Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma saying you will be ready for repentance. Kanak says yes. Uma asks what duty will you do first, Rambha one… She says no. He says I knew, tell me then. She thinks to become Daasi and help family in yagya work. She says yes Kamasutra Daasi. He asks what, you are ays you mean making me think wrong. She says no, first one. He says Karesu Daasi, you have come to me when I call you and do my work without any question, you will stay as my Daasi from tomorrow for one day. She says I m repenting from heart. He says good to see your belief, time will show the rest. He goes. She thinks this will be tough for me, I have to get Bhabho’s shop and also repent for my mistake to ruin Uma’s dharm. Uma prays to Lord and says I believe in our signs, you have to support

Kanak and make her win this test. Kanak thinks to win this test. Tu sooraj mai saanjh piya ji…..plays…..

Maasi asks pandit to say if he needs any item. Maasi praises Payal. She asks did anyone not make Toran. Paulmi says I m making it. Maasi asks about Janiyo. Payal says I have washed it and kept it to dry. Maasi says Suman is not helping. Uma says village women are coming to help. He asks Paulmi to wash some cloth. Paulmi smiles. Kanak takes the cloth and says I will wash it. Maasi says wow, you are helping us early morning. Maasi asks Saraswati to get ghee. Kanak says ghee has come, I have kept ghee, cleaned silver puja utensils, diya and pandits seatings too, its time for breakfast, we will have breakfast. Uma says sure.

Kanak asks Paulmi to serve breakfast, she is much hungry. Uma says no Paulmi. Kanak says I need a break at breakfast time, I m doing Daasi dharm since Brahmamurat. Uma says no, Daasi dharm has no connection with time and hardwork. Kanak serves the breakfast to everyone.

Kanak asks Shiv why is he silent. Uma says Shiv has maun vrath till yagya completes. Kanak asks what, maun vrath of a little kid, he talks too less already, he would get acidity. She jokes. She sees Maasi staring and says sorry. Uma says yagya pavitra sanskar teaches patience first, talking less saves energy of body which person can use in his work. Kanak says tongue is battery saver button. Saraswati and Payal ask what. Kanak says I mean tongue saves energy, I will also save energy. Maasi asks her to fan air. Kanak says wow, you are great, you know who feels hot and when. Maasi says its for Uma, fan air to him, nothing is happen between me and Uma, you are keeping daasi dharm today, then do without asking. Kanak says yes and fans air to Uma.

Maasi says its not your mistake, your childhood passed as ginger knot, you have to get rid of it and become better, don’t worry, we will grind all knots. Kanak says but I have changed, I got gaugraas also. Paulmi says I have to give breakfast to Suman. Kanak says I will do this. Maasi says fine, but Suman’s monthly is going on, don’t touch her. Kanak says its imp part of every woman’s life, Suman is not ill that I get her illness by touching her. Maasi says Paulmi go and give it, I will forget right and wrong while teaching Kanak. Uma says your fate just has serving husband.

Meenakshi asks Rani to wear saree and keep it. Golu says I have given this saree to Rani. Rani gets glad. Meenakshi asks why did you give it. Golu says to fold it. Rani cries and goes. Bhabho sees Rani and asks what happened. Rani says you and Babasa kept love without any problem, my four days love made me dance a lot. Babasa asks for tea. Rani asks Bhabho to take elaichi. Bhabho says I don’t like it. Rani says Babasa told me to put half elaichi in your tea, it means Babasa does not know you don’t like elaichi tea. Bhabho says he know but he thinks my heart will change and I will like it, he is trying this since 35 years. Rani says it means courage should not be lost in love, just bless me. Bhabho blesses her.

Kanak comes to Uma and asks why don’t you agree to big things which you said, it has no meaning in your life, you don’t care for woman’s respect. He asks her to say. She says I know I did big mistake, but its not normal thing for me, I realized my mistake and accepted to repent, why did you include Maasi and everyone in it, what will be my respect in front of them. He says none knows what you did, Maasi just knows you did something and I took your promise to do wife’s duty, none can understand husband’s dharm better than me here, its written in yagya granth, purity is most imp, be careful. He goes.

Payal’s mum thinks of Kanak’s words and smiles. She thinks Kanak has to go in Suman’s room, I will see how she sits in yagya.

Kanak asks Uma to give her some work. Uma tells something. Saraswati explains her. Kanak asks servant the same. Payal laughs and tells this to Maasi. Maasi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aarti32

    Kamasutra dasi???? Kanak better not try Uma’s language
    Uma can give lecture on any topic..so everyone shud keep quiet Infront of Uma..nvr give him any topic to lecture on??

  2. What nonsense yaar..purity, serving ,dharm blah blah..such a stupidity..it s always a women’s duty to serve hisband..never heard of men serving women anywhere..

  3. The story gone in which way what did kanak want shop aur to win everyone heart ….
    mujhe nhi lagta kanak uma k ghr se nikal payegi
    AGR gi bhi to phir wahi rona dhona ..
    According to me Uma should change little more for kanak as kanak change herself even she belong to a open mind family and become or adjust nhi uma’s family ….
    then they became diyaa aur baati …!!

