Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera’s Plan Backfires On Herself

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhabho shows Kanak and Uma’s intimate photos to Kanak. Kanak is shocked and from where did she get these. Bhabho says these are disaster for her future. Meera organizes press conference and waits for Kanak. Aditya says he will remove Kanak’s chair as she will not come. Uma says Kanak is always punctual, if Meera did someething. Meera says he saw her compromising and apologizing Kanak, then why is he looking at her. Bhabho gives her moral gyaan and asks Kanak to go far away from here. Kanak agree. Purab asks Payal where is Kanak going. Payal says good she is going, people are already badmouthing about Kanak and Uma. Kanak and Bhabo walk near taxi when they see a mother dragging her daughter home when eve tease her. Daughter asks why she should stop her studies because

of eve teasers, what is her mistake. Mother says she cannot stop eve teasers, but can stop her.

Reporters ask Uma why Kanak has not yet come, if there is any problem between his ex and present wife. Uma says there is nothing like that. Meera says there were some issues earlier, but they are sorted, she does not know why Kanak has not come yet. Aditya says slowly that his source informed that Kanak must have gone far away by now. Uma starts conference and briefs about the project. Aditya starts presentation and everyone are shocked to see Uma and Kanak’s intimate photos. Aditya thinks who projected them. Uma asks Meera what is this. Reporters question Meera if her husband is not happy with her.

Meera She slaps Aditya and takes him aside and asks why did he do this. He says he does not know anything. She says if he is double crossing, she will not spare him, Uma is also blamed because of this. Aditya asks who must have done this. Kanak walks in and says she has done this, if Meera thinks she will cry seeing her defamation, she is wrong, she is modern woman and is immune to all this drama, along with her even Uma is questioned and reports are questioning Meera’s unhappy family life. Reporters question Uma if he is not happy with his wife, if he is continuing his affair wit his ex-wife, if this project is well planned drama. Meera fumes seeing all the drama.

Meera returns to press conference and says reporters that these photos are morphed as some third person has clicked them who wants to defame Uma and Kanak. She slaps Aditya repeatedly and says he is the culprit, asks him to accept crime, he will be in profits. Aditya asks not to call police and accepts. Meera says she will go to Kanak and apologize her personally. Kanak walks in and says she is here.

Precap: Uma says Meera that she always wanted him to get closer to her, now he will clear all their differences. He shouts at Kanak why she is back in his life again and ruining his married life, he is already married to Meera and does not her back in his life, drags Kanak out of house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. How low kanak can swoop now? She said it’s not her intention to cause any issues in Uma’s life then why do all drama today? Why cant she go directly show it to Uma who would have helped her as they left in friendly terms in last scene. Kanak even didn’t think how Shiv and Maasa will feel with her antics. She claimed she loves them then what happened when to deal with such situations. Such things do affect family members too. Did Kanak thought about that?
    Compltely hating Kanak character now. Where is Kanak who used to show so much understanding in relations. Where is her trust in Uma?

    1. Agree Coolsummer,Why can’t she take Ved’s help, her own brother is police officer. It’s outright blackmail and very common issue among women in India. It would have been very good message to all women who face such issues.[BR][BR]No one wants her to be quiet and go away but her actions are wrong.[BR][BR]Second point is it’s Uma’s reputation will be at stakes rather than Kanak as Uma is a public figure. Kanak and Bhabho shown brainless not pointing this to Meera.[BR][BR]The situation will be same whether Kanak shown the photos or Meera. In the end Meera and Uma who has to answer to Press.[BR][BR]I thought she had a big plan in going to Uma’s house not this stupid act. Who will solve their problems like this? Why she didn’t act legally?

  2. Uma is now over reacring…he doesn’t understand what kanak has done for him and his family…..but kanak is too fool..she should marry to another boy and uma will got jealous and he will tell the truth to kanak…..The writer has not written the story perfectly……

  3. Kanak should have tried to solve problems first normally like taking it to Uma before she took such public action. She lived with Toshniwals for couple of days so far bonding with family and sort of had a truce between Uma and her.

    Such action will create problems to Uma and all his family members. She don’t have any time limits so why taking such rash decisions which will effect others lives.

