Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Saraswati saying about cow Kamdhenu giving extra milk today. Uma asks is everything over. Paulmi mentions few things. Uma says you have good memory, you know all items. He asks Shiv not to break his maun vrath, keep it with true heart. Shiv nods. Shiv signs him to go to market soon. Paulmi tells what Shiv means. Uma signs to Shiv that he will go soon. Kanak comes and says what Uma means. She likes Uma’s joke. Saraswati asks how did you understand his signs so clearly, I did not understand, Paulmi did you understand. Paulmi signs no. Uma says there is much work, everyone get to work. Kanak says my tension is different, I did not do any work, give me some work fast, I will cook food today. Uma says food has to be made in Satvik way, sorry I don’t…. She

says you don’t trust me, fine I can’t make food without tasting, let me give any other work. He says when Kamdhenu drops dung, line the ground by it. He goes. She thinks what did he mean.

She asks Shiv about Kamdhenu. Shiv signs that way. Saraswato says Kanak went to do the work, I don’t know she knows meaning to line the ground with cow dung.

Kanak sees some men cooking. She says wow, they are preparing as if its some marriage, if Ved and Vansh was here, I would have shown how much they missed in life, I did not know tent maker is called Kamdhenu. She repeats Uma’s line.

She sees the men and thinks they have worn Malmal pagdis, when they give it up, I have to line the ground, any worker’s pagdi will be spoiled. She asks the man will he give his Mal/dung. He gets shocked and asks what. She says I know it will be tough, but I have to line the ground. He asks from which village are you, go and do your work. She says why will anyone give his pagdi, but I have to convince any one of them, this uncle will be right. She goes to someone and says I know it will be tough, but I m helpless, will you give your Mal, new will come, don’t go. The man says what are you saying, and runs. Kanak asks another man. Payal comes and looks on. She laughs. Kanak asks men and they all run away.

Payal recalls her mum’s words. FB shows her mum asking her to show she is better than Kanak, then everyone will forget Kanak is elder bahu, your name will be above her. Payal collides with Paulmi and says sorry. She goes. Paulmi asks what happened. Paulmi sees Kanak asking people and laughs. Payal goes to Maasi and says Kanak is asking everyone that…. She laughs. Maasi asks what is she asking. Payal says Kanak is asking everyone will they give the dung, Uma asked her to take cow dung and line the ground. Maasi gets shocked and asks should you laugh on this thing or get her here. Payal says I came to ask.

Maasi asks what’s there to ask, you should see family respect ruining or stop it, Kanak will ruin our respect while doing wife’s duties. She goes. Kanak greets a man and says I wanted someone’s Mal to line the ground, but no one is giving it, please don’t refuse. He says what are you saying, forgive me. Kanak says what’s there not to understand, its old traditions, you are old and will understand. Paulmi thinks Uma will come, I will take her. Kanak asks Paulmi to see. Paulmi says come with me. Kanak says none is giving the Mal. Paulmi takes her aside and says I will help you. Kanak says they won’t agree to you, they were seeing me as if I m eighth wonder of thee world. Uma comes. Paulmi shows Kamdhenu who gives Mal by her wish. Kanak says but its a cow, where is the human. Paulmi sees Uma coming. She says Gaumata’s name is Kamdhenu. Kanak asks what, it means Gaumata’s mal. Paulmi says yes, Gaumata’s dung. Kanak asks what, Mal means dung, I was asking those people for their Mal, so they were running away, why did I not understand, I will tell them to kill me. Paulmi says talk slow. Kanak says what’s the shame to say potty. Uma says Kanak…. Kanak gets tensed seeing him.

Meenakshi asks Golu where is his focus these days. Golu sits sad and says sorry. He sees Rani and smiles. Meenakshi asks whom are you seeing. She sees Rani and says why is she coming here. Rani says I wanted something. Golu says she would be asking for my hand. Meenakshi says I will not increase your salary. Rani says I came to buy my bridal dress, I want best design ready made dress. Meenakshi says you are saying as if your baraat has come. Rani says yes, I will go to my prince’s house forever now. Golu gets shocked. Meenakshi jokes on Rani.

