Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak greeting Payal’s mum and thinking Maasi called her to scold as Payal has run away. Maasi says Payal called her mum for Shiv’s yagya. Kanak thinks Payal did not run away. Maasi asks Uma to make the yagya item list. Shiv says Uma would be tired. Uma says the work we do happily does not tire us. Kanak sees Payal. Shiv tells Kanak about yagya ritual. Kanak says you are antaryami like Uma, tell me what is it. Shiv says when a boy is eligible to obey Dharm rules, his dharm yagya pavitra ritual is done. Uma says you have to obey rules strictly. Shiv says I won’t let you complain, I was waiting to see that strap like you. Maasi says then Shiv will do pandit work in all pujas. Uma says anyone who keeps life pure and spiritual can wear Janiyo, its useful for

health. Maasi says Kanak will learn this soon.

Payal’s mum says lack is knowlegde is also fun, Kanak’s strange talk would be entertaining you. Maasi goes. Kanak sees Payal. Uma says I have money, jewelry to Kanak, she wanted to secure her future. Maasi asks why, what’s this joke, does she not feel secure. He says she will take time to accept me. Maasi says I don’t understand the tests you are giving, your other name is belief. Kanak asks Payal what is she doing here. Payal stops her and asks her to wash hands. Kanak says my hands are clean. Payal says kitchen is like temple, even if hands are clean, wash once. She makes Kanak wash hands. Kanak asks what’s the problem, why did you leave good chance.

Payal recalls her mum’s words and says I don’t know difference between right and wrong, I have to learn. Kanak asks what are you saying. Payal’s mum comes and taunts Kanak. She says I reminded her, Jethani always stays a Jethani, she does not become a friend ever. Uma says I m not helpless, I don’t do anything apart from Dharm, you gave me such sense to get her on right path. She asks did she do anything. He says scolding wife in front of family is like insult, she is my wife, she promised to do wife’s duty, I m going to take her test. She says she wont be able to pass it. He says then I have to abandon her.

Kanak talks to Maasa and tells what mistake she did and what Uma told her, she has to fulfill wife’s duties now, how will I be able to do this, when I feel like losing. She says you never spoke to me, but your eyes talk to me, as if it wants to say something, sorry I can’t understand but I have belief that you will never abandon me, even if Uma does. Maasa cries. Kanak wipes her tears. Maasi asks abandon? Uma says yes, she will be staying here, but she don’t get wife’s rights. She asks about Lord’s signs.

Uma says yes, I m sure Kanak will pass the test, I believe in Lord, like gold glows by heating in fire, I want Kanak to become better, she becomes such bahu that she gets your love and respect. Maasi says I just want your belief to win, maybe she becomes your wife in real sense, you think my children’s talk can be hidden from me, I m proud of you, you don’t run away from Dharm and take right decision, it means my upbringing was absolutely correct. Uma smiles.

Rani scolds Golu and asks him to do everything in dreams, he has no courage to tell his mum. He recalls telling Rani that he can’t break his mum’s heart, he can’t marry her. She says I don’t believe you are from Rathi family, Kanak left home being a girl and you can’t even tell my name, give this saree to one whom your mum chooses, I chose someone for me, who has courage to hold my hand, don’t take my name from now on, our relation is over. He drops the saree and goes. She says I love you a lot and did not wish to hurt you, I did not know how to make your inner man awaken, true love knocks heart just once, don’t get much late. Meenakshi comes and shouts Rani, how dare you touch this saree, you have stolen this, Bijli has returned it and broke Golu’s heart. She throws saree on Rani’s face and asks her to go.

Golu asks Meenakshi to stop it. He says Rani is not a thief, I gave this to her. Rani gets glad. Uma asks Kanak to have sweets, its from your shop, Kanak sweet shop. She asks my shop? He says why are you worried, you said you wanted this shop, Payal’s mum got this sweets from Pushkar. Chote chote armaan…..plays….. Kanak recalls Bhabho. She feels she got Bhabho’s blessings, now none can stop her from getting shop.

Maasi asks Kanak not to touch Suman. Kanak says its part of every woman’s life. Uma says person has to be pure to sit in yagya ritual. Payal’s mum thinks Kanak has to go to Suman’s room, I will see how Kanak sits in yagya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Why they are not showing sooraj to instruct kanak or it was just for one episode to send kanak in umas house

  2. Shiv n kanak talk is so cute,please dont show any drama in pooja
    Payal should learn about kanak,then only she can take a good decision for her future.
    Lo 6 virtues/conditions kya kam ta ab precap m y sab dika rahe ho
    Missing ved n vansh

  3. I just hate Payal’s mom ……….playing role of typical saas……………Please don’t make this show as typical saas bahu serial…………

  4. Kanak&payal’s mom met at the temple Payal haldi time. Why they don’t identify eachother

  5. Will maasa get well and stop kanak when she s about to leave ladno after shop problem?

    1. VINAL

      Ho sakta hai or otherwise might be kanak fall in love with uma in 8 days (which we would not like)

      1. No yr kanak shouldn’t love that monster unless he change himself. Hope she wil maintain her dignity & not let anyone to drag her down at any cost..

