Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak, Palomi Clash

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vansh tells Uma that his sister will be in Uma’s house for 1 month like a guest and Saras will be at his house in his house until divorce proceedings are completed. Kanak asks what is he telling. Maasi says let him say what he wants, enough of Kanak’s tricks, let Vansh take his sister home, Saras made a mistake and they will punish her in their own way. Uma says only 1 month and not even 1 day. Vans hays not even a second and warns if his sister is troubled even a bit, he will not spare Uma and his family. Maasi and Palomi smirk.

After sometime, Uma divides room. Kanak asks what is he doing. He says dividing room, she has to stay on the other side. Kanak says he is being brainwashed, why can’t he see that. Uma shouts enough, he will not listen anything. Palomi

brings water. Uma asks to keep it on table. Kanak stops her and says it is wife’s duty and she is still here. Uma says he asked Palomi to do his chores like before. Palomi keeps water on table and leaves smirking at Kanak. Kanak asks Uma why can’t they live in peace. He stops her from crossing border and says they will stay like strangers for 1 month and he will not listen to her a bit as she lost trust, he hates her now. He sleeps on the other side of floor. Kanak walks away angrily saying enough of drama now, it is time to confront face to face.

Vansh and Saras reach home. Saras asks to freshen up while she serves food for him. He angrily asks if she did not see what happened in Ladnu, they will be divorced in 1 month. She says whatever happened does not matter to her, she is his wife. He gets intimate and asks to follow wife’s duty now. She hesitates. He asks what happened now, her family just blabbers and acts.

Palomi wears bridal dress and picks sindhoor to apply on her forehead when Kanak enters and stops her and warns she cannot apply sindhoor without marriage. Palomi says she loves Uma and will apply his name’s sindhoor. Kanak says she cannot when she is alive. Palomi says she prays Uma and when everything was going right and she was about to get him, Kanak interfered and spoilt her plan, she hates Kanak to the core. Kanak reminisces Palomi and Maasi’s heinous plans. Palomi says now she will get her right at any cost and tries to apply sindhoor again. Kanak pushes her hand and sindhoor falls on Kanak. Kanak says even gods gave judgment, Palomi is trying to snatch someone’s husband and she will be called a keep. Palomi shouts she loves Uma even since she did not know what love was and Maasi knows everything. She curses the day when she invited Kanak to temple for Uma Shankar’s celebrations and reminisces the incident. She challenges that after 1 month, she will snatch sindhoor from Kanak and will be Uma’s wife forever. She tries to wipe Kanak’s sindhoor when Kanak holds her hand and confronts even after living in a house which follows dharm and shastra, she does not know the meaning of sindhoor, she does not know that she cannot eye on someone’s husband once married. She walks away while Palomi stands frustrated.

Kanak walks to her room reminiscing Uma’s words and sees him sleeping. Someone enters house silently and walks towards Maasi’s room. Kanak comes out to drink water and finds main door opens and closes it. She sees steps towards Maasi’s room and goes to inform Uma.

Precap: Maasi scolds a man why did he come at this time. Kanak informs Uma that she saw footsteps towards Maasi’s room. Uma says these are man’s steps. Maasi worriedly says Uma is coming this side. Uma opens door and stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks for very fast update MA.

  2. our uma life is in danger . uma is betrayed in since childhood by nanda . when will uma come to know nanda is still cheating uma since childhood.

  3. So here comes Aditya’s entry.. But Iam sure Maasisa will hide him successfully before anyone else can see.. So that they can drag the episodes further? and I feel Kanak will be blamed again saying she’s creating all the scenes to seek attention.. waisey bhi Kanak toh Mandir ka ghanta ban chuki hai, jiski marzi woh bajakey chala jaata hai?

    1. Lol kaha se lati ho ye lines Neha ??

    2. Bhaana

      Right…she will escape for sure, if not how will cvs fill the show by different types of torture in the story, 30 days left u know na?
      Last line is good?
      Why Aditya is shown negative I like him in ishqbaaz?

    3. [email protected]@Bhaana
      Yeah Aditya is nice.. But I have a strong feeling that however within a few days Maasisa will be caught and also her puppet, that obsessed, Hawas ki Poojary Palomi ?.. After all this drama, may be Aditya will continue to be the new villian of kanum’s life.. Because along with Maasisa and Palomi, there will be an end to the villian track.. Payal, I feel will change.. But Aditya may turn out revengeful..

  4. Love the series, it’s different. You cannot argue with the script writers.The main leads have not consumated there marriage and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, romantic moments are so few, which is such a pity given the screen presence of Uma and Kanak, still from spoilers we can see they miss each other when not sharing the same bed, being born in England I see so much goodness in Indian women, Kanak came to the house as a young girl and now is like a older sister to Shiv and Suman and also Saras and most importantly a rock to lost boy Uma although he won’t admit It that she is the shoulder he can cry on there is no shame in having a cry

    1. loved ur analysis Gurmeet Kanak is the represntation of strong minded bold indian womans

    2. Meera1

      Hi Gurmeet great analysis of the show. I am also a uk viewer. You are right kanak’s character has developed so much from a young girl to a woman who is protective of her family. Uma couldn’t have chosen a better partner they both are sincere characters who will make a stand for what they think is right.

