Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma Throws Kanak Out!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma asks Palomi who threatened her. Palomi points at Kanak. Kanak is shocked. Palomi says Kanak warned if she does not obey her, she will trouble whole family as her brother is in police and can send whole family to jail. Kanak asks when did she say. Uma asks Palomi to continue. Palomi says Kanak told she wants to save Saras at any cost and asked her to do this, but her plan failed and Saras obeyed her Dadusa instead. Kanak says Palomi is lying. Maasi says why will Palomi lie. Kanak says if she has to do something, she will do openly. Palomi says she asked same, so she told she will tell she was apply herbal paste to Maasi and use Maasa as evidence. Maasi says they will not mistrust their bahu, so Palomi who is a guest should leave this house. Palomi says she will go,

but she never thought bad about this family, Kanak always lied like today she lied that she is going to temple and instead met her brother. Uma says Palomi is lying, Kanak went to temple. Payal says she saw Kanak meeting her brother in temple.

Maasi does her trick and hugging Kanak murmurs she plays her game 2 steps ahead, says she always considered Kanak asks her daughter, why did she do this. Kanak says truth this Maasi planned all these games and used Palomi in her plan, truth this Maasi is a poison for whole family which is spoiling whole family slowly. Truth is Maasi is trying to act as Uma’s mother, but she is Uma’s biggest enemy. Uma angrily throws lamp and shouts he tolerated Kanak’s lies till now, but today she is alleging her gold like Maasi. Kanak says he is misunderstanding. Kanak says he did a mistake of considering Kanak as a signal of Shivji, but Kanak is Shivji’s signal towards bad, Kanak made family fight and do so many mistakes. He will accept today that marry her thinking as Shivji’s signal is his biggest mistake and today he will correct his mistake by throwing away adharmi Kanak from his life and this house. Palomi and Maasi get happy hearing that. Uma holds Kanak’s hand and drags her out of house, shouting he will throw her out of this house.

Vansh comes and holds Kanak and asks if she is fine. Maasi and Palomi get tensed seeing him. Vansh says Bhabho told he is wrong that he married Saras by trick and Uma is kind hearted instead, but he knew after temple incident wicked Uma would do something wrong, so he came here with Saras. Kanak says Vansh that he is misunderstanding. Maasi says Kanak that Uma has disowned her now and she does not have place in this house. Saras confronts and asks Uma how can he do so wrong to bhabhi, he was not like this. Uma shouts that he performed last rights of Saras already. Vansh claps and says he already warned Ladno’s Kohinoor if he troubles his sister, he will trouble his sister. He holds Saras and pushes her. Uma runs and holds her and asks if she is fine. Vansh comments Uma performed sister’s last right, but did not sacrifice his feelings for her.

Maasi takes Saras in and brainwashes Uma that Saras did wrong under Vansh’s influence, so he should forgive Saras and accept her back. She tells Vansh to take his sister from here. Vansh says he knew this family will stoop so low some day and says Uma he will take his sister from here but after getting her divorced. Uma says he does not believe in papers and believes in relationship of hearts, but if Vansh is insisting he will divorce Kanak. Vansh shows divorce papers and asks to sign them. Kanak asks what is it. He says divorce papers and says legal proceedings will take 1 month, so Kanak will stay here for 1 month and Saras will stay at his house for 1 month till final proceedings. Kanak and Saras stand shocked while Palomi and Maasi smirk.

Precap: Uma says he disowns Kanak by body and soul. Kanak sees Palomi applying her sindhoor and stops her. Palomi says Kanak stole her sindhoor and snatched her love. Kanak says she is stealing someone’s husband. Palomi says Maasi knows about her love for Uma sinc the beginning.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today’s I didn’t hate vansh for anything that he has done.. any sensible person would do the same thing.. amongst the 3 relationships.. uma-kanak, vansh-saras and ved-payal, I would like to only see uma-kanak and vansh-saras ka relationship developing.. Payal literally does not deserve ved and Rathi family.. even after knowing Kanak is ved’s sister, she spoke against her.. such a selfish lady..

