Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak thinking did she tell him entire truth or half. She asks what else did I tell you. Uma gets down the cart. He asks why, its all clear now, you came here to break my Dharm, you wanted to ask me something, what did you have to ask, I kept my entire life in front of you, I shared everything, what did you want to ask, I have always forgiven you, I can’t accept this thing, what did I teach you. She gets tensed. She says your Dharm is pure.

He says you could not respect my sentiments. She apologizes. He says no use to forgive, you don’t regret for mistake, remember what you told me, that one day you will force me to break this relation and I will ask you to leave, congrats, you have forced me today, my life has no place for a liar and fraud like you,

go back to your world, be happy that you failed me, I broke my promise to keep this relation, and make that alcoholic jalebis after reaching home, it will be good in your celebrations. She asks are you leaving me. He asks when were we together. He takes his bag and goes off. She says you can’t do this. He says three things which I gave you for securing future, I m taking it back, gold, jewelry and Kanak sweet shop. She gets shocked.

Uma says I have called Gabbasa and stopped the shop registry. She says but you gave it to me. He says I gave it to my wife, now there is no promise, I have nothing to give to a Adharmi woman. She cries and shouts to him. She apologizes. She says what will I do now. He walks off to his car. Tu sooraj mai saanjh piya ji…..plays…..

Maasi asks everyone to work fast, its one day for Shiv’s yagya. She asks Saraswati to call pandit, Suman won’t sit in puja. Paulmi says silver utensils are in Kanak’s cupboard, its locked. Maasi says newly wedded couple, maybe there is some personal things, I have the keys, I will get it. Paulmi says newly weds just for nsame. Kanak says I did wrong with Uma and lost Bhabho’s shop. She runs to find him. She asks lady about Uma Shankar, he is my husband. Lady says yes, he went some time back. Kanak runs and sees Uma leaving in his car. She asks him to stop and says you can’t leave me like this, listen to me Uma. Uma drives off. She runs ahead and lies in front of his car. He stops the car. He recalls Kanak’s words and starts driving. Kanak says he has speeded the car instead stopping, Lord take care of car brakes, I have to do this. She chants Ram’s name and closes eyes. Uma applies brakes reaching close. He gets down the car.

He asks her not to stop his way. She says when did I stop you, going home without wife is also Adharm. Golu sees the rose petals. Vansh says I think you fell in love with Rani, you got her Shivratri flower. Golu says no, this was kept here. Vansh says lover’s eye never lies, your eyes show you are in love, it does not matter its with Rani or Maharani. Rani asks everyone to come fast, she has to give sweets. Babasa asks why. Rani says my dad has fixed my engagement so I made halwa for you all. Babasa congratulates her. He likes the halwa. Rani asks Vansh to have it too. Meenakshi comes and asks why is she feeding halwa. Rani says I m very happy today, my alliance got fixed. Meenakshi eats halwa and says its good, real ghee smell. She asks Golu to have halwa, don’t know when will we have halwa by Bijli’s hands. Golu refuses. Rani says don’t know Golu’s mood these days. Meenakshi asks her to see work. She asks Golu not to worry, Bijli did not return saree, it means she still loves you. Rani looks on.

Uma says everything is a game for you, I thought your thinking will change, but you believed I m your enemy, why do you want to stay with me. She says who said I want to get free from you, but I would have not come back here, I m naughty, such things happen, it does not mean that relation should end, I was wrong to add alcohol, I want to say sorry, please forgive me, forget everything, I regret for my mistake, I m ready to repent for it, person should get one chance, I will do whatever you say. Uma says you can’t repent. She says I will do, I have done such things which I could not imagine, when motive is big, every test falls smaller, tell me what to do, I will do and show you. He says you did not understand real meaning of this relation, you will become my wife in true sense.

