Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vansh angrily says he will not spare Uma. Kanak stops her and says she could breakup with Uma, but when she reached here she saw that Uma is holding Bhabho’s shop. Vansh asks what…Kanak reminisces an old man grabbing Bhabho’s shop and leaving warning them to clear the shop before he returns. She reaches Ladnu to get shop papers when Uma forcefully marries her, she will get shop in 4 days. He says he will not let her even for 4 minutes in Uma’s Lanka. Kanak says he has to wait or Bhabho’s sake and reminds how Bhabho got severely ill and got well because of Kanak mishthan bhandar. He says they all 3 took oath not to separate shop rom Bhabho. She pleads that she did her job and now it is his turn. Vansh calms down. Babasa calls him. Kanak asks him to go. Vansh says

how can he leave her in Uma’s lanka. Kanak says Uma is rude, but follows his rules strictly and will not misbehave with her. Vansh asks what if she falls in Uma’s love. She says when Rajasthan’s mountains fly, she may fall in Uma’s love, until then no.

Uma looks at Kanak’s bangles and reminisces time spent with her. Serial’s title song..mai suraj tu saanjh piya…plays in the background. He thinks soon she will agree to him

Kanak gives kachoris to Vansh and asks him not to give more than one to Bhabho. Vansh says if she does not return in 4 days, he will come here to receive her. She says there will be no need for that, ask brothers to get ready to receive their sister. He hugs her emotionally, says 4 days and leaves looking at her repeatedly. She emotionally stands crying.

Kanak then searches Shiv and asks toy seller if he saw small kid. He says he does not know. She asks people around if they saw small boy. They all nod no. She panics and searches him all around, crying. She finally finds him riding a toy horse and thanks god. Suman sees Shiv and calls him. He falls down. Kanak gets worried and runs to him. Suman asks her to relax, let us go home, Uma will apply medicine. They reach home. Uma applies medicine. Maasi asks how did Kanak fall. Suman says Kanak was not near Shiv when he fell, she tried to hold him, but he fell before that.

Babasa and Bhabho enjoy kachoris. Bhabho says she is enjoying desi ghee onion kachrois after a long time, how did he know she needed it. Vansh says like she understood Uma’s wife needed her blessings. She says Sooraj used to bring her kachoris and he brought without telling. Vansh says Suraj was her shravan and she told god stopped making shravans after Sooraj. She says don’t try to become Shravan, he is better as Vansh. Vansh thinks her shravan is Kanak.

Maasi asks Kanak where did she go leaving Shiv alone. Kanak says she was near him only. Shiva says bhabhisa was near him. Uma scolds him not to speak when elders speak. Maasi scolds if her relatives came to meet her that she left Shiv alone. Kanak says she did a mistake and apologizes. Maasi says people will badmouth that she took care of her sister’s children and not her sister’s devar and devrani’s children. Uma says Shiv and Suman are his chacha chachi’s children who have expired, Maasi took care of even them like own children. Kanak says she took care of them as children. Maasi says emotions have not changed and if an outsider harms them, she cannot tolerate it. Kanak apologizes. Maasi says she will be punished.

Precap: Suman drags Shiv. Shiv pleads Uma not to let bhabhi saa punished. Uma tells Kanak whatever she did with Shiv, she does not have right to give exams. Kanak thinks she has to give exams and get back Bhabho’s shop at any cost before Vansh comes to receive her.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. divyaa

    Hearty congragulation to TSMSP team for completing their 100 episode successfully many more success to come .Keep rocking.

  2. Pari

    Guys have u seen new promo of tsmspj …I mean what uma is up to ….death bed of kanak….wat d hell….is he planning

  3. VINAL


    |Registered Member

    I think kanak must have find another way to get shop papers instead of coming back to uma house uma is horrible man

  4. Candiva007


    |Registered Member

    First, thanks for the updates. Second, I can’t wait to actually watch the episode.

    1. What was Suman doing at the toy store?
    2. Why does Kanak have to get punished all the time?
    3. Kanak is way more educated than all the women in Uma’s house, why shouldn’t she give Shiv his exams?


    • divyaa

      Thank you neha for the lovely link so many beautiful moments of KanUm for some more days we will miss kanUm.

  5. Sri

    I saw new segment uma will do that all for Kanak tell truth to him.she told about shop papers to him then he told “I will give shop papers after two days and u will go to your house tomorrow”. Uma’s family don’t know Kanak permanently go to her house.kanak know she will not come back.kanak good bye to everyone. This is the new segment.

