Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Suspicion Grows

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya tells Maasi if Kanak joins all the clues and finds out about their relationship, then they will be in trouble. Maasi says experience is above all and she knows Kanak would search whole house in her absence, so she removed all photos and kept some other man’s photo. Kanak cleans dust from photo and sees some other man, thinks if this is Adity a then Maasi met whom and fed him laddoo. Maasa silently watches them lying on bed helplesslyl.

Palomi asks Uma how did he get injured. Kanak brings herbal paste and says in market. Maasi enters and says now that Kanak’s relationship with Uma has ended, she will be called as Ms. Rathi and she is free to wear anything she likes and gives Kanak new clothes. She asks Palomi to take herbal paste from Kanak and apply it on Uma.

Kanak stands shattered. Palomi tries to apply paste, but Uma stops her and says he will apply himself. Maasi asks Palomi to empty beendni’s clothes from Kanak’s cupboard and keep her new clothes, now she is free to wear she likes. Palomi picks Kanaks anklets. Uma stops her and picking it reminisces dorning it on Kanak and saying this is symbol of his love. He takes anklet along. Maasi forcefully gives new bags to Kanak. Kanak picks them sadly.

Kanak wears new dress. Uma passes and gets mesmerized seeing her new avatar. He then gets conscious and tries to leave. Kanak asks what happened. Uma says lawyer told they should find out 2 things about each other which they don’t know, so he himself will tell about him and says once in childhood while playing with Aditya, Aditya’s forehead was injured and with age, mark grew more deep and next.. Kanak stops him and says lawyer told they should find themselves. Uma says he will make sure divorce happens by 30 days.

Kanak reminisces Aditya’s childhood photo with Payal having forehead mark and one in Maasi’s room not having it, so she needs to find out real pic. She goes to Maasi’s room to check again, but Maasi catches her red handed and asks what is she doing here. Kaank says after she went, theif had come again, so she is guarding her room in her absence. Maasi says cheap thief searched her whole room and did not find anything, poor fellow. She warns Kanak not to enter her room again without her permission. Kanak leaves. Maasi sees photo clean and thinks when Kanak has seen it, then why did she come back to here.

Kanak asks Suman to go and get Aditya’s grown up photo from Maasi’s room. Suman says she cannot. Kanak asks if there is any other pic. Suman says when Aditya went missing, Uma gave a newspaper advertisement and that newspaper copy is in Uma’s room. Kanak wakes up at night and silently tries to pull Uma’s cupboard key. Uma hugs and holds her in sleep. She gets emotional but then picks key silently.

Precap: Kanak finds out Aditya’s newspaper photo and realizes one who met Maasi was Aditya, then why Maasi is trying to create confusion. Maasi notices her holding newspaper. Next day, Kanak fixes garland on Aditya’s photo for pooja.
Uma angrily ask who did it and tries to throw garland. Kanak holds his hand and says she did.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bhaana

    Good episode after a long…? I mean to say no atyachaar nor crying stuff today…
    OK…finally they played the title song…magic worked uma saw kanak in new avtar and mesmerized?
    How come uma is having a good sleep…even I’m not getting a good sleep in this track?
    I was wandering how uma can’t sense kanak is close to him n he hugged her unknowinngly(earlier he used to smell her miles ago)…keise pati hai yaar?
    Sorry if I’m talking too much.

    1. Bwahahahaha.. smell her itseems? yup after a long time heard title track?

      1. Bhaana

        May b u r right neha…he smells her still pretends to enjoy lol….???

    2. Hi bhaana, u r right, im not getting good sleep too with this track. Once i wake up in morning, first thing in my mind is kanum, im so in love with them, ya Allah save me from this madness.,???,and after soooo many days, we get their moment together. Really feeling happy. Btw,i saw your name in forum from today. Keep posting dear, i read them. Thanks

      1. Bhaana

        Hi melati…u read my post in forum?
        living in tu page more than a year its hard to control my tongue as here pulling one another leg is common but in forum I can see only positive vibrations…I’m trying hard to post maintaining politeness there.

