Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sumer Attacks Uma, Kanak

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumer scolds his goons for not finding Uma yet. His aide returns and says he found knows where rat is hiding. Vansh packs snacks for Uma and Kanak. Saras walks in and says she is worried about Uma and Kanak, if he knows where they are. Vansh sees Payal’s image in door glass and says he does not know where they are, but are fine as Kanak and Uma will protect each other. Payal leaves. Saras returns and gives chole puri box to Vansh and asks to gift it to their client and not take money, she thinks Uma likes chole puri a lot.

Vansh drives bike and sees Ved following him. He misleads Ved, parks his bike outside an apartment building and escapes. He reaches Uma and Kanak. Kanak says they have to reach Bankok soon to bring Maasi back and expose her. Kanak says Uma does not have passport. Vansh says how will they go Bangkok then. Kanak reminisces how Vansh made fake medical certificates in childhood. Vansh smles reminiscing incident. Kanak says he is a big trickster and should get passport for Uma. Uma says it is wrong. Kanak asks if what Maasi did is right, he has to do this to save himself. Uma agrees. Vansh says he will get car and once he horns thrice, they should come down.

Ved returns to police station and asks his subordinate to track Ved’s number. Vansh walks out of building while Sumer walks in holding sword with his goons. Kanak’s bangle breaks and sells Uma it is an inauspicious sign. They peep out of window and see Sumer and his goons. They both hide. Sumer walks in breaking door and does not find them. He orders his goons to search them and break things. Uma and Kanak hide in balcony. Vansh brings call and horns repeatedly. Kanak and Uma get tensed. Sumer gets alert. Drama continues….

Precap: Vansh rescues Uma and Kanak from Sumer and his goons and takes them to get fake passport. Ved catches them and tries to arrest Uma and Kanak. Vansh catches Ved and asks them to run.
They both run. Kanak asks what will they do next. Uma says whatever he has to do, he will do it alone.
Kanak asks what he wants to do.

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  1. Oh thank god vansh hv noticed tht mujre wali uff payal hearing their talk well finally she succeeded in brainwashing our sweet saras..arre yar plz stop that kalu kaaliya track I mean sumer singh I m fed up….n yes we expect some action from uma n take right decision atleast he realised everyone putting effort to safe his life n nw he should do something to get justice n punish the real culprits. .

  2. Hi guys I have not stopped watching the show watch it religiously Thx for missing me Bhanaa & Shreya been busy at work & was not well ? Though will comment today as I am off Yes I don’t like Poullomi & her makeup ? & bare back blouses held by a string That’s so funny ???

    1. Religiously ??
      Glad to see you vj?
      Take care friend☺

    2. No need to thx dear we all r like family now so it’s obvious we notice everyones presence n absence on opening this page & u take care..
      Get well soon dear now palomi is coming soon in hot new bold look in the show ?

  3. Nightmarish suspense filled episode today. ?Vansh accidentally saw payal hearing their conversation so he became alert that she is spying him to know about kanUm?. Sweet sister Saras ❤made her dadhusa favourite cholae poori and gave it to vansh very well knowing he is going to meet KanUm. Ved was following vansh but vansh misleded him ?kanak wants vansh to arrange for uma’s fake passport as they have to go to BKk to bring back massisa ?dharam avathar uma refuses to do another crime but kanak convinced him telling the atrocities of his poojini massisa and they have to take this step to prove his innocence. Uma agreed. Kanak served food cooked by saras uma got emotional thinking about his sister that much love he has on saras ?how did he did anthim sanskar to alive saras. Ved proved he has little brains today he asked to track vansh mobile. ?Did u see Guyzz kanak served chai !! to uma ?whats happening I can never forget a big hungama uma created earlier for one cup chai??Kanak talking about abshagun ?uma is not seeing any shagun bapprae how many changes in dharmic umashankar ?I love the way he said he trust her and if she is with him he would be safe no one can harm him ?Sumeir group is disgusting and annoying such a special house they cannot find kanUm. They created a mess what was they searching for in that pillow ??Sumeir singh is becoming a joker ??kanum escaped by jumping the wall to the balcony and kanak was so proud for her previous experience in college ?uma dialogue for that was too hilarious. Uma is too innocent ?what he is going to do next can’t wait to see

    1. Good point dear he took tea with fried snacks. ….chai aur samose bhi ban the aaj toh adharam pe adharam ho gaya? well agr dharam seekhane wali hi adharami nikli toh aise dharam ko koi kyun mane…..well har ek insaan dharam ko apne hisaab se thodta aur mdodta hai usko apni advantage ke liye use krta hai….so dear dnt believe in religion n caste just believe in god n urself n humanity..

    2. Thanks for the lively n detailed review divyaa??
      Missed today’s episode have to wait till morning?
      Precap looks good…uma thinking for a change
      We r eagerly waiting for this na?

    3. Can’t wait too. Im very excited for kanum

  4. yeah cutie well said! nice episode! ved and payal!!!!! omg Ved will prove himself a waste brother! Sumeir Singh men’s came inside kanum house oh not the right time kanum was together.. waiting for tomorrow episode

  5. Vansh lucky escaped by seeing Payal ‘s reflection that girl is too selfish thinks only about her well being annoying B !!Saras knew Vansh was going to see KanUma hence gave Uma favorite dish Yes Kanak gave Uma tea that could be more rules broken in Uma’s life besides running from the law like criminals It was too funny ? the way Vansh looked at Uma seeing him in this new attire his expression was hilarious ? Now getting fake passports though Ved is tracking Vansh phone ? Uma has to man up now they have helped him till now ,now he has to start thinking his next move Accept it that Masisa has bulldozed you all this time for her own benefit & now you are left with nothing or is nothing Fight for what is rightfully yours Liking it that they are going to Bangkok to bring the truth in front of law The cops are not even able to protect them from this crazy Sumer Singh Though today saw cute few seconds of KanUma looking lovingly at each other Tomorrow looks interesting Guess KanUma jump down holding that wire hanging there before Sumer & gang get there There was at one time Kanak had cellphone in her pocket when they were hiding how did that happen she doesn’t have a cellphone???Though Uma getting to know his wife life being at college etc Cute ??

  6. Think it was just milk for the Ladnu ka Ved Umashanker ????

  7. And home made chole bhatura by Saras throw your religious beliefs out of the window & try thinking of saving your self & wifey from Ved Sumer & rest

  8. Really like Vansh. He always rises to the occasion and has always been Kanak’s best supporter – and now supporting Kanak and Uma. He is action oriented , willing to take risks and has matured from his irresponsible, carefree phase. He is even prepared to go against , Ved to help Kanak. His heart is in the right place..

  9. very nice episode.. have a nice day guys

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