    First every one will try gently then dandh but Kanak so far not trying that way at all and she is not even not understanding what she even doing.

    It does create lot of negativity around Kanak. Hope they show Kanak as a understanding person.

  4. today i am totally very angry for kanak . kanak insult uma infront of everyone in press conference.

    1. I thought Kanak and Bhabho had a plan in Kanak going to Uma’s house rather than this stupidity.[BR]She had police officer as a brother and Politician as a mentor. She couldn’t get any better plan than going to Uma’s house? Really pity Kanak character as she is becoming as low as Meera.

  5. Mavisboamah

    cvs has completely destroy uma character and now he is such a moron. why is he behaving like that towards kanak dont tell me that is your way of protecting her , instead of you to find the truth behind the claim death of the guy suman killed it seems he is actually enjoying this marriage . kanak well done meera is such a fool . just leave uma alone and focus on your life kanak thank God a new entry in kanak life if not i would have stop watching .

    1. People are losing interest in the show because of ongoing track. They want to see a sweet and cute love story between uma and kanak and this track is taking them far instead of taking them closer. Very soon you will lose the fan following for this show if something interesting is not shown up about kanum. meera is not enough now another man what is this really. where is kanum pair the original story of this show okay no marriage atleast end this separation cvs . when we want uma to tell kanak the truth what this cvs do..and if she marry another man we can’t speak about tsmsp anymore the story will ruin more and more. omg stupid cvs. i will stop watching if they don’t bring uma and kanak together now. disgusting i will not wait to see kanak in another man arms and be normal and wow nice couple cheap story now. bring the unique show the unique pair.. people don’t like uma after marriage the same with kanak if she marry another man . really disgusting where is the love story the nice bond pure and sacred relation better they don’t speak about bholenath anymore.
      we want kanum love my original pair otherwise this show will be joke.

  6. Oh so to save Kanak, Uma will consummate his marriage with Meera! Wow! Let’s see if that’s true. However the plot may be , I liked the message that if a girl is trapped by false accusations, she has nothing to be ashamed of and won’t bow down due to fear of public shame. Its the false accuser who should be shamed. They made up for showing Kanak and her family fearing public shame when all asked for Kanak’s husband during teej festival when she first came back to Pushkar from Ladno.

  7. Episode was good.
    Kanak you rocked today my dear. What an idea sirji superb kanak you showed meera’s right place in front of media people. Hope mm will apologise to Kanak.
    Precap is disappointing why uma always hurts kanak in fornt of duck. My dear Uma congs for your feeling towards meera.

    Well, I am eagerly waiting for this new entry.
    Tomorrow is TSMSP Happy birthday ?

  8. Actress kangana sharma has paid 100 crore in this show because her payment shouldn’t be waste in production house. meera mittal track will be end within 2 month, because makers have done ladla movie inspiration for meera role sridevi inspiration.

  9. Sorry I cannot see Kanak as a strong person as she is not trying to solving her issues wisely. I will agree with others that suggested that she could have tried to solve her problems without hurting others. Why we keep ignoring the families. Kanak took back her complaint about Uma for Shiv. But now when defaming Uma why she didn’t think family involved?

    Why not talk to Uma? She don’t have any reason not to show this to Uma . If Uma couldn’t do anything then she could have done the same?

    Jumping into fire or throwing others into Issues just because of one wrong person that too people she still claims she loves them is not being bold at all.

    People loved fiery Kanak who always thought about family relations but in this track Kanak been shown as very careless person without emotions which is deep pity.

  10. Kanak has become a proper second vamp in this show now. How she was enjoying Uma and Meera’s discomfort and her intimate pics displayed in front of all. She was always a rash and oversmart character. Good going!

  11. Kanak go and do second marriage . That is crt..leave uma

  12. Kudos Kanak, well done, tit for tat. Loved Kanak, what an attitude, all the best dear, keep rocking.
    And Meera, what is wrong with you? Use your brains if you have got any, It isn’t Kanak ho came in between you and Uma, it is you who came between them and whatever you do Uma will never be yours and that is not Kanak’s fault but yours.
    Uma, man please, at least for now stop being so dump, if you really want to save Kanak, why are you hurting her again and again, you know what Meera wants. Even though it is not the best thing, it would be better if you can make a deal with Meera, say her that you will became her husband in true sense only if she doesn’t trouble Kanak.
    I know this isn’t the best thing to be done, but it would better than what you re doing now!
    Best thing is to confess everything to Kanak, and as earlier solve it together. But you are not going to do that, so at least try this!

