Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak And Uma’s Jungle Encounter

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumer warns Uma to come midway while he sends Bhabho. Uma and Bhabho meet midway. Uma touches Bhabho’s feet and takes her blessings. Sumer yells if saas-damad’s drama is finished, Uma can come to his side. Uma goes on his side. Sumer’s goons catch Uma and points guns at others. Uma says it is cheating. Sumer says for the first time his prey mad him run so long and that is because of Uma’s wife. He shoots at Kanak, and she bends down and escapes. Uma kicks Sumer and he falls down. Goons catch Uma. Sumer snatches Ved’s gun. Weak Ved stands helpless as usual. Sumer boasts let him see what Uma eats and provokes Uma to fight. Uma royally trashes Sumer. Sumer coughs up blood and orders goons to kill Uma. Kanak picks gun and points at Sumer and

warns him to back off. Sumer boats women cannot use guns. Kanak shoots near his feet and he gets afraid. Uma says she is right, he cannot prove himself innocent staying here and someone like Sumer will trouble him, so it is better to stay out of police custody and prove his innocence. Vansh as usual says Kanak and Uma are doing wrong. Kanak warns Sumer to order his puppets to drop guns and open car door. Sumer does. Kanak and Uma speed away in car. Police reaches and catches Sumer and his goons. Sumer shouts he will not spare anyone.

Kanak and Uma speed car away. Kanak asks where will they go now. Uma says they cannot even go to Bangkok now and has to find some other way. Car stops. Uma checks and says they have to leave car here and run. They run and reach a secluded home. Kanak asks to break lock and open the door.

Vansh and Bhabo reach home. Rani praises Uma that he taught goon Sumer a nice lesson. Payal (as usual forgets Uma’s favors) and yells everyone are worried about Uma and supporting his wrongdoings, wile Ved’s job is in danger because of Uma. Bhabho says everyone is right in this situation and gives her explanation, shutting Payal’s mouth and leaving her fuming.

Uma and Kanak enter house and see Kanak’s photos all over the wall. Uma says someone living here hates Kanak a lot. Their discussion continues when someone hits their heads. They fall down and identifies him as Gabbasa.

Precap: Uma says Gabbasa’s daughter lives in Thailand, Kanak says Bangkok is in Thailand and says Uma will disguise as Gajendra Singh and she will disguise as his wife and they will go to Bangkok. Sumer searches Uma and shouts he will kill Uma.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi all TSMSP fans,Watched today’s episode and it was full of action, I loved it! I was hoping that Sumeir Singh will help KanUm after listening to their story but it was my dream which can never be fulfilled.
    Yes I remember dt house in which KanUm entered,it’s the same house where Vansh had given something to Saras ( mehendi or bangles) don’t remember exactly what was it.
    I guess it’s Palomi’s house and she is Gabbasa’s daughter.
    Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes!!!!!

    1. hello dear..how are you.. yeah very nice episode full of action can’t wait for umcoming episodes too.. i love tsmsp and kanum

    2. You are correct the house looked familiar but there were other buildings nxt to it though Vansh feed Saras Kheer & gave bangles

  2. Candiva007

    That Payal, she should have stayed married to Aditya. She’s so stupid. I see she’s starting to become her mother. At first I loved that she got married to Ved but now I think she’s going to be the evil that tries to break the Rathi house.

  3. Good nice episode

  4. Good nice episode wat to say

  5. I’m big fan of bhabhooo…I watch season 1&2only for my fav bhabhooo

  6. Payal ki bakwas jyada hogaya. Payal always blames others. First uma, second vansh, now whole family.she is just nonsense character

    1. Exactly Sri u r right she is just a useless lady she never fights for right she just know one thing to blame others for everything go wrong around her

  7. Where r u guys Divya bhaana vj Meera & neha

    1. Bhaana

      Hi dear.. little busy n tired moreover nothing commentable nowadays kanum keep on running, still watching ?

    2. Bhaana

      Love you n miss u?
      Have a good day shreya??

      1. Oh love u too have a great day dear ?

  8. Action filled episode Officer Kanak showed whose daughter she is anything to save her husband Thank god Uma decided to run ? with Kanak Ved had the nerve to shoot his own sister & brother in law Who made Payal head of Rathi household comes down with hands folded pathetic if she is so worried ? about Ved’s job maybe she could go back to that dancing she did for Aditya she was good at that ???Get a job woman!!! Been in the house for a second & acts like the boss take a chill pill Glad Bhabho put her in her place That house KanUma entered looked spooky like a haunted house from a movie though poor Uma watched only one till now that was hilarious ? Gabassa had to appear sometime more shocking for Uma though all those pictures of Kanak on the wall probably it could have been Poullomi doing She might be Gabassa daughter???Anything is possibly Uma is going to travel in disguise Interesting

  9. Think Payal’s head it growing too fast it might explode ???Do you think she has any connection with Masisa too as she is the only odd person in that house???

  10. very good episode ..poor uma after Masi’s betrayal it’s time for Uma to face Gabbasa’s betrayal as well. too many shocks for KanUm. payal selfish woman I hope saras show her real place .The action was great, it was actually nice to see Summer Singh being beaten lol.

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