Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Disguised as Firangi Diana

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maasi shows girls’ photos to Aditya and asks him to select one. Aditya scolds her that he is talking about getting rid of Palomi soon as she is a threat for them, if she reaches India or police, they are finished. Maasi says she will get Palomi’s plastic surgery and torture her so much that she will get mad and nobody will listen to mad woman. She then tortures Palomi and thrusts her face in swimming pool. Palomi thinks she deserves this punishment for betraying Uma.

Kanak and Uma enjoy food at hotel’s restaurant. Kanak teaches Uma how to use chopstick. Mangayyyysh barges in and thrusts himself on Uma. He orders ice cream and tries to bite even that. Kanak enjoys drama. Mangayyyysh tells about hotel owner’s daughter Diana whom nobody has seen yet.

He gets a call and leaves. Kanak gets an idea. After sometime, Mangayyyysh runs behind Uma holding flowers. Uma hides thinking where did Kanak go leaving him alone. Rani comes and says he will rescue him from Mangayyyysh and drop him to his hotel room. Kanak walks in wearing blonde wig disguised as a foreigner Dina (hotel owner’s daughter) and clashes with Uma. Uma holds her and she flirts with him. Rani fumes. Uma says he is married. She says let it be, let us spend quality time at beach side, and walks. Rani shouts she is trying to snatch Kanak’s right. Uma says she is not as she is Kanak. Rani is shocked and checks Kanak, says she is really Kanak, asks Uma how did he identify her. Uma says via Kanak’s sandalwood smell. Kanak smiles and tells Maasi is searching a rich bride for Aditya, and she will meet them as Diana.

Kanak as Diana on yacht acts as trying to burn it angrily and Rani as employee tries to stop it. Aditya’s boat passes by and he thinks who this mad girl is trying to burn such an expenses yacht. Rani signals Aditya, and Kanak gets into it and starts throwing tantrum. Aditya yells. Rani asks to calm down, else she will lose job. She calls him driver. Aditya fumes he is owner. Rani apologizes and requests him to drop them to nearby island. She then serves icecream to Kanak who says she likes it. Aditya asks if blonde came to have icecream in the middle of sea. Rani says yes. Aditya asks who is she. Rani says her boss is madam D, and she cannot tell anything else, else her job will go. Their drama continues…

Precap: Kanak tells Uma that she has pinched Maasi and Aditya’s weak nerve, now it is Uma’s turn. Aditya enters hotel. Uma meets him disguises as Punjabi man.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bhaana

    Thanks for the update MA, the way you written mangayyysh was so funny n cute?
    Episode is full of fun??
    Kya baat hai…..uma got his brain n now sensing Chandan smell too?
    Funny to see Kanak blonde look, adi dumbo needs to be fooled first.
    On the whole love the new look of every one starting from uma, Kanak, maasi, Rani, palomi n adi.?
    Palomi getting tortured by maasi n adi, hope kanum reaches soon to rescue her n at the end she turns to be a positive character.
    Waiting for Avi’s Punjabi Munda look??

  2. Our show has become 100% entertainment with romance thrilll comedy revenge. Massisa heinous plans of changing Palomi face and she is torturing her. ?she wants to make her mad but she is already an insane woman na ?Kanak firangi avathar as Diana ?Rani failed to recognize her. Kanak flirting uma fall and catch scene of kanum ?uma recognizing ad kanak because of chandan ke mehek how romantic other than uma who else can feel that fragrance of sandalwood. ??❤Uma-mangayesh combo was very hilarious. Dharmic terror of ladnun running like this to escape from mangayesh was too funny ??. Kanak explained plan of trapping Massisa and adithya disguised as Diana. Diana with her attitude and showing herself as filthy rich fooled Adithya making him to fall in her trap. Tom Harpeet singh Punjabi munda entry.

    1. Bhaana

      Right dear, full of entertainment
      Now it has all the flavours in a right combo, love this track?
      Uma running was funny n palomi already insane??

  3. Chandan ki mehek kya sirf uma ko hi aati hai kya masisa aur aditya ki naak kharab..

  4. Very bad makeup. Audience just supposed to accept that Kanak is unrecognizable with dark glasses and blonde hair. I mean …really!!?? Okk…Also, do the artists feel insulted at being made to act such moronic tracks but suck it up cos it’s their bread earning money, cos surely this crap cannot give them any artistic satifaction. Lastly, deep inside do they laugh at the audience that accepts and craves more of such dimwitted storyline just for some couch time and mind numbing tv? That they do as I have seen on their on the set interviews. They know what they are doing is idiotic but it earns them good money and may be gateway to recognition for movie roles. All for business, nothing for quality work of art.

  5. It was hilarious ? Uma has a stalker ? Can’t he leave the love birds alone though he gave Kanak idea to be Madam Diana Guess Aditya didn’t recognize her as he just interested in women for pleasure & is dumb Though if she can fool Masisa is questionable Uma recognized her by chandan perfume Uma is unrecognizable in his outfit Very fitting ?Why does Masisa have to choose a face for Poullomi any would do but this woman is comes up with ridiculous ideas just because she has the resources that to not even hers Just can’t wait for the day when this empire of hers comes crashing down & is powerless & penniless That will be too funny ? Hope Uma & Kanak do that besides proving himself innocent about Poullomi death. Mangesh stop being a third wheel every time we want to see KanUma romance

    1. Bhaana

      I’m also waiting for the day, massi in road?

  6. Oh God, what happen to Kanak’s ring which couldn’t remove from her…. Totally missing in her new look. Avi in his own eye look amazing. way to go and loads of luv

    1. Oh ya the ring is missing Bholenath gave them grace time before it goes back on to finish their mission ??? Or because Umashanker hung up his dhoti & kurta ??

    2. Avi has cat eyes….????

  7. very nice show awesome episode guys..kanum I love them too much … Each and every episode is so new and different and they don’t drag the story … Amazing show.

  8. Hey Bhaana and Divya liked your analysis.
    And i really loved the way written as mangayyysh 🙂 very nice

    OMG! The upcoming episode will be awesome and now show is warming up 🙂
    I really enjoyed yesterday’s episode. It was hilarious Mangaysh running behind Uma.
    And in one scene Mangaysh stated Kanak as chipkali, well this scene reminded me Adi.
    Finally our hero sensing chandan smell 🙂 WOW how romantic.
    Precap seen to be charing up.
    Let see how the show will take it’s shape.

    1. Bhaana

      Hi Shalu☺
      Chipkali tat was adi slang na?
      Totally entertaining episodes saw it again n again?

    2. The episode is indeed good Fully entertaining episodes these days… Precap is exciting waiting I love this show n I watch every episode without fail thank u for ur analysis..have a nice day guys

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