Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak to Meet Uma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma walks towards injured Kanak. Meera asks where is he going. He says to checked injured person. She says he is a business tycoon now and should not forget that, already ambulance and police have come, anyways mistake was that person’s. Uma says he is an ayurvedic doctor first and his duty is to save patient first. He walks towards patient/Kanak when Meera creates fire around her car and shouts. Uma rushes back, asks if she is fine, gets her into car, and leaves with her.

Suman packs Kanak and Uma’s photo and tells Shiv that he should not take out this pic again as Meera will not like it. She further tells that Uma has moved on with Meera and has forgotten Kanak, so Shiv should not remind about Kanak. Uma returns home with Meera and asks how is her dizziness

now. Meera says she was acting and asks Suman and Shiv how are they. Suman says they are fine and are worried hearing about her accident. Meera shows their company’s new logo and says this one will be on Uma’s table, how is it. Uma says it is good. Meera breaks it and says she wants best for Uma. She says anoter logo and asks how is it. Uma says it is brilliant, that is what she likes in her. Meera asks what K means.

Kanak meeta Arpita who congratulates her for doing excellent work and now she has to go on another govt project. Kanak agrees and asks where she has to go. Arpita says Rajasthan. Kanak asks which company. Arpita says K and U. Kanak stands frozen reminiscing discussing about Uma’s new company name and says U and K (Uma and Kanak) would be nice. Uma says wrong, it should be K and U as she always represents him. On the other side, Meera insists to tell what K is. Afraid Shiv is about to tell Kanak when Meera says she knows what K is, it is Kaushalya, Uma kept his mother’s name before him. Uma relaxes. Kanak tells Arpita she cannot take this project. Arpita encourages her to take it as challenge.

Meera reaches her office and scolds employee for a simple mistake and fires him. Her assistant briefs her about govt’s project and her company getting that contract, govt representative coming to meet her at 1:30 p.m. Meera blasts that she has lunch everyday with Uma at 1:30. Assistant says govt officer is very honest and her name is. Meera shouts govt officers have only designation and not name, officer has to wait for her. Kanak reaches White Petals Hotel for meeting and reminisces her romance with Uma, Meera cancelling her date, etc..

Kanak takes her seat sadly reminiscing her past. Meera serves lunch to Uma and watches him having food, praising him. Assistant walks in. Meera warns him not to disturb until she says. Uma asks what happened. Kanak gets angry waiting for Meera.

Precap: Kanak scolds Meera that meeting was at 1:30 and she came at 2:20 p.m., she should apologize for her careless behavior. Meera shouts does she know who she is. Kanak warns she does not know who she is and can make her life hell, so better she apologizes. Uma is seeing walking into hotel.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Candiva007

    ohhhh cat fights MEOW! LOL

  2. Syamala Ranganathan

    It is highly unfair that uma is marrying Meera. It is so dad that kanak is sidelined..For heaven sake please don’t make Kanak as Uma’s second wife.Uma does not deserve kanak.

  3. Mavisboamah

    i must say am loving kanak new look she looks matured, this is only the onscreen TV actress who is simple but elegant other wears heavy jewelry and makeup which become too much , meera has met her match still i dont understand the reason behind their breakup and it seems kanak hate uma now. let keep watching our show guys every story has it good and bad , no show on starplus is perfect

  4. On a lighter note, should I thank for editing uma lifting mm scene?? as in promo….
    Why Rathis are not yet introduced….instead of showing meera’s atrocities would like to see bhabho, ved, vansh n saras guess CVS ruined their peace too so more headache coming on the way….
    Only good things found now is uma balanced life style, K & U board n uma dhoti as well as dashing look?
    I wish tsmsp offer some humour too….
    So this modern maasisa/don is the new task for our desi bahu
    Kanak sad face reminiscing the past is painful? y this track invaded in our beloved show, how to digest it guys?

    1. Right bhaana What Happened to our show?
      I had stopped watching it from sat n now am just reading updates n ur comments guys
      I just can’t watch all these ?

      1. shreya please dont stop remember we need trp to get the show moving. and there is light at the end of every tunnel

      2. Meera1

        It is painful to watch, but it’s making me fall in love with Kanum all over again – I can sense some deep sacrifice between them & even though they are apart you can tell that they are still very deeply in love with each other…surely the outcome of this track is going to be that the Uma & kanak’s love conquers all! ….Which I can’t wait to see ? (I’m just hoping that they don’t drag it out too long like they did with the maasisa track ?)

