Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak closing her eyes asks Uma to speak and tell if she passed in test. He says yes with flying colors. She excitedly jumps and falls on him. They booth feel nervous. Serial’s title song mai sooraj tu Saanjh piya….continues. Uma realizes keeping his hand on her waist and removes. They both try to walk away nervously but clash repeatedly. Finally, Uma moves and Kanak walks way. Uma looks at bag. Kanak then keeps a coin in weighing machine and addresses that she could clear test because of Bhabho and soon after another 2 tests, she will win back Kanak mishthan bhandar, it will be Bhabho’s forever.

Maasi tells Uma that Kanak is following her wife’s duty/patni dharm silently and her family did not even come along for rituals, it is good Pushkar’s guests supported

her, else she was crying alone under pallu. She suggests him to keep her happy and take her for shopping to Ladno market. Shiv comes and says even he will accompany them. Maasi says what will he do between them. Shiv insists. Uma requests to let him take. Maasi agrees.

Uma takes Kanak and Shiv on cycle to Ladno market. Shiv says he knows every shop of this market and explains what they get at ach place. Uma stops cycle and asks them to get down. They ask why. He says even he knows everything. Shiv laughs. Kanak says she needs bangles. Uma takes her to bangle shop. She selects bangles. Bangle salesman tries dorn bangles on her wrist. Uma stops him angrily. Kanak asks what happened now. Uma says a stranger cannot touch Uma’s wife. Everyone look around. Owner apologizes Uma and asks to forgive salesman as he is new here. He gives water. Uma asks Kanak to wash her hand and do shuddikaran/purification. Vansh comes to get kachoris and seeing drama from and distance asks kachori vendor what is happening there. Kachori vendor explains situation. Vansh thinks Uma is so disgusting, he is restricting his wife so much, earlier that pallu issue and now this one, anyways it is not his problem, he will enjoy kachoris with Babasa. He buys kachoris and turns and is shocked to see Kanak. Kanak also sees him and tells Uma she needs to shop alone. He says he will accompany her. She insists and says she needs to by undergarments and takes Shiv along. She walks hurriedly and Vansh follows her.

Vikram comes home hurriedly and takes photo under Pavan’s bed, thanks god that Pavan did not see that. Ved comes and says he could not prepare something and asks for help. He also tells why kaaki saa behaves rudely. Vikram says her anger is valid. Ved thinks one incident broke their family.

Kanak walks hurriedly. Shiv asks her to slow down as he cannot walk fast like her. He stops seeing toys. Vansh catches her and asks what is happening here. Kanak asks Shiv to buy toys for him and gets him busy. She takes Vansh aside and asks him to relax. He says he saw everything and will inform family about her marriage, already Bhabho and Babasa are here. She asks him to wait. He asks why she lost her freedom here and reminds how she is being restricted. Argument starts. He asks her to tell truth. She says Uma married her forcefully. He says he will confront Uma then. She request him to give her 4 days. He asks will she take them to her house then. She says no, she will get out of Uma’s house and return to her house. Drama continues.

Precap: Kanak requests Vansh to keep quiet for sometime. Vansh asks what if she falls in Uma’s love. Kanak searches Shiv and he falls from a horse toy. Maasi says Kanak will be punished.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Diyaa

    I am shaken by today’s episode. The second half completely overshadowed the first half for me. Vansh and Kanak’s scene was everything I had hoped for. Vansh was as angry as I had wanted him to be to see his sister trapped in that hell and staying there. He dislikes Uma Shankar just as much as I hoped he would. He said all the things about Uma’s tyrannical rules that I had wanted him to say. And I am waiting to see what he is going to do about showing Uma the light of day. Will he involve Ved or will he go solo like Kanak. That’s my new interest in the show now. Whatever softness had crept up by the first scene of closeness between Uma and Kanak, in today’s episode was crushed by Uma’s psychopathic Shuddhikaran of Kanak because the bangle seller’s hand barely grazed her hand. This is psychopathic and sociopathic behavior. IT IS NOT ROMANTIC. In real life such a person is absolutely terrifying and crushes every figment of individuality and self-esteem in a woman. It becomes harder for me to see Uma as a hero. He is more of an anti-hero. He is an inch away from saying KkkkkkkKanak(If you get the ShahRukh Khan Darr reference). I did not enjoy the title track when Uma was putting bangles on Kanak. It didn’t fit. “Tu Haan Kar, ya naa kar, tu Hai Meri Kanak.” Would have fitted more. Waiting for Vansh’s ire.

