Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma asking Kanak to portray all the virtues of a good wife. He says Gita will also be Sita now, you will not do any mischief. He tells the qualities a wife should possess. She recalls his words, which she heard on the way by Uma. He says wife’s character should the best, when you have all these 7 qualities, your repentance will complete, tell me can you do this.

He says I knew you can’t do this, its better you return in your world and let me go in my world. She recalls the promise made to Sandhya and Sooraj. She says wait, I did not say my decision till now. She thinks shop registry has just 8 days now, I m close to my aim, I will fulfill these promises, but how will I do the 4th condition of Dharm, to please husband in bed, I can’t do this, Uma said

right, I lost.

He asks are you thinking so much, it seems there is a big problem, I will relieve something, just keep 4 virtues our of 7 and show, your repentance will be fulfilled, only then sit in the car. She says fine, I m ready. He says if you fail to do this, you have to get separated from me, don’t worry, your protection responsibility will be still mine, you will stay in my house and get everything, except my wife’s rights, and the three things which I gave you will not be with you, no jewelry, money and Pushkar shop.

Maasi opens the cupboard. She sees money bundles, jewelry boxes kept. Uma says the decision taken in dilemma is not right, I want you to think well and decide, you have spent much time with me, you would be knowing, my rules don’t break for anyone. They leave in the car. He thinks I knew she will agree, as its Lord’s sign. Rrishta tumne banaya jo….plays… Kanak’s conscience asks her will she become a maid now. Kanak says its my mistake, he told me many times not to come across his dharm, I should have not fed him wine, I m doing what I find right, if Uma is right, I m also not wrong. Her inner self asks her why don’t you refuse to him. Kanak tells her lines.

Vansh and Meenakshi talk of the marriage function. Babasa refuses to attend it and goes. Bhabho tells Vikram that Babasa likes going out. Vikram says but he has stopped going out. She says he is afraid that he will forget the house. Vikram says we have to find some good solution, else his fears will increase. He goes. Rani hears them. She asks Bhabho to have halwa. Rani taunts Golu. Golu looks on sadly. She says Lord helps one who helps themselves. Bhabho asks what are you saying. Rani asks her to have halwa.

Uma and Kanak come home. Maasi talks to Payal’s mum. Payal’s mum says I can’t have water and food in daughter’s inlaws. She asks Payal to serve her inlaws, manage work for yagya. Maasi asks Payal and Saraswati to see work. Maasi welcomes Uma and Kanak. She asks Kanak did she serve Uma well. Uma says yes. Kanak thinks if Uma tells everything to Maasi….

Uma says Maasi, I m going to take her ShatDharm pariksha, this will be her repentance, else I have to abandon her. Uma goes to Kanak and gives her sweets from Kanak sweet shop. Kanak gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This uma is so disgusting. He clearly wants a maid and not a wife. Kanak should kick his ass instead of pleasing him on bed. He’s acting like a moron in the name of dharm. I hope after Kanak gets back her shop uma requests her to stay back for his sake and then Kanak should ask him to go against his DHARM and prove himself as an ideal and modern husband of 21st century. I hope they show something like this. That’ll be damn interesting.

  2. What is this pariksha that she is going to have to do

    Very disappointed in today’s episode “bird in a cage” is what he. Has made her. Uma knows about the shop & will continue to us it as a stick to keep Kanak in line

  3. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! Awesome title track! But, I am really waiting for the episode, when kanak fall in love with Uma. Uma is a religious man but he always respect and protect Kanak because his love is true. Most importantly kanak have a due respect in Uma’s life & family. But bhabo don’t care about her in Rathi family. Anyway waiting for tomorrow’s episode! Love Rani and Golu.

  4. Now it seems that Uma intentionally did all this to trap Kanak………………it seems he knew very well that Kanak will come behind him knowing about the shop and agree to his condition………………….He has planned everything………….

  5. By the way, which 4 virtue Kanak agreed upon?…

  6. Just near the date of registration of shop uma may get to know tat kanak stayed with him nly for tat shop nd he might put a condition to stay with him her whole life to get the shop.. this s my imagination?