  5. Your analytic comments are so very true

  6. Meera1

    The show is now working on high voltage drama, with the storyline developing fast & the plot thickening around Maasisa’s cheating…Obviously she’s not going to get caught out just yet, but I can’t wait until the day she is exposed.

    I loved Kanak today, liked how she didn’t just sit back & went to face Palomi. She gave such a fitting reply to Palomi if only she’d given her a slap too, to help knock some sense into her. God knows where Palomi thought she was going to go all dressed up as a ‘suhaagan’… best place for her is a mental asylum ?.

    1. Bhaana

      Hi meera, happy ????u too registered.. Like ur profile photo..that seen was awesome..I watch that dance sequence frequently.

    2. Hi meera even I loved the way Kanak handled palomi .This story has become full fledged drama .I really don’t know how palomi is this foolish to believe uma will marry her .Uma ‘s wife and life is only kanak

  7. What does Uma and Vansh think of Kanak and Saras? They are not your dolls, to keep safe until a month or something, they have feelings and who are you to decide about them without even trying to know their minds? Kanak and Saras, both of you are rocking, fighting to keep your marriage, true spirit, keep it up. Love you both………

  8. hi guys,just request to everyone who by the chance become india forum member,please ignore someone who always come just on trp days and bashing our show.she just creates negative atmosphere so that activity decrease and show rank will drop.i saw her name in previous show forum which tsmsp replaced.i love this show and cant bear anyone who always bashing this show.sure,everyone have their right to give opinion,be it positive or negative.but i am wondering,what benefit we get with bashing others?im sorry if i offend someone,and sorry for my bad english.thanks

    1. Thank u Melati i was upset today becos of that member comment but we ignored her Ru a forum member .We try to create only positive atmosphere in forum but few irritate us to the core.Ur absolutely right .Even i adore this show .which id do u use just for knowing i am asking u

    2. Bhaana

      Hi melati, there is no offense u look disturbed dear,i didn’t saw the bashers.. being new to that page busy in analysing the forum details.Haters are available everywhere, they will follow the show just to get the fishy think, it exist here too.Nowadays their number is less here I think

      1. thanks bhana and divya for replying.actually im a silent reader and not member,but i visit that page regularly since dabh days.i read each comment of member and enjoy it.i read your comment too divya.but i dont know your name in that page bhana.lots of love

      2. Bhaana

        Melati…just registered my name there didn’t post anything..

  9. What an eye-rolling episode! The character Kanak is such a big fraud. Ìs she so naive? She with all her Stockholm syndrome. Paulomi calling obsession love. In this generation that we are trying to promote women love, this show is still promoting women hate, where one woman has to pull down one to go up. Here, marriage is the goal. Smh!

  10. kanak was the hero of the episode what a brilliant performance by Rhea sharma .Iam not surprised with uma behaviour today earlier itself he has warned her that he would tyag her and now he is doing it.But how can he sleep like this after creating this much havoc breaking his wifes heart into pieces .What rights he has to talk about trust when he is not trusting kanak he is not respecting her feelings he married without her consent now he is divorcing without her consent.i am upset with both uma and vansh .Both of them are playing with two innocent lives kanak and saras .But both this woman will show the power of woman soon. Palomi is a mad woman she should be sent to mental asylum soon she is definately not MEERA she is shameless woman obsessed with madness on uma i think she does not even know the meaning of self respect.Uma is treating her as a caretaker or maid she does not even realize that .Atleast kanak now know who are all her enemies to fight back to win her rights.I love the way cvs trying to project kanak as a strong person with full of determination.Bholenath sanket was an excellent directorial touch .At the end of thirty days i want kanum to fall in love with each other unconditionally.

    1. Meera1

      Thank you for the heads up Divyaa & Melati, I still haven’t got round to registering on the forum, but have now registered on here so i’ve ended up as Meera1 instead of Meera.
      As for the show, Im absolutely loving it, it’s been ages since I’ve felt passionately about any show & it’s really nice to find people that appreciate the show as much as I do ?

    2. Bhaana

      Divyaa..superb yaar u r in full form?
      Knowing the fact that I will b trolled if I support uma..but I want to say..according to uma(not the present one) telling lie and playing with one’s emotion is wrong..credit to the story writers kanak always lied and played with him in kmb matters and in her hurry to change uma she behaved very childish and executed her plan by word game taking points from holly books, but vansh revenge ya phirse bolenath sign to expose maasisa…all drama took place.. think of it ladies, every partner will react in the sameway when their trust is broken by his beloved one.I defend uma today only in the matter of vishwas.

      1. I agree to or point on vishwas .Trust once broken very hard to get back yes Karnak was very childish she was too immature to handle uma.She has done many mistakes in kmb matter .So it oblivious uma will react like this .Both cannot talk about trust becos both of them did not trust each other

  11. There is no nayi soch here. Women have been fighting for their marriages for ages. Are they in a marriage with themselves? Why can’t the other parties fight for their marriages as well?