    1. Exactly diya I accept your viewpoint the first part of scene was nice but that bangle sequence is really terrifying he is shown as anti hero till now I cannot figure out uma character what type of person he is but damn sure the makers will make them diya aur bhati becos that is the show about .But why uma is over reacting is it due to his possesivness or his husband rights that is domination towards kanak .

    2. I agree Diyaa. The first scene was so incredibly sweet. Uma getting jealous of Shiv, OMG, was also kind of cute but the bangle scene was scary. Vansh by himself and Vansh and Kanak scene were totally mind-blowing. Nice work actors! And also writers. The story is picking up pace.

    3. Nice comparison, BTW, with Darr? “Jaadu Teri Nazar, khushboo tera badan…” That entire song, each and every word is perfect fit for Uma and Kanak.

  2. Why should Kanak be punished…Oh! God story is going on fast. What is gonna happen now

  3. i m first tym commenting here,i just love dis show,just love uma n kanaks sizzling hot chemistry,just lobve dat chote chote arman song ,nd bhabho track,i hope uma n kanak unite soon

  4. Again punishment…?…massi saa ….I hate you.

  5. I wonder uma heard her conversation with vansh that is why he is giving agnipariksha to kanak to know her motive or he doesnt want to loose kanak .But Vansh guess is correct I think she will fall in love On other hand what kanak is thinking about uma is wrong she cannot get away from uma simply like that she knows uma very well see how possesive he is he will go to any extreme for his dharam.That first intimate touch is awesome both of them was very nervous earlier also there was some romantic touch but that time they didn’t feel that nervousness now Its full of love .Hey buddies I just saw a video in you tube it was a sensuous avathar of kanak have any of u saw it .Uma was in dhyaan like vishwamitra and kanak like menaka trying to woo uma with her sensuous moves .She was trying to mesmerise him finally he opens his eyes .Other part of the scene is paulomi is also dancing sensuosly alone in a room thinking of uma .She is waiting for kanak to get out of uma ‘s life.But paulomi is failing to see is uma has started to fall for kanak and in earlier episodes also they clearly showed uma never even touches any girl how can paulomi expects uma will marry her.

    1. Please can u leave the link for the videology.

      1. *video

    2. I think paloumi or uma is dreaming Kanak will dance like that. But Kanak don’t do that dance for uma now.because she hate him now .

      1. Yeah me too hope so, kanak n paulomi wearing same type of dress

  6. woww what a episode now vansh become cansh for uma what a scene between bro and sis …….
    Really uma come from Quaternary period …
    paulomi is better for uma both are psycho …..
    ” TSMSP k writer g paulomi ko uma k nasib m likh do aur kanak k liye NRI dhudho ..
    aur payal ka aditya lauta do. …. ved k liye koi aur socho after all Nai soch h….
    aur rhi dukan ki baat to ose app band kro sara lafada isi dukan ki vaja se h …;-);-)

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks for that awesome comment Priyanshi. Meri BP kam Hui. That’s the perfect solution ??

    2. happy u commented
      a reality
      ksi k naseeb main koi b us ki mrzi se nhi likha jata

  7. I agree Diyaa, this guy is something else. I think what is more scary is that Kanak will have to seduce him to show that she is a worthy wife.

    What happens then , will he give her the shop papers & let her go , or will she get them & then run away.

    In which case will he follow her.

    This man is jekyll & Hyde & everyone adores him ( one minute soft and romantic & loving , then next hard as nails and horrible)

    Kanak is walking in a minefield, I really think if she stays with him he will break her. good on Vansh her brother

  8. I totally agree with Diyaa & Divyaa. Hope they won’t make Kanak suffer too much. I also think that within 4 days Vansh may do something 2 save his sister & thus the truth would be out at last.

  9. I don’t get why many viewers are happy with Uma and kanaked. The guys is controller, obsessive freak, I see a poor lady who is suffering every minute she is in that house. Vansh is right, she is can’t even breath on her own, until late they change uma’s character, I see him an anti-hero.

