Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vansh Saves Saras

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Palomi brainwashes Payal against Kanak that Kanak is lucky to have Uma who saved her from coming in front of Balbrahmachariji, if Payal’s husband Aditya had been present, even he would have done same for Payal. Payal says Kanak really got a good fate, what she can do. Palomi says she will tell what she can do.

Saras runs into jungle reminiscing Vansh telling that she forcefully came into his room and hugged him tightly, even he lost control and they consummated like husband and wife. She shouts, venting out her frustration. She tries to jump into lake, but Vansh saves her. She cries to let her die as she crossed her limits before marriage. Vansh says she did not cross any limits, they did not cross any limits and he slept in next room. She says they are not married

yet and it is wrong. Vansh says he loves her a lot and cannot think of a life without her, they will marry right now. He holds her hand and walks.

Maasi tells Uma that Uma is sending Kanak to Pushkar to stop her from coming in front of Balbrahmachariji, but Kanak is not understanding it. Uma apologizes Maasi for speaking to her loudly. Maasi says she did not mind as he was worried for Kanak. Payal enters and says Maasi that she is feeling like a widow for the first time in life and Uma did injustice to her. Maasi asks what happened. Payal says Uma is sending Kanak to her maika to protect her from coming in front of Balbrahmachariji, why should only she serve here alone, even she wants to go to her maika, Kanak is elder in relationship and she should stay and serve here instead. Uma says he is not doing injustice to anyone, Kanak is superior to her in all aspects, she serves family selflessly and can go to any extent to protect family; if she will know that he or Balbrahmachariji are in trouble, she will never go to maika and will try to solve issue. He assures that Balbrahmachariji will enter between 4 curtains and nobody can see him easily. Kanak with Suman passes by and hears that. Suman praises that dadusa cares for bhabhisa so much.

Meena cuts vegetables with Bhabho sadly. Bhabho asks if she is thinking who stole her bangles. Meena says if she finds culprit, she will not spare him/her. She then says she is thinking of dubai trip. Bhabho says she and Babasa will go then. Meena says it is very hot in Dubai. Bhabho says Rajasthanis are accustomed to hot climate. Rani comes and says sasuma is talking about son and daughter-in-law’s honeymoon trip and thanks Meena. Meena says she will not give money. Bhbaho says Dubai trip costs 40-50,000 rs, what if Rani asks to return 10 lakhs lottery money. Meena agrees to pay and says she will not give much money though.

Kanak goes to Uma and tells she is not going to Pushkar. Uma asks why, she was excited some time ago. Kanak says sending Pushkar is his helplessness, he is worried that if she comes in front of Balbrahmachariji, he will lose her, she herself heard him telling Payal. Uma says what is wrong in it, if Balbrahmachariji sees her.. Kanak says he should express his fear directly, even here his manhood is interfering; fear, anger, etc.., are human nature and one should not hide their emotions. Uma says he already told expressing emotions is against dharm. Kanak says when a child cries, he expresses his hunger, if his patient comes and says he will not tell his symptoms, he should just cure him, what will he feel. Uma says she is getting adamant unnecessary. Kanak says no religion stops a human from expressing their feelings. She picks a thali and keeps holy scripture in it and keeps sindhoor box in it and says he has to select between this book signifying religion or this sindhoor box signifying his feelings; if he picks sindhoor, he loves his family and wife a lot; if he picks book, she will realize, nothing is important to him than religion, not family, not relationships, emotions, or even his wife. Uma stands speechless.

Precap: Maasi takes oath that Balbrhamachari ji will take one sevika from this house for sure. Balbrahmachariji comes hidden between curtains. One side curtain falls. Uma gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Arre ved aur vansh ko bulao ladno iss guru ji ko utha ke le jaye……oh god this track is so scary n too much..

  2. Thanks for the fast update MA
    Kanak is kidding ??we all know uma wont give up his dharam just wasting time making the story slow..
    Payal took decision without callling her mom??
    I expect to see more of suman and kanak, suman will help her in knowing real face of devils in the house n btw where is shiv?
    Ved is also missing….

  3. massisa said one sevika from this house…i wish it’s palomi..please please please make this truth god.

    1. In spoiler it said was Saras.

  4. This Balbrahmachariji is absolutely fraud ……
    this the our aroundest environmental living sick people for a moral who believe in them….
    and a question where is sadiyaa mam is she left the show ??

  5. Oh my God!! What bakwaas Yaar, swami, sevika, maasi. It is getting so boring. Total lack of creativity. I feel like I am watching some old 60’s Hindi movie. Very disappointing. I hope they will end this swami track. Arrey, there are other ways of showing love and understanding develop. They don’t always need this mad villains? At least Vansh track has some reasoning and basis. Hoping they will develop that carefully and show Vansh slowly getting over his anger and Saras realizing what her brother did. There is actual potential for a deep love story there. This Kanak Uma story is going very very boring. Everytime I hear dharam from Uma now I feel like shaving my head and stop watching TV. I really like Avinesh Rekhi and hate how writers are giving him role. Hope this horrible track will end soon. Chipkali, medhak, cut pe namak, bald sevika, I think Ram Rahim arrest case gave this mad idea to writers. They did not know what to write to vo case ko idhar chipkaa diya!