      3. Hi shreya?, someone is there to hug in this difficult time…I mean same wavelength, sorry to sound odd among others take a break shortwala, that’s very much needed from this third wheel (oh no now which is third wheel m or k?)we r hear to update you but honestly watching curiously to know how this force marriage version 2 executed…lol
        No offense ??
        Have a good day guys ?

      4. Oh shreya don’t worry dear. This track is to get more trp. Meera is just passing clouds. Kanum will be again back together very soon. Uma is incomplete without kanak. Uma has not accepted meera as his ardhangini still. Uma’s Ardhangini only kanak. Plz watch today episode dear. Face-off amid kanak and meera.

    2. I agree best show that show need trp bt it’s really hard to watch now
      And dear Meera u r right too that outcome of this separation will be good
      Bt am sure CVS r gonna drag this Meera track too long
      I can bear anything bt third woman between kanum is v hard to watch
      I want kanak should also move on with another person

    3. this is my favourite show i love tsmsp so much..shreya what you say…uma for kanak and kanak for uma enough said…you don’t like a woman between them but you want a man between them…really friend..!!!
      this is my favourite show and this track is very nice soon the truth will be revelead i continue to watch everyday i love this show…sorry

      1. Yes I want this bcos Everytime they r showing Uma betwn two women pehle vo palomi n now this psycho Meera
        Previously Uma hurt kanak by getting married with palomi n again this marriage track with this mad woman
        I want Uma to feel the same pain that’s y I want this
        Liking the show doent mean that we like the repetation of nonsense
        I don’t care what the mystery is bt if Uma has somebody to care him then kanak also deserves the same
        She should move on lyk uma

      2. i am sorry dear but who tell you shreya that uma move on !!!! do you understand the reson of separation!!! you have any idea about what happend between them.. !!! he still love kanak so much it’s clear ..so there is some reason and if you blame uma for doing this and you said that this track is nonsense you want kanak to do the same nonsense with another man too..like we want another villian like meera in kanum life..it’s enough we want kanum together!!!! we all want kanum together for some time atleast.. dear nobody tell you to like the nonsense because you like the show i love the show i don’t like meera but this track is not so bad there is reason for this will be soon clear to us
        meera her dialogues were very clear she didn’t get love from uma. He didn’t accepted her still. Let’s see what’s happens next. kanak entry will be bad time for meera..anyway this is your opinion i respect that .. good night

  5. This track is becoming more interesting and exciting. But really heartbreaking to watch our kanum suffering without each other. Meera and her tantrums are really irritating to the core. Uma is frightened for what. He is tolerating all her nonscense. Shiv suman believes their dhadhusa forgot kanak and moved on in his life with meera. But actually uma is now a robot totally lifeless without any emotions. He is just living in ladnun but his heart is with kanak. Today one aspect was clear uma didn’t accept meera as his wife. Meera did not get his love. He is loving only kanak . uma belongs only for kanak. Meera does not even know anything about kanak. Uma make sure that meera should not know about his first wife. Maybe he is afraid she would kill her. Uma acting to be happy in front of his siblings. He is incomplete without kanak. Kanak got a project to deal with K&U she immediately rejected it Arpita gave her courage and motivation to fight. Kanak reluctantly accepted moved to ladnun. Kanak is totally broken recalling the past. She is suffering in pain of betrayal. Meera trying her best to impress uma but she couldnt. Proud and happy to see our uma still follow the traditions before having food. Our uma is our old ladnun vaid uma. Tom kanak and meera face -off. Meera bad time started now. Waiting to see our kanum defeating Meera soon.

  6. Meera1

    It’s still unclear as to why Uma married Meera & I reckon we’ll be waiting a while before we find out. Initially I thought Kanak may have been the one to sacrifice their relationship to save Shiv/ Suman but now it seems Uma was the one who broke the relationship ? ?…. it is obvious that Uma hasn’t fully accepted Meera as his wife & is still in love with Kanak but it is painful to watch Uma married to Meera & showing care & concern for her ?. Uma will always try & do right by each person, so I’m guessing that he will be shown to be trying hard to give Meera her rights as a wife.

