Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vansh Taking Advantage Of Saras?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak enters Balbrahmachariji’s room silently when Balbrahmachariji and Uma are meditating and walks away picking milk glasses. Vase falls by mitake. Uma opens eyes and holds it. She points at milk glasses. He keeps tray and takes her behind curtains and shuts her mouth. Balbrahmachariji completes meditation, drinks milk and then goes out wearing shawl. His disciples say palanquin is ready to go to temple. He leaves. Maasi and Palomi watch hiding and think how did not Balbrahmachariji see Kanak. Uma leaves Kanak and scolds her why did she enter Balbrahmachariji’s room when he warned not to. Maasi enters with Palomi. Kanak says there was lizard in Balbrahmachariji’s milk. Uma asks who prepared that milk. Kanak says Maasi. Uma says he has to take Balbrahmachariji

to his clinic and Maasi will be punished for her mistake. Maasi says when she prepared milk, there was no lizard in it, she herself taught religion to Uma, then how can she make mistake. Uma fumes and leaves followed by Kanak. Palomi says Maasi that Uma spoke to her loudly today. Maasi says it is Uma’s fear of losing Kanak.

At Rathi house, Meena stuffs Rani’s given money bundles into her pillow. Bhabho asks not to do that, else she will get neck sprain. Meena says she cannot stay without money. Bhabho suggests to stuff money in mattress. Meena happily stuffs money in mattress with Vikram’s help. Bhabho thinks Rani gave Meena’s money to gain Meena’s confidence. She blesses Rani and Golu and says she just wants her Golu’s happiness.

Saras after consuming Vansh’s sleeping pill mixed juice walks towards her room. Vansh changes his room number to Saras’. She walks in and sits on bed. He removes his shirt and hugs her thinking she did not want to touch him before marriage, now she will feel guilty. He loosens her blouse lace. In the morning, Saras wakes up and seeing shirtless Vansh hurriedly wears her dupatta, panics and asks what is he doing in her room. Vansh says she came to his room and forcefully hugged him and then consummated with him. She panics how can it be and runs out. Vansh smirks.

Palomi tells Maasi that her plan failed to bring Kanak in front of Balbrahmachariji, what will she do now. Maasi says she will use Payal now to trap Kanak. Uma gets Kanak’s bag ready to go to Pushkar. Kanak gets happy thinking Balbrahmachariji is going. Uma comes and she asks if Balbrahmachariji is going, then all women should hide in a room. Uma says she is going as he feels she should meet her family and spend some time with them. She happily hugs him and says she really wanted to meet her family, Vansh has selected her bhabhi. She part ways and apologizes that she became too emotional. Drama continues.

Precap: Uma tells Payal that if Kanak will know that he and Balbrahmachariji are in trouble, she will not go to Pushkar, Payal should think people’s intentions first before alleging them. Kanak hears that and tells Uma that she will not go to Pushkar.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks for the fast update MA? I don’t like vansh and Saras ka track.. I wish Kanak had left to pushkar? btw read the new spoiler.. sounds scary.. tharki shirumani ji wants Saras as his sevika?

    1. ? I saw that spoiler too & also upcoming is that maasisa goes to slap Kanak over it & Uma stops her ?

  2. Thanks for the fast update MA.

  3. Thanks for the fast update.

  4. Just loved Kanak she is full of energy when the rest are devious (Dual deviousness) Masisa & Pallomi .Pallomi acts like the idiotic spy. Vansh I thought you would be intelligent but just showed your cheap revenge no difference between Him & Maisisa. Saras to be sevika Uma open your eyes don’t be so blinded by this pathetic dharm You can follow dharm & live a normal life ???

  5. PLEASE give DETAILED written update MA..really thanks for giving fast update but needs detailed update of every scenes and dialouges..its a kind request to tellyupdate.Thanks in advance.

