Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Whose Side Will Uma Take?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A girl slips and falls on Balbrahmachariji. Balbrahmachariji shouts that this girl did a big sin and spoilt his brahmacharya, she will be punished. Uma thinking girl is Kanak pleads Balbrahmachariji to forgive her. Balbrahmachariji shouts it is unforgivable sin and this girl has to become his sevika/servant whole life. Maasi hears that and happily tells Palomi that Balbrahmachariji got a sevika from this house and Kanak will become his permanent sevika. Kanak walks in with Shiv and asks Maasi what is happening. Maasi is shocked seeing her and asks if she did not come from back door. Kanak says she saw lights off at home and peeped from back door, saw Balbrahmachariji having food in backyard, so she came from front door. Maasi asks whom Balbrahmachariji is punishing then. Uma

is shocked to see Saras instead of Kanak. Kanak runs to Saras and hugging her says she is so small, how can Balbrahmachariji punish her wrongly. Uma shouts not to badmouth about Balbrahmachariji. Saras says she will accept Dadusa’s decision. Maasi cries that all problem is because of her, she should not have arranged Balbrahmachariji’s seat/aasan in backyard. Saras reminisces telling Vansh that her dadusa’s decision is final for her and when he has not selected Vansh, she will not marry him. She also reminisces returning home and thinking Balbrahmachariji would be at home enters via backdoor, slips and falls on him.

Meena wakes up from sleep worried about her money stuffed in mattress. Vikram scolds she woke up 3 times already. Meena says she is afraid that monkey man will steal her money. Vikram angrily walks away. Monkey man enters and showing gun asks her to add all money in a bag and escapes with money bag giving her gun. She realizes it is plastic gun and runs out calling Bhabho.

Uma walks to Shivji’s idol and cries why Saras has to sacrifice her life at such an young age. Kanak enters and says let him show his emotions and shed tears, according to her if a man cries, he is not weak, he is strong instead. She says Saras does not have to sacrifice life for fraud baba. Uma angrily warns Kanak to take Balbrahmachariji’s name with respect, nobody can change fate now. Kanak says Saras tied him rakhi since childhood, this is what he has to offer her. She holds his hand and takes him to Saras’ room and shows her crying holding her doll. She tells Uma that he gifted this doll to Saras in childhood and does not he care for Saras. She tells Saras that sacrificing like is like suicide and suicide is a big sin. Saras reminisces Vansh telling that she forcefully consummated with him and says Kanak she did a sin. Uma asks what sin. Kaank continues trying to convince Uma.

Precap: Maasi alleges Kanak that it is Kanak’s mistake, she threw a trap for her, but Saras fell into it. She asks Kanak to get out of this house. Kanak says she should kick out her blindfold. Maasi angrily raises hand to slap her, but Uma holds her hand.

Precap: Maasi alleges Kanak that it is Kanak’s mistake, she threw a trap for her, but Saras fell into it. She asks Kanak to get out of this house. Kanak says she should kick out her blindfold. Maasi angrily raises hand to slap her, but Uma holds her hand.

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  1. Thanx for the fast update MA.. I hope Kanak does something and saves Saras.. Saras and Uma both r mad? Maasisa..she raised her hand on Kanak just coz Kanak said against her dharm but where was her dharm when she tried to make Kanak a sevika by misguiding her? will she not do any prayashchith for this?

  2. Bhai…ikk gal Meri samjh ni aati…aisey ch*#iya insaan ko…Jo aam taur par villain hotaa Hai usko in writers ne hero banaa diya Hai…and the more s*xist he gets the more women go crazy after him…”ki wow he is so cute…he loves her so much…poor man…maasi made him like this…” Agar real life me koi aadmi unhi women ko aise treat kare to do mint me har*@mi jail me hogaa. What is this complicated understanding that i fail to understand. Nai, show me to I get the women there are a part of that world. But the viewers who support such a character and want the heroine to stay a idiot and support such a character too…I mean…if he was an antagonist…fine, but he is a [email protected]#dy fuc+$d up hero and eventually the writers will justify all of this screwed up behavior and show it as romantic!! Indian viewers and women, in real life you want progress and liberation then why do you like such [email protected]#[email protected]@ in TV shows? Just a humble question.