Uma tells about an ideal wife. He says when you accept 7 virtues of an ideal wife according to Dharm, your repentance will complete.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanks for very past update

  2. thank you so so so……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. much

  3. OMG is kanak did that big wrong to break relation???? hate Uma

  4. Thanks for the fast update……………….waiting eagerly for 6 pm Hotstar telecast……..Also dying to know what are the 7 virtues Kanak have to accept…

    1. U can get details of 7 virtue of a wife in first epi,wn uma explain patni dharm to all jodi n kanak will oppose it
      In precap kanak is feared how to fullfill 4th rule i.e. to make him happy??

      1. Thanks Bhaana….

  5. Oh god kanak is crying n running behind uma??
    I accept uma is right,but he is too stubborn n now he will force to follow the rules of a wife , y he cant wait for her to accept him
    Again she is forced to live with him to get shop papers,its too much.

  6. VINAL

    Thanks amena for fast updates
    I hate this attitude of uma first he forcefully married kanak now he want kanak should follow all his rules
    And Writes please show kanak like brave & intelligent girl like sandhya rathi

    1. VINAL

      Is this what you call a Nayi soch

    2. You are right? I am just ???

    3. I meant You are right. Not “?”? Sorry

    4. Aarti32

      Exactly..y is she so dependent on Uma!!

  7. Now Kanak falls in Uma’s trap…………

  8. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Very nice episode! I love Uma’s anger and finally Kanak realized her mistake. Now Tu sooraj mai sanj piya ji get started. Waiting egarly for tomorrow’s episode!

    1. Wow! You love Uma’s anger and the torture it will bring upon Kanak the Evil. Well good for you I guess. Keep loving the anger and hope you’ll have a great time seeing a girl being trained to perform well.

  9. Enough of this nonsense writers! Kanak should be be shown as a mature intelligent intelligent individual and not a immature girl who resorts to cheap nonsense tricks.
    Palomi is being shown as very smart and cunning. Uma has already started listening to her.

    Uma should be the one chasing after Kanak not the other way around.
    Instead we’re being shown these childish pranks etc.

    We want to know who the woman is that took Bahbo shop by fraud and gave it to Uma?
    I don’t believe Uma stole the shop but I believe there are people around him who see him as God and will do anything for him and even commit crimes without his knowledge.

    1. Mishre Meenakshi s daughter is the one along with adithya Uma ‘s bro took away the shop from Bhabho cheating both Bhabho and Uma & eloped to start their new life.

  10. He got her!!!
    Game , set & match to Uma Shankar

    Kanak was never a match for him, he is older, worldly & a business man, she is fresh faced out of college

    1. Hmm…good point. There is 10 years of age and experience gap between the characters …and the actors? He got her ??? My girl lost.???

  11. You are right Parmeen……………In one of the episode Masisa truly said that what Uma is planning Kanak don’t have ability to think of it………..

  12. I am heartbroken. Seeing female subjugation and suppression depresses me due to the effects of it I have seen around me. Kanak made some foolish decisions but “the seven virtues” of a wife!!! Oh my God! And I feel terrified to see that there are women who will cheer this decision of Uma. That is why the thinking never changes and the woman must stay indoors to wash underpants.?But beta Kanak, shop to chaahiye. Pehle hi 16 days aadarsh naari ban ke rehnaa thaa. Now go face the torture of the tyrant. ? What also scares me is that on screen, viewers usually see male domination as s*xy, attractive, and appealing. It truly fills me with fear. I guess I’ll take a break for some time. Nice job actors.

  13. Nonsense they r showing in every episode.
    How could uma took things back which he already gifted to kanak?? Uma is not letting her go with shop papers
    Uma is leaving no opportunity to insult kanak n everytime he’s showing himself n his dharm superior.
    And now he is forcing her to folow all patni dharm.. Its getting too much now
    Now even if kanak wil try to prove herself an ideal wife bt palaumi n payals mom wil create problms for her
    N uma won’t believe kanak for sure..?
    Hate u uma

  14. It is a shame , that the writers did put this alchohol seen in, as it shows Kanak as very immature. but it is as you say Diyarbakir, what will Kanak be forced to do now.

