Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak saying Shiv is perfect for my work. She goes and greets him. Shiv talks sweetly. She asks him to get friendly with her, tell me about the house. He tells about everyone. She thinks they are busy, superb. She asks him to help. He says why not, tell me. She says a property paper fell yesterday, we will keep it back before Uma comes. Shiv says yes, Uma likes to keep everything well. He goes with Kamak. He says this is Uma’s medical clinic. She says so he is doctor also. He says no, but he treats people, I will go and ask Gabbasa when will Uma come. She sends him and checks the entire room. She gets medical files. She sees some secret place and goes to see behind the curtains.

Uma asks what are you doing here. She gets tensed hearing him and turns. She

holds him with a tight grip. Uma freezes. They have an eyelock. Main sooraj tu saanjh piya ji……plays……. She gets back. He asks what are you doing here. She says its nothing like you are thinking, I did not come here alone, I came with Shiv, I was not finding anything. He smiles and asks her to say clearly. Shiv comes and says Kanak came to keep some imp paper in cupboard. Uma asks what are you doing here, its your time to go and play. Shiv says yes I m going and gives him the file. Kanak takes the file back. Uma takes the file from her.

Gabbasa tells Maasi and Suman about train tickets reservation. Suman says its not possible to get 40 tickets confirmed in 2 days. Maasi jokes on her. Gabbasa says I will manage booking, how will you prepare. Uma sees the paper. Kanak thinks sorry Bhabho, I got a chance and failed to get shop papers. He smiles seeing Shiv ji drawing and says you are great, you have expressed that you liked the name given by me, I thought you are annoyed, you are happy and I think you will live with this name forever. She thinks to show him reality after she gets papers. He says you have good drawing skills, this is very precious, its my wife’s second gift, I liked your first gift also, will you like to see. He reveals his shoulder and shows her bite marks. She recalls biting him shoulder when he took her to mandap forcibly.

He says I keep everything precious in my cupbpard, like I will keep these papers. She keeps Uma having the keys. He opens the cupboard. Kanak sees the sweet shop papers and thanks Shiv ji. She bends to see. Uma gets up and she gets hurt. He asks did you get hurt, sorry I did not know you are standing close. He sees her looking at the papers. He says if you don’t like this place for your gift, you can look around. Kanak tries to take shop papers. Maasi shouts Uma. Kanak gets back. Maasi tells them about Shuddi karan ritual, its matter of 5 days, pack your bags. Uma locks cupboard and goes. Kanak says but Maasi. Maasi says this puja is imp for you, hurry up. She goes. Kanak thinks for papers.

Suman, Shiv and Saraswati pack the stuff. Maasi reminds other things. Kanak looks on and thinks just 2 hours to get papers, I have to get keys, let them go anywhere, I will go home. Shiv says not anywhere, that house is very beautiful, you will wish to stay there always. Kanak says but I did not say anything. Shiv says I m also little Antaryami and smiles.

Suman tells Kanak this lep is for Uma’s wound which you gave. Kanak thinks everyone knows this. Payal asks shall I keep pickles and lemon with your food. Maasi says I m not going. Payal asks why. Saraswati says Maasi will stay with Maa, she does not go out of Ladno ever. Maasi says Paulmi will be with me. Kanak thinks how to get keys. Gabbasa comes and says Uma is going to see some sick person. Kanak thinks how to get keys if he goes. Uma comes and says Maasisa, I will just treat a person and come. Kanak asks how can you go.

Uma leaves. Kanak runs after him and collides with Paulmi. Her dress gets torn. Maasi sees this and sends everyone to see Kanak. Kanak stops Uma near the car. Uma asks what’s happening. Suman says Kanak was running after you, we thought if she is running away, so we came after her. Uma asks Kanak why did you come after me. She says I got the lep for you. Uma says how can I refuse to you, if you are worrying so much. Shiv winks to Uma.

Kanak apologizes to Paulmi and goes. Suman says Paulmi made lep and did not get credit. Maasi says she was running from mandap and was not doing grah pravesh, today she has much worry for Uma, I can’t digest this. Uma says give me the lep, I will apply. He removes hi shirt/kurta. Kanak looks at the keys attached to the string. She goes to apply the lep to his shoulder wound.

Kanak catches the key. Uma jokes. She thinks I will get papers and leave. Maasi comes there and sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aarti32

    Thank for d update Amena!!

    Dat suman..She talks so much rubbish..N she’s seventh fail!! Huh..Dis is wat happens when time is wasted in criticising ppl n giving false hopes to ppl

  2. VINAL

    Well done kanak you are close to your shop papers
    nice episode

  3. thankyou so much amena supperb episode thankyou team

  4. Y amena u updated lately…. Am waiting eagerly waiting for ur update… Pls update early…. Don’t mind others words… ThanQ for ur update… Am in US … According to starplus it telecast lately…. I have to wait up to tomorrow … Will u pls update early

  5. very nice

  6. good epi..thank u amena di 4 ur fast update..umak scene was superb.well done kanak u r so near 2 ur destination……..but i love vansh…pls writer ji jaldi vansh ko uska partner se milavo plss….

  7. O my God ,how will be this relationship,at one side kanak is very bold,stylish girl,and at one side uma is so tipical villager

  8. Deepshikha Kundu

    I’m eagerly waiting to watch the scene when Uma will know about Kanak.. I guess Bhabu ki assistant Pavan has sold the Shop to Uma.

  9. Lizaa

    Nice epi.

  10. wow , the song of tu sooraj mein sanjh is too good , it is just too good for every situation . nice song . though this uma shankar is too wierd and different , he loves kanak a lot , thats why i am liking this show a lot . shiv is too cute . i think he will be supportive and close to kanak always

  11. Uma is so calm, composed and authoritative.. I like him.. He looks sensible..

  12. Over the years soap come and goes but this one caught my attention and I, must say I love it.
    Thank you for written update I eagerly await, Hindi is not my language.

    I must.agree with Aarti32, that Suman , character talks too much for a little girl.

    I , have a question about Palmi, is she in love whit uma ?

    1. Aarti32

      Yes..Palomi loves Uma..But Uma doesn’t ?

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    I like Kanak-Uma’a chemistry ???

    1. Aarti32

      Hey Fatarajo!!
      Wat abt Ved n Payal??

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