Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Will Kanak Expose Nanda Maasi?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma gives 10 lakhs rupees to Maasi. Maasi says he is giving his hard earned money to her, will he not ask where will she use them. He says for her, trust means Maasisa and betrayal means Kanak Rathi. Maasi says he should start a new life and move ahead. Gabbasa informs car is ready, and Maasi walks along. Kanak searches Maasa all around house and asks Suman if she saw Maasa. Suman asks her to relax as Maasi took Maasa to Jodhpur hospital for check up. Kanak says Uma is treating Maasa. Suman says Maasi takes Maasa to Jodhpur ayurvedic hospital every 3 months. Kanak says Maasa’s life is in danger. Suman asks her to relax, Maasi hates Kanak as she tried to change house rules got Uma arrested in Pushkar.

Maasa lying on car seat signals for water. Maasi picks water

bottle and takes it towards Maasa’s mouth and herself drinks it. She then drops water and tells Gabbasa that didi wants water, but it fell down. Gabbasa says he got water. Maasi stops car seeing temple and says she will go and pray for Maasa while Gabbasa can feed water to Maasa. She walks to telephone booth and calls someone.

Kanak searches for clue and finds Maasa’s hospital report. She goes to Uma and showing report says it is Maasa’s hospital report. Uma asks from where did she get it. She says she found it in Maasa’s room and Maasi left it by mistake, and since Maasi might have gone far away, they should go and give report. Uma says he will and yells they are staying in 1 room till divorce and she should not show her rights on him. Once he leaves, Palomi enters and taunts Kanak that Uma went wearing her favorite red kurta, so she is indirectly going with Uma. She reminds Kanak of her slap and says it is a revenge.. Kanak walks out and stands near car. Uma asks what is she doing here. She says he must be in a hurry to meet lawyer for divorce proceedings, so she will come along and give report to Maasi on the way. Uma angrily agrees. She sits next to him and silently touches grease on gear and touches Uma’s kurta and apologizes him, asks to go and change it. Uma goes to chance. Palomi fumes in jealousy. Uma drives. Kanak checking report asks if Maasi really takes Maasa to hospital. Uma gets angry and warns her not to talk bad about Maasi again. Kanak thinks what Maasisa must be up to, whom she is going to meet in lieu of taking Maasa to hospital.

Maasi calls her son/Aditya repeatedly. He picks call late and complains that he had to run a lot last night, so he is tired and sleeping. She says she tricked Uma and grabbed 10 lakhs from him. Aditya laughs that Ladnu’s genius is a biggest fool. Maasi says Uma blindly obeys her, once he diverted, but she got him on line again.

Kanak with Uma reaches hospital and telling Maasa’s name asks receptionist when is her appointment. Receptionist checks and says there is no appointment in that patient’s name. Kanak says Maasi’s name. Receptionist says not even in that name. Kanak asks how can it be and asks Uma where Maasi took Maasa then. Uma sits waiting for them in waiting area.

Vansh packs his bags to go to Dubai. Saras requests to take her along. He says their relationship is finished and he already told her brother what he was up to, so she should stop pestering him. Bhabo enters and scolds Vansh she told she does not need any problems at home and giving him tickets asks Saras to let him go. Vansh asks when he has to go. Bhabo says today.

Maasi eagerly waits for Aditya in parking lot. Municipality worker walks in spreading mosquito repellent smoke. Maasi leaves. Smoke spreads into car and Maasa feels suffocated. Maasi returns and taunts Maasa that she has already made her life hell, so she must be waiting to die. She feeds water to Maasa when Aditya comes and knocks car window. Maasi nervously turns and gets happy seeing him. Kanak comes out fuming that Uma is dumbly sitting in waiting area instead of understanding Maasi’s plan and is shocked to see Maasi with Aditya.

Precap: Kanak sees Maasi with Aditya, brings Uma to show them, but Maasi escapes. Saras asks Vansh to touch sindhoor bowl before leaving to Dubai, so that she can apply it till he returns. He throws sindoor and says this his her place in his life. Kanak asks Maasi who was the man whom she was feeding laddoo.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks for fast update..

  2. Thanx for the fast update MA? Lol..as I mentioned in my previous comment, it turned out to be an Ayurvedic Hospital ? nothing much to tell on this episode.. it’s just 1/30 days.. so we can expect Maasisa to escape and our laadno ka Kohinoor Dr Uma insulting Mrs laadno ka Kohinoor Kanak? Vansh is angry I understand but why is saras talking too much sentimental stuff to him when she knows he will shout at her back? I feel bhabo has some plan for vansh and saras.. let’s wait and watch..

    1. Right, it’s an Ayurvedic hospital as u said?
      Kohinoor? continue n this is not one day may be 1-3 hour as we all know how long one day will b in our show?

      1. Yes Bhaana?By new year our 30 days will be done?

  3. Chalo baaki to they have turned this into a B grade thriller movie from 80s, still chalo thriller ke naam pe insaan dekh bhi le. But this Kanak Palomi jealousy and competition track is so dumb and stupid. Fighting over whose choice of kurtaa that hairless chested freakish religious fanatic will wear. Sheesh. now all gush over how clever Kanak is that she put graese on kurtaa made him change and won this round from Palomi :)) But I guess the 7pm crowd they are writing such stuff for likes this kind of stuff. I mean I still remember the ridiculous tracks of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. Meera maried her sisters father in-law and became her sister’s mother in law while the birth mother of her broher in law lived under the same roof and she fought for her sindoor and what not. heehee. TSMSP has to live up to that …Masi is the new Gaura …and Vansh drama and that patheic Saras …This show will do well…it has all the right elements for this time-slot- Kanak the new Gopi bahu… soclever and devious …wow!!! Haters gonna hate and foolish obsessers gonna gush. and random observers gonna enjoy the spectacle.

