Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak And Uma In Bangkok

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak video calls Gabbasa’s daughter and is shocked to see Paulomi. Paulomi thinks Gabbasa called him and says papa she cannot hear him due to weak network. Ved asks how can it be, Paulomi’s dead body is still in morgue. He calls morgue and asks if Paulomi’s dead body is still there. Doctor says Gajendra Singh took it on same day after Uma Shankar was convicted. Kanak says now he knows Uma is innocent and should allow them to go to Bangkok. Ved as usual says he will interrogate Gabbasa and try to know truth, but cannot let Uma go. Kanak says Gabbasa is in coma and they can prove Uma innocent only after going to Bangkok. Ved finally agrees and says he can give only 7 days.
Rani says let us go then. Uma takes boarding passes back and promises he will

return by 7 days whatever the situation is.

They all 3 reach Bangkok. Camera focuses on Kanak in a new avatar wearing beautiful dress followed by Rani in jeans and top. Uma comes in a beautiful car and gets out wearing western outfit. He walks towards Kanak holding a bag. Kanak stands freezed seeing Uma’s handsome look. Uma asks if she is alright. Rani says he is looking very handsome like a film hero and says Vansh made good arrangements. They reach hotel. A gay manager Mangesh is seen who throws garland on Uma by mistake. Kanak tellls Uma that Shivji gave him another indication. Uma says now what…Mangesh gets mesmerized seeing hot and handsome Uma and starts flirting with him. Kanak tries to speak, but he brushes her off and continues flirting with Uma. Rani interferes and says they have 2 rooms booked in this hotel. Mangesh shows rooms and tells ladies can call reception if they need any help and handsome greek machoman can call him personally.

Ved informs family that he let Uma and Kanak go to Bangkok. Payal yells if he does not know his job is at risk if Uma is not arrested. Ved says he trusts his sister and though he cannot help as a police officer, he can help as a brother. Vansh emotionally hugs him and says when he is on his sister’s sister, she will win for sure. Payal yells for 1 relationship, he is risking so many relationships, he forgot that he is the breadwinner of this family and his job is at risk, what is Kanak fails. Bhabho says Kanak is Sandhya and Sooraj’s daughter and loyalty is in her blood. Payal says what if Kanak does not return in 7 days, whole family’s dignity is at stake.

In hotel room, Uma tells Kanak that he will not keep quiet until he exposes Maasi and destroys Matruveda pharmacy. He angrily cruses water glass. Kanak gets worried for him. He asks if she remembers what she saw in Paulomi’s background. Kanak reminisces and sketches background and says they have to find out this place to find out Palomi.
Palomi is seen dancing in a dance bar.

Precap: Kanak sees logo seen in Paulomi’s video call and says Pauloi is somewhere here. Paulomi is seen dancing in night club and calls Gabbasa’s number. Kanak replies and tells Uma it is Paulomi’s voice.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Truly crappy CVs, they are convinced that the IQ level of the viewership of this show is same as that of SaathNibhaanaSaathiya so kabhi bhi Kuch bhi dikha dete, kiss ko bhi kiss se bhi relate karaa dete, leads ko thoraa hot look de dete without any sense behind it, Vansh arranged designer clothing and swanky car in Bangkok , the boy who was jobless until last few episodes, abhi ye gay manager dikha ke more cheap comedy, children shows type detective games, and a perpetually evil fighting character like Payal to make sure there is enough jhagdaa everywhere. Recipe for a successful tv show for Indian TV !! Khair, as long as it works and keeps getting trps from low expectations waala audience, no worries. Carry on with the mediocrity and idiocy.

  2. If they had not reached the hotel, then where didi they change their dresses to get in to new avatar?
    I remember they boarded the flight in disguise.
    First they came to new avatar and then they went to hotel and asked the manager to show their room?

    1. anay bangalore

      Moreover I was expecting Uma to ask Kanak where is the other half of her dress? Uma changed so much in so early unbelievable

  3. I agree . If they had any sense, they could have shown Ved giving valid reasons to superiors and getting permission to accompany Uma to Bangkok to catch maasi. He witnessed Palomi was alive and dead body gone so he could have confided in his boss who maybe would be a close friend of Sandhya and would trust Ved and let him go. But this is the kind of nonsense that results when all focus and smartness is given to one or two characters to make them look great. The rest of characters look foolish and the storyline suffers. So stupid.