    If she conforms to Uma’ way of thinking then he will have lost Kanak & who she truly is

    Marriage needs some messing around by couples / jokes etc

  15. Sorry I meant Diyaa. Please accept my apologie

  16. What a crap!! 7 virtues my foot!! What does this uma think of himself? 1st of all he married Kanak forcefully and now forcing her to fulfill all the 7 virtues of a wife. I’ve started to hate this serial for showing such nonsense. This is too much. Now we all have to see Kanak fulfilling all these just to get the shop papers back. This uma is no doubt intelligent but he still lives in stone age. He values nothing more than his DHARM. For him his DHARM is everything, bigger than life even. Forcing a woman to be in a failing/fake relationship is also a DHARM for him. He might not have stolen the shop papers but still Kanak must teach him a lesson so that he realizes women’s importance and start seeing them as his equal and not DAASI.

  17. today’s episode was awesome…….looking forward to tomorrow’s episode…

  18. How is Kanak going 2 fulfill d 7 virtues…hard task ahead…would miss the way of Uma going behind Kanak

  19. Mira_dewi

    I hate what Uma did today, but dont know why i cant blame him, His family and villagers always treat him like a Lord, but Kanak success hurts his pride, nobody ever insult him before, Kanak is the only one …

    Im agree with Kanak did, she must give up for today, you can’t fighting with an angry monster, if you did, game will be over

    When i saw a few episodes ago, I thought Kanak begin crush on him, bcause 1.when she drunk she said Uma is handsome in different way & she realized sometimes Uma is kind like her father, 2.when Uma left her, she looks despondent, its not because Bhabho’s shop paper only, i guess, 3.when she ran & asked a Lady about Uma, she said “he is my Husband”, but it can be only my imagination ??

  20. Mira_dewi

    Naveens, im agree with you about Palumi, she’s very smart & cunning … And there’s something mysterious about her past, i guess

    Adr ever asked why Palumi wear a lot of make up?? I ask the same question to my self about that ?? …

    Then in 19th jun episodes, when Uma asked about her feeling lived in his house, she said “when everyone rejected me, you have given me place and respect in your house” … So, who’s everyone rejected her??? What was she did or who is she??

  21. stupid and irritating serial. why the show makers want to spoil the fame of part1.taking the sequel and spoiling the fame.

  22. uma did not force for doing anything he said that she should leave me alone . kanak did a mistake for making alcholic jalebi to make him say about bhabho shop truth then kanak say that i can do any test for uma but uma said that she can’t do any test and then uma accept kanak to do 7 virtue.

    1. Did he not force her into marriage? it is ok to force marriage then ask a woman to get lost if you dont like her later?

    2. Sorry to say but if Kanak did many mistake, Uma is also andhvishwaasi and ganvaar although sweet and lovable in many ways. Both are complex characters which is making story interesting.

  23. stupid and irritating serial, why the show makers are spoiling the fame of part 1 by taking the sequel

    1. I agree they r just spoiling the image of diya or bati hum by calling it predecessor or sequel of DABH
      there is no comparison between both the serials except forced mariage n opposite duos

  24. by telecasting this serial you are downgrading the women

  25. Kanak is been clearly trapped by uma but what I feel was uma could have given some more time to kanak to accept him wholeheartedly now he is somewhat again doing the same mistake of forcing her to do wife ‘s duties .I accept kanak did a great blunder .Again uma is dominating her.Love cannot happen by domination.But kanak no other way Rather than accepting uma conditions.Waiting for future story but one thing is little confusing the writers are showing uma as sooraj in one dimension and completely male chauvenist in another dimension.

  26. Plzzz serial ka time change Kar do raat me 8 ya 9 bje


    Subah y dopahar koMai dekh nhi pta hu plzz

  27. ok, Kanak did mistake by making alcohol jalebi. She apologized. When will Uma apologize for fircing marriage? If he got sign from God, then like a decent person why he did not take marriage proposal to Kanak’s family? What sort of dharam is this? And she is not leaving now because she thinks he is a don type person who somehow fraudingly took bhabho’s thumbprint because she knows that Bhabho will never do it willingly. So that is the reason she does not leave him when she gets a chance. Also, in your society, man can marry a woman when he thinks it is right then just leave her on street to go away if she does not please him? If it is not working out, divorce her. Give her her due rights. He was the one dying to get married to her. Now divorce her properly not throw away like a pair of shoes that does not fit and bite the feet. Uma has some very nice qualities but his attitude towards women is horrifying!! This is just a show for entertainment I know and it is interesting to see such stories of opposite characters coming together. I am enjoying it actually. But some great women(or are they actually men?) here saying Uma has done no wrong, Kanak is all at fault. My God! Not even God can save this society and here, women will always be considered man’s servant.

