Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma In Dilemma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Palomi tells Maasi that all their plans failed and Kanak is going to Puhskar/maika easily, even using Payal as a scapegoat in their plan did not work; Kanak and Uma’s love is increasing each day. Servant asks Kanak if he should keep her bag in car. Kanak asks him to wait till Uma comes out. Maasi thinks why she is not going, what she is up to now. Uma looking at sindhoor box and holy scripture given by Kanak to select either her love or religion reminisces Maasi’s moral gyaan in childhood that religion is superior to everything. He reminisces his and Kanak’s marriage, their love, etc., and thinks they are made for each other. He then imagines Kanak as sevika wearing white dress and head tonsured thinks he cannot let that happen.

Vansh brings Saras to temple and tells

panditji that they want to marry. Panditji asks to bring garlands. Saras touches Vansh’s feet and says she is touching her parmeshwar’s feet and dadusa must have selected a perfect match for her. Vansh reminisces Kanak telling how Uma forcefully married her and fumes what to do now. Saras prays god to keep and Vansh’s Jodi united forever. Meena comes to pray and seeing her bangle in Saras’ hand says this is her bangle and she stole it. Saras says this is her bangle and her would be husband gave it to her, it is her dead MIL’s. Meena says she is still alive, if Golu remarried. Saras asks to stop talking rubbish. Meena says she will take her to police station and her nephew will punish her for stealing. She drags her out of temple. Vansh sees her and hides in flower shop. Saras says her would be husband has gone to bring garlands. Meena shows flower shop and asks where is he. Shop owner asks Vansh to get up. Vansh gets up. Meena asks what is he doing here. Saras asks if she knows him. Meena says very well, he is her nephew. She twists Vansh’s ear and asks why did he give her bangle to this girl. Vansh takes her aside and says this girl became mad after her boyfriend promised to marry her and then ditched her here, so he is using similar therapy like in Bhool Bhulaiya movie to get back her memory. He asks her to go. She asks him to get back her bangle and leaves calling Saras mad. Saras asks who was that mad woman.

Kanak waits for Uma. Uma comes and shows holy scripture and says Maasi taught him to chose religion above all. Kanak feels disheartened and says he took his decision and she decided to stay back here. Maasi and Palomi smirk seeing their plan being succeeded. Uma asks Kanak to make arrangements as Balbrahmachariji is returning soon. Maasi tells Palomi that Balbrahmachariji will get one sevika from this house for sure.

Kanak with Payal decorates living room with flowers. Uma asks Maasi what is all this. Maasi says Balbrahmachariji will leave this house soon, so she thought of getting pooja done in open here, she already kept prasad. Uma says she did right. Balbrahmachariji comes between curtains held by his disciplines. Uma worriedly asks Kanak to go in. Kanak says his love is overtaking his religion and he is expressing his fear feeling. Balbrahmachariji comes out of curtains and opens eyes. Uma gets tensed.

Precap: Kanak returns home with Shiv while Balbrahmachariji is doing pooja in living room in dark. She opens door and falls on him. He shouts disaster…Palomi says Maasi that Kanak is out of Uma’s life now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Eva1

    I expected more from the writers , don’t know, it’s not really interesting , besides dragging at least they could fill the gap with something more catchy

  2. AparnaPrasad

    It must be Saras. But it’s not dat exiting or super twist is it? Only if Kanak comes uma will understand what’s right and wrong.

    1. Agree not a super twist…
      But I have a feeling it will make vansh hero n rescue Saras from BB

  3. Thanx for the fast update MA? the gal who falls on baba I dont think that’s Kanak.. I feel it’s Saras.. looking at her hair she looked like Saras..

  4. I think that is saras

  5. Thanks for the update MA..
    Very entertaining episode….
    Uma reminiscing his memories with kanak is nice??.uma imagining kanak as sevika is horrible? don’t show this I’ll get heart attack.Meena chachi with Saras and vansh their combination makes episode lighter n enjoyable.
    Saras getting vansh blessing so funny??
    Precap is anarth… ghor anarth???.. Next few episodes won’t b easy to watch i hope they add some magic n make it watchable without boiling my blood…

    1. I agree that the current episodes with bal brahamachari are hard to watch,I find it upsetting that punishment for a woman is to become sevika, basically being a prisoner for somone who dislikes women. It’s hard to watch how maassi sa and paulomi, both women, trying to make Kanak a sevika, only to get her out of Uma’s life. i bet maassi sa has something to do with the current situation of Uma’s mother.

      1. Right.. Showing maasisa n paulomi going this extent n how they enjoy in precap after they assume kanak is trapped is really horrible?

      2. This is a garbage show where all these stupid baba is being shown most stupid is kanak who is educated only in name. She more stupid than uneducated moron.also morons are only regular viewer.

  6. O koi palumi ko guru ki godhi mein gira do ya masisa ko….ya masa ko hi bed se ab utha do ..it’s right time to save her daughter from phony saint..baba toh druggist lgta jiski anhkein bhi theek se khulti nhi hai…..vansh ka good point dikhaya ja skta hai iss track mein if kanak ask for help from her mayeka then vansh can come save her ..in such a way he can win saras n uma heart..

