Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak thinking what to do to get the keys. A curtain falls over her. She sees the curtains lying near Uma’s feet. She says no, idea is not good, but anything for Bhabho. Maasi goes to get curd and sugar. Kanak goes to Uma and slips, holding curtains and taking runs. Uma and Kanak get tangled in the curtains. She tries to get the keys. Everyone gets shocked seeing them stuck inside curtains. Kanak gets the keys. Maasi says someone free them. Paulmi gets a knife and tears curtain angrily. Kanak and Uma come out. Suman stops Paulmi.

Paulmi says I was helping. Kanak thanks her. Maasi asks her how did she get tangled. Kanak makes excuse. Uma says Maasi should have seen how Kanak has hit mosquito. Kanak says I will go and change. Maasi says this is fine. Uma

says Maasisa let her go, there is still some time. Kanak goes.

Maasi thinks Kanak has done magic on Uma, I don’t find her good. Vansh asks Babasa to wear specs and see. Vansh fixes the glasses again. Babasa says we are not getting shop papers, I m worried, I don’t know. Vansh says we will get papers, don’t worry, you and Bhabho are like Ram and Sita.

Golu comes and says I think I will get bride today. Meenaksi says you are owner of saree centre, hold your stomach in. Babasa says tension is coming on face. Vansh smiles. He says that flower is showing miracle. Rani gets crockery. Meenakshi asks her to get costly crockery. Meenakshi introduces the guests. She praises Golu. The girl’s parents see Vansh. Meenakshi says he is very smart and handsome. Babasa jokes.

The man says we will do roka today itself and holds Vansh. Golu says this is cheat. Rani says groom is here. The man says Vansh is one in a million. Meenakshi says Golu is the groom. The groom’s parents refuse for alliance. Meenakshi argues.

Kanak looks for papers. Maasi goes to see Kanak. Kanak sees her drawing and says I know stealing is bad, I just came to take Bhabho’s shop papers, help me. She gets the papers and smiles. She sees Bhabho’s thumb impressions and Uma’s signs. She thinks why will Bhabho give her shop to anyone. She says I have to show papers to lawyer, congrats, I got the papers. She says her lines.

Maasi checks jewelry and recalls Kanak’s words. She says anklet is here, why did Kanak lie, something is fishy. The girl’s dad taunts Golu to be overweight. Meenakshi defends him. She says if my son is lesser than 99 kgs, you have to make her samdhan. The man agrees.

Rani gets weight machine. The man says I m sure he is 99 kgs. Babasa asks Golu not to worry. He stops him from eating samosa. Kanak thanks Lord and says I will be out of this Lanka. She says my bone can break if I fall down, there is no way now, time is less. She encourages herself.

Maasi takes care of her sister. She says I supported Uma as his shadow, after his marriage, I feel he needs me more, Uma’s wife has many secrets hidden, Uma is simple, she is clever, I promised you I will become Uma’s mum and protect him, I see that oath breaking now. Kanak hides papers seeing Uma coming. Uma smiles seeing her.

Uma makes Kanak wear the necklace. Key falls down. Uma picks it. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally kanak got papers congrts…..
    nice episode umas massi sa is very clever
    paulmi is very jelous
    suman is angry
    massi ishocked
    but we are happy kanak succesfull in her plan

    1. Same here vicky
      I am very exicted to watch mondays episode

  2. VINAL

    Thanks for quick updates
    nice episode especially that golu-samosa

  3. thankyou amena supperb episode waiting for 6 clock so i can watchit on hotstar ooohhh supperb kanak thum baagh jaav dont wait for time and u vl miss ravan he is very good person i love u r combination supperb director

  4. Thanks for fast update,show is interesting but don’t drag it writers, truth of kanak and uma’s marriage should come in front of babo soon.

  5. Star plus walo itni se baat man lo sirf yeh program sunday ko bhi telecast karo

  6. Aarti32

    Thanx for quick update Amena!!

    Rathi family part was hilarious ?? it’s always entertaining..Otherwise Uma’s part is mostly boring..

    But no Ved today!! Not fair?

  7. Show is interesting.iam eagerly waiting to watch next episode
    Starplus plz don’t drag this show and don’t make it boring.every show of starplus start with new concept and interesting story but at last it all sum up to some family melodrama

  8. Nice episode

  9. golu look like his mum to eat more ladoo and samisa after his delivery born.

  10. I don’t understand why people like this show. Doesn’t people understand that what Uma did criminal offence!

    It doesn’t matter if he is good looking. I want to ask all of you, would you like it if someone like uma kidnapped you, or someone that you know. Don’t you people have some common sense.