Uma says you did not understand the real meaning of my work. Kanak asks did you hear it. He says yes, you do the work now, land should get pure. She says you want me to line the yard by cow dung. Uma says yes, its dharm of house Laxmi to clean house. Kanak says yes, I will do, I mean we can clean house by liquids, powders and soaps. Paulmi says I will get dung and do it. Uma says no, its wife’s duty, she will do. He tells Kanak that sometimes two people have to go ahead of their capabilities to do some work. He goes. Kanak sees the cow.

Maasi asks Kanak not to take Uma’s plate. Uma asks Kanak to have food in his leftover plate. Kanak asks why. Uma says its your need to obey Dharm, you think what to do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank for fast update.


    what d f**k…..today’s episode and precap…horrible…dont knw when kanak will get shop and will teach this stupid family a lessson….enough is enoughhhh….kanak is forced to do everything against her wish…from marriage to doing all ds shitty things….pata nai kanak ko kya jaroori pada ta shop k chakkar me khud ko sacrifice krne ka….ya kya jroorat t akele jaane ki ladno….bhagwaaan na kre real jindgi me aisi ghatiya family kisi ladki ko mile….

    1. I agree with you Bhaagya Patil. You wrote everything I wanted to write. As you can see, there two commentators here itself who clearly show that they support such treatment of women and justify it without seeing any fault in UmaShankar. So there are actually women who get such families. I just wish the show wasn’t showing these horrible things in so much detail and so slowly.


        i know sm great people will be there who will support ds….and i knw sm women get such families…so writer should show smthng positve …ya they should finish this crap as fast as possible

  3. Please drag show Daasi dharm to next week…….

    1. Corrected…………Please don’t drag show Daasi dharm to next week…….

      1. VINAL

        I think hey will continue this Patni Dharam Track for more that 2 weeks
        So have patience to see this nonsense track

  4. Don’t worry everyone everyone has a day and it is not kanak ‘s . . .
    In future they all pay for it may be …
    image when kanak will take revenge against him …
    Rani and golu’s chemistry going good .
    Hope writer make the show more interesting …!!

    1. VINAL

      Hope that day come soon because fed up from this marriage track
      I want to see payal & ved paring also

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! Really funny episode! Have many cute moments! Today, I love Kanak, today she is really so cute. Now Payal got jealous. I love Meenakshi,Golu and Rani.

    1. you find torture and humiliation of women cute? you think enforcing degrading rules on her that ruin her self respect is funny and cute? That rather than showing female bond and doing things together, showing women getting jealous of each other, plotting against each other laughing is funny and cute. For a woman to be lovable and cute she must undergo humiliation by husband and in laws. That too a husband who neither the girl nor her family chose for her? The husband who tied her mercilessly like an animal to force marriage and has not regretted it once as yet?

    2. Devi, aap kis prajaati ki mahila hain? Aapke dhanyaa vachan parh Kar aapke Charan sparsh karne ko jee chaahtaa hai. Kyaa aap time machine me tretaayug se travel Kar ke is yug me tv dekhne aati hain? Ati uttam. Aap mahaan hai. Bhagwaan aapke Jeevan me bhi wohi cute moments de Jo aaj ke episode me Kanak ke Jeevan me aaye. Sarvaadhik shubhkaamnaayein ????????????

      1. VINAL

        Well said shudh hindi but everything is meaningful

    3. Hey Bipasha, sorry if I hurt your feelings. Got carried away. We disagree on social issues but I should agree to disagree respectfully. I Hope you will see this message.