  12. NerdyBirdie

    Watching the way women on Indian dramas let their husbands dictate the course of their relationship really disgusts me. Whenever Uma looks at Kanak and thinks that she’s “his” then he does whatever he wants, such as forcefully marrying her. But when he decides that he’s had enough then suddenly Kanak is allowed to be thrown out of the house. If I were Kanak then I would demand a divorce. There is no “nayi soch” happening at all. In fact, Diya Aur Bati Hum is the serial that was really a nayi soch. It showed compromise on both parts for Sandhya to be more than a housewife. Even Meena had a hand in the Rathi sari business. In real life a marriage like this would never work and Uma can be classified under red flags for the way he treats Kanak. Throwing his wife on the floor because he’s “misguided”? I’m sorry that’s still a red flag for abuse.

  13. This I never understand why women eyes on someone else husband so many men out but still will snatch away the man, but Kanak was right second woman is keep. High voltage drama going on fast track.Massisa will be never caught till u get tired.Kanak u just show your jalwa to Uma he will be flat and will forget all his dharam.

  14. Liked Kanak feistiness way to go Poullomi the woman isn’t even divorced and you are dressing up as Uma’s wife ??where do you get all the clothes & jewelry think she is sick in her head Looks too desperate maybe step out you might get lucky ? Suman has not been interacting with Poullomi since the exam incident Poullomi new buddy is Masisa who by the way is just using her for her selfish reasons Uma you behaved like a spoiled brat how childish you divided the room & closet you two share the same bed but never had a physical relationship yet so what was the need (have to wait a century for action on that bed?) Is this new person really Adithi or just Masisa illegitimate child out of wedlock If he Adithi bet Payal wouldn’t even know ??Glad there are foot marks on the floor so Uma can’t say Kanak was lying let’s see what Masisa is going to say ?

    1. (have to wait a century for action on that bed?)
      Bwahahahaha? so funny??

      1. Yes it is v funny?
        Tum log bhi dialogue writers se Kam nhi ho ??
        But good u guys r adding humour in this tensed atmosphere when everyone is disturbed by masisa n palomis evil plans ?

  15. Wow Kanak I liked what you told Poullomi that there is a name for women like her who wants to be with a married man that too in the same house a SL_T ??? Don’t even know why she got all dressed up at night for Uma ?? but he fell a sleep oops or maybe for Masisa son who sneaked in at night ??? Kanak you have whole 30 days plenty of time to bring the truth out in the open going to be interesting Though hope both Uma & Vansh realize that this is not how you treat your spouses by shouting & being mean & nasty

  16. Well I must say about uma that he always pretend that he can read person mind n heart…..ab kya saari antaryamigiri ghaas charne chali gai ki yeh insaan masisa palumi n kanak ke mind n heart ko nhi padd pa raha..

    1. Bhaana

      Good points cutie..leave mind reading he can’t even identify the real face of his surrounding..it shows the flaws in uma role.
      I guess, people who follow yoga regularly will have a strong will power, there is no possibility of getting brainwashed, blind after reading ved puran….

    2. Uma.. as vansh said.. laadno ka Kohinoor? hardly used his brains.. and after our 8 pack abs wala balbrahmachari left, his brains have completely lost its thinking capacity.. now after Maasisa ka track his dimag ki batti jalegi?

  17. Hey guys have seen beta movie anil kapoor n madhuri dixit where aruna irani didn’t allow his step son to have education n his own son well educated but when madhuri who is well educated try to bring change in that house n anil kapoor life n shows his step mom true colour to him..so there is masisa doing ditto to uma…..but I think now maasa suman shiv saras rathi family can help kanak to show true colour of masisa to uma..

  18. Uma.. as vansh said.. laadno ka Kohinoor? hardly used his brains.. and after our 8 pack abs wala balbrahmachari left, his brains have completely lost its thinking capacity.. now after Maasisa ka track his dimag ki batti jalegi?

  19. Meera1

    I agree with Divyaa & Bhaana (don’t shoot me anyone ??) . This is my viewpoint after watching this episode. Uma isn’t just blinded by maasisa, he is also attempting to protect himself & his household from any further lying & cheating. He knows Kanak is well educated & good with words, therefore he is not allowing her to explain as he doesn’t want to get manipulated by her words – he previously given in to kanak’s view point on several occasions & feels he betrayed his religion.
    Uma now feels kanak is out to manipulate him & talk him round (she is the only person that brings out emotions from him, he was shattered when she left him in Kerala) so it’s safer for him to turn to stone, blot out his heart & Just listen to his head to follow the path of religion. obviously that doesn’t justify him ‘man handling’ & treating her like some toy – but does explain his character & why he is behaving the way he is…. & for the record, I am no relative of Avinesh or any cvs ?

  20. Hi …. I loved 26th August episode. Beautiful dialogues of Vansh. Especially Ladno ke Kohinoor! Saw the 2nd half of this episode again and again. I loved all their performance today. Dil khush hua yaar!!!
    Finally KanUm will get divorced. I feel bad to tell this bcz I love KanUm and their acting but to make Uma realise what has he lost separation is needed I believe.Its completely my personal opinion.

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