Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak Tricks Palomi?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak in Maasi’s voice over PCO asks Aditya to not leave hotel room. He says disco is in hotel itself . She asks him not to switch on his mobile as police can track it and asks not to worry about money, she will arrange money for his lavish life. Aditya asks not to worry, nobody can beat him in spending money. Kanak thinks she will bring his father to Jodhpur and thinks she will find out hotel name easily via internet. She then thinks Uma will not agree to her, so she has to do something else.

Palomi sees Uma exercising and gets mesmerized with his bare body, thinks he will not let her touch now, so she has to try something. She takes milk for Uma thinking of dropping it on him and then touching him in lieu of cleaning his body. Kanak notices it and stops her

and snatches milk from Uma saying she will drink that milk. Uma warns to leave glass. Milk falls on Uma’s body. Uma scolds her and walks in to clean. Kanak warns Palomi to stop her cheap acts, until she is here, she cannot do anything. Palomi challenges she can stop her only till divorce. Their argument continues.

Bhabho hires fashion designer for Saras’ makeover. Man like usual gay attitude and style and says his name is Briganza. Bhabho calls him Barganda. He asks to call his student. Rani brings Saras. Saras panics she will not get trained by a man. Bhabho says teacher is a teacher and insists. Braganza gets high heeled shoes and asks Saras to walk on it. Saras walks and falls on him. Drama continues. Braganza gets tired and runs away. Bhabho then trains Saras a ramp walk. She falls on Babasa repeatedly. Babasa asks to walk holding his stick. Bhabho says forget it. Suman says she will do anything for Vansh. Vansh walks home and hearing loud music peeps into room but finds no one.

Maasi’s relative ladies throng home and curse her that they took so much effort to come here , but she is hale and healthy, at least she should have got jaundice and fever. Kanak smirks and says they took so much effort to come here. Uma comes and asks Maasi what is happening. Maasi say because of Kanak’s advertisement, relatives are have come and still a lot are coming. Uma says he will go to Jodhpur and give another ad that she is fine. Maasi says yes. Kanak tells Suman that she wants to party at disco in Jodhpur and asks her to accompany her. Suman asks to talk slowly, else someone will hear. Kanak says she is here only for a few days, so Suman can accompany her last time. Palomi hears that and runs to inform Uma. Uma gets into car to go to Jodhpur when Palomi stops her and tells her Kanak’s plan. Uma fumes and says he will go and stop them. Palomi says this is also her family, so she will accompany him and control Suman. He agrees. She sits next to him and thinks she will fail Kanak’s plan.

Uma reaches hotel. Kanak also reaches hotel and asks receptionist if Aditya is staying here. Receptionist checks and says no guest by that name. Kanak thinks Aditya will come to disco at least. Aditya comes with girls. Kanak bends. Aditya turns, Kanak gets afraid, but he does not notice her and walks into disco.

More guest throng Maasi’s home and asks if she is fine, then why did she give advertisement. Maasi asks Payal where are other family members. Payal says Uma has gone to Jodhpur, Suman to her friend’s house for studies, Palomi and Kanak she does not know. Maasi smirks thinking Aditya left Rajasthan border already, so she need not worry.

Precap: Kanak watches Aditya dancing with girls hiding. Uma reaches and seeing Aditya slaps him. Aditya asks who is this man. Uma says he is his elder brother and calls him Aditya. Aditya says he is not Aditya, he is Vicky.

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  1. Hi All, episode has lead up to Aditya being caught, and then painfully Aditya’s memory loss story line will begin.I truly hope and pray that Uma can truly see what a beautiful and gem of a wife he has, although husbands and wives have arguments in there case a big misunderstanding caused by two lots of third parties who might as well as dug a hole and put them both into it. Hopefully now we can see Uma appreciating and loving ,caring as well as supporting his wife, he will have to be very strong as of some point massisa will try and kill Kanak if she is planning to kill Uma at some stage, I am certain she will not think twice about killing Kanak.Aditya has been sponging money indirectly from Uma through his Mum, and cannot survive life with out this source of income.Hoping to see Uma and Kanak before the 30 days to both starting to share there bed as it looks awkward Kanak on bed, Uma on floor .About Palomi less said the better, I must admit massisa and Palomi are very gifted actors and play there roles well.