  7. Any 4 she can choose i think?

  8. :D…………By the way I think 16 days are left for the shop to be registerred……..why Kanak thought it’s only 8 days?

  9. VINAL

    I think uma know everything about kanak & he is not like that as he is showing might be he is taking revenge of something happened in past & his mom is related to it …might be I thought
    Because as everything cannot be co-incident

    1. VINAL

      how just before 8 days of registration he is taking back shop papers
      Kuch to chakar haiii……..⚖⚖

  10. Omg poor Kanak!! How much she has to handle for that stupid shop!! Please writers give some space for Kanak also, she doesn’t diserve all these!! Soon she has to get the shop and leave from there!!

  11. Disgusting uma, y he is doing all this to kanak. Can’t he see how upset she is after his conditions. Where is that caring uma now?
    I think uma comes to know tat kanak has some conection with sweet shop that’s y he continuously keeps saying he will take the shop back!!

  12. What does it mean that if she fails she can stay in his house separately n he will take back all three things including shop papers? What option kanak has left with & What she will do now..?
    So now in coming episodes we r going to see helpless kanak who will folow umas instructions ??

  13. Even I think uma knows everything about Kanak .But one thing uma character as shown as gentleman .He has asked 4 virtues to be fulfilled now its very clear he is not only attracted towards Kanak but he also love her so one thing very clear he is very clever he started to change Kanak as he wants .I am very sure uma won’t leave Karnak after shop registration. So he is waiting for Kanak to accept him wholeheartedly

    1. I see what you mean Divyaa and I respect that. But please try to see clearly, he is not a gentleman. He is a religious fanatic and a soft mannered dictator. A gentleman respects a woman’s choice. His relationship with Kanak started with him disrespecting her choice not to be with him. Not forcing physical relationship is not the ultimate show of respect if you are violating a woman’s beliefs and principles. I feel pained by what they are showing so I wrote here. I am very sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way.

      1. I totaly agree with u kanak..
        Even am feeling depressed after watching current episodes..
        Writers should keep female audience in mind while showing this kind of stuffs..
        Missing sandhya n suraj a lot ?

  14. Mira_dewi

    So Uma already guess Kanak motive, maybe give bhabho’s sweets to Kanak is one of his plan, he wanna check kanak reaction to conformed that his is right …

    its just 8 days left on?? and thier relation still like a tangled threads ?? … Stubborn, forcing belief to other, lie by motive & distrust to each other … its really miserable marriages ??

  15. Story is interesting. I hope writers won’t show Kanak being degraded too much. For the record, it is not Kanak’s duty to change the mindset of Uma or please them in any way. She is there for the shop and she should get the hell out of that madhouse as soon as possible. Uma married her and it is his duty to adjust his thinking according to her not the other way round. The way he is currently, I hope they won’t show Kanak falling in love with him. That would positively be pushing the show to fifty years back where Uma’s family belongs. Also, unlike another writer here wrote, Uma and his family have NOT respected Kanak. Asking her to walk behind her husband, punishing her for eating what she wanted to eat, stopping her from going out, asking her to not keep her hair open except in front of her husband, not giving her food in between family meal-times, and forcing her to touch his feet, taking her for purification to kerela where I think something related to cow piss was involved, all forms of mental torture. Unfortunately, the viewers get distracted by gifts of jewelry and clothes and Uma promising not to have physical relationship with her until she wants it as the greatest show of respect. No surprise where standards are so low, women will be suppressed. This marriage was neither Kanak’s nor her family’s choice so it is not her duty to please Uma or his family. And only Bhabho in Rathi family has been mean to Kanak. Rest all love her, espresso her brother’s. So it is not as if her own family gave her no respect and Uma’s family is giving her respect. They DO NOT respect her. They treat her as a piece of valuable furniture. Open your eyes ladies and command respect or your situation will never change. Only middle aged women, who are either living such situations and want to justify it, or have daughter in laws whom they want to rule over, will justify the point of view of Uma and his family. Again, Uma and his Family have NOT shown respect to Kanak. She has reacted to her misfortune in an immature manner. I am eager to see how the story unfold and kind of scared what the writers have planned.

