Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya Falls For Diana

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya sees Diana’s purse on his boat and checks it. He is surprised to see Diana is millionaire Sir Richard’s daughter. He jumps excitedly that mom wanted a millionaire bahu and he got it. Kanak and Rani walk on street and get into Uma’s car. Uma asks if plan went well. Kanak says Aditya is trapped well, she has hit mother and son’s weakest nerve money.

Nanda tortures Palomi with whip, calls surgeon and asks when can girl’s face be plastic surgeried. Doctor says after 3-4 days of medicines, she can undergo surgery, he will come there personally with medicines. Aditya walks home dancing and in his jokergiri singing style tells Nanda that he got a million bahu for her and shows Diana’s driving license. Nanda says anyone can make fake

IDs and fool like she fooled Uma. Aditya says Uma is illiterate villager, they can check internet. Kanak calls Vansh who informs that he already uploaded her photos on internet as Diana. Aditya and Nanda check internet and see Daina’s photos. They both get happy.

Vansh brings dishwasher home and tells Payal she does not have to wash dishes now. Payal says he did good thing and asks its price. Technician says 45,000 rs. Payal yells at Vansh that if he has gone mad, how will Ved pay money, he is on the verge of losing job.

Rani says Aditya will definitely come to hotel with purse, so they have to start next plan. Kanak dances on bhangra song.. and asks Uma to learn it. He keenly watches her and asks what is it. She asks him to learn Punjabi as he has to act as Parminder Singh Dhillon. Rani sees Aditya coming and informs Kanak. Mangayysh sees Aditya and gets tempted. Rani informs Kanak. Kanak asks to handle somehow. Rani throws a note in Hindi. Mangayysh reads it and thinks Uma threw it for him and excitedly leaves ignoring Aditya.

Aditya happily searches Diya. Uma enters as Punjabi singh Parminder Singh Dhillon and introduces himself as hotel’s manager, asks Aditya if he needs hotel room or food. Aditya says no. Uma asks if he came to enjoy free AC, that is bad. Aditya says he brought baby Diana’s purse. Uma says he stole purse, baby is tensed. Aditya says baby left it on his boat. Uma takes it and says food is free for him today. Aditya boasts he is not a beggar, he is Matruveda pharma’s owner. Uma fumes. Kanak gets tensed watching from a distance. Uma says Diana can buy 100 companies and asks him to leave. Aditya snatches purse and says he needs something. Uma says now beggar is speaking. Aditya says he wants to meet Diana personally and return her purse.. Kanak says Rani that Aditya is completely trapped.

Precap: Uma tells Aditya that Diana likes Indian culture a lot. Kanak sees dhoti kurta wearing man and this Uma wore dhoti kurta again. Uma comes from behind. Aditya comes wearing dhoti kurta and says Indian culture is in his blood.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bhaana

    Omg…. show is exciting day by day hope it lasts longer(excitement) ?
    Uma’s new Avtar, I read it as Harpreet Singh somewhere but in this update its written something else? whatever it’s quite interesting.The sound he made was funny…
    Uma performance infront of adi with all his frustration against his enemy was well portrayed n he handled the situation.
    Adi dance was too good
    As palomi role is turned little CVS recreating it through Payal behaving brainless superior while others digesting her?
    Adi in dhoti, uma gonna enjoy it?
    Kanum rocks!!!

    1. Hi Bhaana!!

  2. Mavisboamah

    omg i couldn’t stop laughing kanak is such an actress who deserve an award for sure this 22yrs old girl keep rocking and rocking that dance was just funny and awesome . tsmsp rocks

    1. Totally agree with u Mavis kanak is just fabulous yr she really deserves an award. Dance expressions dialogue delivery omg I was stunned today yr this girl has so much talent ?

  3. I watched episodes after such a long time nd c 3 characters dancing in a single episode..Awesome Episode..Had Aditya not been such a despisable character,then Uma,Kanak,Aditya nd Rani would have made an amazing nd entertaining team…. Maasisaa’s part has been made very Illogical nd certain parts r forced in order to highlight the evil traits in her…@divyaa @Bhaana @vj @Shreya @vinotini nd all of u..Where r u….

    1. Hi Neha hw r u dear, we all r enjoying recent track of bankok its entertaining & all r doing great job I enjoyed kanaks performance most today ?
      Hi to all frnds bhaana, Meera ,divyaA , vj & all TSMSP fans love u n miss u all?