  2. Very well said……lagta hai chandan ki smell ka haq bhi cheen li hai tosiwal family ne….

  3. Hi All, before I get carried away it is a privalage and pleasure reading all comments, mostly written by people who have grown in to this series.I rarely saw original series so please always correct me if any thing is said wrong.
    First time I feel Kanak is moving forward and becoming a real sleuth as massisa and son are crooks/con artists and thieves by pure luck she found out this was not her sons photo so there are going to be a lot of double crossing right up to the final moment.
    On my previous comments I have said that Kanak has never said she loves Uma.
    Now I think I feel the reason why is, she her self does not know, so this 30 days will tell her whether she does or does not.We have always known that Uma loves her, but the love story will start only when she falls in love and tells him she loves him.She told her Grandmother and all family she does not love him but was going to see whether this relationship develops, for good or bad her brother took this the wrong way. The only thing good about this 30 day divorce is this one thing whether we know this.Kanak’s grandmother said Uma will stand in front of death to protect her and it may come to this, he really is a sleaping giant so let’s watch and see as massisa and son are capable of killing any one who gets in there way . In many ways I hope she escapes justice and her son goes to jail, then she will know what real pain is

  4. After many days a kanum moment today.. 🙂

  5. I don’t know how you guys liked what you saw. Uma is portrayed as a mentally unstable guy who cannot reason sensibly and thinks is extreme .it is blind faith in someone or suddenly love becoming hatred.A balanced human being does not think like that .Why do you wish such a retard on Kanak. All because of his exposed body?

    1. No use. These people won’t get your point. Blinded by romance. Plus they said they don’t care about what message a show gives. Only romantic scenes. And no matter how weirdly the writers justify the cruelty of a hero, they accept it and cheer him on. It is all because of infatuation with the physical attractiveness of Avinesh Rekhi. Beyond that nothing matters for them. Instead they will treat you like a fool and accuse you of being a hater because you point out the ridiculous Ness of the storyline and how they try to justify the male lead and the female lead’s absurd willingness to stay in such a place. Anyway, I was happy to read your comment so thanks.

  6. It seems any tv series mostly all lead actress become jagga jassos and start doing jassosi while other girls are shown idiot just like any goat, can’t they can be smarter and help main character.

    1. Bhaana

      Right…leave other characters…y in tv shows main lead guy should b either dumb or negative and our mahaan bahu will open his eyes or make him a good human, I expected uma role will b diff from others but it failed in this track.

  7. Wooow what a lovely lovely kanum moment today enjoyed every bit .Uma is totally mesmerised seeing Kanak is this outfit .Uma has subconsciously removed his angry mask .He is loving Kanak madly .Nice to see old bubbly Kanak back.She will be back soon in seetha Geetha mode.Massisa cleverly changed the photo but our Karnak is super intelligent .Kanak was near to uma any sensible wife will utilize this opportunity but Kanak is now focussing on her mission .Its getting interesting day by day .Suman helping Kanak.Uma is a gem he is ek patni vratha so he won’t allow any other woman to touch him .This stupid palomi does not even realize it .How shameless she is.Massisa has really done a favour asking Kanak to change her attire that’s why we can see the real uma.Again that anklet came reminding about their cherished memories .But uma threw it I think he will keep it safe later .Uma cannot live without Kanak .

    1. Bhaana

      Good analysis divyaa…suman stability in trusting kanak is good sign..unknowingly maasisa helped kanak n us to relax n see the real face of uma trying hard to seek our hatred on recent days.

    2. Being s*xually attracted is not equal to being in love. Uma has shown no sign of love which requires respect for the other person’s mind, body, and human dignity. How he falls in love with Kanak might be an interesting story to watch if the writers do it right. As of now, they are stuck in confusing the audience with touching physical intimacy ever now and then and portraying that as love. It is a part of love but love includes a lot more that is absent from Uma’s feelings for and behavior with Kanak so far.