    It was fab seeing Kanak standing up to Meera. It sure is going to be difficult watching Kanak seeing Uma & Meera together as husband & wife. Whilst the storyline is difficult to digest it has roped me in & im filled me with questions waiting eagerly for the next instalment… love you Tsmsp ❤️

  7. Feel the show has lost it lust All you see dull & gloom actors & leave the viewers not entertained & sad ? Can’t bear to see Kanak & Uma so unhappy ? Uma’s house looks nice but there is no happiness Where are the Rathi’s Guess all wealth can’t buy happiness it seems looks more like torture & fear

  8. This track is becoming more interesting in my opinion there is something not clear till now..kanak will face meera in tomorrow episode can’t wait for tomorrow episode.. this woman said nothing will happen to her because she has to attain lot of things in her life. So this dialogue was clear that uma has not accepted her as his wife. He will never do it in his life.
    kanak is sad and uma is deeply hurted. He is covering his pain under smiles infront of the world and to his siblings.there is something sure..waiting for tomorrow episode..love tsmsp

    1. Meera1

      I also noticed Meera hinting that she was yet to obtain Uma… which gives us hope that they have no physical relations between them ?

      Uma has managed to convince Suman & Shiv that he has moved on but it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to Kanak re-entering his life

      1. Yes meera her dialogues were very clear she didn’t get love from uma. He didn’t accepted her still. Let’s see what’s happens next. How are u meera. Yes kanak entry will be bad time for meera.

  9. the upcoming track is gonna more interesting as the rathis will meet again, guys let keep watching. just love kanak and her attitude you dont always need your husband support to suceed in life

  10. This track is here because it drives up TRPs and that’s all that matters to producers. TRPs go up when viewership does not go down with nonsense tracks. Instead viewers cheer it saying it is a great track, we love all the drama. Producers think great, we will give even more of that. That is the story of every major show. You get what you have supported.

  11. i told these VIEWERS not to encourage that nonsense DRAMA in foreign country between uma and kanak but they encouraged hihihi see what they got more and more drama and kanak seperated hahhah


  12. Arre baba…phir shuru hogayi??
    We love it n so watch it sometimes appreciate n sometimes raise our voice.
    Don’t teach us moral science pls?
    Tried to watch other shows but I couldn’t find a spark anywhere else…Dil mange tsmsp ?

    1. Abhi this separation will go on for months, sometimes Kanum cute moments will be shown, sometimes Meera will find ways to get chipkoo with Uma to make Kanak burn. They will drag it out then end Meera track. Kanak Uma will again be on verge of marriage or just married six months of now and maasi adi will be back and new separation drama will start. The show is set on formula track now. TRP will keep rising and plot will keep falling ?? I hope I am completely wrong. This is so different from what I have thought it would be. Again two women fighting for one man. One woman super psycho and devious and the male lead helpless. Please Kuch alag karo yahaa. Actors are so good, makeup costume is also good. Don’t ruin the story.

      1. Hi Disha, hope everything sort out soon without dragging this Meera kichdi

  13. Who will teach moral science to the blindly obsessed viewership of this show???? Nobody. Aur jab tu humeshaa chaaloo reh sakti hai iss besar pair ke tracks ko TSMSP rocks ?bolne ko to doosre apne thought pe kiu nahi chaaloo reh sekte? Tujhse kaun poochaa tujhe kidhar spark Mila? Each person finds spark according to their own taste. You watch and keep rocking with the rocking tracks. Others who see a reason why nonsense tracks are shown repeatedly in the shows and express their frustration at encouragement of such tracks will do that.

  14. It ll be better to make 100 or 200 meaningfull episodes n then show the happy ending rather than unnecessarily dragging n twisting storyline….there was no need any separation….satyanash kr diya story ka..

  15. I stopped watching it…..from a long time….other shows are better than it,nimki mukhiya is going more better and superb than it

  16. the fans of others show !! guys go and watch you favourite show nobody force you to watch and write here!! for me me i love tsmsp and still my favourite show i don’t care about anyone btw i don’t like this track so much i complain and all the people who said that they are sad just because they love the pair kanum so much they love the show but they want kanum together i understand ..so btw no show is perfect but nobody go to to teach moral science to the fans of others show!!! it’s okay….anyway show some respect to yourself and others taste …nimmi i watched nimki and for me i love tsmsp more..i hope you don’t have any problem with this. thank you

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