      1. Hi Shreya missed you too ?… Bhaana & Divyaa great to see you are still commenting on here regularly.?… I am struggling to find the time nowadays… episode was fun (apart from maasisa scenes)…, excited to see whether Uma & Kanak do succeed in finding Paloumi & get her back to India ?? in time

    2. We have been here religiously as usual where have you been Neha ?? Good to see you’re back enjoy ? It’s hilarious & entertaining

      1. Missed all of u….Had my exams so was unable to watch episodes..The current track s entertaining but hopefully after this Maasisaa nd Aditya r caught nd der tracks end on d show… Although unlike other serials,the d track has progressed well..I mean v slowly gt answers to all our questions like Poulomi’s identity nd even will know abt Maasisaa’s husband…Payal s irritating….

    3. Hi neha hw are you dear we are here only with our daily tadka comments. Missing you lot. Try to be active dear whenever ur free ?

  4. Woww what a entertaining episode friends. Adithya trapped in kanak ‘s plan. Massisa is inhuman but palomi deserves this treatment. Mom and son planning to make multimillioner daughter Diana crown has her bahu ???Massisa is too clever she is googling to find about Diana identity. Vansh cleverly played his game before befooling massisa. Kanak cute dance and was training uma to make him Harpreet Singh. ?uma was irritated but he listened to her carefully and cooperated with her. Wow Amazing body language and expressions of Harpreet singh ?Adithya uma confrontation. Uma getting angry on Adithya but controlled himself. Kanak has trapped the weakest link of massisa. ?

  5. It looks good now but I am guessing they will remove air from Kanak and Uma named balloon, when they will caught Adi and masi will say we knew this all b4 and wanted to play with u and blah blah, again our protagonist will again in pain and despair till last moment they looking for some solution. Seen this so many time, I liked the show Ek Haseena thi where main villain and character played very well without any issues.Hope they shud do that type thing than it will be fun to watch as we saw Kanak tried best to remove mask from masisa but all went into dump.

    1. I agree Lara we really need to see a positive outcome…it annoys me the way in which the vamps are always shown to have the best brains… let’s hope Kanak & Uma finally emerge victorious ??

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode very entertaining & funny ? KanUma dance ? was too good ? Our Uma in disguise with green eyes ? was too good As usual Aditya is gullible hope KanUma can pull this off & win their mission If not it will be disappointing They still have to save Poullomi to clear Uma’s name 5 days left only As for Payal she is mood buster Miss Debbie downer can’t see anyone happy ?Who invited her? Can see jealousy in Uma when Aditya talking about Kanak & anger regarding his medicine Though he pulled it off well Can’t wait for tomorrow ??

  7. hi to all here..awesome episode i enjoyed it.. beautiful kanum scene..Their plan , baby D & harpreet singh was very nicely done by the two! I loved their acting! palomi deserves this treatment and more. waiting for tomorrow episode.

  8. Bhaana

    Hey all lovely people, good to see u all, we r here religiously ? as vj said
    Missed u guys, now the page looks good
    Love you all Neha, Meera, Shreya, Mavis, Lara, kratu, vj n divya?
    Have a good day guys

  9. Hi Friends…..
    Superb, entertaining, and power packed performance of kanum, adi, maasisa and rani. I really enjoyed yesterday’s show.
    Kanum dance and Punjab dialogues was so funny. Adi dancing for tune maari entry song was so funny, he is one cartoon character in the show.
    Oh! no, maasai spoke to doctor for plastic surgery very scare hope our Kanum
    reach on time. Well, Paulomi deserves this treatment for trusting maasisa.
    It was clearly seen jealous in uma’s eye in the hotel conversation with adi. Vansh, he is awesome. He always help his bhaana. Eagerly waiting for today’s episode. Precap was very funny and entertaining
    too. Overall the yesterday’s episode was completely entertaining! entertaining!
    entertaining! 🙂
    I know I wrote a lot for the first time hope you guys will not badmouth me :).

    1. Bhaana

      Not at all dear, lovely comment ?

      1. Hey Bhaana and Shreya……..Thanks a lot for encouraging me. Love U guys….

    2. Not at all dear infact here we enjoy written analysis of everyone bt I don’t get one thing Yar bankok me sab Hindi bolte he Kya?

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