Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update: What is Nanda Hiding?

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Kanak sees footsteps from outside towards Maasi’s room and follows them. A man enters Maasi’s room. Maasi scolds him why did he come at this time, her plans and years of hard work will fail. Kanak thinks who must have come to meet Maasi at this time and hears standing outside door. Maasi says she is brainwashing Uma with dharm gyaan and if he will know that he has come, Uma will create problem. Man says he does not care. Maasi says it is a matter of few days, till then he cannot come to meet her and should go away carefully. Kanak thinks what they are talking about, tries to open door but stops thinking Maasi will blame her again. Maasi walks with man towards door. Kanak hears footsteps and breaking vase shouts thief. Maasi says her fear came true.

Kanak informs

Uma that a thief has entered. Uma says footsteps are going towards Maasisa’s room. Kanak say what if thief harms Maasi. Uma walks to Maasi’s room and knocks door. Maasi acts as sleeping and switching off lights, opens door and asks Uma if Kanak did anything again. Uma says no, a thief has entered home. Maasi says nobody came here. Man hides behind window. Uma peeps from window. Man jumps and runs away. Uma closes window and says it was thief and he could not steal because of Kanak. Maasi asks everyone to go and sleep and closes door. Kanak finds prop outside door and thinks whom Maasi included in her heinous plans now.

Vansh sitting on rocking chair reminisces challenging Uma after one month, he will divorce Saras and take back Kanak home. Saras brings food and says he did not have anything since returning from Ladno. He says if he did not hear their marriage is broken now. She says for her he will be husband forever and cannot have food until he finishes. He says if she really want to follow patni dharm, she should dance on a bollywood song with him. He forcefully dances with her on Ek Hogaye Hum Aur Tum..song.. She feels embarrassed. He says his sister must be feeling same when decisions are forced her and she has to wear heavy lehangas and follow Uma’s adharmi rules. He warns her to stop her patni dharm drama till their divorce after 30 days. Bhabho watches from balcony and hears about divorce.

Kanak in her room thinks holding prop. Palomi enters without knocking. Kanak scolds if she does not have any manners to enter in a couple’s room without a knock. Palomi says she sees 2 people staying separately and picks Uma’s kurta and says she is eager to see Uma again in this kurta. Kanak angrily throws kurta and warns her. Uma comes out of bathroom and wearing kurta yells at Kanak that he is fed up of her and is going to meet lawyer to ask if he can get divorce before 1 month. Kanak stands in a shock and reminisces earlier Uma telling he cannot live without her. Uma asks why she is in a shock, if she is thinking about shop, he will give it to her and she can take anything she wants from here as he does not want to give her any reason to return.

Bhabho with family sits for breakfast. Golu and Rani’s romance starts while serving food. Saras serves food to Vansh, and he angrily takes. Bhabo tells Vansh that he wanted to open a shop in Dubai, so she has found one and he needs to go today itself. Vansh says he wants to go after 1 month. Bhabho asks if he is waiting for a divorce after 1 month. Vansh angrily looks at Saras. Bhabho says Saras did not say anything, she heard their conversation last night and will not let anyone shatter her family.

Kanak holding prop thinks whose prop it is. She goes to Maasa’s room and does not find her and runs out to inform Uma. Uma gives 10 lakhs to Maasi. Maasi asks if he will not ask where she will spend his hard earned money. He says she sacrificed her life for them, he will never question her.

Precap: Palomi taunts Kanak that she must be sad that Uma went to Jaipur wearing red kurta, this is her revenge for a slap. Kanak informs Suman that Maasa is not in her room. Suman says Maasi took Maasa to Jaipur hospital. Kanak says it is dangerous. Maasi spreads toxic fumes in Maasa’s car.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. maasisa is evil so she wants to kill maasa and as for uma he will he continue behave navie by the time he realise masisa will kill her mother.

  2. I can not comment on the episode. I follow the course of history. The episode is just part of the story. I will tell you what I have understood so far. I understand that religion is used only as a pretext to justify human behavior in society. Religion is a desperate attempt to save life. Here we can not talk about religion and belief in their essence and interpretation . I also understand that when fate takes the parents of a child, his soul is mutilated. A man without parents is like a tree without roots. Therefore , its overall development is distorted – thought, meaning, values, upbringing, character. I also understand that a person without love can not live. Love in all dimensions is also the sweetest taste of human life. Sooner or later she must enter into every human soul. Human life is a series of obstacles and one must be strong to overcome them. TSMSP is a very meaningful and useful series. Congratulations to writers that this time they recreate the story of love in a unique way. Very strong contrast of the characters. Very bright contrast of the intellect.
    The plot is a drama. Episodes are heavy to watch. But there is always a lot of pain, tears, disappointment in a drama. But ultimately everything ends with love. KANUM will be a beautiful finish of SURYA !

    1. So well sad Moneva! The writers if this serial need to be commended for bringing up such important social issues.and how religion can be manipulated by humans for personal gain..

      Kanak’s current journey is so hard to watch, but so realistic too . It’s really hard for a man to be bought up in orthodox ways and not behave the way uma is behaving..

      This week’s episodes just gave me th chills… But I did find palomi parts a bit useless..

      Pay use an and from Ib is in as Aditya.. But I so wished for him to be positive..so am a bit disappointed.

      1. * Ayush Anand from Ishqbaaz is Aditya ( ignore above typo)

    2. Yes Nice analysis moneva..

  3. Poor Maasa? we all are waiting for her recovery.. I hope CVs don’t kill her? Though she didn’t get anything much to act.. some way I like her somuch ?. Maasisa ka Mauth ka taandav start hogaya?

