Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Saras Becomes Sara!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya silently walks inside house from backdoor in dark. Maasi silently electrician’s mobile, calls Aditya and tells she is fine and Kanak had made a plan to bring him here. Kanak runs out and sees car speeding away. Maasi silently gets back to reciting holy scripture. Kanak walk back. Maasi stops her and says she knows this is all Kanak’s plan and warns her to be in her limits, else she will fall flat like before. Kanak says she is just trying to help a mother meet her lost son. Maasi continues warning her and says Uma trusts her blindly and she has brainwashed him since 30 years and he blindly trusts her. Kanak says her another name is inebriation/nasha and it will take a second for Uma to get inebriated in her love, then his eyes will open and he will start seeing

truth again. Uma returns and asks Maasa what are they talking about. Kanak says Maasi finished 1 part of recitation and was explaining her meaning. She then leaves. Eelctrician gives his mobile to Kanak. Kanak notices last dialed number and says Maasi herself gave Adtiya’s number.

Rani makes Saras walk on high heels after makeover. Saras slips. Rani removes Saras’ sari and reveals her wearing shorts and skimpy top. Bhabo is surprised and says it is too small short. Rani says college girls wear smaller shorts than this. Bhabho says then fine and asks what should they name her. Rani says Dhinchak Radha, Chikni Sheela, etc.. Bhabho says are very old names and says she saw Meena watching a movie and heroine’s name was Sara. Rani says it is a beautiful name and praises Saras that she is looking very beautiful. Babasa enters coughing. Saras hides. Bhabho says she has not yet made up her mind and just changed her clothes, she has to change by heart also.

Payal waits for Aditya eagerly. Maasi says he will not come and scolds Uma that he should not have trusted Kanak and made this waste plan. Uma says he never trusted Kanak. Kanak takes oath that she will bring Aditya in this house within 24 hours. Maasi challenges if she does not, will she return back to her parents’ house. Kanak accepts challenge. Maasi thinks she already informed Aditya and he will not come back without her permission.

Aditya checks out of hotel and drives car. Maasi calls him from PCO and says she cannot call him from home, she called from PCO and asks where is he now. He says he is leaving Rajasthan border as she ordered. Kanak turns and reveals she is calling Aditya in Maasi’s voice. She says Kanak informed her police brother and he is searching him, so he should go and hide back in hotel until she calls him back. He says he is going to disco which is in hotel itself. Kanak asks to not leave hotel then and thinks his father is coming to hotel now.

Precap: Kanak tells Suman that she is going to disco and tells its name. Palomi hears that and informs Uma. Kanak reaches hotel and asks receptionist about Aditya’s room. Receptionist says nobody with that name booked room. Kanak then sees Aditya coming with girls and hides. Aditya turns and watches her in mirror.

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  1. Hi All Kanak is playing a cat and mouse game and playing with fire.From spoilers if true, we see Aditya hauled in front of all his family and playing a memory loss game.But one thing I loved for the first time on spoiler Uma using his physical skills and teaching him a lesson not to shame our Indian heritage and bow to our elders, not that massisa deserves it.As per Kanak’s brother/ and sister in law track, I need to name act as
    Dumb (Vansh)
    And Dummer (Saras)
    Hopefully these two will stop this divorce track as per some reason they cannot get divorced.I am wrong most times in guessing game but I can see Mr Dumb and Mrs Dummer to consumate there marriage before Kanak and Uma.Still hoping for scenes of Kanak being appreciated by Uma and truly see the old Uma who loves and cares for Kanak and is there as a protector to his wife.Kanak lost her Mum in child hood and it would be awesome if Uma’s Mum recovers and becomes like the Mum she never had due to her death.Sorry have to add this most of all I hope they can consumate there marriage, and kick start the love story, and also bring her in laws in to the 21st century.Adios God bless take care

  2. Bhaana

    Show is maintaining its speed…today is a mixture to satisfy all ages it seems…first kanak n maasisa part with heavy n big big dialogue unbearable for me…they end with justifying kanak accepted this marriage whole heartedly…
    Bhabho?? what a open hearted saas she is I can’t imagine she is too modern guys…?
    Last part was good she sometimes lives in her age and I love this bubbly kanak?
    Rhea sharma is doing a wonderful job…her screen presence energizes me in a stressful schedule.
    Payal is a mess….sometimes she behaves innocent…another time cheap greedy creature…y she is standing with aditya photo in hand??

