Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maasi tells Kanak that she forgot Shiv in market, that means something is more important to her than Shiv, so she should forget Shiv from today and dare not come near him as she does not trust Kanak now. Shiv runs and hugs Kanak and pleads Maasi not to separate him from Maasi. Kanak also pleads that Shiv is like her younger brother and she cannot stay away from her. Maasi says Shiv is a child and will calm down soon. Shiv asks Uma to speak. Uma trie to leave. Maasi asks Uma to speak. Uma says Maasi’s decision is final in this house and asks Payal to take Shiv in. Payal drags Shiv in while unsuccessfully resists. Kanak cries looking at Uma. Uma walks away.

Kanak returns to her room. Uma angrily asks where did she go when Shiv was riding toy horse, even if it is for

a few minutes, she should not have gone away. She is hiding about her family and now hiding where she went, one cannot clap with one hand, he cannot trust her. She stands silently. He drops bangle box and picks bangle. Kanak looks at her bangle. He says by misake it came into the box and throws it in dustbin and walks out. Kanak cries that her fate is so ill that she got Bhabho’s love hiding, she met one brother and lost another brother like Shiv.

Payal takes kulfi for Shiv. Kanak sees her and says Shiv likes dry fruits on kulfi and will not have it. Payal sprinkles dry fruits on kulfi silently. Kanak says if she thinks she will break her relationship with Shiv and other family members, then she is wrong. Bonding with heart does not change and get stronger over time, she cannot change anything with her deeds, not even their relationship.

Bhabho praises Rani that she found a good vaidya/doctor and he told medicines will work well if family members grind them. Ved says she is talking as if vaidya was too great. Vansh reminisces Uma’s misbehavior with Kanak and Kanak pleading Vansh to not inform family about her marriage. Ved asks Vansh if Vaidya was real or fake like many. Vansh says real. Rani asks Bhabho to give medicine, she will grind it. Meenakshi comes and says she is family member and loves Babasa more and takes medicine. Babho gives her one more bag. Pavan comes and asks Bhabho what did she get from Ladnu. Bhabho gives him toy and he happily runs away taking it. Meenakshi gets angry and leaves. Vansh says though Meena chachi is angry, she loves Bhabho a lot. Ved says Meena chachi is angry because Pavan is not Vikram chachu’s son, but Mishri’s son. Mishri took extreme step of suicide notwithstanding insult. Vansh is surprised. Ved says they have to tell this secret to whole family.

Meena sees Rani stil working till night and asks her to go home as he married recently and her husband must be waiting for her. Golu comes and peeps at Rani. Rani looking at him tells Meena that her husband does not show interest on her. Meena suggests that she should not control him and keep him under her pallu. Golu hears silently.

Payal speaks to her mother and says she did as she suggested. Mother says she has to follow her advice to dissociate Kanak from family and get Shiv. Payal says Shiv is sleeping in her room peacefully.

Meena sees Golu and asks what is he doing. He nervously says he does not know how he came here. She says she was suggesting Rani about marital life, but he does not have to follow it, she will keep her bahu’s under her belly. Vikram comes there, and she comments once trust is lost it is difficult to regain.

Kanak wakes up early in the morning and thinks she has only 3 days to get back Bhabho’s shop. Uma says she need not follow patni dharm exam until their family differences are sorted out. She says she did not do anything wrong purposefully. He says she lost his family’s faith and should rebuild it, till then she cannot follow exam. His one-sided judgment continues.

Precap: Fire catches at Uma’s mother’s house. His mother pulls bell. Kanak rushes and saves her. Maasi says she can ask anything as reward. Kanak looks at Uma.

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  1. uma is very rude

  2. This uma always passes one sided judgment.poor kanak and shiv.In precap,i think kanak will ask maasi sas forgiveness.

  3. this payal is so irritating, just feel that she’s kaikeyi of the show & her mother,manthara…….. she’s so ungrateful, kanak alwz supported her & now she’s after breaking kanak’s relation with everyone…………hate u payal………….. & kanak & shiv separation, that part was so emotional….

  4. Kanak and Shiv have a nice bonding, Shiv is only one in this house who loves Kanak as she is?. Uma has to learn a lot from Shiv. Day by day, Uma and his family become unbearable?. Payal is brainless?.