  6. This is the house of religion where they all forced kanak to follow their religion. So the way Maasi, palomi, Payal behave is what they learned from that religion????????! Please kanak, stand firm and do not fall into their trap. Writers, this was for you. Please bring some righteousness. All we see is the wrongs, the evil. It’s tiring. This track with the priest guy is nauseating.

  7. uma has some secret that is why she is sending to pushkar doesn’t what to know anything secret. idiot nanda and palomi thinking that plan is come infront of bb

  8. Pollami would be the best Sevika for this guru she would fit in just fine take her Pls ???

  9. Last part was nice…. Kanak is too cute she is full of energy… Uma started to raise his voice for kanak.
    Wondering when maasisa n palomi will b exposed? it’s irritating to see Chaal, sazish… and all.I too dislike vansh revenge mode hope he realizes soon.
    In future Saras escaped from Vansh but baba trying to make her sevika??
    Writers plz make the storyline interesting not scary..

  10. Just few mins back watched the new promo.. maasisa pushes Kanak in front of baba? y is maasisa acting so devilish??

  11. Vansh track is going well. He is doing exactly what a brother blind with fury over mistreatment and brainwashing of his baby sister would do…seek revenge by hook or by crook. He is wrong but justified. According to religious philosophy Sara’s is paying for cheering her brother in doing wrong with an unknown woman. Thanks though payback of karma. Uma is experiencing all this agony as a result of his wrongdoings and will bear more when he comes to know what happened to his sister. Good! I am glad. What goes around comes around. Writers are incorrigible. Now they are inventing this Sara’s sevika track to show that Vansh in a way saved Sara’s by his dirty drama. Since Sara’s will come back married and “impure” for swamiji. Few months later they will reveal to Sara’s that nothing really happened. In the mean time I hope they won’t show pathetic drama between Vansh and Sara’s. Please some maturity and good content. They have already ruined one couple. And yes, i too think this show would run for years. All horrible shows go on and in while sane viewers keep wondering what the heck! And good contemporary shows that don’t show bizzarre stories and endless cliche romance, go off air soon. So no doubt, tu Suraj is here to stay. If the story becomes logical and crimes actually get punished, audiences would cry about the loss of romance and the show will go off air. Artists and writers have homes to run, food to buy so the crap must go on!

    1. You write so well
      You gave me jokes seriously
      I was in stitches couldn’t stop laughing – GOOD ONE ?

    2. Thank you for the laugh Sim ???????

      1. ????there is no other way to handle the madness. I love the actors but I don’t have a blind crush on them that I would not critique what is blatantly a breaking of law. Thanks for appreciating my sense of humor Missy??

  12. Anyone who watched the new promo?? Maasisa pushes Kanak in front of baba.. ?

    1. not yet… Neha
      I expect some good event in promo they r not coming out of the way it seems…

  13. Loved the last scene, Kanak is such a live wire. Her character is so full of life & energy whilst Uma’s is so intense & deep..I love the contrast between them both…the playfulness of Kanak against the seriousness of Uma.
    It’s so heart warming to see Uma completely smitten by her jovial ways ❤️…
    Excellent casting – Rhea’s acting is so convincing & she bring so much life & energy to the show & as for Uma, Avinesh takes us on a journey with his expressions & charm… (he currently looks like he has the weight of the world in his shoulders trying to protect Kanak). I love the depth of his character, there’s so many layers yet to be unfolded.
    I fear that they have completely ruined Vansh’s character he is currently coming across as a complete moron, although I’m guessing Vansh isn’t successful in his plans if the upcoming track is about Saras turning into a sevika? Looking forward to watching more tsmsp to find out