    1. V funny cutie ??

  7. smartysumone

    It’s definitely saras.. becoz her hair was open n kanak kept her hair tied.. only saras was unaware of bal brahmchari ji’s presence in the house

    1. It is saras. Watched in the spoiler.

  8. The girl who falls is sarasnot kanak…very superbbb episode.

  9. shabiakhamis

    Thanx 4 da update…and i was so excited thinking uma this round would choose love over his religion but no it came the opposite ??..anyway the episode was a bit good but not that entertaining..so can the writer plz add some Spicey on it & at least give in fans expectations !!..and the celibate should go from uma’s house too much of his story it’s boring..

  10. By reading update, sounds like Meena and Vansh part would be funny. It looks like Sara’s won’t get married to Vansh as yet. Maybe he will follow her and then finding out what’s about to happen with that sadhu, he may get an opportunity to convince her to marry him. Frankly speaking, that is the track that intrigues me as of now. I am waiting to watch when they get together as I like the actor portraying Vansh. I like Avinesh Rekhi and Rhea Sharma too but my interest in that story got disconnected. As a disinterested person though, I’d say the track is going as well as it could go given the choices the writers have made in the past couple of months. Uma is showing small steps of disintegrating from his set beliefs. Rekhi is portraying that self conflict well. Rhea Sharma is stagnating a little but is performing well, whatever she is given. That’s natural as Avinesh has a meatier part- a character that has to undergo personal growth. I had wanted to see him punished by law. It didn’t happen and that disappointed me. However, sometimes the punishment life hands out becomes bigger than any punishment the law could give you. As long as he comes face to face with the reality of his orthodoxy and faces devastation due to that realization, I will be somewhat satisfied if not happy with the story development. There is some good in the show as it shows the ugliness of fanaticism. It does happen. The baba culture and abuse brought about by it is in news all the time. Did Uma really choose religion or did he pretend to to protect Kanak? Not sure as I didn’t watch the episode. Did he do it so she would leave and be safe. I may be making no sense here as I said i am not not sure what really happened there. Hoping for the best for the actors and for the show. Hope it rises from where it is now and develops in to a beautiful story for both couples involved.

    1. good to see u diyaa…
      Yes vansh, Saras and Meena chachi part was full of humor? how vansh tackled Meena n convinced Saras to b pagal it makes me remember he is kanak’s bro…
      Uma choose his dharm over kanak which is expected…

  11. Hello friends how r u all?
    I know guys that our fav show is not doing well these days so I don’t know what to comment now
    Bt just only hope tat it will do better job in future ..
    Even am missing the chemistry of kanum. Kaha gya vo sab yar

  12. Mohini sharma

    I am damn sure its not kanak ….its SARAS …uma’s younger sister …..feeling very pathetic and bad for that innocent girl ……god pls turn this girl into mausi or paulomi inspite of saraswati …..pls pls pls

  13. I felt for Kanak today her eyes were filled with hope & expectations from Uma, although I do think it was a bit premature to expect Uma to choose his feelings for her over his religion.
    For me, the Baal bramchari track is a bit far fetched, it feels unrealistic that someone would go to such lengths to avoid women, however it does get the point across about how much influence these bogus gurus can have & how much power they can attain…. hopefully Uma will snap out of his blind faith for guruji when he realises that Saras is going to have to become a Sevika… I’m expecting some uncomfortable viewing until Kanak manages to unfold Uma’s blindfold for this Baal bramchaari.
    I think it’s obvious from the precap that the girl that falls on the Baal bramchari is actually saras -you can tell by the lengha the girl is wearing.
    I am guessing that this means that guruji doesn’t fall in love with Kanak?(as per the spoilers) … but with this show we never know what to expect… which is what makes it interesting to watch.

  14. Uma you disappointed us by your choice over your wife !!!! Kanak you are very brave like how you challenge your husband Could see the fear in Uma’s face all the women disappeared except Kanak ?????? But this Maiasa and Pallomi your stupid grin is going to be wiped off as its Saras who falls in BB lap now what will Uma do your only sister is going to be a Sevika. Need to end this track pls dragging it Minakshi knew who Saras is as she wanted to fix her with Golu and even Kanak had mentioned her Hope she remembers this

  15. Uma with a perfect poker face lied to Kanak the reason of sending her to Pushkar. Despite being questioned for the lie he says it’s against his dharma to reveal what’s in his heart/mind. Someone tell me please, isn’t telling lies against dharm?

  16. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Kanak is Uma’s life! Uma loved kanak more than anything else in his life. Then why Uma didn’t accept that fact. Anyways, I am waiting for the episode when palomi and massisa get exposed and caught into their own trap.

  17. Waiting for Uma’s mother to stand up and support Kannak how long will this poor lady be lying in the bed. And Kanak to accept Uma’s love and start living their life.

    1. shabiakhamis

      Exactly wat happened to uma’s mother story?,..the episode was flowing so well and gave the audience hopes of uma’s mom recovery..Why can’t the writer finish one stry at a time?..

  18. Day by day story is getting very interesting..I think vansh also will save Saras from becoming sevika.waiting eagerly for today’s episode how whole family of toshniwals react to Saras balbramchari track..

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