  4. Bhaana

    Story is in fast track..that’s good.
    At this stage I wish to see kanak consolidate herself and hide/forget the feeling for uma and just concentrate in exposing maasi not in saving uma from that outsider,let uma handle palomi.
    If kanak stops expecting his support he will try use his brain.Don’t like the sad face of kanak?
    The show is changing the shades every now and then..today we can see the greedy n selfish mom trying hard to save n settle his son aditya.Aditya entry in the show is amazing as it helps in reducing space for palomi madness.
    Precap looks like another shade…horror show, all of a sudden how they took maasa to hospital, I guess maasisa started her mission????

    1. Must be some Ayurvedic hospital Bhaana?. I was also thinking the same.. having poojaneeya Dr Uma at home.. how did he even let that happen?

    2. lol hai bhaana gud analysis uma handling palomi yes if he comes to know the true intention of palomi what will be his reaction will he burn her with his powerful eyes.Massisa is not only greedy she is very cunning and manipulating all these years by showing as if she has sacrificed her life for this family.Yes ur right bhaana this romantic story has become a suspense thriller now,

    3. Yes bhaana I also think kanak should now focus on masisa only n stop thinking abt Uma n palomi. Cos masisa is getting more dangerous everyday n everyone’s life in house is in danger n kanak has one month only to save the family so she needs to be calm n focus on the mission
      I know tat mean Uma is doing all this intentionally just to hurt kanak ?Bt when the truth will come out he will regret on his dids

  5. Lovely analysis Moneva i love each and every line of ur comment.

  6. Massisa is the main adharmi in that house poor uma is trusting massisa so much i really dont know hw uma will react when he comes to know true face of massisa.Adithya entry was good turning point massisa and adithya plan of killing uma and family will start now.So massisa is having contact with her son.Masisa herself admited that she taught wrong dharam to uma for her ulterior motivness uma is not only blind on dharam but he is also stupid and dumb he does not even know what is happening his house,Massisa is using mob he is not aware of it.Somewhere i feel is uma pretending to kanak showing as if he is hating her hw can aperson change overnight its very suspicious .i loved the fb scene shown uma proposing his love to kanak with fear.This uma is totaaly changed becos trust which is essential part of marriage life is now broken in their life.I think kanak will save uma and massa in coming episode we may get some kanum moments soon.Vansh is terrible i cannot tolerate his attitude at all hw he is forcing saras to dance now he has become the villain of the story.

  7. Yes I agree with Bhaana. Kanak forget feelings for uma and concentrate on her mission exposing maasisa. I can’t see Kanak sad face & I can’t see whoever taunting Kanak even uma also

  8. Hi All Uma thinks of Kanak the same way she thought of him that he was a thief, hooligan and no matter any thing that Uma did , she did not look beyond that all because that she thought he stole her families shop.After events beyond her control and being framed Uma although he loves her and being weaker will die without her is thinking of his entire family as he needs to be there for Shiv; Suman and Saras, but alas not knowing his aunt will kill every one and take all the family hard earned wealth.Like CCTV proof Kanak will need evidence for Uma to love her although he will never stop loving her.The show has so much potential eventually Uma could expand his clinic and treat women.He helped cure Kanak’s Grandfather and would be an asset to the community.Girls get married and a brother should respect there sisters decision going back to her own house is not going to make her the same person as before marriage.Kanak as a respectable girl took permission from her Grandmother but for the good or bad he has created a problem for his sister and the character will need to grow up before he causes more problems unnecessarily as story lines go there is so much potential for the character of Uma, Kanak and also Suman who is growing up fast

  9. Today glad Kanak alerted that there was a thief in the house but shame got away As usual Masisa acted oblivious to this incident . Like Bhaana said Kanak needs to think how to bring the truth out instead of fighting Paullomi & arguing with Uma about anything then he is going to realize. Hope Masa is going to be ok don’t know how Kanak is going to stop this Uma blindly gave Masisa all that money without asking was strange He wants to divorce Kanak even sooner guess it requires both sides consent Kanak can refuse to sign that will be awesome Yes Uma from young was brainwashed by Masisa to consider her as his mother Wish they would show him going to see Masa briefly daily that would give her opportunity to tell him the truth now that she can speak How dare Paullomi walks into anyone’s room without knocking maybe wanted to take advantage of Uma ?? no manners

  10. Meera1

    Anither difficult episode to watch …. Vansh is annoying the hell out of me – how can he intrentionally behave so badly with Saras. After all the drama you’d think he would have grasped that Saras isn’t to blame in any of this. I really feel for Saras but equally feel frustrated at her for not standing up to Vansh. But this has been the way she has been brainwashed by maasisa ?.

    As time goes on, I feel more & more pity for our ladno ka kohinoor Uma ?he has placed maasisa on such a high pedestal that he is going to be devastated when he finally finds out the truth…. now I’m hoping that in typical drama style maasa manages to make a miraculous recovery & makes Uma realise his mistake…. let’s face it, he isn’t going to listen to anyone else.

    Kanak needs to focus on finding out maasisa’s secret & leave palomi to do all the cleaning up after Uma. Aditya’s entry has ramped up the mystery, hopefully maasisa will slip up soon & all will be revealed.

    1. Bhaana

      Agree…vansh arrogance is annoying, with all his upbringing and sense, treating her like this is spoiling his role..can show his revenge in front of uma n behind treat her as a human.
      Hope this time, after this thirtyyyyyyy days?uma (so called ladno ka kohinoor/lkk) ?? is allowed to regret and be a man/hero of the show as i expected uma will change when kanak went pushkar twice earlier.

  11. Bhaana

    Hi guys! thanks for your response/replies neha, divyaa, shreya, sri n vj ???

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