Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak coming for puja. Maasi tells Payal that they will do all the rituals. Kanak sits in rasam and prays to Lord to help and make her reach Bhabho’s shop papers. Pandit asks Uma to have promise by taking bride’s name. Uma asks Kanak to say her name. Kanak thinks never, I won’t say. Saraswati asks her to say name. Pandit asks don’t you know name and her clan. Uma says I know name is important in puja. Maasi says Uma does not know her name. The ladies say the bride has beauty and pride, Uma should name her, she is like gold.

Uma recalls his words. Suman says she is so stubborn, Uma is angry, don’t know what will he do. Uma gets a knife. Kanak worries and thinks does he want to kill me. Uma dips the knife in color and writes Kanak. Kanak gets shocked.

Uma says pandit ji, she is Kanak. The ladies like the name. Kanak looks at Uma and thinks how did he know my name, does he know black magic, did he find out my family. She encourages herself. Shiv says Bhabhi sa’s name is Kanak, it has many meanings. Maasi says she is stubborn too. Uma says I hope you liked your new name, your heart strings will link to it, like Lord united us and made us marry, he will keep us connected always. Kanak thinks Uma maybe magician, or maybe Lord is friendly with him, I should take papers soon and leave.

Bhabho says its Sooraj’s shop’s 65th anniversary. She asks the men to get decorative lights. Vansh and Ved come and hold Bhabho, when she slips. She says I m fine. Vansh asks where is your focus. She says nothing happened to me. She scolds Pappu and asks him to get ghee from far shop. Bhabho says I will go and get ghee, you go and work. Pappu gets water for Bhabho. Ved says I m finding solution for this problem, this shop is like temple for mum, dad and Bhabho, Bhabho is doing a lot to keep this shop, but we have to sell the shop, till its anniversary happens, let her do this, then we will sell the shop.

Shiv asks them to play dhol. Shiv talks to Kanak and tells her about rasam, to speak out what’s in her heart. The ladies joke that Kanak has many complains. Uma tells his feelings for Kanak. He says this is a relation of seven births, my eyes are waiting to see when you become my Saanjh. Paulmi gets sad and says great, now its Kanak’s turn. Kanak thinks I have many complains, I want Bhabho’s shop papers right now. Uma says complains should not be in heart. Maasi and Saraswati ask her to say. The ladies ask her to say.

Kanak says I don’t have to say anything. Maasi says its fine, she does not know this, Paulmi will say and then Kanak will say after her. Uma says right. Paulmi complains that Uma does not understand her heart and not see her face, sometimes he expressed feelings and sometimes not. Everyone look at her. Paulmi says I felt Kanak wants to say this. Saraswati says great, now we should hear it from Kanak. Kanak thinks to say it, else they will stop me here. Kanak repeats Paulmi’s lines. The lady says Paulmi can’t help you in suhaagraat, you took her help now. Maasi says there is still time, they have to wait, pandit said Kanak’s name and clan is not known, so her shuddikaran has to done, then she will be called married. Kanak thinks Uma wanted to say this, I have spent night in bathroom without light, good news is I got more time to fulfill my motive.

Kanak goes to room and removes ghunghat. She says I m feeling like I m wearing protective shields. Uma comes and says you don’t need to spend day in bathroom, I m going out, you can go anywhere in house. He moves the curtains. Kanak smiles looking outside the door. She opens the door and goes out. He leaves. She likes the place. She says its looking so good to have breath here, I can think about Bhabho’s papers and plan something. She sits on the swing.

She says papers were not in safe and Raavan’s personal cupboard, where can it be. She makes Shiv’s drawing. She gets an idea and smiles. She asks Lord Shiv to bless her. She goes back to room. She sees Maasi and Suman in corridor and get back. She says they will never help me, Maasi is typical saas. She sees Shiv coming and says he is perfect for my work.

Kanak looks for papers. Uma comes there. She gets tensed and hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dear amena plz dnt post episode so early… post episode after 1:30.. bcoz agar aapne pehle episode post kiya to ye show star plus main dekhne main maza nahi aaye ga… sara maza kir kra ho jayega… plz Amena mam aap episode 1:30 ke baad post karo… ????? its request…

    1. Bcoz of this written update our interest will get loss… plz its request..

      1. you are over acting ki puri ki factory Ms. Varsha. What actually in your style zakkkasss is actually copied from Ishqbaaz. And for your information, its ‘jhakkaas!’ not that zakkass or what ever you write blo*dy f**king lady. And as Naveen said, Amena di is not your employee or you don’t pay you wages that she will wait till 1:30 and then post.

