Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak and Uma Search For Palomi

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma shows Kanak’s drawn sketch to Mangesh and asks if he can tell where this place is. Mangesh checks and asks why they want to go to this place. Mangesh asks why do he want to go to this place. Uma says his friend will meet them there. He says what happened to him, he means his hotel, hotel has everything. Kanak says their friend told it is an entertainment street. Mangesh asks her to call him Mangayyysh. She says ok Mangayyysh and requests him for handsome hunk Uma’s sake. Mangesh’s eyes sparkle and says this place is called the walking street, it is a very hanky panky street with bars, spa, massage…she knows what he means. She says okay okay. He asks her to protect his handsome hunk. Kanak leaves with Uma smiling.

Kanak with Uma walks

on Walking Street smiling. Uma sees men paying attention to her and says Kanak she will smile at only him, she can consider it as his jealousy or right. She smiles and says she likes it. A Thai man says lovely couple, wife or girlfriend. Uma says wife and Kanak girlfriend. Man says usually people get this confusion in Bangkok, says enjoy and walks away. Kanak sees same logo on a building and tells Uma that Palomi must be somewhere around.

Palomi is seen dancing in a bar on Desi Look Pe. Kanak and Uma search her around. Palomi thinks papa was coming here, let her call him. She takes someone’s phone and calls. Kanak identifies her voice. Aditya comes just then and drags Palomi away. Kanak says he heard same background music and Palomi is somewhere here. She hears man talking on phone and asks where did the woman go. He says someone dragged her way. Kanak tells Uma that means Palomi was brought here forcefully. They see a man dragging Palomi with him and identify him as Aditya, but don’t make an effort to catch them. Palomi on the other side tries to free herself and tells Aditya that they tricked and brought her here. She goes into flashback where Maasi in morgue asks her to get up now, she is proven dead in police records and Uma is in jail in her murder case. Palomi opens eyes and says Maasi told she will get back Uma to her, so she helped her, but she does not want Uma in trouble. Maasi says if Uma stays in jail for sometime, Kanak will be alone and then they can kill her easily, Uma will be shattered, then she can come out in open and shower her love on Uma and take him to Bangkok forever. Out of flashback, Palomi continues resisting and asks to leave her, she wants to go and prove Uma innocent. Aditya says she is just a puppet and is brought here to be misused. He drags her away. Kanak tells Uma that only Palomi can prove his innocence and expose Maasi’s heinous act.

Kanak and Uma return to hotel room. Rani returns and says she got a big surprise for them and giving file says she got Matruved pharma’s owner’s office, house, club address and every detail. Uma checks and Kanak asks how did she get it. Rani says she told Mangesh that Uma wants it. Mangesh likes Uma and got all the info. Uma angrily tries to leave. Kanak asks where is he going. Uma says to meet Maasi. Kanak says they already spoke in the morning that he cannot meet Maasi like this, first they have to plan well and expose her, they have to follow their plan. Uma stops..

Kanak and Uma are shocked to see Maasi coming out of swimming pool wearing swimming costume. She promotes Matruyeda’s new infertility treatment medicine to reporters. Uma angrily walks towards her.

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  1. Today just enjoyed Uma’s jealousy,possessiveness & confection for his love for only Kanak At least mangesh is helping them out in their search for Masisa & Poullomi Guess need some humor in the show ?? Showing Poullomi & Adithya was a waste of time Rani is helping them find information on Masisa though Uma’s anger is starting to show and wants to deal with the situation his way fight & confrontation which would not work as usual Kanak makes him understand ??

  2. Bhaana

    Angry uma is back in bkk, maasi used his anger intentionally earlier, now Kanak tries to console him to plan well.Kanak wants to beat maasi in her style?
    Kanum cute interaction n a small glance of jealous uma, Rani smart move love to see her part more, Mangesh n mangayyysh was too funny, so many plus points today.
    Adi dragging palomi…omg wat this man upto too violent
    Precap, maasi modern look??
    Hope we get some light scenes to cool ourselves.

  3. I feel this story in Bangkok is a continuation of what was going on in Ladnu just different locations Only thing now Uma on Kanak’s side that’s the difference They brought Sumer Singh for a break but we are going to see the same evil Masisa, Aditya & Poullomi in modern attire need a different story soon or it’s going to get stagnant Yes we see KanUma in new attire too which is nice but that’s not who they really are no more dhoti bro Hope they divert from this Masisa track & one with KanUma life

  4. very nice episode…Uma’s jealousy omg i loved it Avi and rhea mentioned that there will be lot of romance coming up in upcoming episodes waiting..really aditia is amazing what a character omg!! i love to see kanum vs aditia and nanda..go kanum! defeat this evil woman

  5. Hi friends… I am back after many days away from the tu page, but I have continued to watch tsmsp… the serial really hasn’t developed how I had hoped, but pleased to say Uma & kanak’s chemistry is still striking ❤️ They were looking so cute as they walked together side by side, Kanak has turned into Uma’s rock & they both looked so comfortable next to each other, all the awkwardness has disappeared from their relationship & it truly feels like they have accepted each other for what they are ❤️…. I loved the jealousy/possessive scene… it was so lovely to see our original sweet insecure Uma is still under the modern attire…although I must admit i am liking Uma’s new look, he is looking super hot ?.. it seems avinesh rekhi can carry anything off ????

    I’m finding the track on a whole nonsensical… forcing myself to remember it’s a Indian tv serial so anything goes ?, I am really glad that Sumer Singh has disappeared from our screens… however I’m still waiting for the day Maasisa’s chapter comes to an end & she finally gets what she deserves.

  6. another good episode …This episode was awesome, I loved it from the first to last minute. what I loved the most was the sweet jealous and possesive Uma. Regarding Masisa, Uma now is determined to destroy her and her usurped empire. he trust kanak only now! waiting dor the next

  7. i want uma tight slap to nanda

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