Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak Does The Unthinkable!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak silently pulls Uma’s cupboard’s key silently from his pocket while he is asleep. Maasi thinks before Kanak reaches Aditya’s photo, she will take it away. She walks towards ma’s clinic room when Maasa rings bell, but ignores Maasa and leaves. Kanak gets into clinic room and searches news paper ad, finds it, seeing advertisement realizes Aditya is same man whom Maasi met outside hospital, thinks he is meeting Maasi hiding and everyone think he is missing. Maasi sees Saras holding newspaper.

Bhabho calls Saras and says if she wants to get Vansh, she has to stop taking too much care of him, he is a young man and not a kid. Saras says she knows but wants him to be happy always. Bhabho asks if she will do whatever she says. Saras says yes. Bhabho says she will

assure her that Vansh will be tied to her pallu forever.

Kanak goes and wakes up Uma. Uma shouts why did she go out after his warning. She ays she wants to tell him about Aditya. Uma says is it, Maasi will be very happy hearing that. Kanak says Maasi knows where Aditya is. Uma shouts she is alleging Maasisa again, he will never tolerate it, he will not let her stay here even for a minute and pushes her out of room. Kanak wakes up and realizes it was her imagination and thinks she has get Aditya in front of Uma to make him believe her. Maasi calls Aditya from landline to alert him, but he says he is in pub and disconnects her call.

Vansh walks home and sees Saras waiting for him outside room and taunts she came to her right place, her place is on his room or this house, after 27 days, she will be out of this house. He walks into his room. Bhabo takes her till main door and says go. Saras asks what. Bhabho says she wanted to do whatever she says to get Vansh, so she should go out till end of road. Saras says how can a lonely girl go out. Bhabho asks her to close her eyes and think Vansh is claling her. Saras imagines Vansh calling her and runs out till temple. She then sees a bo x and written note this her new identity.

Uma walks home and sees garland on Aditya’s photo and pandit doing mukti pooja and asks what is happening, who fixed garland on Aditya’s photo and tries to throw garland. Kanak says she did and says when someone goes missing for 7 years, they think person as dead and asks pandit to start pooja. Uma stops pandit and scolds Kanak. Kanak says Aditya even onece did not come to meet Maasi, he does not know what she is feeling each day, she cares for her sisters’s children so much, how much she loves her own son, god cannot punish her. Uma says god cannot punish such a good mother, it is his belief. Kanak says she believes in his belief and says Aditya may not be willing to come in front and it is his duty to let a mother meet her son. Uma says he did a lot. Kanak says she has an idea. Maasi says she is not a family member now, so why she is getting adamant. Kanak says she wants to gift a son, a brother, and husband to this house before leaving this house, already they are 8 years late. Maasi says she will also accompany them. Uma says a mother has right to search her son. Maasa rings bell just then. Kanak says only Maasi can understand Maasa’s signals, so she should stay back here. Maasi fumes while Kanak and Uma leave.

Uma drives car. Kanak tells if she wants to take her help, he needs to obey her without questioning. He agrees after usual drama. Maasi calls her aide and
asks to follow Uma. Aide assures her. Kanak sees a car following them and asks Uma to repeatedly change directions. Uma obeys fuming. Kanak realizes Maasi sent her goons behind them.

Precap: Maasi thinks what is running in Kanak’s mind and Uma what they did. Kanak asks to calm down and giving newspaper says she herself will find out in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I liked Saras-Bhabho part. Excited to see the new identity of Saras. Also enjoying the empowering role of Bhabho. That to me is the only appeal of the show now. Vansh’s realization that two wrongs don’t make a right and Saras’s realization that love and self-esteem go hand in hand. That journey will be interesting to watch and for me is the diya aur bati essence. Take care all.

  2. maasi sent her goons to follow? Now maasi is some kind of DON with goons. Haaaahaa. Ye witrs kaa dimaag hai yaa shaitaan ki aant…kitnaa phenkenge ye log!:)) And Kanak saw such a detailed Sapnaa, wow!

    1. Bhaana

      Dear…ye toh chota sapna hai yaar….earlier they showed only dream in full epi…do u remember uma dream of firing kanak in bed in ramba track and palomi dream of uma making kanak as sevika in bb track??

    2. Simlarly we saw in saath nibhana sathiya where all odd women had goons under their pallu, and don’t forget this show has got same slot, so naturally some thing same should come from 7 pm show.

