Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sumer KidnapsBhabho

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhabho stops Vansh and Ved and says they both are right. Payal asks how can the both be right. Bhabho says Ved is following his duty and Vansh is following following his responsibility as a brother. Sumer’s goons laugh that Sumer is incompetent of finding Uma and his condition is like laundryman’s dog. Sumer hears that and punishes his goon. Other goons stop Sumer and tells goon is right, he should catch Uma soon. Sumer says now they will see what he can do.

Bhabho with Rani goes to temple and scolds Rani why did she take wrong route. Rani says she did not find any other option. Sumer with his goons comes in a car and stops righ in front of Bhabho. Rani shouts Bhabho…Sumer kidnaps Bhabho and leaves.

Uma calls Ved to jungle and tells Kanak that he cannot take wrong route to call Maasi back, so he dicided to surrender himself. Kanak says he is doing wrong. Ved says Uma is right, they should do whatever they have to being under law. He takes Uma to police station hand cuffed. Rani comes running and informs that Sumer kidnapped Bhabho. Uma calls Sumer from Ved’s number. Sumer asks why did he inspector call. Uma says it is him and warns to leave Bhabho. Sumer as usual boasts about himself and asks to come to jungle and surrender himself if he wants Bhabo.

Ved drives car with Kanak, Uma, and Vansh. Uma says he cannot risk. Bhabhbo’s life in his fight. They reach jungle. Bhabho warns Sumer that he will repent. Sumer points gun at him. Bhabho says she is Sandhya Rathi’s mother in law and is not afraid of guns, provokes him to shoot. Sumer fumes. He gets her into car and drives. She applies hand brake and escapes. Sumer and her goons search her. Kanak senses Bhabho around. Sumer enters capturing Bhabho again. He slaps Bhabho and asks Uma to come over. Uma asks to send Bhabho first. Sumer says he is not playing a game here and points gun at Bhabho. Ved points gun and warns not to act oversmart. Sumer says they will meet midway. Drama continues…

Precap: Sumer hostages Uma and shouts Kanak is reason for all this, shoots her, but Kanak escapes. Uma kicks his gun. Kanak picks gun and points at Sumer.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Stirring and gripping episode today. Bhabho stopped the fight between ved and vansh stating they both are right at their respective way. She didn’t take any sides but neutrally solved the problem outsmarting payal. Ved is fulfilling his promise of doing his duty as he is bounded by law Vansh is fulfilling his responsibilities He is following the promise of protecting his sister. Bhabho was upset with rani for taking a wrong route to help kanum but rani said she has no other options to save them. Sumeir with his goons kidnapped bhabho. Kanak was worried about uma’s next move but she was not aware that uma had already made his move. Uma made a clever move of surrendering to ved. Uma man of virtues man of high morals he cannot be away from the path of righteousness moreover he feels his wife life is in danger and rathi brothers unity is broken because of him. So he made this move. Rani rushed to ved to inform Bhabho was kidnapped sumeir asked uma to surrender to save Bhabho. Uma ‘s anger flared up warned sumeir he will kill him if he hurts Bhabho. All of them rushed to the spot uma was totally upset and he was not ready to risk bhabho’s life. Bhabho bravely confronted sumeir warns that he should repent for all his crimes. She boldly handled sumeir warning him she is saas of sandhya rathi she is not afraid of this single gun provokes him to shoot. Bhabho is really a wonder woman she acted smartly at the right time and escaped from the goons but unfortunately she was been caught by sumeir singh. Thrilling face -off uma and sumeir uma asked to send bhabho then he will surrender to him. But sumeir refused. Heated arguments started between them. Ved warned sumeir pointing gun towards him to leave bhabho. Didnt ved bring any police force to surround the jungle how can he act so stupid surrendering uma to sumeir. Emotions lovely hug of kanUm. Kanak was very frightened about her husband ‘s life. Tom thrilling action sequence of uma

  2. Bhaana

    Bhabho in action, such a brave act at this age??
    We have been eagerly waiting for umashankar’s plan from Friday, never thought he would decide to surrender? himself to safeguard Kanak, quite unexpected still a good decision, he is right at his side..phir bhi aaj se I prefer to take Kanak side, mahagyani uma needs some time to get back in action.
    Love the precap, uma’s kick n how Kanak outsmarted the goons.
    Btw kanum hug was lovely??

    1. Lovely comment dear I enjoyed ur comment more than epi ?? waiting from Friday n he surrendered & now u decided to take kanak side ? so funny
      Bechara Uma sidhi chijo k alava kuch soch hi nhi pata he
      Bt their new avtar in bankok is awesome Yar. I just hope kanak won’t get jealous now Uma becomes more handsome n hot kanak needs to be careful ?

  3. Bhaana

    Good to see bhabho stopped ved n vansh fight n I prefer to see Payal in sense… always behaving superior with irritating looks ?

  4. I enjoyed today’s epi. wait is for 2nd feb. The bkk promo is superb. Waiting for Kanum and uma vs MasiAdi. Love TSMSP

  5. Bhabho stole the show today firstly defending both brothers sides Payal as usual pathetic & selfish Thought Uma would have taken a different route to defend himself but surrendered to the police Kanak looked upset about his decision though Bhabho came to the rescue Good move pulling the hand brakes & crawling under the car At least got to see a hug ? between KanUma Liked the side kick & Officer Kanak in action can’t wait for tomorrow episode Saw the Bangkok promo looks good both KanUma ??

    1. Yes vj bhabho was brilliant in solving the rathi brothers fight as well as escaping from the goons bt she shouldn’t risk her life have u seen Sumer Singh shot at her ?
      And y this Ved never use police force always took risk coming alone to fight with Sumer Singh gang ?

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