    This show is promoting, kidnapping, force marriage and rape.
    Uma should be in jail, and as for kanka, she shouldn’t be in love with this disgusting man.

    1. Oh my dear Anika,
      Kanka is going to accept Uma as her husband, and his way of life.
      You women always submit to men.

      My father did the same thing, as Uma did to Kanka. In the end my mother accepted my father as her husband.
      She give up her dreams to become a teacher.
      Kanka well follow, she well become uma wife.

      That is why star plus, well do, uma is not going to jail.
      Everyone here is watching this, because they understand, it is okay.
      No one here don’t want to see kanka and uma break up.

      1. Maadhav!
        I feel sorry for your mother!
        What your mother went thorough is ABUSES! BRIAN WASHING!.

        To give up, her dreams, for your family way of life. Is SAD!

        I can’t give answer, for everyone here, I can only give my answer for myself. I don’t agree with you! Or this disgusting show. I don’t watch this disgusting show anymore.
        Maadhav, just like star plus, you are very backwards. If you think that every woman, is going to submit, to a man like you.
        You are in for a surprise, you better to come out from your dream world.

      2. My dear Anika,
        If a man can tame a wild elephants, then I can tame you.

        Look around you, everyone here like this show. They have come around to my way of thinking.

        Peoples like you have lost, and there nothing you can do about it.
        You just like to play hard to get. That’s all.

        Soon every woman, well accept their fate.

        Just like kanka.

        You know why, because I am Uma, and Uma is me.

      3. You tame ME!


        You are absolutely RIGHT. You are Uma, and Uma is you.
        Both of yours character don’t know how to respect women.

        Well done star plus, and also the rest of you.

        You have given voices, to the very disgusting men, I was talking about.
        Thank You, for promoting Rape!
        And be littering women.
        I don’t know why I commented early.

      4. you know what maadhav you realy dont respect your mother ..q k agr krty tou submit wali baat tou naa krty… or yaha sub ya chahty hain kanak is uma ko seedha krdy ..iski soch ko bdly koi ye nhi chahta k wo submit krdy…

      5. Aarti32

        Mr Madhav..well u don’t even deserve to be called Mr?
        Y do u always hv to talk rubbish n ignite fights!! Who r u haan!! Who d hell r u to tame anyone!! U better tame yourself!!

    2. Bhagya Patil

      yes i agree with u….ds show is really disgusting…i dont wan kanak to accep him so easily…sabak sikha de us ko achaa…i dont see the show but i read written updates…padhti b hu is hope so…ki use sabak sikhaaye wo

    3. Yes Anika I agree with everything you have said. Ignore the negative comments as you are allowed your opinion. The first season DABH was on women empowerment and their struggles in society to be taken seriously as their male counterparts.
      This season I haven’t got a clue what message they are sending.
      I know how you feel especially when the first DABH was so good with a positive message that all could learn from. So it is quite frustrating to see the CVs mess this one up. Sometimes it doesn’t mean because the women accepted their fate that’s mean it is okay – the end do not justify the means. Even God gave us freedom of choice. Maybe we should kidnap some young fit men on the stree of India keep them locked up and marry them off to some old ladies and force them to keep the marriage. Let see how it feels. We should not glamorised crime as it destroys and fragment society. We should think though before we give so much praise to such storylines.

  11. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Hi to all … nice episode
    Kanak and Uma make great couple, I love watching them talk … she is clever and he is boring but a sight for sore eyes (yummy) ?

    1. Yum Yum Yum, too.

  12. UmaKanak supr jodi

  13. Kanak and uma’s marriage should come in front of bhabho soon. The makers should not drag it.The show should show more about women empowerment.

    1. Empowerment, you are talking about star plus, to empower women.
      I am sorry to say, also if I am sounding rude.
      It is not going to happen!

      They have given voices to men like Maadhav.
      You are helping them.

  14. Nice episode

  15. Dear Anika, its just a series.. ye koi sacchi kahani nehi hea..do u think ki koi ladka ek ladki ke sath asa karega toh use apna pati manlega..ur us ladki ki garbale use dundenge nehi..And maadhav mardh hone ka itna gamand thik nehi hea..agar bhagban ram khudh sita ji se sadhi ki permission mang sakta hea toh tum konsi khet ki muli ho..remember one thing hum ladkiya sita bhi ur durga ka bhi rup hea..ur hum laxmi ur kaali bhi hum hi hea..mahadev jab bishpan kia tha na unkobhi adhi sakti ki jarurat pari thi.. ur jho uma uma karke chilla rahe ho na o bhi badle ga ur usne jo kia o wrong tha iska ehsaash bhi karega..I think u don’t respect ur mom and thats why u don’t know how respect girl..ye srif ek series..because no girl want ki uska real life partner uma jesha ho..so Anika plz don’t take it seriously..I am surprised for that ki maadav ki bath se every agree ya fir they ignore it…but its my opinion, but sorry agar kisiko hurt feel hua ho toh..I like this series but its not my life, ye srif muje entertain karti hea..