  4. I think Kanak has some feeling for Uma………………..that’s why she was complaining Maasa reagrding Uma’s behaviour…

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! Why payal’s mom behaviour is like wamp. This show don’t need wamp. Kanak struggle for bhabo’s shop,but bhabo never concerned about Kanak. I really like Rani. Funny precap! Waiting for tomorrow’s episode!

  6. Mira_dewi

    He joked about Rambha thing? Few days ago he’s wrathful to Kanak bcause she was mocking his Dharm, but today he joked about one of Dharm whose he forced to Kanak ?? Very funny ??

    Uma’s family is very uncommon, something like this is real happen?? They give rule & punishment for everything. the good thing, we can see Saras, Suman & little Shiv, they’re clever, have a lot of knowledge, disiplin & support to each other … But the bad things, they look like antisocial, depending to a adult, they accept all rules without complaint, very submissive & they hasn’t own opinion to say, everything is come from what Uma & Maasisa said … And maasisa proud to all of this?? & insult Kanak’s upbringing because she’s different??

    So, Uma grew up with the same way, his mind is the influance of his parents and family, plus he’s a perfectionist guy, over confidence & agree with Diyaa again, probably Uma has 2 opposites personality, he is the real Sita & Geeta … Kanak, you should take him to the psychiatrist ??

    Be patient Kanak, after you get Bhabho shop paper, you can kick his ass & leave them … Ooor, probably you cant do that, bcause this’s a love story, u’re the Princess & the Daaku singh is your Prince Charming ??

  7. Writers pls don’t make Kanak bend too much for Uma!! Instead he have to bend for her because he is the one who married her forcefully!! Don’t drag too much I wish the registration will be done soon and Kanak s problem will be solved!!

  8. Kanak is trying so hard to please tat idiotic uma n his family bt everyone is making fun of her calls her murakh, agyani n najane kya kya?
    What is this yaar
    Kab tak jhelna h ye sab..

  9. Ok, daasi dharam for a day as part of test/challenge is fine unlike she has to be daasi for the rest of life ?. But this serial wale will drag 1 day to 1 week of show, crazy !! Please speed up writers. Liked paolomi expression today.

  10. I completely agree with u mira dewi n gayathri.
    Pls writers don’t drag this sequence now. No need of all this.
    Hope shop registry work will done soon so that kanak will be free from this uma the monster.

  11. Uma is too much he is teasing her a lot how will the story further move what I think is uma will come to know abt the distance between bhabo and kanak and he will be a bridge uniting them so kanak may accept him.Maybe uma might change for his ladylove.But uma is dictating her too much even a servant won’t listen to him how can he expect a wife his better half to listen and obey to his orders.

  12. Kasam Bhavani ki, Uma and Maasi ki baat sun, Mera dimaag me khoon explode hone lagtaa hai( blood rushes to my head!) But you won’t believe it guys, I have heard actual people talk like this about what a good woman should do. That’s the whole damned debate, a girl may have made a bad choice walking alone on a street at night but she was not asking to be raped and it’s not her fault. I know you will think it’s out of nowhere here, but this girl should be submissive and stay indoors mentality that is at the root of that problem where some men think if she wore short clothes, she asked to be raped.coming to period stuff, it brought back memories. My family had no such rules (I am the gingerroot knot maasi sa talked about) I had no clue. When my friend told me about it when I was about 15, I had a mild mental trauma from it as I could not believe such a rule existed. Again, in olden days, methods of personal hygiene were not sophisticated so it was important to seclude females on menstrual cycle to avoid risk of bacterial infections. Not relevant anymore but people follow it as religion without understanding the original logic for it. Arrey, God gave menstruation to make a woman fertile, why would he consider a menstruating woman impure? Khaamakhaa!! Coming to this daasi nonsense, Uma, mere bacche, tu Diyaa maasi ke pass aa class lene ko. Beta, aise samjhaate hain na, ki when two people are sharing a life they help each other. If only one works outside the home then the other takes care of the home front to run the life smoothly. No daasi business as the man is also then working as a laborer to earn money for the family.if both go out to earn then both share housework. Simple!! Paagal insaan, God hone kaa bhoot lagaa huaa Hai! The actors are brilliant though. Sadia Siddiqui (maasisa) has done so many roles of a contemporary woman and here she transforms herself beautifully into this character. Avinesh Rekhi is a very cool dude who firmly believes in gender equality and here kyaa zabardast nautanki kari hui hai. Neelu Vaghela(Bhabho) is so fun loving, always dancing around on the sets. Bravo actors!! I have to say, that Rambhaa comment was hilarious though. Uma, you bipolar, multiple personality disorder, cutie, your mind is stuck on Rambhaa Dharam I know. Kanak is beautiful after all. And Kanak, you are not helping with the kamasutra daasi comment?? Hilarious. Anyways, hope the show will portray all these practices as irrelevant eventually. And please writer sir, start showing the realization of his madness, to Uma, don’t burn my blood too much, else Maine secretly, ninja warriors bhej ke Uma ki nasbandi karaa Deni hai so he can’t produce any more psychos like himself. ? Keep rocking team?