    2. I also think tat maasa wil recover soon n will help kanak to come out from this situation
      She realy needs her as nobody is there to help kanak
      She must get well soon..

    3. @Munni – This is exactly what I thought..since Uma’s maa knows every truth that Kanak is sharing with her, she must be the only hope for Kanak’s better life in future.

  6. May be Kanak and Uma will go to Pushkar in this 8 day and Umar will get introduced to Rathi family………..And Uma will get to know about Kanak and Bhabo’s relation..

  7. Sri yaar even I am thinking the same…
    Why kanak n payal’s mom didn’t identify each other???

  8. I think kanak n babasa will meet in marriage in ladnu bt babasa wil forget it after reaching home

  9. Maybe Kanaks family coming to ladnun as there is a big wedding , as per yesterday’s episide

  10. Well, the actors we’re brilliant as usual. What the writers are planning I don’t know but I’ll have patience like dharti maa for a little longer before I become impatient like the breeze and blow away?Uma you charming beast with multiple personality disorder? Chalo, good you don’t want to humiliate your wife in public. Private me bhi don’t do zyaada torture. I am ok with all the drama and all except this Payal’s mother’s cheapness. But maybe that will also have some purpose. Let’s see.

  11. Why don’t kanak tell truth about the shop to Uma and she is his wife would have given shop to her and anyways he had also had given once and Kanak would have not gone through this test at all. But for alcohol yeh kuch Zyada hua, hopefully Kanank faces this challenge with brighr colours and also teaches lesson to Uma at the same time . That guy just goes by books which is not practical now to follow all the rules and regulations.

  12. May be at one point people used to follow such things at the same time some people utilized such rules to downgrade women mending all the rules for men domination.. in today’s modern world with on going technology such things are not practical to follow and live such life.Uma agree he is religious and has his own mind but he should change to some extent , and open his eyes and change.

    1. You are right Niks. These rules were made a thousand years ago when living conditions were very different and a lot of scientific developments had not taken place so people did their best to cope with what they had and what they knew. Times have changed and progress with it is important. Uma is truly a frog in a well as Kanak said. I am hoping that that is what this show is trying to convey to the audience while entertaining with some light romance. If that is the case, I am all for it. Hope this ? frog really turns into Kanak’s Prince charming ??

  13. I think kanak will pass this exam….and uma will give her shop..and then she will abandon him…..saying that I may be ur perfect wife. But u are not perfect hubby….it would be good track and then uma will change himself…

    1. Wow Pari. that would be an awesome track. Nice idea yaar. please writer baabu, make this true.

  14. Maybe Payal’s “bhrasht-buddhi” mother will remember later who Kanak is and will tell everyone. Maybe Uma, if he is at all wise, will then see how selfless Kanak can be and to what extent she can go for someone she loves, without caring about herself. That needs courage after all, to undergo humiliation and degradation, to bring happiness to the one you love. Why do I get a feeling that Maasa(kaushalya ma)
    knows Bhabho, Sandhya, and Suraj.

  15. Mira_dewi

    Kanak has a lot of enemies to face here, im not sure she can pass Uma’s test …

    This guy really makes confusing, what he explain to Maasisa looks right …

    From the first epi. we saw him as a good man, he loves his family, help people to marry, cure sick people, never glance or tease a woman until as his age, eventhough many girls like him including palumi, he just dedicate his self for God

    In other side we can see how heartless he is, when he forced marriage & imposed a man to gives finger print on his property paper … In real life, he can imprisoned for long time bcause of these cases

    And about Kanak, we blames Uma for forcing marriage, but Kanak ever left him, she has a choice to not cameback, Uma didn’t try to catch or find her … even he was regret his decision & said he will kill him self if Kanak did not cameback, bcause that is mean he was wrong to understand the God sign … But Kanak cameback to him

    She is not an innocent as we think, she’s cameback for a reason, her game is to get a precious treasure whose guarded by a creepy monster, her main target is take away the treasure, not to kill the monster, we’re support Kanak for that … but in real life, we call her a criminal & people will send her to the jail

    But this only a fiction & we’re believe bad things can changes by miracle, like Diyaa said he must be the beast in our fairy tale … Lets see how is transform of the beast who look like a frog in the well to be a prince charming

    1. I agree with all you said. Just one thing, in real life, Kanak would never return, report her kidnapping and forced marriage to her police officer brother Ved, and Uma Shankar Sohniwal would be in jail. I see such case on the news quite often.