  3. Aditya is dumb and only works on Maasi’s brains…..He shd have escaped from Rajasthan….Police looking for a missing person will definitely check in all hotels of Rajasthan……Story s on fast track,Aditya will b brought back home nd now Uma ll torture Aditya in name of Dharam nd Maasi ll b in pain…Also d real Good vs evil fight ll start..Good to c Saras…..In a way kanak has turned out 2 b saviour of entire Toshniwal clan..1st Suman,then Saras who ll definitely gain confidence nd make Vansh realise his mistakes nd now Uma…TSMSP has not had any promo since a long time

  4. Good Kanak. Actually Kanak don’t need uma support. Maasisa games played very well bcz Kanak didn’t know about maasisa. In Face to face games maasisa never will win among Kanak. Kanak is very intelligent in planning

  5. Good Kanak. Actually Kanak don’t need uma support. Maasisa games played very well bcz Kanak didn’t know about maasisa. In Face to face games maasisa never will win among Kanak. Kanak is very intelligent in planning .

  6. Interesting track now turning to boring track. I want this Aditya to be revealed before everyone as soon as possible and this nanda maasi to get exposed asap.
    Guys can anyone tell me about it’s trp.

  7. Kanak has a lot of spunk way to go She has definitely figured out this Masisa Shame on Uma will won’t support Kanak but she is intelligent As for Aditya he looks pathetic & dum like Payal why was she standing with that picture??? Hilarious Yes Vansh & Saras will consummate their marriage before Uma & Kanak Like Uma to start caring & loving his beautiful wife who looks so good in this new attire He gets totally mesmerized ???

  8. Today face-off of between kanak and massisa was superb Thug Massi VS Saachi patni .war has begun DharamVs Adharam rhea was outstanding today i loved the way she said that it woudnt take much time to get uma addicted to her i am sure her next step would be that after adithya entry.Smart brilliant move by kanak to fool adithya by using her mimicry skills.I guess kanak will become premika soon uma wll realize and feel her love towards him soon.Saras part is too much i feel whats need to wear such short dress to impress vansh bhabho when she became this much modern what happened to her lectures on sanskar . Now waiting for kanum to become lovers and then husband and wife.Tom uma will follow kanak to the pub there he will see a different world i guess surely help kanak to catch adithya

  9. Can any 1 tell me the trp of TSMSP this week??

  10. Meera1

    Great seeing Kanak standing up to & outsmarting maasisa… I love kanak’s beauty & brains character. In contrast to Payal’s gormless character, who is still walking around with a childhood photo of Aditya? – can’t wait to see Aditya’s reaction when he finds out that his wedding took place without him & Payal is his wife ??…. not sure if it’s true but I had read somewhere that aditya falls for Kanak ?.
    The Saras track is beyond belief, Bhabo’s character has had a complete personality transplant (since when did she become so liberal ?) – I get that she is meant to be treating Saras as her daughter rather than her daughter in law… but would any parent (no matter how liberal they are) really encourage their daughters to dress like that? Although wouldnt it be great to see the Toshniwals reaction to seeing saras dressed like that ?.

    Pre-cap looks interesting, I am yearning to see the old Uma back (this Uma has lost his brain, he doesn’t seem to see or hear anything & is being played by all the women around him)… glad Kanak made it clear that she wasn’t reliant on his support to find Aditya.

    I’m happy the track is running fast – hopefully by the end of the track Uma’s brain will make a comeback & we will get to see the original caring Uma, who would bite a bullet for Kanak.

  11. If Aditya was to fall for Kanak she wouldn’t give him the time of day It can never ever happen she would chew him & spit him out He doesn’t look or act that bright he is a lost cause Fit for some mental institution Feel sorry for Payal but why the hell was she standing with that picture looked pathetic couldn’t stop laughing This is Masisa son who has no goals in life looks like a lame duck (sorry but wouldn’t give him a second glance) Like mother like son !!!!! And Paullomi don’t know what you were standing there for with that smirk on her face go wash some clothes or sweep ??

    1. Paulomi?? who will remind her place in the house, always standing nearby uma is irritating to see…in this track there is no dialogue for uma then what will palomi do just stand and smirk…we have to digest her presence?

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