  2. Precap looks good…what a slap??give one to palomi she needs it?..what to do my attention is always on her whether they show her in few scenes too…overacting and makeup k dhukkan?
    Everything is OK…but uma again shown shirtless it looks awkward as we get the scene every now and then..spare him directorji?
    Bhabasa trying to help his poti bahu by giving his stick is too cute and the care the rathi are offering for Saras is good.
    The show is focusing more of daily soap color…it may b my personal feeling…recent episode looks like the show is losing its charm and coming to negative roles..aditya role doesn’t have spark to attract.
    All actors may do well their roles but one can’t justify transformation shown in maasisa overnight vile or don in my sense…losing interest in watching

    1. Meera1

      Bhaana you have said exactly what I am thinking – I feel the show is losing its charm and becoming a typical saas bahu drama – where the mahaan bahu saves the family from the evil vamps. The outcome of this storyline is predictable, whereby uma at some point will learn the truth and then realise kanak’s value.

      I believe Tsmsp’s charm was in Uma and Kanak’s relationship. I was really looking forward to watching their relationship develop and watching how two completely different individuals with opposite views manage to live and adapt to each other….that all seems to have all got lost with Uma’s character turning into stone, not sure how cvs are going to manage to reignite the spark between them.

      1. They r in aim to create more Jodies meera…they r out focusing on kanum relation.Let see when they focus on uma…still limelight is in maasi n palomi…jai ho sbs…fate of every TV shows.

  3. Hi All Just to make one more point I feel this serial says a lot about true life, from certain spoilers they are saying that Uma’s Massisa’s killed his father, she has caused physical harm to her older sister, so there must be an enormous amount of jealousy of her older sister, we see this in true life all the time may be to a lot lesser degree but at some point this happens in many families where jealousy and resentment plays a factor in ones actions

  4. I disagree…Ayush Anand s doing a good job as Aditya…nd Poulomi s no longer needed on show….She must get exposed soon…Nd it s still weird on Y Maasisaa has kept Aditya away from home??Just to live life like that r something bigger s on d cards..

  5. Hi All once again a massive thumbs up to script writers, taming Uma by Kanak has taken an eternity each time Kanak saw some light; she went backwards but I truly believe for them to become a proper husband and wife he has to change but with change the comfort factor goes.He has the responsibilities of Suman and Shiv, college and school factor bad and good influences of the outside world , and having a good partner who can guide him along the right path will do him wonders .His whole life has been a lie, his out look of women expecially but if he loves Kanak and her family he has to change or else the scare factor is he will loose her as well.Both Kanak and Uma love there family and he in the eyes of Kanak’s brothers is hated and resented for good reason

  6. I didn’t offend to question the actor..but the opening of aditya is in wrong time…already in torture with kanum fight and vansh karnama.Its not that fact that the role is negative and so i oppose till what they showed is not interesting in my sense.
    Even in Ib, his role is grey but it added charm there and I expected more and so dissatisfied.
    Anything can happen in TV shows…let’s see what the memory track has..

    1. *Mean to say memory loss track

  7. Why was today’s show all about Paullomi????The woman is annoying & in your face she is sick in her head standing & staring at Uma even though Kanak is still his wife She makes the show unwatchable Kanak is only one who can put her in her place Glad the milk spilled If Kanak told Uma about Aditya he would never believe her glad she got him to come to the Hotel so he could see with his own eyes the true colors of Aditya Should have slapped him harder & Poullmi too What was the need for her to tag along ?? Uma hopefully will find out about Masisa &Aditya sponging off him Hope he starts believing in his wife too just wish Masa was of some assistance but the truth with unravel eventually & Uma start using your gray matter instead of flaunting that bare chest constantly (it’s a good body) save it for your wife Kanak to admire it

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