    1. Agree Neha vansh did right thing n he is doing his best to protect her sister from bad. Not like selfish uma
      Even I don’t like payal too. Lady with no brain n conscience. She doesn’t deserve ved

  2. Today I like vansh. Vansh throws saras very nice move towards uma but bichari saras

  3. Payal doesn’t deserve anything she is self-centred selfish. Despite seeing kanaka sacrificing nature and goodness still she is against Kanak. Such a evil woman

  4. You know the perfect ending to his maasi sa’s chapter is for Kanak to leave the house and have Uma filled with regret trying to get her back. Let him comprise for once. If the chapter is over and the writers have Kanak forgive Uma and continue staying with him as if he never tortured her then it’s all over for me. I will find a new serial to watch.

    1. Yes I totally agree.. Kanak must reveal Maasisa’s face and then just sign the divorce papers and leave. Uma must try hard to get her back.

  5. Oh and one more thing, I don’t understand why Maasi sa wants to have Uma take Saras back after she convinced him that nothing should stand between him and his ‘dharm’. Besides he did her last rites.
    So what’s wrong with the writers.

    1. Bhaana

      May be to fulfill her aim of killing everyone in uma family, how can she leave Saras alive?

      1. Lol?? ek ek chun chun kar maarongi??

      2. Bhaana

        Neha…Sahi pakde??

      3. Hahaha bhaana ??you can’t disappear from here, after watching all these heavy scenes I need your humour to keep me sane

      4. ?? good one bhaana n Neha..

      5. Thanx Shreya?

  6. These episodes are getting heavier & heavier but today’s show made me realise why I like watching this show so much… the characters have so much depth & potential that you just don’t know what to expect. Now who would have thought that vansh’s layabout character would be capable of taking such a stance & stand up to Uma…. initially I hated the vansh/Saras track but it was a stroke of genius towards the storyline … I really liked how vansh showed Uma what a ‘mardh’ can do! I still feel for Saras being used as a pawn, but know that the rathi’s would never allow her to be wronged & will support & love her all the way.
    As for the Toshniwals they are taking me on a emotional roller coaster… at the start of the show when maasisa was in full vamp mode I could feel myself sympathising with Uma (that witch could mess with anyone’s mind & Uma’s being putting up with her gyaan all his life ?), but by the end of the show I wanted to kill Uma, what a stupid man. Vansh is right he doesn’t deserve Kanak. At the age of 30 (or whatever age he is supposed to be), surely he must take some responsibility for his actions. However having watched the show from the start, I do realise that Uma’s character is someone that wears his heart on his sleeves, there is no ‘dikhawa’ or malice what you see is what you get. In Uma’s quest to turn himself into stone he is lying to himself that he hasn’t got any feelings for Kanak as Uma is someone that can only love fully…. so one day or another he is going to regret treating Kanak so badly.

    1. Bhaana

      Vansh stand against uma was a good stroke…the importance given to vansh role is appreciable as brothers are first to take concern about their sister which is clearly executed.
      Hope that one day comes soon.

  7. I didn’t like this episode at all both uma and vansh what they think about themselves is girls life are plaything for them hw can they be so rude to their wives omg I didn’t expect uma to be like this he is questioning bholenath sanket itself which he believes wholeheartedly hw can a educated man will be this much stupid .He can’t even see what’s happening around him he is believing a refugee not his wife this is ridiculous. Hw can he blame Karnak as adharmi now he is only not following any dharam .He has taken the seven vows but right now completely forgot his vachans .Is this the way to handle his wife.Vansh oh god he is doing tit for tat isn’t childish.What made him to come with divorce papers hw he know uma will react like this.What is this attitude of exchanging sisters why these two men’s are like this .Massisa is happily enjoying the drama see hw cleverly she played she ruined both the life of her sister ‘s children.Uma blindly believing her and respecting as god.Kanak should handle the situation cleverly and composed this is not the time to lose temper she should be very careful before making any move against massisa.She was provoked deliberately she should have control at this situation without evidence hw can she blame massisa hw will uma believe her.She should think and analyse from now on.Kanak very well knew if she raise voice against massisa uma will react aggressively. Now the situation is even worse she is not even in talking terms with uma.Kanak should think wisely before taking any action.Uma has to regret his mistakes soon and should redeem himself.Kanak should handle the problems patiently and should try to bring out truth in front of uma.