  4. Hi All story line is moving fast, sad to hear from spoilers one old cast member from original series parting. This is just my opinion but if Payal does get married to Ved could she be the new villain .Her Mum is a really bad influence and could influence her and cause major problems with in laws and Kanak, another far fetched opinion could Uma Massisa’s have killed Uma’s Father and uncle if she has plans to kill her own sister she is certainly capable to kill her brother inlaw, as stupid as it sounds could this series run for 40 minutes each episode.I must admit I never expected during early part of series that Uma’s Massisa’s to be this evil, I also feel which ever way that there should be one family elder in Uma/Kanak household it would also be nice for Kanak’s Grandmother to come and stay with her and vice versa as this is a family orientated series .Poor Uma will be devastated once all this truth comes out as his massisa has been like a Mum and Dad I think in this situation most peoplewould be devastated

    1. Hi gurmeet! I too assumed Payal may b future vile in rathi house.

  5. Bhabo tells kanak that uma loves her so much n can b her support system if ever she faces problems in her life he can do anything to protect her……but today episode we found kanak is playing role as hero n uma is like a fool bcs of masisa made him so from childhood n playing with his emotions. ….but wen the truth come out then we can see new uma who surely love,reapect n support her in every situations in her life..

  6. Hi All series is moving forward. Sad to hear from spoilers one old cast member of original series is leaving.could Uma’s massisa have killed his Dad and uncle, Uma will be devastated when he finally finds out about his massisa as she has been both his mother and father figure.I wish the series could run for 40 minutes.I hope that Uma’s/Kanak household will have one parent figure in household and that Kanak’s Grandmother can visit her and vice versa.If Payal does marry Ved, the influence of her own mum could cause a lot of issues in RathI household

  7. Bhaana

    Nothing interesting or worthy today? please come to conclusion soon on maasisa or send kanak to rathi house, I know war has started now only but I want to read the last page soon, kya kare I’m mad about kanum…it was long been I heard the title song please play it soon? so that I can remember why I started to see this show.

    1. Meera1

      You are right bhaana, we need some ‘nokh jokh’… I’m hoping Uma starts to soften around Kanak so we get some Kanum moments soon ?

  8. if this new entry is aditya, then payal is maasisa’s daughter-in-law. But maasi is not showing any affection towards her. what sort of woman she is, what are her plans? In the early episodes her character was not so negative. will she harm her sister?

    1. Well Maasisa will be our future serial killer? her intention is not just to harm her sister but rather to kill whole toshniwal family ??

    2. Mariam Khalifa

      Van… even I am confused…if maasisa was meant to be such a mastermind from the start, then why did she allow Uma to get married in the first place ?…it doesn’t make sense. I did really like her character before all this evilness, but I guess in every show there’s a vamp, so especially after today’s antics, we’ve got to accept tjat she’s evil to the core & the root cause of all the problems.

  9. Meera1

    I liked how Kanak handled Palomi – it was great seeing the smile wiped off her face…if only Kanak used her brain with the whole maasisa situation, there is no way that Uma is ever going to hear a bad word against Maasisa, so why bother… save your breath Kanak -seeing is believing, hopefully you will manage to catch maasisa in the act at some point (& as this is only day 1of 30, im guessing it’s going to be at least another 29 episodes before you manage to catch her out ?). from the spoilers it looks like Kanak will start to use her brainpower to outsmart maasisa in future episodes.
    Over at the Rathi parivaar Saras is starting to irritate me… vansh has made his feelings for her clear, so it’s obvious he was never going to take her along to Dubai … I too think Bhabho has a plan, hopefully it involves Saras standing up to Vansh.

  10. Hi All (Inconclusive result to both divorces) if Vansh Grandmother makes sure he gets drunk and then has to share bed with Saras and she becomes pregnant, my ideas are terrible and apologies if this is totally unacceptable. But he would not allowed to get divorced by both families, and an early end to both divorces

  11. Not much happened in today’s episode Just Kanak winning over the Kurta wiped that smirk ? off Paullomi way to go Uma if you are the kohinor of landu you are not shining that bright you are kinda dull How can you give that much money to Masisa without even asking kinda dum As someone mentioned Masisa would be Payal mother in law but no one corrected her.Kanak it looks like Uma is going to need a lot of convincing regarding Masisa evil plan hope she would be caught along with Adithi Can’t see Payal is Adhiti type either As for Vansh he is behaving idiotic bet Bhabho plans to send Saras with him like a honeymoon which Uma & Kanak never had Yes miss the small interaction between the two what happened to first becoming friends then lovers then husband & wife??? The story has completely done a wrong turn ??Hope Uma slightly believe Kanak & think something fishy is going on Don’t know how long this 30 days are going to last more like 3 months pls end this Masisa & Paullomi track soon getting tedious to watch

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