Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Saraswati and Payal making puja plate ready to welcome Uma and Kanak. Maasi comes and asks them to move puja plate. Payal says sorry, I made this ready for welcoming Kanak. Maasi says Kanak did not come. Shiv says Kanak has run away. They get shocked. Uma comes home. Shiv asks him to come inside, no one will talk about Kanak. Maasi asks Saraswati to get water. Maasi does some rituals. Uma thinks of Kanak.

Uma goes upstairs. Maasi says I feel proud of him, he does not forget Dharm ever, his wife hass run away, she did not value marriage, she is dead for us, no one will take her name here. Kanak cries thinking of her marriage and Uma signing the deal. Uma gets ready and thinks of her, seeing a necklace. Main sooraj tu saanjh piya…..plays…. Kanak

gets ready in a bridal dress and cries.

Everyone smile seeing the shop. Bhabho asks Ved to keep prasad for Vansh. Meenakshi says Vansh kept mannat for your recovery. Bhabho asks what mannat did you keep. She blesses everyone. Vikram says all guests came, no sweets box are left now. Bhabho says its my Sooraj’s hand taste relation, he joined everyone together by this shop. She thanks everyone. She says I want to walk to Sandhya and Sooraj’s pic and put garlands. Bhabho gets glad seeing Meenakshi’s concern. Kanak thinks I can’t fall weak today, its my test. Bhabho gets up and goes to the pic. She stumbles. Ved and Vikram hold her. Bhabho says I will not fall weak now. She lights diya. She does tika to Sooraj and Sandhya.

Ved says I promise whatever the situation, this shop will never get sold. Kanak comes and says you said right, any price can be given for this shop, but no price can be taken for this shop, this shop will not go away from Bhabho now. They all turn and see Kanak in her bridal dress. They get shocked.

Ved asks what did you wear, why did you not say about coming, change clothes and tell about your workshop. Meenakshi compliments Kanak and takes selfie with her. Ved asks Kanak to change clothes first. Kanak says from now, these are my clothes, I will be seen in this avatar now. Ved asks what do you mean. Kanak says these are not any drama clothes, its a truth, which you all have to accept, I got married, I m someone’s wife now. They all get shocked.

Ved says but Mayank is in UK. Meenakshi says Mayank is coming from London after 5 months. Kanak says sorry, I can’t marry Mayank now, I already got married. They get shocked. Babasa asks Kanak not to joke, marriage is not any game. Ved says yes, how could you marry without telling us. Kanak says marriage is not a joke for anyone, I did not play any game, I have taken seven rounds by all rituals. Ved says no, I can’t believe this, Bhabho chose Mayank’s relation for you, you can’t refuse to relation chosen by Bhabho, why are you making us mad. She says I was mad to live with hope that Bhabho’s hatred will get less, she will give me status of being her granddaughter, truth is even if I get beheaded for Bhabho, she will not love me, because I m murderer of those whom Bhabho loves the most, why shall I put my life at stake for Bhabho, she did not choose Mayank for me because he is good, she wanted to make me leave this house soon, her decision had bad intention, why shall I marry the one I don’t know, I have always thought of Bhabho’s happiness, now my patience broke, I stayed away from family all my life, shall I give rest of my life to Bhabho’s stubbornness, I took a decision for my life, I married the guy of my choice, so I did not tell anything to you all, I made excuse of workshop.

Ved says you did not think to include me in your life’s decision. Kanak says I just became a guest for this family, you used to say Bhabho’s thinking will change with time, what happened, I did not get permission to come in this shop, this shop is named on my name, its 60th anniversary, did Bhabho take my name once. Bhabho looks on.

Maasi says since Kanak has run away, you did not say a word, say something. Kanak cries and says Bhabho you hate me, I love you more,I m going to give test of love, so that I can get your shop back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kanak ne kya kiya atlest ved ya vansh ko to sach batate
    Now what will happen felling bad for kanak

  2. Can this show move any slower? Going round and round in the same place.

  3. VINAL

    After this episode this is clear that writers want to make this show boring now its clear that now kank will return to uma & after some time will fall in love >…. Totally Bakwass show

  4. if she is really sincere to her marriage and Uma then i am happy otherwise i am not

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I like ☺

  6. Indeed bakwass. This marriage should not be recognized because it was forced on her. It was a kidnapping. Did God tell Uma to kidnap Kanak, and force her to marry him, even if he has to carry her in his arms, and then have her live like a prisoner? Did God not consider Kanak as a human being with feelings and a woman who should be respected? Filmmakers, what are you trying to prove here? There’s a limit to insulting our intelligence. She has to return to live with her family. If it has to be, then Uma can court her, date her and if she falls in love and forgive him, then she can go back there, assuming of course, he did not take the shop in some cheating ways.

  7. Such a stupidity start for this show..
    Even demon Ravan waited for sita’s approval and acceptance to marry though being kidnapped. But here they show the lead as a great devotee and to be a follower of dharm; doesn’t he knows he has to get permission from a woman before getting married to her?? Doesn’t he has to get to know the girl’s family to get their permission and acceptance for this proposal???? He didn’t even bother that she would have a family looking for her and her family would have dreams to see her get married with all their love and blessings??? Total bullshit .. I hate the portrayal of this male lead and story line.


  8. Why is she lying to get brothers? She herself did not recognise the marriage with caveman and now she will accept him? No consistency, moron stupid writers

  9. Hey Vany, Rinky & Moinul you are so right since the wedding I have been commenting about the injustice of such story lines and its impact on people in society. The thing is many viewers and commenters of this show have embraced this foolishness and keep praising their Jodi. If the majority of the viewers think this is okay then CVs are going to keep giving us such rubbish.
    Not only that they brought Sooraj from the dead who stood with his wife against injustices to convince his daughter to stay married to a brute who took her against her wish and made a prisoner.
    What I have been noticing is that almost everyone is excited about their marriage. Oh according to some Uma is a good man. I read updates to see if Kanak gets away but now that she is going back to the brute I am done.
    This show is rubbish cannot compare itself with Diya Aur Bati Hum
    DABH was progressive and we got to see a progressive India through it.

  10. Sorry Rink
    Through DABH we get to see the bravery of women in India
    Through it we get to see another kind of thinking – so where is the Nayi Soch in this show
    This show should have been created before DABH
    The only thing I like about today’s episode is Kanak’s speech to Bhaboo and the family but she does not mean it, as she is doing it to get them to hate her as she has made up her mind to go to Uma.
    Next they will show cased her falling in love with him and she will change him and his whole household. Yeah right that does not happen in real life
    In real life the women are left embittered and traumatised (talk to NGOs working in these fields and you will be shocked at these women plights.

  11. Maha bakwaas

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