      1. Even kanak thought to send that criminal in jail bt due to lack of proofs n luking his powerful influence in ladnu she had to come back..
        Her main object is to get the shop back nothing else she is thinking about

      2. Mira_dewi

        Agree Navi … but in Kanak’s case if she did that, probably she’ll lose Bhabho’s shop paper ?

  16. Uma your not Lord Shiva and Kanak is not Goddess Parvati, come out of this illusion ?

    1. I know right? Gharwaalo ne aur gaao waalo ne bande kaa dimaag kharaab kar diyaa. He thinks he is the ultimate 🙂

    2. Exactly! ye uma khud ko bhagwan shiv smjh rha h
      & he’s forcing kanak to become parvati.
      Stupid uma

  17. I write against Uma Shankar quite often. Not because I hate the character. Actually, i love how complex he is in spite of being simple. Such characters make fiction more interesting rather than flat characters. But I also feel the need to keep an eye on the beginning of it all considering I live in a country where crime against women is at an alarming point. So I will keep writing here about the first crime committed by Uma Shankar and that in real life, this man would be in prison. But in the show, I enjoy watching his and Kanak’s character evolve and go through phases.

  18. Yes, we should ejoy this REEL love story of Uma Shankar and Kanak ?. It’s truly challenging to transform character like Uma Shanaker by Kanak,, let see how she do that as the show progress. Till then have to bear this drama of shaat daram patni .

  19. Hey mira I think u r wrong about kanak she is not greedy. She demanded for money n jewellery for a moto so that uma couldn’t cought her that she came back for a purpose to get her shop.
    This show is getting very confusing. No idea about future story only a wish that they won’t spoil the show.hope they won’t show kanak fall in love with uma so easily until he changes his stupid believes on dharam.
    N 1 one more thing which is irritating me .Is uma really loves kanak??? or he is just with her as she is god’s sign to make her his wife becoz he always says it.even in yesterday’s episode he said that I knew u will agree to complete these 7 vows becoz its god’s.
    N if he really love her then how could he say that he will leave( tyag) kanak if she wouldn’t be able to complete those 7 vows??
    I don’t think he really loves kanak he only loves his dharam. N he is with kanak bcoz its bholenath’s sign.

    1. Right uma doesn’t love kanak, he is just attracted towards kanaks physical beauty. It just an infatuation
      The day he truly loves her wil understand its real meaning
      Then he’ll transform himself n wil accept her the way she is ☺

    2. Oh no doubt about that. He doesn’t love Kanak. He is just a religious man at the moment. He would sacrifice any family member actually, Shiv, Suman, Saras …if he thinks it is right by dharam. For him dharam is top. Hence, it is not a love story as yet. I am hoping it will be when he realizes the error of his understanding.

    3. Mira_dewi

      Dear admin, a precious treasure that i mean is Bhabho’s shop paper ?

      Agree with Shreya, Im really sure Uma didn’t love Kanak … In my guesss, this Ravaan’s head only thinks God was sent Kanak for him, so he has to accept her what ever she is & thought God gives him a duty to changes Kanak to be a better person ??

  20. Here a comment on the top which I agree that is kanak should leave uma after getting shop paper…..
    and about payal’s mother ufffff….don’t make it saas bahu drama…….!!

  21. Adr

    Today’s last part made me cry..the music ..the flashback..when rani fed Kanak chelabi.. ?? her love for bhabho..I’m just scared that Uma listened everything that Kanak said..one day Kanak said to Uma while he’s asleep that he cheated her bhabho,she tricked him n came into this house,once the shop register to her name she will tell everything n leave honestly..N one more thing,Payal’s mom and Kanak met before at mandir then why they both react like they don’t know each other at all?Maybe kanak’s dressing sense n makeup are different when they met…She really look pretty n cute with that modern dress..I really miss that cherish and happy Kanak

  22. Uma told kanak to perform 4 duties bt now they r showing only 1 & that too is daasi dharm
    Like expected one side they r showing women humiliation n other side they r portraying kanak as dumb that everyone is laughing on her
    Guys its seriously intolerable..
    Not liking the show anymore ?
    Kanak ko yha se bahr nikalo pls

  23. Adr

    Friday’s episode going to be fun ?

  24. Pls tell me the real name of Payal.


    I will be very grateful to you.

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