    1. Relax @ Kanak. I understand how painful it must be to watch this but it’s a show. No use getting heartburn over it. Take care dear?

    2. dimaag to apna b kharaab ho rha h telly updates pah pah k…uma and his family should go to mental asylum

  16. Mira_dewi

    Patni dharm, wife should be ….
    1 like Daasi
    2 a good Advisor
    3 know cooking like a mum
    4 entertaining like Raamba
    5 should be beautiful like Laxmi Ji
    6 should be patient like land
    what is no 7 ??

    Help please …
    What is Daasi, Raamba??
    Who is Laxmi ji??

    And when Kanak desperate or something, she often said nadana, naruna, na hate ski?? What is that means?

    1. Daasi means servant , Rambha is a courtesan who performs for the pleasure of God Indra. In reality, Rambha is just a nice way of ssaying it Religious books say that a good wife should be like a skilled pr*stitute to please her husband in bed. Laxmiji is the goddess of wealth , also the wife of Lord Vishnu and always sits at her husband’s feet pressing his legs and serving him. That is just symbolic. Vishnu is the God of nurturing and Laxmi at his feet means that He has unlimited resources to nourish the world at his command. Unfortunately, many don’t understand that symbolism and take it literally enforcing horrible rules on women. This also degrades the pure meaning of our God’s.

      Kanak repeats a poem that gives her courage when she is scared.

      Don’t get scared, do not cry, no hiccups, remember Kanak whose daughter you are(meaning Sandhya Rathi the bold IPS officer’s daughter)

      1. Mira_dewi

        Thanks a lot for your answer Kanak, Diyaa & Madhu ??

    2. Dunno what no. 7 is but wish it was “be ferocious like Mahakaali.” ?

    3. So Mira_dewi, you’re asking who is Laxmi ji?
      she is goddess Laxmi who looks charming and respectful
      in the olden days, there is no makeup..women wears jewelry for every (visible) body part to look beautiful like Laxmi ji.

      Daasi is a Servant- Uma says work like a servant; takes care of husband’s necessities like washing his under garments, cleaning his room…etc
      Rambha is like an angel, the most beautiful woman in the heaven.

  17. Gita part of kanak was more entertaining,without gita how i can tolerate his dharam gyan,its difficult
    Kanak looks so sad n silent, how she will fight for her self-respect
    Sad version of the title song is so amazing.
    It too agree that uma knows about kanak’s intention bcoz in earlier epi gabbasa said tat pushkar shop papers r missed during marriage time n they applied for duplicate of it, certainly uma may had doubts on missing kanak,its my assumption

  18. I urge the TV shows of this country to stop showing male domination as s*xy. Please show progressive romance that maintains dignity of both sides. Please take this story forward on the right direction and utilize the talented actors for good purpose and not to promote an ailing mindset. Please…???????????

  19. Off course Kanak I accept your viewpoint even I hate the attitude of uma basically a marriage relationship requires mutual respect first then onlylove

  20. Daasi is a maidservant, rambha is basically a beautiful apsara of Indra who would seduce men when ordered by Indra,https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rambha_(apsara) in some places this rule is stated as a wife should please her husband in bed like she was a s*x worker knowing all tricks of seduction but be the picture of purity and devotion outside the bedroom.

    Kanak says a poem to remind her whose daughter she is.

    Na darna- no fear, na ronaa- no crying, na hichki- no hichki- no hiccups, yaad rak kanak- remember Kanak, tu beti hai jis I-9 whose daughter you are.

    1. That was meant as a response to Mira_dewi’s post.

  21. I agree with you guys- they way Kanak is shown is helpless now. I especially did not like ” if u fail in qualities of woman , I will remove ur rights as a wife but keep u in the house”

    Get a life writers – which woman today will put up with this humiliation. Don’t like this track at all.

    Sooraj was a pu**y cat in comparison

  22. Uma is mean, stubborn ? and poor kanak!! She should just leave Uma and find another alternative solution to get shop papers taking help of her brothers . God know when will this man change .