    2. Are you serious Varsha?
      I think your request is quite hold and you are rather selfish.
      There are people who depend on the written updates only because they can’t view the show or they don’t understand Hindi.
      Ameena is not your employee, you don’t pay her wages. I’m sure she has more important things to do with her time than catering to your silly selfish request.
      Why don’t you just watch the show without reading written updates? You don’t have to read the updates you choose to do so and then you come on here passing orders and trying to dictate when it should be posted.
      Oh please, grow up and show some gratitude!
      Girl bye!

      P.S Ameena you’re doing a fantastic job with the updates. You’re a star!! ? ?

      1. *bold*

    3. You can always read it after 1:30 , right?

  2. VINAL

    Nothing intersting in todays episode
    kanak should get her shop papers & leave this ravan uma & his typical family

  3. Bcoz of this early post our all interest of episode was gone… kyunki pehle hi pata chlta hai ki aaj ka episode kaisa hoga… ????

    1. Agar aap aise hi pehale post karogi episode to koi show deghega bhi nhi… plz Amena try to understand my feelings..???

      1. Im sorry agar i hurt ur all feelings… Once again i m sorry.. if possible than forgive me..?????

  4. Thanks for your quick update.Love u for your superb update. Keep going sweet heart.

  5. thaks for the early update ,keep going

  6. As usual in my style ek dam zakasss episode..??????

  7. Kanak is looking very nice.. very pretty as well as in my style ek dam zakasss..????

  8. Uma and kanak scene was nice… ?
    Ram ram ram ram ram ???
    Na drna n rona na hichki mat bhol kanak tu beti hai kiski..???

  9. Shiv was awesome yarr… he is so cute..??????

    1. Shiv is so cute devar..?

  10. Uma’s say na tu smje meri mrit that scene was nice line… ??

    1. Paulmi’s ward also nice.. ?location was nice????

      1. When uma open window that scene was awesome… that time kanak scene was awesome.. in my style ek dam zakasssssss?????

    2. That awesome background tune when uma see kanak… i love that tune very much… in my style ek dam zakassssssss tune..????

  11. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.. ???

  12. I love uma’s character… so many times i see some people hate uma.. and they compare uma with Suraj…

    1. Bt this is totally wrong.. plz dnt compare uma with Suraj..

      1. Bcoz suraj and uma is different character… plz dnt compare each other…

      2. after some days u can love uma character also… for uma’s character give some time…. ??????

      3. Actually uma’s character was relly nice… i love that… ???for that just wait and watch..

    2. What you like about uma character
      He forcefully married kanak he is criminal
      how can girls like such character

      1. Wow!
        First, I agree with you Veena.

        Second Varsha, meet Maadhav.

        I don’t understand why people like to watch this disgusting show.
        I also don’t understand, why people like Varsha, find force marriage romantic.

        I can’t find the word for Maadhav.

        All I can say to Varsha, and people like you, is that you might like that type of men.
        But it doesn’t mean that I like that type of men.

        To Maadhav,
        You disgusts me, if you think that every girl, women, are like kanka. Then you are stupid!

        I wouldn’t have commented, but I have no choice.

      2. To Payal.
        You act like, this never happened before.
        Men has taking girls from the Mandir before, it happen for century. It was until the British came and took all the fun. Woman were happy, they had one purpose in life, that is to keep husband happy.

        You well see, kanka well accept this.
        Now we are getting our religion back, as it should be.

      3. Well Maadhav,

        It look like, that we need to get the British back.

        Since we Indian can’t treat our women’s with respect.
        For the very first time, I wish I was British. Where did they got right, and where did we Indian has got so wrong.

        I can’t blame the people who watch this show. I blame everyone, even the actor’s.

        I hate India!

    3. Varsha, know the meaning of being a good Hindu woman.
      Kanka well come down, and become a good wife to Uma.
      All this kidnapping, if a man wants this woman. He can have her!

      Women job is to give us son’s frist. Daughters are lakshmi, but they are design to please their husband, and in-laws.
      Not go to school, and get a career.
      This is the western life, not a good Indian Hindu girl.

      We men are aloud to do this, it is not force marriage. It is marriage.
      Lord ram has put them together. Now kanka well come to her husband sense.
      So don’t get scared, when you are at the temple. The man does it, not because he can. Because we are aloud to.
      It is a woman job, to be a man wife.
      Kanka, well become a good wife to Uma, and also give up her way of life.

