Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak applying the lep to Uma’s wound. Mai Sooraj tu saanjh piya ji…..plays….. Kanak sees the keys. Maasi doubts on Kanak changing so soon. Saraswati says its happening as we want, what’s there to doubt. Payal says yes, every girl accepts marriage, it does not matter how she feels at marriage. Maasi looks at her. Payal says I m saying about Kanak.

Uma asks don’t you think you applied more lep. She says stand quiet. He asks what. She says its big mosquito. He says mosquito won’t know your langage. She claps and holds keys. He says if you hit more mosquitoes like this, you will need to more apply lep. Kanak thinks you apply lep Raavan, I will get keys and goes. Maasi comes to call Uma. Kanak asks her to come later. Maasi taunts and says

Uma, you will get 5 days, you will get many chances to apple and remove lep. Uma goes. Kanak misses the keys.

Ved says Babasa, Vansh has told this to me, Bhabho’s breath was breaking. Babasa says she thinks she is Jhansi ki rani, you two think she will listen to me, she is stubborn, life is just passing now. He sees Bhabho working at the shop. Vansh says we know nothing will change. Babasa asks is there any other way. Ved says we have just one way, we were thinking to sell shop. Babasa gets shocked.

Babasa asks what, are you guys thinking to sell the house, don’t you know, her soul is there, she makes sweets day and night. Vansh says we know Bhabho makes sweets, you pay someone to buy sweets so that her courage does not break. Ved says we understand your love, you worry for her, you both have respect in each other’s heart. Babasa recalls the fire accident. He says if you want to sell shop, sell it, someone has to decide, I trust you, you are Sandhya’s sons, just be careful that till shop is sold, don’t tell this to Bhabho, let her live for some days.

Suman says what will happen if Paulmi comes. Maasi asks what will she do there. Maasi gives saree to Kanak, and asks her to donate it to needy. Kanak looks for Uma and thinks to make other plan to get keys, I will go after getting papers. Maasi says Uma will come. Paulmi manages work. Kanak asks her to keep saree for puja. Paulmi gets shocked.

Suman asks what are you doing, Maasi said give to some needy outside, you are insulting Paulmi. Kanak says sorry, I did not mean that. Suman says you don’t know who is she. Maasi stops Suman. She says Paulmi is cared by Uma, she does not need anything. Paulmi calms down Suman. Suman says no, send Paulmi with me, else I won’t go. Kanak says Suman is right, let Paulmi go. Maasi asks go? Kanak says I mean, let Paulmi come with us. Uma comes and asks is everyone ready, we will leave in half an hour. Maasi says all ready. He asks Kanak to come and take blessings from his mum. She thinks I have some time to get shop papers.

Meenakshi asks Ved and Vansh are they ready, we have to steal Lanka from Raavan. Ved says Bhabho is not Raavan, her shop is not Lanka, what’s this planning. She says big plannings are made such, you both have to enter shop in Bhabho’s absence. Ved asks is it imp to steal in shop. Meenakshi says I have do my grooming, I m busy, you tell me if there is any other plan. Vansh says no, you tell us. Meenakshi says you will get Pappu, send him to have something. Ved and Vansh ask Pappu to have icecream and come. Pappu leaves from shop.

Meenakshi says you will get a cupboard, you will get shop papers there, steal the papers. Vansh and Ved check cupboard. She gets some papers and start checking. Bhabho comes there. She calls out Pappu. Ved and Vansh hide and throw some thing. She goes to see. They run out of shop.

Uma says we are going for puja, and takes his mum’s blessings. He asks Kanak to take blessings. Uma holds his mum’s hand. Kanak takes blessings. Kanak says I will pray that you get fine soon. Uma’s mum looks at her. Uma’s mum cries. Uma and Kanak leave.

Meenakshi, Ved and Vansh check the papers. Ved says there are no papers in this, we got all papers. Meenakshi says how can this happen, where are the papers. Uma asks Maasi not to worry, there is still time, we will reach on time. Kanak sees the key. She thinks to get keys anyway to save Bhabho’s shop.