  3. The reason I say it is I have a sister and I am very religious too…but bhaad me gayaa religion if it comes to my sister’s life. Any man, who can think like this , how can he be shown to be a love interest of a self respecting woman in present or in future. Until and unless he shows actual change, how can a self respecting female show any affection for such a man. Sympathy and social service i understand but romance and affection for a man with such mindsets and behavior as Uma Shankar, man…that needs some psychological help!!!!And what is terrifying for Indian woman is that the writers knew they could write such a character as hero and get away with it. To top it all they hate on heroine’s brother who is angry about the crime against his sister. Bhai waah…mere hisaab see faaltoo hi itti parhaai aur tarakki ki. Aakhir Ghar baith aise aadmiyo ki chhaati pe laar hi tapkaani hai

    1. I agree with you brother as a woman I am truly appalled that such a show is being praised by women and well educated women for that matter
      It is a shame for women like my mother, grandmother who fought social justice for the right of women to have equal rights in society and for feminism and women empowerment to be reduced to cheap romantic antics is beyond me.
      Thank you Bhai I applaud you for this – my brothers will be livid if they hear this.

    2. It’s amazing how ignorant some of you people are. There is a point to this drama, a lesson to be learned. It will take time for the entire plot to be revealed. You people have no common sense. Wait and let the story play out and then you will understand the reason the current episodes. There is a moral to this show that a lot of ignorant indians can learn from. Wait and watch.

      1. There’s no use explaining Anand – I have tried on many a occasion to explain, but unfortunately some viewers just don’t get the point of the show… however what is disappointing is some feel that they have the right to question someone’s self respect & opinion.That type of judgemental behaviour is completely beyond me. No one has the right to convict or judge anyone expressing an opinion on the show, feel free to express your opinion but why the need to belittle others?

      2. Good to see ur comment Anand…Some people don’t have sense and tme to understand the story n call the regular viewers as morons…
        They can give their view about the show but criticizing y u follow the show is too much..

        Yes meeara, I agree with u..

        Just a request to all live and let live others✌
        Have a good day…

    3. Hi Vanshi, being a fan of the show I’d like to answer your question & put a question forward to you if I may.
      Firstly, women are attracted to Uma because his character is pure & has no malice in his heart. He has never intentionally set out to ruin anyone’s life but has always sincerely believed that his way of life is what his religion teaches – his character always stayed true to his religion & not chopped & changed to suit his desires.
      So the fact that he has a pure heart & sincere in his actions is what attracts Uma to women. However I’d like to point out that just because we are attracted to his good traits does not mean we justify his misdeeds or behaviours.

      Now my question to you is, there are many other shows which have also shown characters such as Shivaay in Ishqbaaz & Arnav in Iss pyaar ko kyaa naam doon etc who have also committed forced marriages & insulted their partners, put them through trials & tribulations simply due to social class etc… then why are they’re characters more easily accepted as heroes and their misdeeds easily forgotten??
      Just a question & I sincerely don’t mean any offence by it but would appreciate your viewpoint.

      1. Well said…….I was about say tht bt u said very well

      2. Sabse pehle, Sorry. Sorry for my language and the offence it caused. Now to answer your questions and give you my point of view which you asked for. Let’s take your points and questions one by one.

        1. Firstly, women are attracted to Uma because his character is pure & has no malice in his heart. – In which society is tying a girl and putting adhesive on her mouth and forcibly lifting her to take phere to marry her considered the work of a pure person? That has been shown already and unless this person faces some punishment for that crime, he cannot be considered fit to have the privilege of living freely as that same girl’s husband. I am not a fool. I know these are characters and my problem is writers who have shown that aggressive behavior to be romantic.