  6. Now next bakwas in the name of dharm..eating in the same plate of husband..yeh sab utter bakwas hai..nonsense

  7. what is this , uma is ridiculous and kanak is well educated that she can easily go to court and file a case against uma and get her shop back but no she is staying wid uma who forced her to marry him . who she does not have security wid . i initially loved the way uma’s character was molded , his talk on daram and all impressed me and i thought that this story would go well with the bubly kanak and dharm obeying uma but they have spoiled uma and kanak’s character completely . and these scenes of kanak asking mal was not funny at all . payal was the one character i liked the most , i think they r trying to make her negative . its high time that uma understands his mistake , atleast a lil . dabh also took a lil time to come to the original track hope tsmspj also comes to its original story where uma realises his mistakes and support kanak in anything she does

  8. I have heard that this show will take place of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. Now such things will be shown more in this show. Because you know what kind of crowd watches that show. Now all the backward mentality crowd will watch this and increase TRPs and any hope of progress will be gone. Kanak will become a typical bahu accepting all foolish rules as her dharam. I hope I am totally wrong about this. I am almost done watching the show. Waiting to see if this nonsense will stop once Kanak gets the papers. If they show her accepting Uma and his family in the current conditions, I’ll stop watching for my own health benefit! But I’ll keep visiting this page to write against anyone who supports Ill treatment of women ??

  9. I like this show..but its concept is ridiculous..i like uma and kanak..especially kanak but her role is totally spoiled..

  10. Yes kanak your absolutely right this is going beyond the limit how can uma humiliate his wife like this that too uma follows dharam meticulously .Is humiliating women is dharam for him.First he should respect his wife then only he can become best pathi yesterday episode he was boasting himself as he can never go wrong in pathi dharam .is this pathi dharam .Why kanak is changing herself suddenly

  11. I’ve been watching this program for a few weeks. While it is nice that a family lives a life portraying some form of unity it is frustrating watching Uma and his masi make Kanak do such degrading stuff such as, eat out of his plate. I now don’t look forward to the episodes but watch them out of some form of resentment at this treatment.

    1. VINAL

      You should have watched beggining episode of this show only some starting episodes were interesting but after marriage they are showing nonsense

  12. Today’s episode was really bakwas,ridiculous,cheap n etc etc etc…
    I didn’t find anything funny in it( asking for mal or wo bhi admiyon se) soo cheap.
    And precape is more than this .really hating this sequence. story is going sooooooooooo….. slow that its irritating me yaar. Pls writers make it fast when uma will come to know about kanak n her family?? When he will meet them??, wheb he will realise his mistake?? Plsss…. speed up. If u will go like this it will make show boring . I m loosing interest over the show. Story is really different n interesting .its about people from 2 different background how they fall in love with each other. I have never seen this story before. Not in tv serials nor in films. Its really unique so pls iski uniqueness ko barkarar rakhe .don’t spoil it making usual saas bahu drama plss….
    Its a request..

  13. Agree guys todays epi was not acceotable in anyway,wat kind of humour is this, seeing the precap yesterday i thought uma stop others in making kanak insult,but he saw n added fuel by forcing her again
    In earlier epi,after marriage he promised kanak wont b forced to do anything,but he crosses his limits again n again,enough just stop portraying kanak accepting all these stupidity.Palomi,payal,maasi,the great uma,..all r against kanak
    Is show m pehala r badaaa adharmi hai uma

    Sorry guys if i have hurted anyone but i cant digest it

    1. Thank You!!! That is what I have been trying to say all along…ADHRMI number ONE- UMA SHANKAR- what Kanak has done is nothing in comparison. He committed the first crime and punishment to door, he doesn’t even have any realization or repentence of his horrible treatment of her. And all these regressive things they are showing, so many viewers are there who will justify it saying , good, Kanak did the alcohol thing so it’s all her fault. The show dies not affect me much as I know it’s fiction but I am horrified to see that people exist who are taking pleasure in such rituals and treating Uma Shankar as perfect. Very scary and depressing.???

    2. Thank You!!! That is what I have been trying to say all along…ADHRMI number ONE- UMA SHANKAR- what Kanak has done is nothing in comparison. He committed the first crime and punishment to door, he doesn’t even have any realization or repentence of his horrible treatment of her. And all these regressive things they are showing, so many viewers are there who will justify it saying , good, Kanak did the alcohol thing so it’s all her fault. The show dies not affect me much as I know it’s fiction but I am horrified to see that people exist who are taking pleasure in such rituals and treating Uma Shankar as perfect. Very scary and depressing.???

  14. Hi Guys I agree with the comments, unfortunately there are still families like this in India,U.K.,US. It seems to happen more when women live in a joint family, as views can be imposed & the women put up with it.