  28. Agree with vinothoni, since Uma is a ideal husband so he expects his wife to be ideal too and he gave her 2 chances to leave him and go, kanak stayed back and in today’s episode she accepted to take a test to rectify her mistake, for a religious person like Uma alcohol is a big NO, NO, . I think Umas fault is to forcibly marry kanak and expects her to adjust. However the story is going it’s truly entertaining with good acting and actors, Rhea Sharma and Avinash Rekhi are indeed brilliant as characters of Uma and Kanak .

  29. In today’s world to follow such 7 virtues is not possible, Uma lives in a old age , misfit for this generation ?. He should change to some extent.

  30. I do not agree with you. Uma is at fault, he is very shrewd & knows what he wants & how to get it. It is not acceptable to force a woman at any stage.

    I think the writers are trying to show him as a ‘mills & boon ‘ character, but no mills & boon I have read has used ‘dharma’ as an excuse.

    The way forward is to use his dharm against him, his teachings against him, & pretend to ‘tow the party line’ & then ‘sock him ‘ once the shop,is in her name

  31. Adr

    Omggg can’t wait for Wednesday’s episode…Tuesday’s episode’s recap is killing me..ohh man..how did Uma get to know Kanak’s shop???

  32. Mira_dewi

    Adr, how did you know about all of this things?? Would you share more Pleeaaseee ??

    1. Adr

      Hi dear,since I’m not in india..I can’t watch TSMSP here in tv..so I watch it on hotstar website..so every morning 8:30 I can watch it..

  33. I think Uma knows that Kanak is mainly concerned about the shop…………………thats why he told that he has stopped registry……………….He knew Kanak will come behind him knowing that and agrees to his terms and conditions……………….

  34. Adr

    He will give sweets to Kanak n say this sweet is from ur shop kanak mishtan bandar….I was like ?? she’s DEAD.. ??

    1. Mira_dewi

      Lucky you Adr Ji, are you premium member?? ?

      Whaaat, Uma gives Kanak’s sweets to her??? Its mean finally Uma relized about Kanak’s motives?? Omg ??

    2. Nothing is like that adr..
      He said it bcos kanak choose that shop for her future security n now she s the owner of shop
      May b that’s y he was calling it ” ur shop”

  35. Hey navi I completely agree with u.
    What uma have done is completely intolerable. He always forces kanak to accept his conditions n rules which irritates me alot . I know its just a serial but I think its true also bcoz in some villages (in rajasthan n hariyana I guess)I think its happens thats why makers r making us aware of all these things.
    Sometimes uma look like a gentleman when he cares for kanak n saves her from masisa. But suddenly he acts like a monster. He did all this drama of leaving kanak alone in village just to force her to follow his 7 stupid virtues of ideal wife. How could he ??
    Hope writers won’t spoil the show by showing kanak as an ideal wife who can do anything for her husband’s will.instead of it they should focus on uma to change his 3 class ideology.I hate all that 7 virtue specially that 4 one.
    Well waiting how uma’s thinking will change n he starts respecting women n give them equal rights n place like men.

  36. When Uma went to Kanak Mistanna Bhandar for the first time , he saw the diya he bought from store which swapped with lantern bought by Kanak………………………I think from that time he knew that Kanak is related to the shop ……………….And that’s why he named her Kanak in the puja ………….

  37. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I think Kanak will change Uma and his family with the flow of time. Now Kanak will be matured & handle the situation with Patience &respect. Again modern girl will change Orthodox family. That’s the beauty of the show.

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