    1. Bhaana

      Just an imagination dear, after learning truth from maasa, kanak analyse the depth of the problem and seeks vansh help to trap maasisa, how was it ? ?

      1. Well said I think she can take both ved n vansh help to trap masisa n bhabo can also guide …….for a fun scene our meena chachi is always there?

    2. Wow I am surprised by this comment!

  8. The idea of kanak staying back for one month is nothing less but more torture for her…The serial is nothing but a headache, it gives no hope for light..Anyway vansh did what the say goes”what goes around comes back around”so thumbs up for him while on the other hand uma’s character is more than a heart break as if he’s possessed or somthn else

  9. This serial is really about the two superb actors portraying Uma and Kanak unfortunately the other actors are extremely disappointing and weak and at there best are very average in portraying there roles. (UK )

  10. Bhaana

    Episodes are worser day by day…
    Vansh part was OK…again both uma and vansh assume their partner to b assert but earlier part full of maasisa and palomi is iritating, how can other characters don’t have anything to say…omg this maasisa drama is dragged too much more than two months there is no good episode…without problems life will b boring but only problems exist means its time to quit the show..no improvement in the storyline…no love nor trust btwn the pair…now palomi will b highlighted here after that I won’t watch it at any cost.
    No possibility of uma to regret now…hate him spineless man sorry puppet..y these type of people marry.

    1. Oh no Bhaana disappointed that you are giving up on the show … I’m holding out for the impact of Maasisa’s truth being revealed but hope it doesn’t take forever to happen!

      1. Bhaana

        I’m a typical viewer who wants entertainment(sorry not interested in giving and getting social msg), I liked avinesh rekhi ?and his performance(didn’t watched his earlier show) and hooked to the show which has nativity and belif in religion.
        Same roller coaster feeling dear, I feel there is no charm unless uma respect kanak and I will say it again highlighting palomi in upcoming track will b indigestible for me and moreover the concept of two woman fighting for a man makes me mad.
        Sorry meera if I’m rude.
        Waiting for ekyavan and porus, till I will try to see the show.
        Thanks for your concern dear.

      2. Not rude at all dear … I too get your point about the entertainment factor – I’ve defended the tsmps social stance but personally watch it for entertainment after all it’s a tv serial we are watching not some documentary. So it’s obvious we viewers want some light hearted entertainment & not constant anger & shouting & two women bickering over a man… Kanaks character is worth so much more than that ?

    2. Hi dear bhaana, u were asking me to give updates before the show bt sorry dear I can’t as it comes on hotstar at 6 pm n tats my office tym
      I used to watch it in night
      So it’s hardly one hour difference btwn show telecast time..

      1. Bhaana

        Hi shreya, lot of comments from u?
        U didn’t get me, I try to convey.. u used to give hints of the show earlier and I came to know from u that we can watch shows on or before telecast from hotstar and got membership and I’m watching there only, ya now there is no repeat in night and hotstar is the only option for me too.

    3. Ok bhaana got it now dear ?

  11. Kanak should leave Uma a well educated girl should not bear insult by husband

    1. I agree. With u God who puts up with a horrible man like Uma in this modern world .kanak should leave him ASAP if my partner treats me like that hmm well can’t say what I will do agreee Ladies !!!!
      Who becomes sanyasi in this age especially without their own consent lol

  12. So when is Kanak going to realise that Massa need a doctor and modern treatment. When she going to start keeping quiet and just act? When is going to start using her brains and stop trusting people in that house. Why didn’t she let Palomi get arrested then the police would use their way to get the truth out.
    My biggest question…When is Kanak going to leave archaic, feeble minded Uma?