  23. May be Uma wants to test Kanak to what extent she loves her family and can do anything and he may let her go along with the shop papers on the registration day. All these days Uma was shown as calm, composed, religious and kind of dumb so the character cannot be bad I think.

    1. For a mistake of alcohol such a big test, not really good, poor kanak ?. Uma at this point is truly villain ?

  24. So now kanak can’t escape or run away even after shops registry
    Is that so??
    How long kanak has to stay in this madhouse?
    There should be some way out
    Pls writers show something positive n sensible ??

  25. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    remember it was Kanak’s life choice …
    just 8 more days … I am sure she is capable of fending off Uma’s advances until then …

    1. Umm…yes and no. Without the forced marriage she might have figured out another way of getting back the shop. Of course all of it are contrived situations by writers to show romance. Uma is not completely evil so I am sure he won’t force himself on her so no need for her to fend off his advances. The basic problems some viewers have is the ideology being shown in the wrapping of romance.

  26. Unfortunately we all know that kanak and uma will not be separated. Whatever will happen in the next 8 days, I don’t know. But for sure, kanak will fall in love with this idiot. If all that he does is according to his religion, then it must be a religion that belongs to him and him only, and a religion that tells that he can demean and belittle women, treat them as slaves, force them to do what he wants, punish them for making small jokes (remember the clothes incident), etc., etc. I have never heard of such stupid stuff, nor do I want to know. Ok, it’s a show, but what’s the point of showing something so unrealistic in 2017. Kanak’s parents were not so retarded. I would love to see kanak get her shop back, then leave this idiot to his senseless beliefs. Let him work his mind by himself. Why do writers have him believe that everything he does is right and if you don’t believe or follow him, then you are wrong??????

  27. Man, this show has fried my brains. I just want say this, I am very happy to see this discussion and so many women opposing this horrible mindset of Uma and Company. For that I applaud the show, that it is causing such discussion as such things to happen in some orthodox families and women there live lives of shadows of the men in their house and have to serve them like inferior counterparts. Without showing such things there will be no discussion. But I fear how they will develop the story. If they fall into the stereotypical traps of romantic scenes, saare discussion ka satyaanaash ho jaayegaa. As you can see here, some people applaud Kanak getting punishing. That means such mindsets will get reinforcement and many viewers will consider it right to enforce “seven virtues” on women. Just praying that show will go in a direction of Uma seeing the basic problem with his thinking and what he did with Kanak, and Kanak becoming mature. Uma has to realize he did wrong with her at first. And that offering her wealth and promise of no touchy touchy is not a compensation. Let the story unfold a bit. Bas too much na ho of Kanak’s ill-treatment. Otherwise it will be hard to watch.

  28. Lo ji devrani jethani drama shuru, all credit goes to payals mom
    n now she( payals mom) is all set to play her dirty game against kanak like I guesd it before ?
    Poor kanak ?

    1. ??oh no, saas bahu aur saazish drama. God help. I love this show. Please may it not become intolerable.

    2. True didnt except this

  29. Guys please remember it is just a show and the characters are fictional. Some of you guys need to chill. You are taking the show way too seriously. It’s just for entertainment. So just have fun with it??????????.

  30. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    It’s a sequel of Diya aur Bati hum.So don’t worry, everything will be fine with the flow of time. It’s just the beginning!

  31. Hey sitagita.
    Yr I know its just a show but Television is known for the best way of communication to aware peoples regarding everything so whatever they will show it will impact us n our society. I know its just a show but still its intolerable. How much its hard to accept good qualities like wise its very easy to accept bad qualities. Whatever we see in television n films or any information we gather through social media we adopt it n follow it wether its cloths, fashion n sometimes it even changes our mentality so I don’t want any of the looser to see uma’s this side( to treat our wife as a servent ) n adopt it. Thats why we r saying all this n Don’t forget now if our culture has been changed sooo much one of the reason behind it is television.
    Well its the beginning of the show . I know that by the passage of time they will change the story n show some positivity n will proof that its the sequel of diya or baati in real sense.
    N keep commenting guys ..
    Its very nice to talk to u all..

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