Paulmi angrily cuts the curains. Maasi asks someone to stop Suman. Paulmi gets Uma and Kanak out of the curtains. Kanak thanks her. Maasi asks Kanak how did she get tangled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Thanks of early updates
    kanak missed chance to get keys hope she get keys & take her bhabos shop papers

  2. Writers dont just strech episode

    Thanks amena mam for fast updates
    I like that 3 jasoos minakshi ved & vansh

  3. Thank you Amena for the fast update.
    So much dragging the story

  4. liked it episode is good but still please requesting to donot strech episode make it sweet and simple in 30 mints episode 10 mints music with song and 10 mints add only 10 mints the action pls pls guys dont stech too much hope u guys understand thankyou team and amena

  5. Aarti32

    Thank for d quick update Amena!! U’re doing a great job ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey arti i love ur dp ???
      Btw ved-payal is meant to be a pair? I thought Payal is one of the Daughter-in-law of uma’s family.
      Confused. (I think ved-payal is not bad as a pair since they both r really cute, but i thought payal is married ?)
      Cause I didn’t watch some episodes due to classes n work (as i do a part time job too now)

      1. Aarti32

        Thanx Fatarajo!!
        Yeah Payal was married to Uma’s you get brother Aditya..Child marriage..But Aditya is missing since 4 years..Uma saw Ved taking out Payal’s dupatta, which was stuck in a nail..So he decided to get Payal’s gauna done (which was shceduled three months later) wid Aditya’s photograph n bring Payal to her in-laws..
        Ved n Payal r silent lovers..They jst see each other, smile at each other..N try to talk..But r too shy to talk anything more than hi hello n how r u..

      2. Aarti32

        *younger brother

  6. Aarti32

    Payal is trapped in dis photo marriage!! I wish Ved n Kanak get her put of all dis soon..N Ved-Payal unite soon..

  7. Aarti32

    I luvd d Rathi family part.. Meenakshi, Ved n Vansh’s planning.. Hilarious ??
    Chachi, police wala hokar apni hi dukan mein chori krna..Accha nhi lag rha..It was so cute..Aww..Ved is so sweet n innocent ?
    Meenakshi’s dialogues ?? kudos to her dialogue writer

  8. Whatever just liked kanak and umas chemistry and kanak should soon get the papers

  9. oh…awsome…what a plan meenakshi…u r so funny…ur dialouge ravan frm lanka was superb……umak scene was also good.but so dragging……pls writerji that poor payal ki zindagi ok kar dho…plss….and plss vansh ko uska saathi si milva dho……..love u vanshhh………

  10. Nice episode I really liked kanak and umas chemistry especially umas he always looked mature but I don’t liked suman role she talk too much than her age It could have better if they put elder person in suman role

  11. mary christodoulou

    Thank you for the update.Ilike a lot this show.uMA AND kANAK are amazing!! Hope the makers to make it more exciting with action,love, everything..Hope the makers wont make it so much melodrama..Is a a nice show and needs more promotion from the makers.

  12. can anybody pls clear my doubt . what does uma do for his living , how does he earn

    1. Aarti32

      He gives bhashan about dharm to ppl..Muft ka zabardasti wala gyaan..N then ppl give him hefty amount of money to stop his bakwas n leave them..Lots of earnings??

  13. meena , ved and vansh for planing to sell the shop. they have copied in players movie

    1. uma mum is so pity. i love uma mum and kanak they have got emotion.

  14. Nice update. I think Suman talks too much and is disrespectful because Paulmi didn’t get with Uma. It doesn’t seem as if Uma knows Paulmi is on the same planet as he is. She needs to get over it. Regardless she has too much to say and I can’t wait until Kanak really starts caring for the family and puts Suman in her place. Also are they turning Paulmi into the other woman? Please don’t bring this tired old situation into this new show.