    I think Kanak should say enough & take him to court & get 50% might teach Uma a lesson on how to behave with women & then tell them about her mother & her sacrifice

    As for women against each other this happens as well , that is why the joint family unit has now started to break down.

    Hope the writers bring something positive to this show now, I liked Kanak when she has some ‘spunk’ as opposed the the mouse

    1. Great idea Parmeen. I wish they would write that Kanak says “bhaad me gayaa tu, aur teraa rules.ab Mai tujhe bataati main beti aur behen hoo kiski. Phir court me lenaa tu siski aur hichki. Jai Bhole Naath.” And then she should go and tell Ved everything and bring police to arrest Uma Psycho Shankar. Phir start hogi real love story that would be entertaining to watch. Par TRP nahi aayegaa without such useless scenes because still in our society people want to see a woman giving in to prove her aadarsh naari status.

  15. Doesn’t kanak have any self respect. Is shop more important than her self respect I mean won’t the parents be ashamed and upset that their daughter is going through some humiliation for a shop.even if she wants her shop she can go through law instead of being an educated fool and undergoing all humiliations. Diya aur bati showed its viewers so much which is helpful for the society in one or the other way bt this may give bad impact on many people and if some one follows them it will be a true disaster

    1. I agree Chitty. The writers are ruining the show. They could show Kanak going to court with help of her brothers and still show a love story between Uma and Kanak as they conflict over the shop and principles. What they are showing is horrendous. It gives reinforcement to so many people who believe in this way of treating women. I don’t know from which angle today’s episode was funny.

  16. Doesn’t kanak have any self respect. Is shop more important than her self respect I mean won’t the parents be ashamed and upset that their daughter is going through some humiliation for a shop.even if she wants her shop she can go through law instead of being an educated fool and undergoing all humiliations. Diya aur bati showed its viewers so much which is helpful for the society in one or the other way bt this may give bad impact on many people and if some one follows them it will be a true disaster

  17. Saras or Palomi should have explained Kanak the meaning of Kamadenu, cow-dung or Kanak should have asked them instead of asking Shiv.
    Kanak got humiliated in front of those workers because of Uma, he should buy a dictionary for Kanak to translate his whatever language…
    I didn’t find anything weird ritual in this episode; Almost all the villages in Andhra do this cow-dung thing every Friday & for festivals, it actually kills . Same thing with wife eating on Husband’s plate.
    What happened to Ved & Vansh? it is sad that they are not even trying to find her whereabouts….

  18. @ kanak mam I am not agree your’s top comment I ‘m not think here any women or girls who comment is suffer like Kanka ‘s condition we all against the character of Uma yet …..
    but we all know this is a serial only don’t take personal ….!!
    appne to mahela morcha khol diya h …
    aur vase bhi an kl ki aurat aur ladki bechri nhi h they know there rights..!!

    1. Hi Priyanshi. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. My top comment-there are two commentators who regularly write that Kanak is all at fault, she us idiotic, and a poor portrayal of modern woman. That Una Shankar has always treated her with respect . I took this show just as fiction but when I saw this comments I could not help responding. Jahaa Tak mahila mukti morchaa kaa sawaal hai, Meri itni aukaat kahaa…I just try to express my feelings like any other person here…I do feel bad seeing things on the show and if that is taking things personally, then I am guilty. Sorry. And I agree aaj Kal ki ladki bechari nahi and knows her rights if she is lucky to have a family that supports. Varnaa news on karne ki der Hai and you will see the things that still happen in our society. I did not know that my connecting what they are showing to it’s possible impact on the mentality of people would be so offending to someone. Please don’t take my comment personally. I am sincerely sorry.

  19. I never mind @ kanak and I hope you also never mind with my comment if you feel it that way I say sorry ….
    we all have own society and there are some people are belong to ill mind … I agree
    due to a girl I also got fear …. like this people which I seen in TV, new and serial . but my life experience jinta bhi h aj tk hmare Uttarakhand m koi bhi family ase background se nhi hogi …here they all love girls as boy … its my view …!!

