns A Shocking Truth

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak tells Sarsas that coming in front of Balbrahmachariji is Saras’ mistake and not sin. Saras says she made a sin. Uma asks what sin. Saras says coming in front of Balbrahmachariji. Kanak says it is not a sin. Saras says her fate to become sevika. Kanak takes Saras’ bridal dressed doll and says sevika does not have right to hold bridal doll. She brings scissors and asks Uma to cut doll’s bridal veil. Uma stands still. Kanak says she will do it and cuts veil and then asks Uma to cut its hair now. Uma stands emotional. Kanak asks if he is feeling pain, then how can he push Saras to become sevika. Saras says for her, her Dadusa’s order is most important, till now her dadusa always wished good for her. Uma emotionally hugs Saras and says he is proud of her.


looking at Kanak’s pic says if she is adamant, even he is adamant, nothing is important for him than his sister in this world and he will not lose hope in getting her justice.

Vansh catches money man and then sees Golu and Bhabho with her. Meena comes out crying that monkey man took away all her money. She sees Vansh holding moneyman and beats it. She removes mask and sees it is just a dress. Rani consoles her that money is just a dirt of hand. Meena says she saved dirt whole life. Rani says she is happy that monkey man did not harm Meena and just took money. Meena emotionally hugs her and accepts her as bahu.

Kanak walks into Sevika’s room and asks where is her Balbrahmachariji, he does not have any right to make sevika and Saras as his servants. Sevika does not react. Kanak continues venting her anger and says she has become stone being with Balbrahmachariji. Sevika speaks and reveals that she is Balbrahmachariji’s mother, continues that Balbrahmachariji became sanyasi without bothering about his mother. Mother’s love made her become Balbrahmachariji’s sevika and serve him. He did not see her face since years and today when she slipped and writhed in pain, he felt his dharam spoilt by hearing her voice and he ordered his disciples to lash her. She was lashed so much that she forgot that pain is. When Balbrahmachariji does not care about his mother, how will he care about anyone, his heart has become stone. Kanak should change her husband’s heart instead as it is still beating and only her husband can change her world.

Palomi asks Maasi to stop blaming herself, it is Kanak’s mistake instead that she did not come via back door and fall on Balbrahmachariji. Payal comes and apologizes Maasi for misunderstanding her, she is surprised seeing her justice towards dharam and did right today. Kanak enters and slaps her and says wrong happened to her and she did not oppose it, it is her mistake, now she cannot praise wrong superstitions. Maasi shouts all mistake is Kanak’s, she did not fall in trap. Palomi stops her. Kanak asks what trap. Maasi changes words and says trap which Kanak is laying towards dharam since she came here, now she does not have any right to stay in this house. She drags Kanak towards door. Kanak frees herself and says she should move blindfold of superstition from her eyes. Maasi angrily raises hand to slap Kanak. Uma comes and holds hand. Maasi is surprised and says he never stopped her since childhood. Uma says he is following dharm which she taught, following her was putra dharm and stopping her from hitting his wife is pati dharm, he cannot see anyone doing injustice to his wife. Maasi stands shocked. Drama continues.

Precap: Vansh asks Saras if she does not love him, then why she is worried about him. Uma walks towards them. Maasi tells Palomi that once Saras and Vansh elope, they can blame Kanak and get her out of Uma’s life.

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  1. Most awesome scene.. when Kanak slapped payal? payal mahan banney chali thi? she needed it so badly? last scene was awesome when uma said he will protect his wife no matter who it is.. sevika’s story was heart touching.. I wonder y she needs to stay there? dhongi baba doesn’t give her a damn.

  2. “only her husband can change her world.”- Yes, that’s the motto for all women. Only your husband can change your world. Devote all your energies in transforming him from a numskull into a logical human. That is the only way to shape your destiny as HE is your Lord Almighty. Pacify him till he sees your point of view as there is no other way for a woman to achieve happiness in this world. And pray to God that your endeavors are successful. If not, oh well, that was just your kismet woman , submit to it, that’s God’s will. Maybe things will change in 22nd century. Applause! ?? Sarcasm aside though, Saras’ wimpiness will prevent her from running away with Vansh and Maasi will fail again…or will she show some guts and flee and doom Kanak whose happiness depends upon UmaShankar staying pleased with her. Let’s see. Ye BB ki maa, had she given him two tight slaps each on his cheeks when he mistreated her the first time, this day would not have come. For the writers, I suggest psychological evaluation. I see some serious, underlying mother issues here. Uma, you take sanyaas and go to Himalaya or the women in your house, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the innocent, together with their clucking and braying, they will make porridge out of your brain and you will be a complete madcap outwardly as well. Awesome comedy show! So entertaining. Hope it runs the same way for ten years. And we keep seeing these beautiful “Kanum” moments where he saves her from mad brahmachaaris by hugging her to his bare chest, by stopping people from slapping her, by rubbing her ankles, and by dipping his fingers in glue along with her. Oooooh! Shivers up my spine ….daaaamn!?

    1. I just loved the way you analyzed the full episode of this show… Well done

  3. Shocking yaar! Sevika is balbrahmachari’s mother….OMG really scary??… punishing his mother and what type dharm they follow???
    Kanak slapped Payal very good… I wish she slap paulomi too??
    Uma saved kanak from maasi?nice na…
    BTW second paragraph is all about ved not vansh it is wrongly written.
    When will this bb.. sevika track end… At last they come to the point vansh n Saras relation to create problems in kanum life, feel like making jalebis..

    1. ??Jalebis…I love Jalebis…but not in storylines. So waiting for the actual story to move forward after this BB track ends.