  13. Sorry forgot to add one comment, stupid as it may be could Gabassa(Uma’s driver) be M assisa partner/husband/lover

  14. I agree with the view that this misogynistic , fanatic aspect of society is revealed by this show and that is good. I like to watch realistic movies too where they show the state of various kinds of crimes and abuse in our society. My only problem is that in all of those, the abuser is the villain and the protagonist later finds courage to rise up against him or her and finds a way to demolish them. Here, they have given villainous qualities to the main lead. At some point they will show him reformed and Kanak and him becoming lovers when such a character should be shown paying for his crimes through jail time. In none of those realistic movies have I ever seen the protagonist develop a romantic relationship with the former abuser. But TV shows ( not just TSMSP) show exactly that and have in a way brainwashed the audience to accept such male leads. That bothers me. In a movie, usually there is parallel lead who supports the female against a corrupt, sadistic, or torturing man. Here that man is with whom she will be made Diya aur Baati. I can’t wrap my head around that. Vo baat mere Gale utarna to door, atki bhi nahi, it is just stuck somewhere above my epiglottis ? and my system won’t let it go down any further. In my personal opinion, they took the character of Uma too far to the dark side to allow him to be acceptable as Kanak’s love interest. There will have to be a strong redemption track and definitely a separation. Otherwise, it will be very wrong in my opinion. But again, they will do whatever TRP demands??

  15. Lol! Divyaa I agree, it is like some freak sister/wife swap show ?… with the men thinking that they can throw the women in & out the house when they feel like it! Not sure which dharm would allow you to do that… & what I find the most bizarre is how maasisa has dedicated her whole life to bringing up these children & now she’s going kill them all off anyway ?? maybe she should have saved herself the hassle of all the plotting & killed them off earlier.
    I also was willing Kanak to use her head & bring up the ‘shiv-bheedi ’ track, so shiv could speak up & she could prove to Uma that maasisa was behind that , surely Uma would trust shiv… but with all these serials the female leads never seem to take account of the situation & play the long game, they always play right into the vamps hands …leaving us frustrated (as I said emotional rollercoaster for me today)

  16. Hi All could Gabassa be Massisa’s partner/lover/husband

    1. That thought did cross my mind too, this gabbasa has always looked a bit shifty & after all it’s a tv serial so anything can happen ?

    2. Never thought about it.. but sounds interesting ? gabbasa his looks and his name however sounds like Gabbar Singh.. so he could b a possible villian.. I can’t wait to know the whole truth . But again lot of Sayyam is required?. Now Palomi ka track then Aditya will enter.. all this will b dragged ? somehow 30days will be dragged atleast for a month I feel..?

      1. Omg the palomi track I am dreading the most – definitely lots of Sayyam required ?. We need to see some love between Uma & Kanak not some third wheel triangle track with a desperate palomi, eyeing up a married man… disgusting lady & what is Uma, blind? that he can’t see Palomi gushing all over him? Kanak needs to give her a tight slap & also Uma needs one too to open his eyes. He thinks women are fools but he’s the one looking like an idiot. Obviously in these 30 tv serial days the tables will turn, just hope we haven’t all ran out of Sayyam by then ?

  17. I think Maasisa must be kaam walli who wants property of Uma, she must made Maasa in such position and gabasa must be her husband and both of them planning against the family. Now no one can save this family as Kanak will be out in month.

  18. We have seen may serials where the main leads gets in an argument, I mean its something logic in life but none of the shows I have watch a lead man could act to such extent of uma’s..and the writer would again twist the story for kanak to forgive uma, i wouldn’t agree with that one unless uma undergoes the same pain kanak is going through that would be fair enough..