      So please learn from this show.

      1. Aasthu

        Maadav come down to 21st century….you are a typical male chauvinist….a good wife’s role is to give male child??? Who told you that a girl shouldn’t study but remain home as a typical housewife??????? Does the holy books say that??? In case you haven’t noticed in the holy books, girls were well educated and respected too….have you heard of the say “If you educate a boy,you train a man. If you educate a girl,you train a whole village.”? Have you heard the words of our honorary Prime Minister Narendra Modi? “Ladki bachao ladki padao”. Do you have a sister?? Has she not gone to school?? If somebody marries her forcibly, will you say what you said before???? Your thoughts are extremely disgusting.You find it all fun don’t you??? Well since you have nothing to lose it’s all fun..but not for girls who are forced to marry a person whom they don’t love…..

      2. Aasthu

        there is a small correction..it’s..:”beti bachao beti padhao”….but the idea is same…

  13. Sorry friends if u hurt with my cmts…. if possible than forgive me… ?? sorry once again?

  14. Thanks Amena. Well done

  15. Thanks for being prompt in updating the story on time. Even though I can’t watch the episode while at work, I can still read it and get to know what is happening. Continue the good work. My intention is not to hurt anyone but those don’t want to know the story in advance before watching the episode, please don’t read it. The reason why I’m saying this is because people like me eagerly wait for the written update.

  16. thanks amena thanks a lot for ur supper fast update thanks a lot telly updates and serial rocks uma is not a villain ofcourse he is dashing performence rocks

  17. Avantika singh

    this is good episode but please give the repeat of this show at 3p.m. Or 3:30p.m. Please! Please! Accept the request

  18. I will teach a lesson to those who complains unnecessarily

    Wow great and thanks for the quick update Amena. Varsha maybe she has other work to do @ 1. That’s why she is updating soon. You were complaining when she updates late and now you are coz she is updating soon. Her job is to update. If you don’t like her updating soon then you don’t visit this page. Come here after 1:30. Did u understand? Stop complaining unnecessarily.

  19. Amen pls keep posting it as u like. I don’t get to watch the episode as I am working. I depend on written updates. Ppl who can see the serials don’t need to read the updates. The early the episode gets updated I can read them. Ppl pls understand.

  20. Aarti32

    Thank u Amena .For updating d episode!!

    I don’t understand y dis masi gives false hopes to Payal?..Her husband Aditya has not gone for a holiday or tour..He’s missing!! Since 4 years!! Y give false hopes n destroy​ someone’s life.. Atleast she can move on in life..But these false hopes won’t let her do dat too..

    Finally saw Ved after so many days?

  21. Aarti32

    Guys plzz..It’s a page for commenting abt d show..Let it be dat only..No fights n tussles plzz??

  22. How it is possible suraj ke shop ki 65th anniversary kaise ho sakte hai agar suraj aj hota to vo bhi 65 yrs ka nahi hota

    1. it can happen because maybe the shop must be old and sooraj must handling it from long and now Bhabo is handeling the shop.

    2. This may be because Suraj took the shop after his father felt ill, so it runs in the family

  23. Can u pls give more elaborate meaning of the words where Uma and paulmi s verse

  24. You no future updates of this serial.. we r eager to know the upcoming moments of it.. all the other serials have upcoming moments..

  25. Varsha’s request is rather selfish. This program is watched not only by Indians, but people from other countries as well. I’m Sri Lankan, and we don’t get to see earlier broadcast times due to policy decisions by star plus. This program is broadcast at 11.30 p,m in Sri Lanka. People like us who are working cant wait till 11.30 to watch, so we rely on Amina’s written updates. Moreover, I don’t understand hindi either, so the written updates is a boon to me. If you don’t want to see them early don’t look at the written updates. You can always see them after 2 p.m.

  26. Hi… I feel very bad for payal…. It’s injustice to her…. Thanks for updates… I don’t know Hindi … Through this update I can understand what’s going on… and there is no upcoming story anywhere.. y … How people will know what is next

  27. Anahita khan

    Plz telecast this show one more time in a day .
    Otherwise telecast it, at weekenotwith full episodes not short .plz

  28. Aarti32

    Don’t include India’s name in your stupid fights..It’s a request!! Nobody here is allowed to talk any bullshit about India!!

    1. Aarti32

      Not only India..Any country..

  29. i vl agree with naveen and khan sahiba thankyou amena pls dont wait for the time pls post it as early as psbl thank you telly updates

  30. Where is today’s update

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