  15. kanak will not allowed to go in 7 days. because ladnoo village is very dangeous

  16. how does gone bhabo property to uma shankar explain. whelther uma is ram or ravaan. uma mum is so pity to see kanak. massisa is so rude saas. what happen in uma past in life. where is his father. he gonna missing. i think bhabo alliance for kanak with mayank is not perfect for her. mayank and his family is cheating from rathi parivar.

  17. Wait a minute – what is Kanak doing? She is playing a dangerous game where she herself will be caught in.
    You want to escape and you are getting close to your captor (this reminds me of those American action movie where the captive falls in love with her captor and then save him from justice). I find it difficult to watch. I know Suman talks a lot for a young girl but I like her fighting spirit – the way she is fighting for P is sweet but I just wish she uses it for all women’s right as she is so outspoken. Why didn’t she speak up on the day of the forced marriage.
    I love the way Menakshi has great bond with Sandhya’s children; it is obvious she helped raised them.
    Uma’s mum seems to have a good emotional bond with Kanak.
    Does anyone knows Paulmir’s relation to that house?
    Does any body knows why Menakshi and Vikram are not together?
    I must have missed an episode when it was shown.

  18. I think the writers are trying to say to us that Uma fell in love with Kanak without meeting her and as a deeply “religious” man believes that she is his wife. And when she turned up at his village on that festival day – he just lost it bearing the fact that Kanak is very beautiful. So when the misunderstanding happened and then Kanak refused him at the Altar, he got scared of loosing her and resorted in forcing her for marriage. So far; I have not seen him trying to exercise marital right on Kanak or go near her physically instead Kanak is the one getting physical on him. He is so smitten with her that he is being led innocently.
    Let me make this clear as a woman from a line of very strong women I do not condone this because it is scary considering if these things are happening in real life then it can increase if it is glamorise on telly.
    I am just trying to analyse the show and get into the heads of the CVs.
    I think what they should have done is, once Uma has find out who Kanak is; he should have gone for her hand in marriage to her family; knowing how much bhaboo wants to get rid of Kanak she would have got her married to him and seeing how crazy she is for bhaboo she would have agreed. I love seeing all the rituals before, during and after wedding – it would have been much fun and Uma would have been heartily accepted. I don’t like the way they are making Kanak’s character so weak – destroyed her phone and not trying to reach her family; fearing that Uma will hurt her family, please the Rathi family who have fought terrorism so many times and Uma and his henchmen would be a piece of cake for them. She is behaving like she does not know her own family.
    Now what is this she wants to steal from someone, that’s not the way Sooraj or Sandhya’s daughter would have handled this situation.
    Ved and Vansh have not heard from their sister and di not know where she has gone and they are not worried or seem to be doing anything about it?
    I really don’t know what message
    the CVs are trying to show or give here.
    The characters are not adding up.
    I feel like in this new show only Menakshi’s character was developed.

    1. Aarti32

      Kanak had told Ved n Vansh dat she’s going for some cooking course..

  19. I know people are praising this season but the characters are all a mess – so many flaws. Every time I watch it I get even more confused. What is the message here at least in season 1 the message was clear always.

  20. RANdomfANCreationz

    What i like about dabh 2 frankly is Kanak-Uma’s chemistry not bad and but i don’t like the way they made Bhabo’s character weak like in season 1 she was such a strong lady and now the only thing same is the stubbornness. I think ved-vansh character can be better n ved is very handsome ? Rani’s character is ??? and as for Uma’s family members i like that kid i think he will be like chotu for sooraj-sandhya in season 1 . But the storyline can be better , and please don’t drag it like season 1 . This show can be capable to be a good one but right now this isn’t the case. And many are criticising uma’s character yes it’s true that he married kanak without her permission and what he did was wrong but at least he respects her. Please update uma’s character at least and then people will start loving his character ? His character is not that bad and as for kanak i love her dialogues that episode where she wore modern clothes and she was like bhansali Ke film ke heroine jaise mein nahi Hoon ???? and also itne shudh Hindi wala bolna Log aj kal kahan Milte ???

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