    1. That was funny Diyaa. Wish I could see things with such humor. But I get so angry seeing Uma’s self-satisfied superior look. But I loved how you can keep your comment light hearted even when criticizing Uma “psychopath” Shankar.?

  13. Superb diyaa,if any psycho exist like uma he would have burnt himself in fire after reading ur comment???
    Liked ur comment always but today amazing yaar??
    Earlier u said that this frog will turn to charming prince,but it wil take time it seems
    Trp is also down 0.6,as the story goes slow

  14. Don’t know why I have a strong feeling that Palomi is Mishri … the way she said once to Uma.. that he gave her shelter when everyone else abandoned her.

    1. Interesting idea. I never thought of that but it is possible.

  15. Super comment diyaa ??, yeah story going Damm slow!!

  16. hahahahahaha kya comment kiya h diyaa appne kasam bhavni ki app script writer ho skte h
    and sorry if u mind … 😉

  17. Writers, why don’t we change the title of this serial to SLAVERY PERFECTED!!!!!!!!!! There’s a limit. Uma can preach but when kanak talks, he gets up and goes. This is respect?????? Punishing your wife like this just because she had some fun, this is religion and respect? Give me a break! I have had it. I know it’s a show, but still I have been tested enough. I am done with this show. I know nobody cares, but I just wanted my 2-cent worth here before I quit this exaggerated nonsense. Thank goodness, so far I was entertained by the Pushkar family.

  18. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Uma is taking too much pleasure from Kanak’s discomfort ? I prefer her spunk than her humble acceptance n I want Maasi to speak up for her and scold Uma for taking advantage of her innocence ☺

  19. Writers if kanak bends in front of uma the fun of the show will finish??!Plz show the track fast where kanak confronts about how he took away the shop from Bhabho while leaving with the shop to get back home!This is for those who loves ICE-CREAM

  20. Writers if kanak bends in front of uma the fun of the show will finish??!Plz show the track fast where kanak confronts about how he took away the shop from Bhabho while leaving with the shop to get back home!This is for those who loves ICE-CREAM
    Bye! Next comment tommorrow

  21. Hehe Diyaa, nasbandi by ninja warriors ?? I too have a thought. Avinesh is so hot, at some point in future he should do Shayanesh Rambhaa Dharam for Kanak. Uma Shankar, Wear some nice dark wash Levi jeans, cool white shirt, and sunglasses to do manoranjan of your beautiful wife. Fulfill your patee dharam and take a break from the borrrrrring kurtas.

  22. I feel really sad ? for Kanak, she is Umashanker ‘s responsibility but he totally fails in doing his husband duties, should at least fill Kanak in with all the crazy pujas in the house & expect her to know Total different upbringing & crazy dharma. Instead of correcting her why that stupid grin on their faces . As for Payal there is not much between those ears of her dumb as for the mother she is just seeing wealth for her daughter who marries a photo that too looks like a kid weirdos Just unit the modern Rathi family with this alien ? they don’t seem to be from the same planet living in la la land brainwashed family totally To think there are families like this is saddening Even seeing a dead Suraj & Sandhya would be exciting or just Vansh & Ved is entertaining ?

  23. Painful is what these episodes are to watch. Let there be some purpose of realization behind this. I do not find Kanak’s humiliation entertaining at all. Mocking her upbringing. Why have the writers written it like this? Has Janak forgotten her own kidnapping and how she was tied up like and animal? Why is she feeling sorry that she tried to give him alcohol when he feels no regret at kidnapping her? Uma’s arrogance is maddening. Yet I watch in the hope that someday soon there will be a tight slap across his face that will make him see his madness. This marriage has to break. It started with a wrong action. Then Uma, after realizing he loves her for who she us and not because of some imaginary sign, can woo her and propose her like she deserves.

  24. all because of kanak she shouldn’t add alcholic jalebi that is why she is getting punishment by uma to get bhabho shop back. uma is not fault.

    1. All because of Uma. He shouldn’t have tied her like an animal and married her by force.

  25. Ab kanak uma ki jhuthi thali me khana khayegi
    One more nonsense we r going to watch..

  26. Diyaa your comment is really hilarious…
    But at the same time its meaningful too.
    Well said this uma should come to u to get classes to become good hubby..


    hell to ds serial….KYUN HUMARa khoon garam kar rh h ye writers….

  28. slighty bored now
    he has not even said sorry for force marrying her
    all she had to say was this is my shop u took it i want it back
    he talks about dharam yet he kidnapoed her married her
    not once has he understood her or seen where she is from or learnt about her
    writters have a good show but they need to think outside the box
    now its going to a normal show with vamp and bullying which will drop viewers
    a show is left best with the moto it started
    id like to see uma bother with kanak more protect her understand her
    he doesnt notice when she cries or is down
    id like to see him take her out and watch her be free
    i dont need to see vamps or palavi try get with him

  29. Pls, tell me the real name of Payal.


    I will be very thankful to you.

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