    1. Dear NUPUR,

      I know it just a series, but I did expect that from someone as disgusting as Uma. I am sorry, but I am hoping that you understand that. Typing that name is making me SICK!

      The thing is, because I care, and I do care. I cared so much, that I had to explain my feelings towards the show.

      Yes it is for entertainment value, but I cannot see this show, as entertainment.

      This encourages people like that thing, to go out and do bad thing’s to girls.
      The sad thing is, that thing actually believe in this show.

      The sad thing is, that thing, think that this well change for him. He actually believe that it well believe that this show. Well decriminalization of kidnapping and force marriage.

      You might not know, it might just happen.

      Anyway the media, has a responsible to society. Because this show could do more harm then good.

      Boy well believe, if uma could do this, and in the end get the girl. So why can’t I.
      If they do this, and the girl don’t fall in love with them. The girl is dead!

      Then someone loses their sister, mother, and daughter.

      I know that this is nothing New, but we must not encourage it.
      We have to show boys, that this is not away to get a girl.
      That is why media company has to take responsibility. They are the fabric, they can influence people, for good and bad.
      The actor’s are also has the responsibility as well. They don’t have to take these types of role.
      The writers, shouldn’t write, these types of romance. Because this is not romantic!
      This show is bad.

      1. Anika you are so right and even us have a responsibility if we watch shows like this and praise it.
        We all have responsibility to what happens in society.
        And this show goes international which puts Indian men in a bad light as well.

      2. Anika this is the reason why I don’t watch DBO when it started and recently when they introduced the same disgusting character
        A man was forcing a young girl to marry him whilst abandoning his wife of how many years and not only that he wants to marry her for his two brothers also. That got sorted out and the girl managed to escape and now they have introduced the same disgusting character and gues what the viewers were excited that he is back on the show, I just stopped watching it (DBO) – can’t take all that stupidness.

      3. Ovb

        I agree with you Anika.

    2. u r soo right… ?

  16. I didn’t, sorry mistyped.

  17. Yes Uma and Kanak make a great couple: one is a rapist and the other is a thief. In some countries their home will be behind bars.
    How can all say Kanak is clever no she comes across as brainless. If she felt that the property was snatched she could have made a report at the police – before you all got excited, her brother is a police officer.
    Her brain is scatty – she board a bus full of all men and started doing dramatics then fainted.
    She left home lying to her family of where she is going
    She got to Uma’s village and agreed to a wedding without thinking or asking questions.
    On the wedding day, she saw her brother and did not acknowledge him.
    She is claiming to be scared of her family safety but she has put herself in danger so many times.
    She acts clueless not smart at all
    And definitely not like Sandhya’s daughter even her father who was not educated did not act so foolishly and she is supposed to be educated.
    She is obsessed with a grandmother who does care wether she lives or dies.
    Another thing when properties are exchanged(buy/sell) doesn’t it have to be registered at a government office. If it was me that’s where I would have started before boarding transport to a village I haven’t got a clue about.
    Any sensible and educated person will know that before visiting a strange land it is best to get yourself acquainted with their rules and laws in order not to upset the people of the land.
    The CVs have written this season of DABH very badly – they should have watched the old season before putting pen to paper. This looks like a mess.
    Bhaboo is not weak what is killing her is bitterness, anger and unforgiveness.
    This is my opinion and analysis of the show

  18. Hi guys, I too agree with u Anika and messy, I don’t watch star plus shows, but this pair is good. My point of view it is just a serial and kanak character I like it, Nowadays all series leads(female)shown as durga or arrogant or detective agent, her character with foolishness, darne waali is good entertaining, and I started watching in this marriage track. Serial mean kuch b ho sakta hain,age kahani mein sooraj jail m b did Sakta hain as kanak says in mind voice after getting papers I will sent ravan to jail
    Madam comment is bad, u should not say this type of me
    ssage here, keep it with

  19. Typing mistake, it’s madav instead madam.

    1. Uma is not going to jail. It is not going to happen. Do you know why? Because, You see the media is on my side, and soon it well decriminalize.
      Girl’s like you Anika, and Missy, should be happy. You won’t have to pay us men dowry.
      Men like us, well be happy to take you girls for free.
      That burden, well be gone.
      You well see star plus or cvs, is on my side, and so well be the law.