  4. Guyzzz I am too happy jumping out of excitement craziness to the peak. Avi mentioned my name answered my question that too very first question was mine.yippeeee???and just now replied to my tweet????i am getting frequent replies from him I am out of the world today

    1. Bhaana

      I’m very happy for you dear divya
      Enjoy n stay blessed sweet heart ?

      Here is the link of avi interview

      1. Thank u so much bhaana for sharing the link. Thanks loadz for your wishes

    2. Glad for you Divyaa ?Always comment on ISG but he never replies kinda disappointed ?

  5. Bhaana

    Hey the most awaited bkk track?
    Wow…wat an entry of Umashankar hot n handsome, for a moment I was freezed like Kanak???
    Love to see uma’s anger over maasi, wish uma is back with his actions.
    There is no originality in show as kanum is disguised to modern look, don’t know do we get a chance to have our dhoti bro in future, still enjoying the moment.
    Y no one is stopping this Payal????
    And ha….Kahan se ye new janthu show m Ghus gayi that hotel manager ??
    Overall, very entertaining episode ??

  6. Guys I am still not out of trance I am astonished seeing our dharmic umashankar into cool modern dude. Awesome I fainted seeing his style attitude the way he carried new transformed uma was fantabulous. ??
    Major transformation this much change we would have never imagined in our wildest dreams. Kanak was awestruck seeing our prince charming uma it was as if her fantasy coming true. Mangesh entry flirting with uma was so funny ? uma reaction was cute. Payal devil never leave an opportunity to taunt everyone. Ved fulfilled his rakhi vachan?he trusted kanak that she would surely win in her mission. Uma was furious extremely angry on massisa he vowed that he would destroy the empire of matruveda pharma. The singam inside him woke up massisa unnecessarily disturbed and provoked him hope massisa survives. Waiting for uma rudhra roop. Kanak consoles him and she is the only solace to his broken heart

    1. In real he must be tired of wearing dhoti kurta so he wanted to show what he looks like, whatever its picking on TRP. Why on Indian tv series they show Gay as funny character, really grow up its 21st century.Look hollywood gay guys they look so hot but feel sorry we ladies have to look them, sigh.

  7. very nice episode..i loved it…The whole episode is something we can watch again and again..i love tsmsp

  8. It was a nice episode Ved agreed to let them fly out but be back in a week How in the world are 2 strangers going to find Masisa & posies in that short time they have no detectives working for them & against this Masisa who has all this money & entourage How in the world are they going to get them back to India?? Yes they just got shown their hotel room but could have changed their outfits at airport restrooms prior to coming to the hotel Uma looked hot hot hot so did Kanak beautiful ?? Why is Poullomi doing this in Bangkok thought Masisa was her bbf & Gabassa was her loyal employee so why make his daughter do the this kinda confusing ? Coming back to Rathi house everyone including Ved wants best for his sister only rotten one in that basket is basket case Payal what’s wrong with that woman her head is going to explode with abhiman Pls husband or Bhabho put in her place soon Let’s see what’s in store tomorrow

  9. hello divyaa and bhaana …The episode was very very beautiful and Uma’s entry was fabulous! Kanak looked absolutely beautiful! TSMSP is my favouritee show now..today i watched the episode more than 8 times!!! It’s such a light episode after a time that it was really fun to watch!!

    1. Bhaana

      Hi kanum☺
      Ofcourse most entertaining n beautiful episode after a long, even I saw it repeatedly
      Kanum new look is too cute??

      1. yes agree with you guys It was an enjoyable episode, a circle of new beginning with new avatars to bring down the old empires of deceit and betrayal. i love tsmsp so much

  10. Very nice episode. Was awesome as i expected and even more than this. Kanak and uma were amazing transformed. U love that rani went to bkk ong what a character.. good episode

  11. Today’s episode was awesome is too damn good Next track is very promising, it seems to be very entertaining. i want to see kanum vs adimas..

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