Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma’s Romantic Gift For Kanak

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya strangulates Kanak and shouts how is she feeling now, he could not kill her then, now he will. Ved with his consitables beats Aditya warning him to leave Kanak. Aditya continues laughing and tightening his grip on Kanak’s neck. Constables pull him away and trash him with sticks. Ved asks Kanak if she is fine. She says yes and says she got Aditya punished and and finished her 50% plan, she has to finish remaining 50% plan on Maasi.
Uma goes to lingerie shop to buy a gift for Kanak. Salesman asks what he needs. Uma says he needs special gift for his fiance. He hears ladies praising Layla lingerie brand and asks salesman to give Layla. Salesman says it is ladies’ favorite brand and asks what size he neesd. Uma shows doll and says that size. Salesman

asks what color. Uma says whichever is bestelling color in his shop. Salemsan says red and black. Uma asks to pack both colors. Salesman packs lingerie in a speical gift pack and gives it to him.
Kanak thinks how to know Maasi’s plan and acting as speaking over landline loudly says Aditya misbehaved with policemen and was punished brutually, he has to guard police dogs. Maasi says she knows Kanak’s plan, speaks to someone over landline. Kanak asks if she confirmed the news, says she heard Aditya has to guard dogs and he is afraid of dogs.

Bhabho tells family that she is tired of working even at this age and wants to distribute responisbilities among younsters. Payal says it is a good idea and says Ved takes care of whole house. Bhabho says she is right and gives her home keys. She then gives shop responisbillity to Vansh. Payal laughs and says Vansh is still small, how will he take responisbility of shop. Bhabho says Saras will help Vansh, and they both will take up responsibility together.
Uma returns home with gift box. Shiv snatches it and runs. Uma runs behind him. Shiv says he will return box only if he promises to get him sweets tomorrow. Uma agrees. Kanak walks in. Shiv says he will not go as he has to guard them both. Kanak says she will get chaat pakodi. Shiv happily runs away. Kanak asks why he was bribing a child. Uma says Shiv has become mishievous and gives her gift box, asks too wear it right now. She walks into changing room and seeing ligerie asks if he is sure what he brought. He says yes it is Layla, he heard women talking about it. She comes out wearing overcoat. He sees model photo on box and shies, says he did not see what it is and just believe women saying every woman likes it. Kanak asks him to look at her. He closes eyes. She removes overcoat and shows she is wearing a sari. She taunts him and says she will remember this gift whole life.

Precap: Maasi tells Aditya he has to bear torture for 8 days, after that they both will escape. Kanak hears that and thinks what is Maasi’s plan. Kanak’s friend challenges her that she will lure Uma to give her a gift.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yes was too cute and innocent kanak is too naughty and mischievous both are very sweet couple?Laayla woman’s best friend ?uma buying that ??his expression after seeing that lingerie box was hilarious .Umashankar buying lingerie for kanak ?oh his I could even control my laughter while seeing it uma s’reaction was top and this naughty kanak was a treat to watch she is teasing him too much?Umashankar dharam brasht hogaya?(LOL)
    Smart bhabho brilliant move to handover KMB to vansh-saras?payal is simply iritating she wants to be bossy ?wherever she is vansh cannot even understand payal is taunting him.Hope Sara’s make him to a responsible man soon.Massisa is multi talented. ?her next plan is ready in eight days she is going to furrr with Adithya to Thailand.Hope kanak join the dots soon to find about nayi saal ki nayi shuruvat?

    1. Bhaana

      Umashankar dharam brasht hogaya??

  2. I mean uma was so cute and innocent

  3. All in all an enjoyable episode. The whole Laayla drama was ok and funny in parts mostly because of Avinesh Rekhi’s expressions and dialogue delivery in shop and then in his room. What I liked was the understanding between them so that Kanak understood that Uma couldn’t have bought that and came out wearing a sari(which was very pretty by the way) Rathi house drama was well done. I liked how Ved was stern when Payal laughed at Bhabho give the shop to Vansh. That drama is brewing well. I hope CVs won’t make Payal too villanous.

