Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Payal is Blackmailed

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak prepares malpua/sweet at Uma’s house. Shiv tastes it and says these are very tasty. Suman asks if she is preparing it for dadusa and if she is sure if his meeting will be successful. Kanak says she is more confident on Uma than herself. Suman asks if she is trying to grab Dadusa’s attention as he will be busy in business hereon. Kanak says she has already won Uma’s heart. In Rathi house, someone plays Payal’s confession voice recording where she expresses her desire to destroy Saras and Vansh’s business and tried 2-3 times already unsuccessfully. Payal asks who is he playing her voice in her home, return it. Man says he is both villain and hero in her life now.

Kaank gets Uma’s call. She reaches near an underconstruction building

and thinks why Uma called her here. She sees Uma at the edge of building and runs to him, she does not find him and gets worried. Uma comes and asks to relax. She asks what if he had fallen down. He says he had fallen till now, but not anymore. She asks what happened to his meeting with Meera Mittal. He says it was not good, but too good and excitedly describes how he convinced Meera with his ideology. He knocks door and gets into Meera’s cabin remembering her warning to seek permission and get in. He tells her that he is the actual brain behind Matruved pharma’s medicine formulas and Nanda had stolen them from him, Meera has got only a few formulas and he has many which will benefit them both. Meera asks him to keep his proposal and go, she will call him later. Out of flashback, Uma continues praising Meera that she is a very powerful businesswoman and unique from other women, etc.. He says he will make his office in this big building and describes where he will make his cabin, where his staff will work, where will he meet clients, etc. Kanak says she will keep sandalwood piece in his cabin to remind him of her. He says how will he forget her, she is part of his life.

Payal continues asking man who is he, to go before her family returns. Man enjoys food. Bhabho with Ved enters and asks who is this man. Man says it is him. Bhabho gets happy seeing him and says he is Vaibhav, his relative, he is very mischief and plays prank. Payal asks if he is Vaibhav. Bhabho asks if she did not know, why did she serve him food then. Payal gets tensed. Vaibhaav says he surprised bhabhi. Ved asks him to enjoy food while he changes his uniform and joins him back.

Meera’s manager briefs her about Uma that he is the main brain behind Matruveda and his aunt Nanda had stolen his formulas, he has 2 sisters and was married but divorced, his wife is.. Meera says she is not interested in his past and is interested only in his present and future. She calls Uma and asks to meet her within 60 minutes as she has arranged press conference and how fast he will reach will decide his future.

Uma happily runs informing Kanak that Meera has arranged press conference. She tries to feed him malpua, but he does not have time and wants to climb success ladder soon. She runs behind him asking to have sweet and then attend meeting, malpua falls. She stands sadly while Uma continues running happily, gets into car and leaves. Meera looks at clock. Uma reaches before time.

Precap: Meera gives champagne to Uma during success party and he gulps it and gets inebriated. Kanak sees Uma disconnecting her call repeatedly and gets worried. Meera seduces Uma.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Awesome episode. Payal gets blackmailed, Kanak gets left behind, Uma gets drunk and seduced. Yes, this will fetch great trps and makes for great drama too. After all that’s what matters that show gets high trp ratings. What is shown to get those TRPs and whom it hurts is of no importance. I’ll enjoy it until the boring stuff starts again.

    1. Awesome comment?

    2. Agree with you Riti. That was a great comment!?

  2. Uma’s run for success is really confusing while Kanak been shown as some one without any sense who runs after him with sweet box. Really who runs like that? Is it the same Kanak who been shown as such a matured person before. Same to Uma. The person who able to do so many feats in Bangkok track and handled Adi and Massisa wisely on instant now shown as someone who runs after success at the cost of his principles.
    Giving up some is ok but such a complete change over in a day is not very convincing.