  20. To be honest, in another context, if Kanak and Uma would’ve been married by both families’ consent, it would have been a little funny. I think they did her asking random men for “mal” (I learned a new word! Thanks TSMSP, from now on that’s what I will say when I need to say …that) too many times. It might have been funny if she asked once then Palomi came and stopped her when she was asking the second time. But they dragged it thinking it would be hilarious if she ran around asking several people. That kind of crossed a line and it stopped being funny in any way. Everything has already been said about Uma’s hateful behavior and Kanak’s folly in trying to get shop papers like this. I’ll just add that I am regretting the change in Payal’s character. She could have still stood by Kanak even if she has to pretend otherwise in front of her mother. “Payal, ye Teri future nanad hai yaar. And she is super cool and will love and support you. Take care of her.?) Also, why did I feel that Palomi was the only one who actually helped Kanak. Just for Uma or is she actually good at heart? I mean she has loved Uma Shankar for a long time. Now to see a girl with him and a girl who does not want him in the first place…can’t be easy. But she seems to pity Kanak and her innocence and the mess the poor kid has landed in. Please writers, make Palomi positive. Make her support Kanak. At the cost of angering you all, make Kanak find a nice handsome modern man who loves her and let Palomi serve Uma as his wife! And let Uma forever pine after Kanak and
    the memory of her freshness. ??Sorry sorry. Forgive ne for saying that. Just a thought that crossed my mind. And dear friends, this show is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. We will get angry and pour our frustrations with it in the comment section. Everyone has a right to expression, even those who agree with what’s shown. Please have patience with one another. Take care all?

  21. Kanak had a good chance during the camp to ask Uma anything about the shop.. she could have faced him directly with the truth.. differences would have got sorted out and a pretty good love story could have begun..

    1. Yes, but don’t forget writers luke to torture us

  22. The show Baalika Vadhu also showed that the girl was forced to eat in the leftover plate of her husband. When the girl refused, the boys grandmother punished her. This is quite common in many Indian communities. Many women have no problem with it and consider it their duty. I think, if you grow up surrounded by the rule, you won’t have a problem with it. If you haven’t it will bleed the center of your soul and torment you. Uma is pushing her to the limit even though he knows that this marriage was not her choice. But he had given her the option to leave so now he is trying to see if she is serious about it. I think the writers are showing some really bad situations now so that when Uma does realize that he is wrong, and looks back at what he did with Kanak, it will make his conscience hurt badly. I hope that happens when Kanak and her childlike freshness is lost to him. Whatever happens, I hope Kanak won’t change into another form of Maasisa like Gopi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya. I want this same bindaas, badass?? Kanak. I like the idea of another man in her life and then Uma fighting to get her back by changing himself.

  23. O MY GOD ,,, wow girls full on ready ha ,,, I was shock to read today’s comments ,,,what happen to you Kanak ,navi , I am sooo shocked ,,, especially kanak yaar you say everyone has right to keep there talk sooo you kept your talk ,, but when bipasha kept her point of view you made fun of her ,,,,and navi yaar felt bad you said that bipasha should get that type of life ,,, come on guys ,,, we have hurted bipasha yaar ,,,, and I agree with you priyanshi ,,, we should not react sooo much ,,, array yaar the writers are just playing with the roles they want trp ,, and don’t forget with the anger indirectly ,,, we are given them more trp ,,,

    1. Sorry Sara. I thought it was all in good fun cos she did say she found those moments cute so I wished her the same. But I see your point now and I am ashamed of myself. Apologies.

  24. Hi friends, I love music… in happiness, sadness, anger, it works magic in all situations. Here is a song dedicated to our contrary and unlikely pair of hero heroine. Will some talented person make a KanakUma VM on this? Please listen and have a blessed, peaceful weekend.?


  25. Guyz show is replacing SNS..from last week of july…timing of the show is 7pm…

  26. VINAL

    I think writers want to suppot this force marriage system thats why from the beginning of show they are showing kanak defeat & cant they thnk this type of show can effect society
    This show should not be called as next season of dabh as that show was for women empowerment but this……rediculous

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