      I have broken you Anika, and you know it.

      1. You broken me!
        No you haven’t Ravan!
        Actually you have made me laugh!
        Do you know why?

        Your wanted to become a teacher, right!

        Now I don’t know about you guy’s here. But I don’t have any idea, on what I want to do, as a job, yet!

        But imagine someone like your mother, Ravan. Since childhood, she always wanted to be a teacher.
        Then suddenly your father come and kidnapped her, rape her, and of cause force marriage.

        She had no choice, because she was afraid.

        For someone like that, I bet she hate you. Doesn’t she Ravan, I am right, your mother hates you.

        It is sad, that no one, in this world, let alone india. That wants to give their daughter to you or your family.
        That is why I laugh at you, not even a woman, WANT you.
        Poor you.

      2. Wild ELEPHANTS!

        You well see star plus is going to make sure that Kanka and Uma, get together!

        Do you know why? Because Uma is taming Kanka.
        Sometimes, you have to be gentle with the wild animals.

        That is why, uma hasn’t touch her.
        Kanka well feel, at least he didn’t touch me.

        Then she well run to Uma.

        You women well feel, oh how sweet!
        The law well change!
        It is the matter of being patient.
        Then I well come for women like you.

      3. You can’t break anyone if you cannot make them. When you can create a human being then you can boast of breaking someone.
        One more thing I am not a burden on my family – yet actually wanted a girl and got me. They spent enough educating me so I would not be dependent on brute men like you for my existence. And I am willing to help other women stand independently in society.

  20. Another mistake sorry Missy for typo error.

  21. relax guys..do u remember ki sandhya ne kese pallu pratha hatai…dusre daram ki ladkiyo ko garki bahu banai..kese suraj ko chef banai..kese khudh ek officer bani..ye series ki suroat hea isse time dena jaruri hea..hum iss series ye shikhna cai ki ye jho ho raha o galat hea…real life mei asa nehi hona caie..hum jab series dekhte hea tab usme negative or positive character hote hea o humari soch hoti hea ki hum kisi apnae..but hum logo ki society jadha tar agar negative ki tara jug gay toh usme series ki galti nehi hea..guys har chis ki dho pehlu hoti hea o humari upar depend karti hea ki hum kisi apnae..hum ye tum ankhe bandh kar denge toh kia dunia me rat ho jaigi..besehi ye series bandh ho jane parbhi dunia nehi badlengi..so we should stand for ourself tohi koi madad ki lie age aega…kia tumhe nehi lagta ladkiyo ki chuppi uski sabse bari galti hea..dear Anika, I like ur comments because tumhare man me jho hota hea tum ohi bolti ho..I think sab ko tumhari tara hona cai..and I am glad ki me tumhare sath apna opinion share kar pai…

  22. And dear maadhav, u r like ravan jho shoch ta tha ki usne sita ka apharan karke koi galti nehi ki par dekha uska aanth kese hua..uski toh das sar thea ur tumhare srif ek..ur tumhara gamand bhi jarur tute gha I hope tumhe( sony tv ki behadh series ki) maya jeasi ladki mile because u deserve that kind of girl..I blessed u for that…tab tume pata chalega ki ladki kia karsakti he ur kia nehi..agar tume bura lage so thank you….

  23. I like to thank to all, that have supported me. Your word have comforted me.

    So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. You are most welcome
      Ignore Madhav, he just like talking rubbish – you can tell he is empty – no substance. He seems to fancy himself as Ravan; well we all know what happened to him in the end.

  24. Yes Madhav it takes one to know one
    Take several seats
    Just seat down and be quiet.

    1. Madhav didn’t your parents told you that when elders are talking children should not get in between. So Madhav stay out of grown folks business.

  25. Its a beautiful serial. Love Kanak and Uma. Bhabho is fab as usual. They should telecast it at prime time night slot. Not many people will be watching it in the afternoon. Hope such well written and acted serial doesn’t go waste just because of the afternoon telecast.

  26. Ya time slot is not good, I follow the story by reading TU and in hotstar and there is no repeat telecast too, they can change it to eve replacing very old ones

  27. The episode was awesome to watch. Especially the twirls taken by both uma and kanak. Thank you for the written update

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