  5. Today’s episode was sad ? feel for Kanak &Shiv Payal is a right B—- hope she will be caught soon Saw some where Kanak caught her stealing jewelry & warns her Just confused why she is allowed a phone in her room in case her long lost husband decided to call her ? Kanak is leaving Uma but as the saying distance (absence) make your heart ❤️ fonder let’s hope ?that’s true here

  6. Today episode fine fine …… crying moment to see shiv cry…..!!
    meenaskshi lines ” trust is like glass when it broken never get shape previous …..” its true …..!!

    To ,
    TMSP writers ,
    Don’t down to much image of female lead rolls .bcoz today’s women and girls are not weak you know well…||

  7. How come in the precap it said that its coming tomorrow?

  8. Today epi is like they want to show uma as hero n blame kanak
    Dont like crying kanak
    Shiv’s act is too good
    Y is it necessary tat always woman should prove herself, by rescuing maasa she will get the love of family mem,looks too filmy

  9. Umashanker needs to consider anger management ?

  10. Diyaa

    Tired of this cat and mouse game. Love Kanak, now punish her, now love her, now punish her…?Thank God this is coming to an end. The way the writers have written Uma’s character, a person is only as good as their last action. Good action of the past has no bearing or Goodwill to soften judgement. This household is like a workplace or an office that has a strict boss. Anyways, counting days till Kanak leaves to see how the story will progress. Rhea Sharma said in the video that the icky suhaagraat scene is Uma’s dream sequence. Hope it’s true and Kanak tells him the entire truth about Bhabho and the shop. Today’s episode belonged to Shiv cutie ?

  11. Love this show…. it always keeps me guessing as to what’s going to happen next…. unlike other shows all the characters have sooo much depth…. angry Uma is hot ??, looking forward to him changing his ways for kanak so they can become diyaa aur baati ?

  12. To episode was very touchy see how that little shiv is showing this much love and affection towards his babhisa this shows she has won his heart but that little kid can understand kanak why this uma cannot understand her feelings .Nowadays kanak s eyes are showing she wants little support from uma but he never understands her and not even a small gesture of love from .He is not frank and open up with his feelings how can he expect kanak to be open .I am eagerly waiting when will uma realize his love for kanak .Distance will make bond stronger let’s see how they will become diya aur bhati

  13. Too many spoilers too many videos are evolving in social media just to confuse the viewers that suhaagraat scene is dream sequence assuming it as such then uma knows the background of kanak and she is living with him for the papers .And in the bidaai episode uma is telling she will get the papers with him two days in that cases will uma will take kanak to her house or will he let her go alone but according to him its adharam he as a pathi he has to go to kanak’s house to leave her.He cannot just like that ditch his wife like this .He has to go apologize to his sasural that he married her forcefully but uma won’t do that .But Bhabho fondness for uma will be turning point what will be Bhabho ‘s reaction when she comes to know about the truth .will Bhabho will be happy getting shop papers ruining his granddaughter ‘s life .Is the menaka dance is also a dream sequence

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! Really hate payal! But really interesting and different show!

  15. Uma Sure does not deserve Kanak .How can a woman love a man who does not even support her a little, not even an inch. Maasisa is more like a army sergeant, giving orders and if orders are not full filled according to her way then you get punished. How did maassa herself go through being a new bride, herself. she is mean and wants the household to be her army to mean doers. Hopefully Kanak never goes back to Uma who is older than her anyways.
    The show writers did not make a good match. Uma looks older than Kanak.

  16. I think kanak misunderstood uma due to shop papers. I think its miseri had sold the shop to him.

  17. I agree with you Rose, everyone thinks Mistri was died but she must be alive and Uma might have been helped her financially by buying that Kanak sweet shop.
    Uma is going to prove his innocence by taking Kanak to Mistri and clearing her doubts. These girls will be entering Rathi house together.
    I saw today’s maha episode,it was every exciting, you feel like watching again & again.
    Kanak got “Deeraj” test today…but I feel Kanak had already passed Deeraj test by single handledly saving Uma’s mom from fire.
    There was a possibility of adding beautiful moments between Uma Kanak after the fire accident…Uma didn’t even thank her nor treated her for burns…he took it as granted.
    Serial is now moving faster & going in right direction with touchy moments.

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