Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Feels Jealous

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma comes to living room holding his head. Kanak gives him lemon juice and says it is hangover. He asks if Shiv and Suman woke up. Kanak says they even had breakfast and went to school and college, it is already 1 p.m., does he remember in which condition did he come home last night. Uma reminisces coming home inebriated and nods yes, says he had to drink champagne as he had a meeting with business tyoons and they insisted for a drink. Kanak says she would not have mind if he had drank himself, but he obeyed others. He argues if she does not want him to succeed, he is hired of being caged by Maasi’s fake ideologies for 12 years and now when he is trying to flying, Kanak is trying to wet his feathers, he loves her and she is most important to him, but she should not hold

him and stop him from succeeding.

Payal gifts watch to Vaibhav and says she bought his ordered gift, now he should delete audio in his mobile. He asks to relax and says until she gets him gifts, he will keep quiet. Saras and Vansh walk in asking are devar and bhabhi talking about. Vaibhav shows Payal’s gifted watch. Vansh says even they got him a gift and gives him most advanced mobile phone. Vaibhav says it is awesome and worth 1 lakh. Payal gets jealous and asks Vansh why he got such a costly gift. Vansh says price does not matter for brothers.

Uma and Kanak take Suman to Jaipur College for admission. Suman watches boys and girls chatting together. Uma says befriending boys is not a problem, in friendship there in no difference between boys and girls, only ideology matters. They meet office staff for admission who says they are 2 days late and admission cannot happen. Uma tries to convince him in vain. Suman says they will try another college. Uma says he will seek favor from Meera Mittal, she is famous in this city. Kanak says he never liked taking favors, how can he change so much. Uma says it is a question of his sister’s future. Kanak sees headmaster’s office and walks in and convinces him for admission showing Suman’s marks card. Headmaster says they keep 2 special seats unreserved and if Suman can pass a test, she can get 1 seat. Uma picks mobile to call Meera when Meera herself walks to him and greets him. He introduces Suman to her and says he was trying to call her for Suman’s admission. Meera says nothing is coincidence, what if she is spying on him. She takes him to principal’s office who is surprised to see trustee’s daughter and gives 1 seat to Suman.

They come out and Uma thanks Meera for her favor. Meera says she is a businesswoman and does not do anything for free, she will take back her favor when she needs. She shakes hands with him. Kanak walks in and gets jealous seeing Meera shaking hands with Uma. Meera leaves. Kanak walks into to Umaa and Suman fuming. Suman says if she had come earlier, she would have met Meera Mittal, what a dynamic woman she is. Kanak says she does not want to meet anyone and says Suman has to write test to get seat. Suman says she got seat already via Meera. Uma says he told Meera can do anything. Suman goes to get admission form. Kanak angrily holds Uma’s collar and asks how dare he is to shake hand with Meera, she will kill him if he eyes anyone else. He smiles and asks if she got jealous, he is very handsome, but he loves only her and nobody can enter his life except her.

Precap: Uma invites Kanak for a special dinner date before their marriage. He waits at a restaurant for Kanak. Meera walks in and says she did not see anyone like him before, she loves him. Uma stands shocked. Kanak walks in and is also shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. CVs again in fast forward mode. Since when did Kanak become so narrow minded to get jealous of a handshake? Meera already confessed??!! Hey Prabhu. May the CVs brains rest in peace as they are clearly brain dead.

    1. Candiva007

      Kanak’s radar is up and its alarming that someone is trying to steal her man! LOL

  2. oh awesome episode i loved it very much..nice. thank u MA

  3. Abhi abhi kanak n uma itne khatrnaak track se bahar aaye hai ki writer ko chain nhi pda itna khunkhaar character le ke aa gaye……well kuch digest nhi ho raha ab kitna hajmola khaye insaan……plz make sense writer uma 12 days mein khudh ke bal pr achieve krta then yeh meera track laate toh acha lgta……uma ka character strong hona chahiye na ki weak type ka…..usko fighter dikhao…..

  4. So uma determined to reach the sucess zone even at the cost of sacrificing everything. Kanak was worried about him loosing his identity for reaching sucess. She did not mind if he drinks at his own free will but he should not do anything forced by someone. Kanak is bewildered to see uma leaving out all his sanskar for becoming suceesful. Kanum goes with suman for admission. See a positive change in uma he didn’t even allow her to write school exams once then kanak removed his blindfold towards woman education. Then he changed. Now he himself trying his best to fulfil his sister wish. Kanak tries to convince hod for suman seat. She got it too but only if she passes entrance test. Meera recommend and got the admission. Uma and suman was too happy.uma thanked her for her favour but she made her first move she won’t do anything free he has to return back her favour. We all know what she means but our innocent uma cannot understand the true meaning behind that statement. Meera and uma had an handshake meera was squeezing his hands uma was too uncomfortable he is slightly suspecting meera real intentions. Kanum witnessed it became furious and asked him how dare he can shake hands with her. She said she will kill him if he do that again uma laughed and teased her about her jealousy. He said he is too charming so what can he do. Uma lovingly said many woman’s can come across in his life but his heart is only kanak. Beautiful couple kanum

  5. Bhaana

    Rapid fire round is far better than our recent episodes, y viewers are not given enough time to cherish kanum victory over maasi drama which lasted for more than four months.