  10. https://youtu.be/J707zP_UxIU

    That’s a video of Palomi doing some dance, i guess seducing Uma in her dreams! She will definitely do something against Kanak as she is getting more and more desperate.

  11. https://youtu.be/FOkfgItGSvw

    Avinesh Rekhi’s interview. Such balanced and intelligent answers. Shows how good an actor he is that he can transform into UmaShankar. But the simple matter of fact way of speaking is common between the actor and the character.

  12. I liked the episode today from acting, writing, and direction point of view. One thing I have to admit, the hard work of the entire cast and crew shows in this serial. No fakeness anywhere. No easy way out. Each scene is meaningful and we’ll integrated in the overall story. The opinions of characters nay or may not be logical but from craft point of view, writers and directors are keeping watch character consistent and logical. Bit I have seen some bizzarre fake shows recently. Superficial fluff. This show so far is solid substance whether you agree with it or not. Be it Uma Kanak, Palomi-Suman, Meena, Vikram, Vansh, Rani and Golu- all characters are written well and each actor is giving a hundred percent. BTW, I hope all of you know the Agnipariksha promo is Uma’s imagination and inner feelings. He will of course do something to resolve his problem. But in the promo they say that he knows Kanak’s real motive at that point and is resolving to destroy her act. Avinesh Rekhi said, “I won’t really burn anyone. It’s just showing my feelings. Mere armaan jal rahe hain???” He is so cute, it was hilarious the way he said it. Cone to think of it, must be hilarious for actors to enact such scenes but they have to serious and not break character. That’s impressive ?

    1. Yikes!! To shoot up the TRP I guess. For a conservative , sanskaari society, the consummation scenes really are popular huh, as the article says? Save the T.V.s from catching fire that evening 🙂 Seriously though, this probably will be the turning point in the show, the end to all the drama of giving tests as Kanak will spill the beans and her act will be over. That is why Uma ji is cranking up the heat on her, to break her. I can imagine the actors’ situation in such scenes. They are surrounded by so many cameramen, lightboys, people who operate background score, the director who literally shouts out each and every instruction about when to smile, where to look, when to walk…every single detail. Must be so awkward for the actors. And media too??I would think such scenes would be closed doors with only necessary crew to make the actors slightly more comfortable. But I guess they need the publicity right now. Much respect for the actors and their professionalism. Thanks for sharing this Parmeen.

    2. Hi parmeen i just saw the link too hot sequence so I think uma is taking her into edge to bring out the truth from kanak maybe he would have guessed about kanak ‘s intention.I am sure the makers won’t make this pair to connsumate at this stage .This will be a turning point in their life.Maybe kanak will reveal about her desperation to get her bhabho ‘s love which she was yearning from childhood .Initially uma may be angry with her for playing with his feelings lately uma will understand kanak and will help her to win bhabho ‘s heart this impact will bring a soft corner in kanaks heart slowly towards uma but I think this will take months for this plot to come.

    3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      OMG !!! Ima is just sooo s*xy WoW ?

      1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

        Uma … typo

  13. The villagers are afraid of Uma?. I thinks he did something horrible in the name of his dharam?.

  14. Thank you Neha for sharing the link to avinesh rekhi’s interview – refreshing to see such a balanced & honest actor ?…. getting back to the the show, what a great episode whilst I cringe at uma’s possessive behaviour, uma’s character is being true to his beliefs and upbringing…. I personally feel the makers are doing a great job in highlighting this kind of behaviour and portraying it in a negative manner to raise awareness…. I really look forward to the days when we see a change in uma’s behaviour/character after all the shows USP is ‘Diyaa air baati’ and therefore Kanak and Uma will at some point come to a mutual understanding…. so excited to see that develop ??

    1. Absolutely right myk even I love this story becos there is no fake drama each and every characters portrayed here are very genuine being positive or negative they are playing their roles very well and writers are bringing out beautifully the depth of each character .Even I am waiting how this jodi fall in love unconditionally .

  15. Uma is an enigma for the viewers?, he has more than one trick in his bag. I feel he will surpris us in the upcoming episodes?. We will be speechless and breathless?.

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      breathless breathless ??