  4. Bhaana

    Just now watched it…too hilarious ??
    Whole Lyla sequence was so funny, kanak first tensed by uma choice n then teased him at his innocence.Uma n shiv fighting was too cute.
    Why vansh is not mature enough to take his responsibility hope bhabho succeed in her attempt n teach a lesson to payal.
    Have a good day guys? and happy new year in advance❤❤❤???????

    1. Wish u a very happy New year banana ??❤?

  5. hello divyaa ,would you like to be friend with me because i need your help in this show to sort out this upcoming track is kanak is not still find out about massisa plan for medicine formula and second one is i have seen this picture aditya run away from jail and ved catching him,suddendly gabassa help aditya and beat ved escape both aditya and gabassa. i think kanak will find out about massisa plan and switch file and medicine formula and then massisa will take duplicate medicine and go to bangakok or she get trouble.

    1. Hi vinothini why not dear I am always ur friend what u guessed is right Adithya and Massisa will escape to Thailand with the formula duplicate or real I am not sure kanak will chase them without telling the truth to uma this is my guess lets see what will happen.In BKk Massisa will get expose I guess i am sure uma action sequences and KanUm romance and the chasing will be all shown in BKk.

      Happy New year vinothini ❤❤????

  6. happy new year to divyaa

  7. Master move by Bhabo. Very shrewd thinker and very diplomatic. Responsibilities were given to both couples. Uma’s misunderstanding and embarrassment were amusing. Although his ultra shyness is a little surprising. He was anything but shy when he gave Kanak the final test for the ideal wife. But I guess his motive then was different. All in all enjoyable episode. Happy New Year to all.

  8. amazing episode i like it. uma and kanak what a couple i love them so much. happy new neay to all tspsp fans. love you all

  9. Hai..dear all……
    I am Geetha from kerala, Kochi……i am a fan of TSMSP……i always read your comments. …I think DBH was more interesting. ..but i like this also…..can you prople accept me as your friend?
    Actually i do not understand clearly all the dialogues in hindi…so i depends of your discussions snd comments..thank you all and wish you all a very Happy new year

    1. Hi geetha n welcome dear ? I agree with the fact that DABH was more interesting & waiting n hoping the same strong bond & understanding will soon develop between kanum..
      I will suggest u to watch the show online on hotstar too there u will get the English translation of each line dear?

  10. Hi geetha n welcome dear ? I agree with the fact that DABH was more interesting & waiting n hoping the same strong bond & understanding will soon develop between kanum..
    I will suggest u to watch the show online on hotstar too there u will get the English translation of each line dear?

  11. It was an entertaining episode Liked Kanuma Layla lingere bit was nice to see Kanak in saree again As for Bhabho she has figured out Payal glad Ved can also control her bit of a show off Hopefully Vansh will stop being little brother and take some responsibility Well like to wish all you guys a happy new year ! ??

  12. Well I am hoping that Masisa plans unfold in front of Uma soon so he will find out the real Masisa as it’s gone on for far too long how gullible can he be doesn’t portray an intelligent Uma though Kanak figured it in the few months she has been there Uma has been with her for years ? Want a new track in the new year

  13. Hi ….. Wish all TSMSP fans a very happy prosperous and peaceful 2018????!!!!
    Wish TSMSP will top the TRP chart this year!!!
    Love and success to all ds 2018 and the years to come ?

  14. Happy & prosperous New year to all my friends & fans of TSMSP????????

  15. Hi Friends Wish you all a very happy New Year ??And a Amazing 2018 with loads of happiness peace and success ?❤❤?.Tsmsp will sky rocket in trp charts soon ?

  16. Hi All………Wishing you all Happy New Year…..Great! year ahead 🙂
    Superb Episode…….Good going.
    Happy for KanUm 🙂
    Scary plan of Massisa and Adi 🙁

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