Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ved and Vansh Lock Horsn

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak and Uma hide in balcony seeing Sumer and his goons. Vansh brings car and horns thrice. Kanak signals him that Sumer and his goons are inside house. Vansh shouts Uma is running. Sumer and his goons run in opposite side. Vansh gets Kanak and Uma into his car and speeds away. Sumer and his goons run behind car. In market, Bhabho walks with Rani and sees Kanak in a car. She tells Rani that she saw Kanak in that car. Rani says Kanak is at her house. Bhabho asks what does she mean. Rani says she means our house. Sumer walks pushing her. She scolds if he is blind. He returns and identifies as the one who was helping Kanak and Uma. Bhabho asks Rani if Sumer is telling truth. Sumer pulls out knife to stab Rani. Bhabho confronts him if he will slit a woman’s throat being

a social worker. Rani starts crying that her nanad pleaded for help, so she could not deny her. Sumer gets afraid seeing people looking at them.

Vansh takes Uma and Kanak to fake passport maker. Man says he will use dead man’s identity for Uma’s passport. Uma says this is wrong. Man laughs that he is talking like a saint. Kanak asks him to behave and convinces Uma that he cannot get justice to Palomi without using fake identity. Uma agrees. Man prepares his passport. Ved enters and snatches passport. Vansh asks to returns passport. Ved says it is illegal. Vansh says everyone knows that Uma is innocent and Maasi is culprit, if he can bring back Maasi from Bangkok. Ved says he does not have proof against Maasi, else he would have stopped her long ago. Vansh says let us go then and bring back Maasi. Ved says he cannot let them break rules and will arrest Uma. Uma agrees. Ved says he has to arrest Kanak also for helping Uma. Vansh holds him and asks Kanak and Uma to run. They both run away. Ved runs behind them and falls down and injures his forehead. Uma and Kanak run into jungle. Kanak cries that Ved and Vansh never fought in life, but are fighting today because of her.

Ved returns home after bandaging his forehead. Family gets worried for him. Vansh returns next. Babasa asks what happened. Vansh says he was trying to stop Ved from arresting Kanak and Uma, and Ved fell down. Payal slaps him. Bhabho angrily scolds her how dare she is to interfere between brothers and orders to apologize Vansh. Vansh says that is okay. Ved says Payal is wrong. Payal says he used to boast that Vansh respects him a lot and never goes against him, what happened today. She then yells at Vansh if he is not ashamed. Vansh says he helped his sister, what is wrong in it. Ved says he broke law. Vansh says his law is blind and let culprit roam free and is behind innocent. Ved shouts. Vansh says he is also blind like his law. Ved angrily holds his collar and raises hand. They both lock horns. Bhabho and Babasa get worried and try to stop their fight.

Uma signs Jitne bhi tu karle sitam hass hass ke sahenge hum…song….and cheers her up. Kanak reminisces Ved and Vansh singing for her and smiles. She asks what they should do next. Uma says whatever it has to be, he will do it alone. She asks what is his plan. Drama continues..

Precap: Sumer kidnaps Bhabho. Kanak warns Sumer if something happens to Bhabho, she will kill him. Uma drives car with Kanak and Vansh saying he cannot risk Bhabho’s life in his fight.
Speeding car stops just in front of Bhabho and Rani shouts Bhabhooo…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode. Excited for the next. I respect vansh more now .. payal i hate this selfish girl.. i want to slap her

  2. Whts wrong with this payal yr how dare she to slap vansh I just hv no words for her ? i hate her we all knew it she didn’t deserve Ved n rathi falily I just hate her n wht happens to Ved y he becomes so cruel with his own brother he know that vansh loves kanak v much he should understnd yr

    1. Well said..shreya i hate payal too..The show has become so interesting. I really enjoyed the last few weeks.
      ved!!! no comment..

    2. Shreya this Payal needs to join Poullomi both RIP She is nasty how dare to talks back at Bhaboo She is selfish doesn’t know what is means to have a brother or sister heartless B**** Ved asked her to apologize to Vansh which she didn’t !!