  16. I thought I’d never say this but I would like to not see close up shots of camera travelling up UmaShankar’s bare body for a little while…I mean it’s getting a little deliberate and show offy …just for a little while…far shots ok, slow traveling body display close-ups …cringe? Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings ??

  17. Thank you neha n parmeen for the link.
    OMG tooooo hot to handle, wat will b the reason n how they gonna justiify kanak indulged in it, totally surprised
    Coming to this epi,vansh analysis of uma’s charac n how he expressed to kanak without making drama in high tone infront of everyone shows the maturity n his upbringings.want o see uma slapped by ved n vansh, he need it
    Expectations from the show is increasing, how uma realise his mistakes

  18. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! Kanak and uma moments are sweet and romantic. Finally Vanish meet kanak. Uma is possessive for his wife. I really hope as a modern girl, kanak will not be selfish .She will be self-less,she will respect this marriage and didn’t go away after getting shop papers. I hope she will change Uma Shankar. Uma’s orthodoxy and hepocracy. I really want to see kanak fall in love with Uma Shankar.

    1. Diyaa

      I would have agreed with you if this marriage was by Kanak’s or her family’s consent. But he kidnapped a girl, forcibly married her, tried to change her, when she didn’t, asked her to get lost. That’s Savage. That doesn’t happen in a civilized society.A modern girl recognizes signs of physical, mental, and emotional abuse and is hopefully able to find the courage to get out of that situation. Not stay there in the hopes of changing fixed mentalities.If anything will change Uma, it will be Kanak leaving him and then him getting a taste of his own bitter medicine. Also, Uma is not possessive in a cute way. What he is, is controlling and obsessive compulsive, a painful personality disorder.

    2. Diyaa

      From the beginning of this marriage, it is Uma who has disrespected the process and meaning of marriage. Again, a general message, getting out of abusive relationships is not selfish and in no way is disrespecting marriage.

  19. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I am still waiting for unique, pure and unconditional love story in TSMSPJ. Two people from different culture and background fall in love with each other unconditionally. That’s the essence of the show.

  20. No bhaana I don’t think kanak will indulge to it that would be a forced one .The makers will make some twist .Uma kanak relationship will begun after they fall for each other .In DABH sandhya sooraj union took place very much later after mutual understanding

    1. Yeah divyaa, i know kanak will b forced to do so n tat will b the end of kanaks drama to fulfill her aim, but its hard too digest.
      I m taking it lit seriously,wat to do loving kanaks character so much.
      Today wat they r gonna show punishment for kanak again to high our BP.

  21. Uma and kanak did lot of mistake.when they will realise their mistake

    1. Haan vinothini, for tat we have to wait n watch
      Someone said this before, no one is perfect, how the imperfect pair becomes an ideal pair will b the base.
      Guys u all know na,TSMSP completed 100 episodes, congrats

  22. I hope Kanak never fall in love with Uma. He is a controlling man. I hope she does live him and go back to her brothers and then let Uma realize his mistakes and go looking for her like a puppy dog.
    Kanak can still divorce him and get the shop as alimony

  23. Friends I just saw a emotional and heartbreaking video of Karnak leaving uma ‘s house forever .Kanak is so emotionally attached to uma family she is bursting her emotions and uma is just standing without any expression. Will uma and Kanak part ways or this will bring them together is the next twist

    1. haan i saw, it gave relief for a while tat she is going back leaving uma.
      Story is moving fast excited to see it

    2. Diyaa

      Really! Thank God!! I so want her back with her brothers. She needs to leave for her self respect.

  24. As per spoiler no one will know uma and kanak is separated permanently they will tell that kanak is going to her maayka for celebrating teej and kanak will get the shop papers .Maybe uma after seeing bhabho and kanak rigid relationship he may get back kanak or not is the part of this story but we don’t know how far spoilers are true we have to wait and watch

  25. Ektara

    I just hope kanak gets her sweet shop back

  26. Uma kabhi nahi sudrega he does not deserve kanak hope she get shop paper & leave this stone age man

  27. Uma does not even look nice with Kanak. He looks older also if his has built a six pack body, Kanak looks way younger than Uma. I am glad to hear Kanak will Leave Uma. I hope it is for good. May Payal and her mother rot in the hail their create for themselves.

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