    2. Hi bhaana hw re u just yesterday I saw all the episodes that’s why I am back to share my views

      1. Hi Divyaa! Fine dear.. Missed ur comment for a long….even I too thought of skipping episodes but being hooked to the show can’t stay away from it, one thing is similar Monday episode I just saw yesterday tat paulomi dream about kanak..

  4. Well, Uma stopping maasi was a step forward. Kuch to huaa ? Kanak seems to be showing some Raudra Roop…that’s good writers but keep some tabs on the negativity…I know it sells but still…just a thought…but what if there is a great twist… Uma’s live for his sister finally overcomes his dharam and HE secretly orders her to elope and escape BB? just a thought. And of course it won’t be revealed right away. First Maasi will create lots of drama for 50 episodes that Kanak did all this but eventually it will come to light that it was actually Uma. Well, that’s what I would have written ?? will his love for his sister be the turning point in Uma’s characterization? Don’t know? Whatever writer baba decides!

  5. Hi friends I am back to give my viewpoints abt the episode Today episode was full of intensity.I really don’t understand how a brother reacts like this when his sister life is turning into disaster why uma is helpless how can a third person BBg decides Sara’s life and uma accepting in name of dharam this is ridiculous I was disappointed today i expected something big about bbg truth but it didnt happen maybe in forthcoming episodes.Massisa is becoming vamp day by day she is going bad to worse she follows adharam but preaches dharam for others.Both brother and sister are the only dharmic person in that house they both are extremities of dharam .Last part I really loved it uma confronting massisa and supporting kanak for the first time.Love u uma u did ur pati dharam u kept up ur promise of safeguarding kanak i am sure uma will always be with kanak as a pillar ensuring her safety.Not all of uma’s dharam are wrong some are only wrong and extreme in nature.Only that should be changes.I am really happy about uma’s redemption track hope this bbg track gets over soon.But becos of this bbg track trp is increased.

    1. Hi Divyaa nice to have you back, sharing your views ?

    2. OK dear please take care of ur dad..now everything is fine na divyaa
      Without going through full page I thought bcoz of the track u skipped it really sorry…

  6. Maaro sale is baalbrahmchari ko.. Mai hoti na kanak or saras ki jagah usi ki charan padukaye utha k uska sr fodti

    1. Lol ? too right this B.B needs some ??????…

  7. Way to go Kanak I liked it how you slapped pathetic Payal ? Both Masisa & Palomi still trying to throw Kanak out at least Uma defended Kanak followed his patni dharma wish he would show some emotions towards Kanak occasionally small gestures make a difference Shocking that Sevika is BB own mother that shows he has respect for women period he should walk with blindfolds so he doesn’t see anything ??Can’t wait for Vansh to elope with Saras & the visit from Bhabo Pls writers want to see KanUma love story too

  8. Yesterday’s episode was really uncomfortable to watch.

    All the righteousness & sevika talk was giving me a headache, shocked by the madness of it all, but then came Payal’s slap way to go Kanak!! ?. I admire the way her character stands up for what she believes is right regardless of the consequences.

    It was great seeing Kanak standing up to maasisa & Uma fulfilling his patthi dharam by protecting her (not that she needs protecting Kanak is fiesty enough ???) but it was good to see Uma standing by Kanak.
    I also was hoping some major revelation would come up with the Baal bramchariji, which would help to change Uma’s viewpoint but no such luck! I just hope this BB track wraps up soon… can’t cope with anymore sevika business … that lady looks freaky!

    1. Hi meera nice to meet u after long time.My dad was hospitalised last week so I didn’t see any of last week episodes just yesterday I saw all the episodes

      1. Sorry to hear your dad was ill. I too thought you may have given up on this show. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery x

    2. Agree meera! Just protecting kanak is not enough..we expect more..

  9. He has NO respect for women

  10. kanak is a strong woman whatever comes her way she face it and she doesnt pretend like paya l i lke the way she slapped her that girl needed the slap very badly, i hope uma changes his way and live his life as a normal person and also that was a good thing that uma did supporting your wife. one thing i know about uma is that he loves kanak very much and kanak loves him as well just that she hasnt realise it yet , tsmsp rocks

  11. Meera I am waiting for ur comment

  12. Enough enough enough enough of Maasi and palomi cheap tricks. Enough enough enough enough of the most ridiculous disgusting BB. We are not moving forward at all. Each episode is about a trick, it fails and they plot another one. We get it writers. But for a change, can you please have a positive twist. Can you please open uma’s eyes towards the hypocrite Maasi. Maybe it’s time Maasa gets fine and get on kanak,s side. Please. Thanks.

    1. Totally agree vany

  13. precap nanda say palomi that saras will elope with vansh. but i hope saras will not do like this instead of her brother. saras will follow her uma rule.

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! Kanak finally slapped payal. Uma stopped Massisa. Kanak find the truth about savika. Love and understanding between kanak and Uma also increased. I think Kanak and uma saved Sara’s from becoming sevika. Uma will understand his love and responsibility towards Sara’s . I am waiting for the episode when massisa and palomi will be exposed.

  15. please cvs humble request to expose these three idiot are nanda,palomi and vansh infront of kanum . there is anyone else to help and expose these three vamp. how many day and month we can see this vamp.

  16. Masisa ko to sabak sikhna chaiye tha ki jo dusre ke liye kaddha khod vahi khud usme gir jate he. Vahi to hua. Instead of kanak there own beloved daughter fell down though she was innocent. And palumi still blaming kanak for saras mishap she needs to be lashed. Had I been a mysterious sister of kanak of whom nobody knows I would have come alone in dark and beat all those rascals alone till black and blue. After all this is dharam to punish the wrong doers in their own way. What say?

  17. after 2 week sadia madam is not present in our show because she is in yeh unin thio ki baat hai as naarator. because she replace as duplicate.

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