Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Saras’ Accident During Baby Shower Ceremony

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saras’ goad bharari/baby shower ceremony starts. Bhabo asks Kanak why Maasa did not come. Kanak says Maasa went on holi pilgrimage. Aditya serves sweets to guests with Babasa. Kanak asks him to order to prepare more juice and sweets. Saras comes down with Payal and slips. Uma runs and holds her, asks if she is fine. She says until her Dadusa is with her, nothing wrong will happen to her. Uma carefully takes her to swinger and makes her sit on it. Bhabho prays god for family’s happiness. Crows sit on window. Bhabho gets worried, calls servant, and asks him to feed them whatever they like. Purab distributes sash to all family members. Uma wears to be dad sash. Guests laugh that jamaisa is eager to become dad. Everyone laugh. Kanak it is a only women function and all men should go out. Babasa hesitates. Bhabho pushes him away Aditya also hesitates, even he is pushed out.

Ladies dance happily. Bhabho hopes nothing wrong should happen. Saras’ swinger ceremony starts. She swings on a swinger while ladies continue dancing happily. Swinger breaks and Saras falls down holding her stomach. Bhabho and Saras rush her in car. Kanak says Aditya informed Uma already who will reach hospital soon. Traffic jams and they get stuck. Kanak helps clear traffic, and they each hospital. Doctor takes Saras to ICU. Uma reaches hospital and asks doctor how is Saras, he is also doctor if he can check her. Doctor says he came 10 minutes late, nothing can be done now, they had to save either child or mother (seriously for a 2 month old pregnancy?), so they saved mother. Uma breaks down and cries hugging Kanak that Saras had so much trust on him and told her dadusa will protect her.

Next morning, Kanak receives milk from milkman who thanks her for clearing traffic yesterday, because of her he could take away his bike and sell his milk. She gets an idea and calls Aditya. Aditya does his usual jokergiri. She tells him a plan and asks to finish it as soon as possible.

Precap: Kanak and Uma inaugurate mobile bike ambulance. Uma gets a call from school student who says her school bus driver got heart attack. Uma speeds his bike ambulance.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mavisboamah

    What is all this and what is happening to our show where from all this overreacted drama and please cvs don’t trun kanak into a house wife again with that long dress please we have had it with that style can’t they style her into some beautiful sarees like before ?? is really annoying when I have to watch dress like that she is very pretty can’t cvs fix her wardrobe. Anyways I have already send message to her stylist puja Singh to please fix her wardrobe as viewers are tired watching her wear those dress so guys please send her the message to on instagram the more we send her messages she will fix it . Her instagram name is @“ puja_a_singh guys please let make it happen she deserve to wear beautiful dresses like naira in yrrk and others and I agree her character is to be simple but we have something called simple but elegant ?

    1. Ohh please.. naira doesn’t have any good dresses.. all she has is over the top dress make up and above that such heavy jewellery.. and kanak is way better both in terms of acting and looking and Don’t you degrade her by comparing her to that overacting ki dukan make up ka makhan.. jewellery ki chalti firti dukan shivangi Joshi..

      1. Mavisboamah

        you are right Aku i take my word back is just that i want CVS to focus a little bit on kanak wadrobe she is really pretty and i want it to shine and talking about acting kanak is way bettrer than naira for sure, and krithi i dont watch any starplus show other tsmsp i watch other channel as i dont want any other show to gain trp more than tsmsp

  2. Hey friends..!!
    I would like to know which Starplus shows do you all watch other than our very favorite TSMSP… I hope you’ll reply…

    1. AAYUSH


    2. hii krithi …. I only watch tsmsp .no other show

  3. How can they do the ghodbharai without Vansh…

    1. Well, they made her pregnant without him, so no wonder they are doing the baby shower 😀

  4. I am a decent follower of this show..i love avinesh rekhi but I quit..just disappointed abt how the story is been carried.. This show is fast than fast n furious movie..uff..

  5. Hem

    News has confirm show going to off air other reality show take the time slot, i will stop watch only star plus

  6. Show not going off air Production house confirmed it time slot change for our show itseems.

    1. Mavisboamah

      Divyaa why are you saying time change tsmsp is not part of starplus mess of revamp that they are doing is just nk and yhm or have they given any advertisement on ? tv or else

      1. Mavis yday in twitter there are rumors about show going off air Even SBS confirmed it is on June so I contacted the Production house they confirm that show not going off air but time slot change might happen soon. That new game show is taking one hour slot from 6:30 to 7:30

  7. Meera1

    Well, that lot of happiness didn’t last long ?, I really don’t get why cvs just couldn’t let us enjoy a bit of ‘kanum’ happiness for a bit before this track came along…. as for the episode I’m not quite sure what to make of what I’ve just seen…it felt like a i was watching a completely different show? no decent content or logic. We are meant to believe that Saras is pregnant (even though vansh hasn’t been around for many months) & also believe that wherever he is at the moment is more important than being at home with his newly pregnant wife, so they’ve gone ahead & arranged the ‘ghod bharai’ Without the father of the child being present ?… Saras loses her child & there’s no mention of vansh being informed about the loss of his own child… & whilst all this is going on ‘Kaushalya Maa, Suman & Shiv are also nowhere to be seen…. what are cvs thinking?? I am feeling bad for Avi & Rhea

  8. Hem

    Every character going one by one , no rani golu now vansh.where is the suman and shiv

  9. Yhm time slot changed to 10.30pm

  10. Hem

    Why ishbaaz air off, show doesn’t have any storyline anika always doing overacting i watch hardly 10 episode if show really good why doesn’t come on top 9f trp chart since how long show running

  11. we don’t want tsmsp 6.00 pm so early in june

  12. Hem

    Tsmsp get 11 pm timeslot

    1. Is it from where you got this news we will be getting late slot

    2. Hi dear how do you know TSMSP is getting 11pm slot

  13. I think there writer is missing the plot
    I would have liked to see a decent big wedding and family as it was before but without drama

    Maybe thats what they are trying to get back into

  14. Hem

    how 1 season they show family & sandya duties together how they both solve the problem together ved show as IPS OFFICER, dont justified with role. Kabir kumar left the show what? he is missing from longtime. Maker bring Rani golu back so we can see some fun also

  15. Mellu

    first half of the episode was nice though missed vansh , suman, Shiv and ma sa, but the ending part was sad

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