  19. By the way.. all the lovely ladies.. happy to see so many comments these days?

  20. Thanks avanti, bhaana & Meera for ur words of support yesterday ?
    Read ur comments frnds n agree tat the current track is not easily digestable for any of us bt now we bound to watch the show as we all know every bad thing has an end
    N we hoping the same here
    I can undrstnd vansh intentn of marying saras bt can’t support his divorce act
    And do agree kanak should leave the house n uma after exposing massisa

  21. I was glad when Vansh showed up at the door with Saras as neither Masisa or Poullomi were expecting that , they thought Uma is throwing Kanak out of house & life their face was a picture Uma is the guy who promised Bhabho & Minakshi that he would look after Kanak & let nothing happen to her he even promised Saras that they would never separate the guy is bipolar Doesn’t even act educated let’s someone else think for him This 30 day challenge has given Kanak extra time to bring to surface the true colors of Masisa & make Uma realize his flaws Feel Masa will be the one to inform him about Masisa plans. Kanak after that you need to leave the guy for him to appreciate & regret all the bad verbal abuse towards You Would just love that Now he is not even trusting the signs from Bholenath even he is wrong to have got him married to Kanak. There is one thing that puzzles me & Uma should also think about this if Kanak is the one who sent Poullomi to complain about Uma why would she want to meet Ved to get that proof on CCTV ???? Payal as always brainless not much between those ears Maybe Masisa got this information about Kanak &Ved from her illegitimate son

  22. Hi will a track come regarding date drugging of young women and high lighting this problem

  23. You are right VJ maasisa & palomi’s face was a picture when Vansh arrived until then everything was going according to their plan. Vansh’s arrival put a spanner in the works. that’s why maasisa quickly accepted Saras back in the hope that Vansh would clear off with Kanak… I’m so glad Vansh questioned Uma on all the promises he had made when he had taken Kanak from pushkar. Maasisa was also shocked to see Uma’s feelings towards Saras, she thought she had succeeded in turning Uma into a stone.
    As for the next 30 days Uma has renounced Kanak so I hope she breaks all their rules ….maybe she should get the tea bags out again that’ll annoy the hell out of them ?

  24. But why r we forgetting that everythin happened because of vansh stupid plan.. things were coming on track only if vansh hadnt interfered..just coz he thot his sister is unhappy he thot of wooing umas sister n torture her.the worst part is ths happens in reality too..

  25. I tortured my self and watch the show again This UMA gave Poullomi all the time to tell her story but had no time to listen to Kanak justify herself Poullomi has never lied before wow had to believe the b_tch but oh Uma does as he respects her more than Kanak who is his wife. How com Bholenath has not yet given him signs regarding the evil shenanigans going on in his house only gave him signs to force marry a girl how mind boggling Just total disliked him blaming Kanka that all this started happening since she came (not by her own will) wished Vansh slapped Uma I would have been ecstatic ?? maybe his brain might start working Hoping Vansh or Saras would inform Bhaboo about this 30 day period

    1. Bhaana

      Hi vj..tortured yourself??
      Amazing comment dear
      you saw the episode especially the first part again..kya baat hai tumhari dhairya k javaab nahi?
      I too saw it again but only vansh part
      Precap looks horrible how I will spare palomi???

  26. What a move by masissa she totally locked kanak in always in front of uma in such a way it is very difficult to prove herself and uma can’t see as she made him tight blind folded according to her. So that he can’t think anything in such a way he is not able to think bolenath sign nor promises made in pushkar while taking kanak back with him. What a move by vansh he proved still uma has feelings on his sister though he performed her last ride. Now it is time to rathis to support kanak and lock the masissa in the same way as she locked her. Vansh is helping her with saras and ved should help with power..Bhabo with moral support..Shiv and suman and massa always help kanak she can trust them..She has to use her whole army against masissa and let her fall in her own trap. Kanak now think like sandhya and lay trap for masisa
    And lock her in a corner in a such a way she can’t move

    1. Bhaana

      Hi madhuri! Good analysis of the show?
      I thought kanak is fighting alone, but your view is impressive..now kanak will fight against maasisa using her army and win n leave

  27. Yes, madhuri excellent analysis ?? instead of making Kanak into to some typical mahaan female lead, lets see her getting the support from her loving family, Bhabho come give jawaab to this maasisa & remind Kanak na dharna, na rohna, na hichki tu beti hai kiski! ????…. all of them show this ‘gawaar’ what the rathi’s are capable of!

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