      1. Ya right vj n kratu payal is selfish n heartless too she has no respect for elders even she is v ungrateful lady
        She can never change ?

  3. Gripping exciting episode vansh cleverly diverted the goons. Rani was caught redhanded by sumeir for helping kanUm. But Bhabho created a scene for trying to kill a lady sumeir left the place giving warning to her. Mahan umashankar refused to travel in a deceased person passport which is wrong disrespecting the sentiments of the deceased. I really respect his feelings how nice of him to think about the deceased person when his life itself in danger. KanK convinced uma as they have no other options left other than this uma agrees to it dramatic entry of ved snatching the passports asking kanUm to surrender. Uma was ready to surrender but vansh was not ready to give up. Ved was lecturing about kanak being sandhya Rathi daughter she has chosen illegal way to save uma kanak accepts it but she said she has no other options to save uma. Ved is still not understanding the fact that she is Mrs. umashankar not kanak Rathi. Vansh attacked ved helping kanUm to escape. Ved was shocked to see his loving brother raising hands on him. Vansh admitted that he was the one responsible for ved’s hurt when he stopped him to arrest kanUm. Entire family was shocked payal slapped him I really don’t know who gave payal rights to slap vansh. Bhabho scolded her for interfering in brothers matter. Ved also asked payal to apologize to vansh. Heated arguments among the brothers ended with locking of horns. Bhabho and Bhabhasa was shocked to see the unity breaking. Kanak was feeling and crying for her brothers who are fighting with each other because of her. Uma coudnt see her eyes with tears so to console her he sings her family song so sweet of him he tried to comfort her I expected a hug in this emotional moments but no hugs. He assured her he will unite all the three of them together soon. Such a sweetheart uma he was the only one helped kanak to unite with bhabho earlier now he will be the one who unites the siblings. What is uma’s next plan of action is not yet clear. But whatever it is from now on we ate going to see our old shrewd uma back in actions

    1. Yes divyaA me too waiting to see our old shrewd n action Uma back once he back then Sumer Singh or uske sathi chuhe dher ho jaynge or darkr bhagenge??

  4. Way to go Vansh ???you are the only one trying to help KanUma & understand them Ved guess trying to obey the law which is corrupted that let go of Masisa & gang the true criminal As for Payal no words to describe her behavior that too in front of Bhabho who gave her the authority to take charge wish Bhabho slapped her back ??She should have gone with Aditya her beloved ex ??to Bangkok shit stirrer??Uma was too funny can’t use dead people passports Liked how he tried to cheer Kanak up with his singing good voice Now he will do things his way he has come to reality that he has to fight for what was rightfully his way to go ???This Sumer Singh is going to kidnap Bhabho now Can’t wait till Monday to see what happens Enjoy your weekend guys

    1. Agree vj vansh is really doing a good job he loves his behna v much and always supported her remember when she came to ladnu after marriage & all were against her that tym too he was the only one took stand for kanak ?
      Uma singing for kanak was lovely n Uma was luking super cute ?finaly he smiled for kanak

  5. beautiful comment divyaa agree with you!
    Vansh is amazing!! a real brother..very nice episode.. payal no words to describe this woman i just hate her and her behavior ..
    can’t wait till monday!!
    enjoy your weeken too dear Vj. stay blessed

    1. Thank u so much for your appreciation kanum. Vansh is now pillar for uma. And he will do anything for his behana’s happiness

  6. They are getting rid of all the best pple
    And a good story
    This show had gone

  7. Payal is too much. She deserves only Aditya.

  8. Nice Show Interseting .. the episode was very nice. agree with you guys.. i don’t like payal too..she is annoying ved derserves better than her. how selfish. waiting for tomorrow episode. and my amazing pair kanum.

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I really don’t like to see the brothers against each other ? … Uma is so innocent to life that sometimes I wish this world was full of men like him ?… stay strong Kanak, I always respected Vance more than Ved… the law is an arse…

  10. Hi guys ?
    New promo is on air
    Kanum new look is awesome ??

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