  14. where can i watch the new promo i cant wait

  15. You are curious what will happen? Watch Guruji behavior . He is not the one to whom he presents himself. He does not condemn the oath of celibacy. He comes to the house as planned . Do not you wonder why this Sevika does not like Kanak ? It does not correspond to Kank’s greeting. Kanak suspects Guruji. She does not go to Pushkar.She understands that Guruji plays a double game before Umma.
    And now – the surprise ! Guruji will see Kanak and love her a lot.Umma understands this and is very worried . In order for Guruji not to take Kanak, Umma gives his sister to Sevika. Saraswati obeys. She wounds her hand and sprinkles it with salt. A shave ritual of the head begins. Kanak opposes this. Maassissa gets angry . She raises his hand to hit her. Umma accepts Kanak’s arguments . He stops the hand of Maassissa and defends Kanak….
    My opinion – I think all the series with this Guruji are another test for Umma’s love for Kank. This love becomes even stronger and more real. There is love between man and woman, a not respect and sympathy between husband and wife. This sweet Kanak does wonders with Umma ! …Do not you think ?

    1. that is what i thought too i know this guruji wiil fall in love with kanak and uma will come to his sense

  16. Bullshit how can Fraud Guruji love Kanak?
    Why would Uma sacrifice Saras to that Fraud Guruji?
    Uma should give Pallomi to Sevika instead

  17. ??to save his wife he gives his sister as Sevika?????What an exemplary character. As God’s sign he forcibly married a girl. The writers thought that would be romantic. Then when there was some outcry, to justify him they made the girl do all sorts of idiotic monkeying around so the viewers would be able to justify why he shouldn’t be punished for forced marriage. Now they have to show him as supreme lover and husband so they are showing him in knots about a swami snogging his wife . And now the possibility that he donates his sister. I so hope this is the actual storyline. It is very hilarious. What do the writers eat to come up with such great storyline. I am guessing mostly beans. That would explain the gas fogging their brain. Oh no but I apologize…this show is actually social service that is education on evil of society…right!?

  18. AparnaPrasad

    Hai guys. Iam commenting here for d first tym. I wasn’t a regular viewer of ds show. Can anyone tell me y Nanda is against Kanak. Palomi I understand she s obsessed wd uma. Is dr connection with Nanda and uma’s sick mom

    1. Welcome aparna☺..nanda is against kanak becaz she didn’t want uma to change from rules or beliefs by kanak..first nanda behaves good only..but after uma gets arrested and after kanak’s mission to change uma’s blind beliefs made nanda like this.NAnda wants whole family under her control only..I think she is big reason for uma’s mother ill condition and uma’s blindbeliefs…Hope kanak will change all this n makes family light up..

      1. AparnaPrasad

        Oh thank u Avanti.

    2. Hi AparnaPrasad…
      In my view, everyone in the house blindly follows dharam teached by nanda maasi… kanak is trying to change Uma n his family…. So to b in power and may b to get revenge after rathis insult her in pushkar she became cruel overnight.
      Yes we guess she may b reason for massa illness too…

  19. Please kana follow Jesup Christ the living God. Don’t follow this religion

    1. It is not the religion: it is the sheer ignorance and how this is used to manipulate families and devotees.
      This serial will have succeeded if it can portray that blind faith is not a substitute for being dharmic and religion does not say we have to mistreat women or any human being regardless of their class or creed in the name of religion.

  20. I think now vansh come to this scene n save her wife saras if he secretly married her……it ll hv good impression on uma otherwise it ll hv bad impact on uma n kanak married life if he knows someone else from their marriage .if massia n palumi come to know this they ll make issue……so plz do something good I this show. ….dont disappoint ur viewers..

  21. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode !But why massissa hate kanak and when palomi will be throne out from house.

  22. Masisa is after power and that is the only reason for her behaviour. She is using Palomi to get what she wants and is quite happy for Palomi to take over Kanak’s place as she can control Palomi but Kanak is not someone who follows anything blindly and is not afraid to speak up. As for the dhongi baba the sooner he exists the serial the better. Disappointed with Vansh but perhaps there will be a twist here as well so lets see what the story writers are going to feed us And above all I love the serial and am hooked!!!!!

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