        2. He has never intentionally set out to ruin anyone’s life – See above. I see girls lives being ruined by having to enter a marriage that was by force and without their or their family consent. Again, writers are at fault for romanticizing this when this crime is rampant in our country.

        3.Shivaay in Ishqbaaz & Arnav in Iss pyaar ko kyaa naam doon etc who have also committed forced marriages & insulted their partners, – I haven’t watched those shows. This I heard about from cousins and sisters about how a man kidnaps a random girl from street and now is living with her and she is trying to adjust with his family while he gives up none of his beliefs and there is love being showered on such a character. So I checked it out. All I can say is a question in return- did any of the other characters abduct a random girl without having any interaction before. Was those marriages result of some misunderstanding. I don’t know. If it was forced, I am against them too. Why others support those is beyond me…was there romantic connection between them before the forced marriage took place because of some misunderstanding? Even then, such toxic trend in our shows is bad. When I get time from work I catch some shows here and there that have some interesting story without regressive drama about what a good Indian woman should do and bear for the good of the household. This show may be an eye opener about religious evils but it still shows that a girl swallowed the bitter pill of kidnapping and stalking for the sake of peace. To hell with Kanak, and Uma, and all other characters. I don’t care about them. I just dislike how the writers have romanticized abduction and are corrupting impressionable young minds. For older people it may just be entertainment and TRP but youngsters and teenagers…whatever…if you don’t see the point you don’t and it is useless to explain the harm of showing Kanak coming back with UmaShankar to change his mindset. It’s just a show. We just care about TRPs . Got the point. Enjoy the show!

    4. Thank you Vashi for taking the time out to respond, whilst I have a different perception on the objective of the show – I respect your viewpoint & the points you have raised.

  4. I too agree with u vashi but vansh also did wrong with saras .no man has right to defame women

    1. Yes, agreed. Using a woman as a weapon for revenge is also wrong. Poori kahaani kaa hi satyaanaash Kar diya Hai. But this is what audiences want?! Ye hero Hai is kahaani kaa? Kal ko isko rehab kardenge aur achchaa bataayenge aur isko anjaan ladki ko uthaane ki koi sajaa hi nahi milegi!? Guts hai writers ki, so confident that such a hero will still be loved!

  5. Felt sad seeing Saras, but I am confident, Kanak will save her, but to tell the truth, I was glad when Maasisa cried, she deserved it, it is all because of her, and how the hell can she blame Kanak??

  6. Uma look so cute when he was crying, he is real hero trying to save all women in his house.

  7. Kanak will save Saras from this Fraud BB And Uma will stop Masisa from slapping Kanak Well this is the doing of Masisa she brainwashed both Uma & Saras when they were young but she herself is evil only Kanak can change their way of thinking I still feel Palomi should be the chosen Sevika she will be good at that job Think this guy BB is not real it’s a plan between Masisa & him to get Kanak to leave Don’t know how Vansh is going to win Saras now

  8. This show is more pathetic , regressive than that Pahredaar piya ki.

  9. I can’t believe Masisa has the audacity to tell Kanak that this was a trap for her and wants to throw her out of the house??? Its like karma for Uma for forcing Kanaka to marry him he has to now sacrifice his only sister to that idiotic BB Hope he realizes this that & remove the blindfold from his eyes of dharm & Even that Masisa. I couldn’t believe the joy in Masisa & Pallomi voice sick women why would you want that of another women Kanak is going to get advice from Bhaboo how to remove this blindfold from this family Can’t wait

  10. I have a humble request to all those commenting on this page.
    Everyone is free to express their opinion of TSMSP, & Just because you may not agree but it does NOT give you the right to convict, judge or point the finger at other viewers… it just comes across as self righteous & offensive & creates unnecessary drama on this page.By all means express your views on the show but please just stick to commenting on the show itself without insulting other viewers mentality.

    1. Much needed correct comment ..thanks meera

  11. waiting eagerly for today’s written update ..plz post it soon

  12. Thank you Avanti, Bhaana, Cutie & everyone else that has liked or supported my views/comments in the past – it means a lot ?

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