    Hate this Meera track?????????thought it was uma makeover track now it sounds like that aunty take over the show.
    Another heart breaking precap, does starplus promote insurance company through shows.

  6. Except that they are not spending enough time on every relationship and emotion to let it develop properly, I am loving this Meera entry and Meera track. The show has written and developed Kanak’s character so badly that earlier it was Palomi who seemed best life partner for Uma before maasi became evil. Now Meera seems best partner for Uma as she can take him on the path to success which he wants. And she seems to be genuinely in love with him. It’s a pity that Kanak being the heroine uma will ultimately come back to her and Meera will be made super evil. As usual, strong ambitious women being shown as bad and homely docile woman with her fiance being her only goal being shown as good. No big Sur as that’s what brings trp since that’s the target audience. Ill enjoy for a little time while the Meera track lasts and before she is transformed into another underworld don like Nanda ?

  7. It’s sad seeing Uma changing so drastically to fit into the modern world, I am missing dhoti bro…. I thought the conversation between Uma & Kanak provided us viewers with a good understanding of each characters current mindset…. although along with uma’s sudden changes, kanak’s character seems to have responded by becoming insecure overnight.

    One thing that is bugging me about the show is how up until recently we have seen Kanak in a modern look in her jeans etc… now all of a sudden to make her in to a damsel she has taken on Indian attire again… Maybe it’s just me & im overthinking things … but I really hate the way most cvs use traditional clothing as a sign of weakness ?

    I personally think Kanak’s character provides a decent example of the balance between having a modern outlook and keeping strong morals & values.

    1. Yes I agree its totally going out of the concept which the show had in the beginning there everything was slow they portrayed everything in detail every character every scene n the conflict of two opposite thinking bt now it looks like everything is happening suddenly
      Change is good bt I think CVS should not rush like this that it look fake
      Even I feel Meera doesn’t love Uma she has some plan for future may be she also wants to use Uma like that of massisa..

  8. Very nice episode today ..nice..love kanum pair and tsmsp my favourite show. waiting for tomorrow episode

  9. Let’s see how long Uma will think about kanak, in his craziness to achieve success.. Mendak is a step ahead of kanak now.. everything is turning into her favour.. Uma wake up…

  10. Kanak looks like child in front of Uma he looks too mature for her being 9-10 years Older than her. Although I obviously don’t want Uma and Meera together and I Know it is never going to happen because Kanak is heroine, truth is I find Uma and Meera look good next to each other as she looks more sophisticated and mature and closer to Uma’s age. I think Rhea Sharma I cuter and prettier too but what is , Meera is just an actress doing her job and everyone calling her mean names . None of us is perfect looking. Then how make fun of other people’s looks?

  11. Bhaana

    New entry(don’t wish to spell her name too) role is introduced in a way to add vamp which is missing for a moment, so that no one can question CVS, no need to show her to be don in future she sounds like that from her very first episode.
    In which angle she sounds like a business woman n mature?, behaving dominating, dictating is this maturity…
    if one is single that doesn’t mean you can follow him straight to rest room with in a day, shameless creature…
    Kanak always shown good hearted person who can survive n withstand pressure for her loved ones, she is not after anyone within a day.

    1. Well said bhaana I hate her to the core. Her dressing style her attitude her character everything is disgusting. Shameless mad obsessed woman. I guess she is a psycho. She wants uma to be her slave this is not love Anyways uma heart soul life only for kanak. Meera is just another vamp she is just a passing cloud. Which business woman will behave like this ??. Waiting to see our sooraj and saanjh together soon. Kanum only diya aur bhati. Love only kanum . Bholenath should protect his bhakt from that evil. Worst is Bhanna meera looks like didi to our uma.

      1. Hi Divya and Bhaana………..
        Episode was good with the mixture of advice, joy, romance and last nok Jhok scene of our Kanum.
        Well, can’t image vamp proposing Uma. I am wondering, when will this track come be an end?
        I think Kanak and Vamp Meera will come face to face today. How is Uma gone handle this situation?
        Meera looks like Didi to our uma – Like this line 🙂 Divya

  12. Serial is getting bored now after meera’s entry. Seems like no difference from other serials. Waste of time watching episodes of story in which meera is.

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