  6. divyaa

    Nothing special in today’s episode but I feel story is going too fast .From today’s bangle scene uma is slightly falling for kanak but he is a very rigid person and male egoistic personality so he won’t reveal his feelings so soon .But episode in future shows kanak gets separated permanently fro uma getting the shop papers but she has developed deep love and attachment towards uma family so she is bursting emotionally inside becos massisa don’t know that she is permanently going away from the house.seeing the video its very clear kanak has also fallen for uma her eyes shows whether uma will apologise her mistake she never gets this much motherly love in her maayka she is seeing her mom in massisa .But uma expression is not understandable whether he is feeling for kanak or not.Uma is always taking hasty decisions .Let’s see what happens next

  7. Bhaana

    First part is good, wn vansh said mein us aadmi ko katam kardunga,i felt go ahead but kanak stopped him.
    Umas house part was v slow.
    In precap payal took shiv from kanak not suman, it is written wrongly.
    How payal reached bazaar alone breaking the rules of uma

    • shreya

      yes bhaana m also wondering tat what payal was doing there alone? Is tat mean all rules n punishments r for kanak only
      y massisa didnt ask anything to payal ?

  8. divyaa

    I wonder what type of man is this uma he never have feelings he never respects anyone feelings .He will forcibly marry a girl without her or her family consent then he will make her to follow his dharams whether she likes or not he will trust his religious belief on her .He will test her whether she is suitable for him or not according to his patni dharam if she fails he will throw her out he never bothered about her future life he has completely ruined her life and her life is at stake .Is this pathi dharam.Does he fulfil his dharam And the worst part is to test her loyalty towards him oh god I don’t know what to tell about him but I am damn sure this separation will make him realize his mistake and will surely change him a little .Even there is a poll conducted Indian forum whether kanak will return back to ladno or uma will run to pushkar to get back kanak and majority votes is for the second option.

    • shreya

      good point diyaa..
      i havnt noticed tat bt now am thinking tat too
      bt in some sequences am feeling like story makers making us fool like this

  9. priyanshi

    average episode today ….
    I really enjoy kanak and vansh conversation …….diehard loving bro….
    story is going fast now like Indian train
    “story mai agala turn kya ho …..
    kya kanak ko dukan k paper melange ?
    kya kanak uma ka tayag kr payegi??
    kya uma kanak ko aasani se jane dega?
    kya sb kuch janane k baad payal kanak ki bhabi banegi ??”
    “Ye to huaye savaal….
    In episode vansh ask kanak how to save her in fallen love of uma??
    and kanak says that “I fallen in love uma that day when Rajasthan all mountain flying in the air !!
    !! jis din kanak ko uma se pyar hua aur hawa m Rajasthan k pahad ni udde na to kisi ki khaer ni……..!!

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      Priyanshi 😂😂😅That pahaad comment…Here I have fallen in love with Vansh and Shiv. How they protect Kanak, specially that Shiv cutie…😍😍😘

  10. Priyanshi

    Hmmmm Diyaa Shiv is only member in daku Singh family who love kanak any
    kanak shiv ki yashoda maa ……!!

  11. Appu

    I dont like uma shankar I hate his way of thinking and I like vansh bhaiya he is very caring and bold kanak

  12. divyaa

    There is a new promo on air it seems frnds uma ‘s massaa room catches fire she will ring the bell kanak will come to save her.Uma will see this and realizes how she respects relations .But this sequence is going to come just before kanak bidaai or much before that is not clear .How will uma react after this incident

    • Bhaana

      Mahaepisode, really tats good na, we can see kanum separation early n how they both miss each other
      Waiting to see ved n vansh rxn wn kanak comes back with uma

  13. Vj

    I was hoping Vansh would have met Saraswati and marry but that is only a drop in the ocean compared to what Kanak is being put through ☹️ Really dislike Payal & idiotic mother hope she gets put in her place soon such a show off husbandless how pathetic Both her & Paullomi need to see a shrink after see that crazy dance of her

  14. divyaa

    Omg did any of you saw the new promo in instagram for tom mahaepisode .Uma is forcefully pulling Kanak ‘s dupatta and erupting like a volcano bursting out his anger and all his frustration .Poor Kanak is having a terrified look.

    • divyaa

      Yes bhaana i am wondering why kanak is lowering her prestige like this just to get shop papers Any man or husband will react like this only whythey have spoiled kanak’s character like this .Why the makers are suddenly making uma a hero spoiling kanak character.But seriously it is kanak ‘s mistake to stoop down to this level but some spoilers are telling it is a dream sequence we don’t know how far its true

  15. Bhaana

    Instead of kanak sacrificing herself to uma she would have attempted suicide as per diyaa’s ff.
    When i read tat ff i thought this is not logical as she is very bold, she will choose other way to get rid of this situation,but i was wrong, attempting suicide is far better than this update wr she losed her self-respect.Still waiting for epi to see how they will justify kanaks character.
    Sorry guys if i hurted anyone.

  16. Parmeen

    The story suddenly seems to be moving very quickly, hard to see what will happen when Kanak goes home & how she will come back

  17. shreya

    hi friends, hope u all r doing well
    missing u all..
    as my ph isnt working so am not able to read ur comments n telly updates n am missing all fun over here
    hope will catch u all soon
    take care guys..

  18. divyaa

    Even I am waiting for that turning point parmeen whether bhabho will bring Karnak or uma will go to pushkar to bring Kanak as per massisa insistence .Let’s wait and watch

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