  13. Kanak was amazing today, exactly on point, I don’t think MM realized she pushed just too hard this time didnt leave Kanak any choise besides surrender .
    By the way that first slap MM gave Aditya was very good I think if there was some slapping contest she has a potential this MM

  14. Mavisboamah

    i dont understand why people are saying kanak didn’t do well and should have taught about uma family guys did uma taught about kanak family when he left her we all know the reasons but he could have tell the truth to kank cos it wasnt just about suman kanak is someone brother and granddaughter but what did uma do he took the decision alone and left the poor girl alone on her birthday , what kanak did is nothing compared to what meera and uma has done to her. what ever she did today was perfect, tic for tact

    1. Agree with u Mavis I too support kanaks act today?

  15. Mavisboamah

    sorry sister instead of brother

  16. Love the way how boldly Kanak handled the issue, completely support Kanak act?
    Meera slapping adi…is this is woman empowerment yani nayi soch?? tired n bored??

    Precap…is this is the gift, makers offering for their fans on one year completion??????

    1. Hi dear nice comment really is this the gift they r offering us?
      Then we should say no thanks for the gift ?

      1. Lol??
        Missing Ur funny comments, it’s been nearly one year we know each other.
        Love you Shreya dear??

  17. This is silly bcus uma and kanak are meant to be soul mates as per shiva uniting them
    Now i agree blackmail and bullying is wrong so good for kanak
    As for tge whole storyline of mm and uma and umas change and all that stuff is silly and boring
    They had connection and communication
    To show uma on that level when adi tried to kill kanak and to have meera have him in the house is silly
    Considering meera says she loves uma how can she have the guy that attempted murder lol

    And how can he be out of prison for stealinv umas business fraud attempt murder of 3 people
    Plus trying to sell 2 people

    Thats like life time so common sense has lost
    Now love triangles in other shows have never worked and all shows have flopped bcus people see the same thing
    They need to stop making uma look so silly bcus he was grounded and spoke well he had a good attitude and honesty his charector was good even if he had weird thinking but it showed culture and divertity

    Now its a MM show
    So they either turn it back and fix this or it will wont last 2 yrs and a decent show can last for upto 5 yrs

  18. Kanak superb, way to go girl, I am bored with Uma and do.not want them to be paired again, he deserves only MM, excited about new entry in kanaks life, Uma us dumbest on earth.

  19. I really don’t see what an intelligent girl like Kanak is doing back in that idiot Uma’s house. Great message though that why should the girl be defamed – it takes two! Kanak – move on girl- go and have fun, you are too good for this idiot.

  20. UmaShankar is our tv show new Salman Khan showing his toppless body, come on directors grow up, why you bringing him shirtless. Is to woo female audience, with or without shirt concentrate on your shity story which is going down hill. What they are trying to show no idea just jealousy and revenge no love story at all. Atleast Masisa track was better as we could see some good moment between two pairs now nothing just yelling and plotting.

  21. Kanak glad you showed both Uma & MM up to the press MM thought by threatening Bhabho Kanak will leave with out a fight There is no difference what Uma did to Kanak by marrying MM that to on Kanak birthday who he promised & had no balls to show up or give an explanation for over 2 year No one is a mind reader Kanak did a fitting revenge to Uma tit for tat Kinda confused by tomorrow episode why is he throwing Kanak out guess uma wants best of both worlds honestly Uma & MM deserve each other Wow what a celebration for 1 year of our favorite couple on the This TSMSP show just very fitting & pathetic !!! & disappointed ?

  22. I am very disappointed with this script -Uma did marry Kanak the second time around so when did he get a divorce again ?
    So legally Kanak is his wife !!
    Why showing if you are rich anything is possible ?
    Kanak should be owning half of the property, which she acquired from Uma when she divorced him the first time !!
    Hope upcoming episodes would me more entertaining not showing Meera character

  23. When did Uma marriage kanak second time….??

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