  6. Uma is hiddening something behind secret motive that he didn’t want to tell everyone family and also including kanak in yesterday ending scene.

  7. I was thinking if this show has anything to do with DABH and seeing how slow is going this track , may be balbrahmachari ji will leave this house when he does without any sevika at all . I would love to see that

  8. Eva1

    I was thinking if this show has anything to do with DABH and seeing how slow is this track going, may be balbrahmachari ji will leave this house when he does without any sevika at all . I would love to see that.

  9. Uma mentioned that’s the diff between you and Kanak. Before Kanak didn’t even hesitate to come before BB to save us from poisonous milk. She always gives importance to family relations and responsibilities.

    You always try to be in your room and won’t even come out of the room in the fear of BB where as Kanak won’t even hesitate to come in front of BB if she thinks we are in danger.

    Please make sure you think before you point out others..etc

    Loved Uma’s defending Kanak.

  10. It is a nice episode Uma is pushed to the corner to reveal that yes he too has emotions and feeling especially – the fear darrr. How can a man Uma say that he is afraid of something… hahaha…nice one.. tomo i hope Uma will say that he has the fear. I love the episode with Kanum.

  11. Plz bhabo meena n rani ko ladno lao aur guru ji ki band dekho kaise bajate yeh log?…..do u think if guru sees these women n they ll agree to become his savika for lifetime?..it ll interesting to see..

  12. Candiva007

    I hope either Massi or Palomi to become Sevika.

  13. I personally feel that the whole guruji, sevika track is a tad predictable… it’s obvious that Kanak is never going to turn into any sevika, regardless of whether she steps in front of the guruji & the thought of Uma offering Saras as a sevika instead is completely mortifying ?….I hope this isn’t true.
    That said I love how unique this show is, there are so many contemporary shows out there which promote public displays of affection between couples & give the impression that it equates to a strong relationship- it’s nice to see a different outlook of relationship and the importance of mutual understanding & trust for each other.

  14. I am enjoying this Sadhu track, it feels like a hide n seek game, its fun what will happen now getting tensed, they should keep this track for while we will see more intense love between Uma and Kanak, later Sadhu should pick Kanak as sevika and call whole Pushkar team it will be fun to see how Kanak maika reacts.

  15. Powerful ending… I wander what Uma will decide?
    Maasisa is evil using her faith as a smokescreen… wish someone would either push her or paloumi in front of this guruji so this chapter can end. .. although at least the track has made clear how strongly Uma feels for Kanak.

  16. AparnaPrasad

    Can spoilers say anything they wish? 1.Tv Promo showing Kanak being exposed in front of Bal bramhachari
    2. What hapnd to that Aag wala scene
    3. Bal brahmachari to fall for Kanak( stupid, not dat he is gud luking yung man, guy is tuf)
    4. Bal brahmachari to molest Kanak. (Wwwhaaaatt)
    5. Saras is nowhere there but high chance is it Shud be saras to become sevika which will not only be sad but boring
    6. If uma to exchange saras for Kanak m gonna kill him
    7. I think not if Kanak is selected to be sevika. Uma will take initiative. I mean how long will Kanak struggle showing him what’s right and wrong

    1. You’re right Arpana some of these spoilers are completely made up & fake you never know what to believe

  17. Interesting episode Kanak is showing no fear what kind of priest is this that no women should come in front of him Glad Uma is given an ultimatum to choose between dharma or his wife . This Evil Masisa has brain washed Uma from young not to have any emotion how sick if only Masa could speak for her grown son guess that’s why Kanak was sent to this family by Bholenath to break this vicious mind of Masisa What puzzles me this Pallomi is a servant so why is she every where when ever anything is happening & has the authority to speak Just wish she would be the Sevika shave her head off pathetic ??? Uma is going to change for the better after this Will be glad if he physically throws this guy out of his house if he was to make a pass at Kanak Payal as usual brainless This track needs to end soon pls it’s too tedious to watch evilness need some romantic & happiness between Kanak &Uma

  18. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I think writers get a track from Ram Rahim case. But this track is irritating! But, I love the way Uma defended and protected Kanak.

  19. i think maasi or palomi will become sevika while both planning to push kanak and these two will fall in front of BB so BB will see both maasi & palomi both will be shocked and terrified that their plan back fired them it will be amazing to see their faces. Waiting to see something like this. Please end this track soon.

  20. today eoisode i saw precap that kanak is not get infront of bb that is saras

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