  8. Hi All is it possible before the 30 day track that Kanak has already given enough evidence to Uma but they both pretend that they are divorced so that when massisa and her sons guard is down they get caught, also this would involve a tear full goodbye from the house for Kanak

  9. Meera1

    I was a bit miffed with the paste scene – yet again Kanak was left looking like a helpless young woman at the mercy of her husband …we have seen Kanak standing up to Uma on so many occasions, so I don’t understand the need to make Kanak look so helpless & putting up with Uma mistreating her in front of Palomi & Maasisa. I’m glad Uma stalked off, I’m sure having a ’paraayi’ woman touching him isn’t part of his shark & I wish Kanak would have reminded them all of that instead of suffering in silence. I’m getting more & more frustrated with Uma allowing palomi to cluck all over him.

    However the episode did slightly redeem itself, with Kanak using some brainpower & also standing up to maasisa.

    Finally a Kanum moment ?… Aakhen tarasgayi thi yaar! although I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual – I think that’s probably down to me still being angry at Uma for behaving like such an idiot… I’m missing Avinesh’s smile…we definitely need to see a softer Uma sharpish ?

  10. Uma loves Kanak? What does he love. Her mind? Her character? Her attitude? Her ideas? Her judgement? Her spirit? Her questioning nature? I hardly think so. He has never fully appreciated her. I can’t remember him ever smiling with her. This cannot be called love.

    1. There has been a few times he smiled with Kanak when they were riding in the cart going for his one day clinic,when she was pretending to laugh silently,when he was massaging the wrong foot when she hurt the right one. Uma likes Kanak’s beauty,intelligence,never scared likes a challenge unlike Payal, her wittiness and her cooking .He does love her too but she has never reciprocated her feelings for him till now Something drastic needs to happen for her to admit she too loves him. Guess with evil eyes of Masisa & Paullomi it’s difficult.They need to go on honeymoon but when?? This 30 day divorce period & Aditya track came along

      1. Uma is physically attracted to Kanak and thought her to be God’s signal at best. At worst he has thought her to be an animal that needs to be tied and controlled until Vansh suggested that that’s the treatment his sister Saras will get too with which Uma had no problem but maasi thought it a good opportunity to get rid of Kanak. The way writers showed Uma marrying Kansk in itself indicates complete lack of respect and love. Not raping is not equal to love. And the audience is waiting for Kanak to express love to a man who called her an animal and did not even flinch when hurt her why? Oh, because he was being hypnotized by evil maasi. Oh come on. The writers are treating audience as brainless fools and the Audi ence are playing right into their hands accepting each bizzarre explanation and excuse writers are fabricating to justify their wrong act of showing forced marriage. Ok watch it if you are obsessed with the characters and their romance. But please, this is hardly a unique show. It could have been, but now it’s just another mundane cliched misogynistic, sadistic love story on indian television.

  11. now i know uma is pretending to hate kanak because from todays episode shows that uma is pretending. if not pretending then he himself doesnt know what hate means

  12. Enjoyed today’s episode Glad Masisa made Kanak change her attire this made Uma notice her & she looked good totally mesmerized ?Uma then that dark cloud called Masisa came in between & brought him back to earth . Kanak was sweet & bubbly So she got 2 clues now about Adithi from Suman & Uma Wonder why she doesn’t go to Masa to get information she would be helpful Totally loved Uma & Kanak moment wish he had pulled her closer that’s what viewers are waiting to see could see her getting tensed but guess she she a woman on a mission

  13. Yes I am also feeling the same.

  14. Uma is a big man not a child. He has chosen to deliberately ill- treat Kanak. He must bear the consequences of his abusive actions, even his own warped sense of religion would demand this.

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