  3. Hi All, last two episodes Kanak using her detective skills inherited from her Mum and brother Ved.I must give a big thumbs up to the script writers, playing time of two hours weekly at least they really have to perform continuously to keep the ratings up.At this moment in time apart from Kanak’s Grandmother all the actors from Pushkar (apologies if miss spelt) not performing well and unfortunately she alone can not support them all.Because of the uniqueness of this show, only God and the script writers know whether Uma/Kanak marriage will survive .At this moment of time it has become the good the bad and ugly
    1 The Good Kanak and Uma when not sulking
    2 The Bad Aditya like mother like son
    3 The ugly Evil Massisa and her side kick
    This is totally irrelevant for India but here in England a law we have but very rarely used is that when we get married a man can change his surname to that of his wife/spouse.I have seen this with my own eyes.This is related to a job I stopped doing 5 years back

    1. Hi , (My opinion only) we will only see a strong Uma if Kanak is in any danger, then massisa/ her side kick and Aditya will find out whIch is better to face hell/or Uma.I think they will choose hell because he will make them wish they were never born

  4. Bhaana

    I felt today typical saas bahu drama..dear writers agreed that your main lead actress is smart(having all qualities of a mahaan bahu who can handle everything in single hand?) and u justified maasisa to b don of this family…no more antics please it is totally surprising to see maasisa heird goons to follow kanum?..now they may show gabbasa to b her right hand.
    Its totally funny to see maasisa dressed dharmic but her chora is typically buri tarah se bigdaa hua beta, y she can’t see her chora is doing too much..how can a mom accept his son to b whatever he can do…if I’m not surprised in future they will show maasisa in modern dress having gun too????
    Today maasa rocked..when I questioned myself where is maasa…showed her to b hero?
    Saras part is not taken well…gussa haati hain? wn saras says mere pati mujhe chahiye..how can she give up her identity..aur itna pyar who betrayed just to take revenge.
    Now uma is a toy for both kanak n maasisa..pls don’t show him to b this much weaker?

  5. Meera1

    Bhaana I feel the same way about Saras, I accept that her upbringing makes her want to fulfill her ‘patni dharam’…. but let’s face it she’s only known him for 5 minutes (slight exaggeration I know, but you get my drift) & even then vansh didn’t even treat her well – forcing himself on her etc…so I dont get how cvs can get us to believe she’s so deeply in love with him…. one desperate lovesick (palomino) was enough & now we have to see another one in the form of Saras changing her whole way of life for a man & for those of you that Kanak has done the same – she hasn’t she has never changed her way of thinking for Uma she may have changed some habits but her whole outlook on life has remained the same.

    1. Bhaana

      Get ur point meera…same feel yaar..being crazy fan of our show…mujjhe itna gussa haati hai is track pe someone will call me as hater, I’m trying hard to control myself.
      Kanak is not doormate like saras she is still fighting, even didn’t accept his surname and she tried to change wrt uma in things but not at the cost of her self respect.

  6. I agree with bhaana and meera i thought the same why Sara’s is ready to give up her identity just for vansh he is not even respecting her how can she fall in love with such a man.She wants to do her patni dharam becos her upbringing was like that but how makers are justifying as love.Bhabho as a experienced senior person wants to mould Sara’s and make her perfect wife for vansh but why she is telling her to change her identity why should she change I accept bhabho is trying to make her courageous brave woman preparing her to face the society to be independent .Same bhabho adviced Kanak not to give up her identity at any cost.Loved the way Kanak outsmarted massisa massa helped Kanak at right time.Massisa is very dangerous Kanak should be careful while taking moves .Kanum conversation was nice uma gives vachan to help her this is the first step of uma helping kanak I liked the way Kanak directing the way that shows Kanak will direct him to get back to his right path of life very soon.Uma as a obedient husband will follow it .

  7. Guys agree with ur point of views saras n palomi r ready to bcome charno ki dhool of their so called pati Devs. If we call these two an idiot then what we should call payal?
    who is compromising n sacrificing her whole life for photo frame..
    I know kanak is fighting for her identity n self respect bt it doesn’t happen in real life guys. A woman has struggle at every step of her life n chances of success r v few..

  8. The Saras plot is not convincing. I agree. Exactly when did she fall so deeply in love with Vansh that she can’t live without him. What a dramatic change from becoming a celibate, shaven handmaiden to a besotted lovesick bride. Unbelievable!

  9. Kanka I was glad you didn’t tell Uma about Aditya How can Uma sleep through all that ??? Wow he his a deep sleeper ? Lucky for Kanak This Maisisa is very cunning Be careful Ms Rathi !!! Though loving it Kanak has Masisa in a tease wondering what Kanak has planned Thank god Masa saved her today Though Uma needs to take a chill pill all that anger is not good for your heart.Cant wait for Saturday episode

  10. Kanak’s change of clothing has restored some of her old spirit. She forcefully stops Uma from destroying the garland and then takes control by directing the confused and clueless Uma. He needs more of that. And yes viewers are still waiting for his admission of error, his recognition of his illtreatment of Kanak and his retribution.

  11. I have always claimed that the Woman, has always been with a stronger spirit that the man. For good ( Kanak ) or for evil ( Nanda ) , she has unwavering strength. Why this handsome man ( Umma ) showshis hands tied . He has such a s*x appeal. I want writers to show me tenderness , love , romance , soul, loving heart of Umma. I want his mind and his soul to live for Kanak. The episodes with Addita are useless, with a silly design. I have already understood the role of Maassissa. I want the time for Umma and Kanak to come. I want Umma to be the shadow of the power called Woman. I want to see a strong and beautiful love , not malice , revenge, deception. In this tough life I want to look at beautiful things. I am woman and I want to make sense of the positive emotion. I want to watchand cry for KANUM. I want them to be very happy and together to fight injustice .

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