    1. Well said Goldsy….
      Such a drastic change in Uma Shankar our Ladno’s Kohinoor.

  3. Hehe, if showing an educated girl who was kidnapped and forced to marry, who was forced to follow disgusting rituals , who was demeaned by her husband and his family, suddenly falling madly in love with that man and wanting to stay in that situation is convincing, then this overnight change in Uma is also convincing. Kanak was a doormat character anyway, instead of showing her having some ambition in life to make something of herself and explore Uma Kanak love story through that, it was chosen to show her behaving in a smitten manner with an abusive man (at that time). Well , if that was convincing and just for entertainment, this is also convincing and just for entertainment. She has made nothing out of herself so she is nothing today. Pitiful and pathetic. He is obviously not in his senses anymore for the first time realizing how much he has to learn and travel for all the time he has lost. I find it very convincing. Just like before, months of Kanak suffering track will go on and Uma will probably go on the brink of marrying Meera too, but will be stopped just in time. That’s his fate. Once did forced marriage , now keep getting almost married but not quite!?? The third negative character is yet to enter. My guess, it would be another man in Kanak’s life as she starts to make some respectability for herself. Meera and that other man together will pull apart Kanak and Uma for some time, my guess is about a month going by tv standards. Will be a fun ride.

  4. Bhaana

    Uma new face is very painful??
    Agree @goldsy drastic changes in uma is not at all convincing….
    Only good thing is sad version of title track is played after ages ?
    Suman, shiv n kanak part is nice
    Precap scares me a lot??

    1. I too can’t understand why they are showing such sudden changes in Uma, it’s like the story is in fast track mode… Can’t cope with seeing Meera mittal’s hands all over Uma ?

  5. Donno what happened to Uma’s sensibilities.. damn.. that artificially plumped up lips Meera looks yuck..

  6. Uma drastic changes has shocked us too. He is now in life race to achieve success. He is climbing the ladder of success hope he climbs carefully without falling down from great heights. Because nowdays uma dhairya is lost he is taking hasty decisions quickly without realizing the consequences. But my only concern is in this race of modernization he shouldnt loose his identity his unique character traits. He needs to balance to explore new world is acceptable but doesn’t mean he can forget his sanskars. Hope kanak helps him to realize he is doing mistake or he should realize and rectify it. But I was happy to see him sharing everything to kanak his dreams aspirations. And best part was she is part of him. He will not miss the time of spending with her. Together they are going to build their own nest full of love and affection on each other. But this vamp meera is going to destroy that love nest. But I am sure Kanak is going to fight against meera and will get her husband back. She will save her from that evil clutches of meera. Uma may follow her orders he may also act as if he is dancing to her tunes but end uma will outsmart meera. She does not know about the smartness of umashankar.let’s wait and see how uma is going to become progressive he will be traditional yet contemporary. Emily son entry to Rathi house to cause headache to another vamp payal

  7. Uma looks better now at least from before. Since they can’t parade him half nude anymore they have given him the tightest clothes possible. Pakka spandex hai vonpants me otherwise it would surely rip apart. I saw the buttons on his shirt straining to break loose. Anyway, I like Meera entry. Her clothes were also great, one side short with hanging sleeve, other side long like robes but no sleeve?? so fashionable. And looks like her cosmetologist used all the fillers for upper lip so nothing left for the lower one. Waiting to see how she’ll help in making Kanak’s life hell. Kanak looked like the piece of trash that gets thrown away from a passing car. Her job to stay home and cook maalpuas for a man on whom she has no legal right while he feeds her empty words of fluffy romance and then rushes to his s*xy siren business partner. With Purab the cousin set to make Payal’s life hell, the show is very satisfactory right now.

  8. very nice episode i loved it ..kanum scene how will he forget her, she is part of his life.. and really i don’t care about all that …and about any comment just about my opinion and for me This Meera is just a dark cloud and kanum will come out victorious. kanum rocks i love them. precap i will watch the episode first then comment. good night tsmsp lovers.. divyaa bhana miss you friends
    nice comment divyaa well said..

  9. You are right divya…. I Feel kanak will also join in the same company may be as employee or shareholder to get back uma….

  10. Don’t know what is going to happen guys bt this new track is not interesting at all
    Show is loosing it’s charm day by day the only reason I was watching the show is different story n kanum chemistry bt everything has changed now
    Now the CVS only focusing on trp no matter what we feel or we want
    I miss kanums know jhok their traditional outfits & of course the title track n music..
    Meera is playing with umas mind n wants to control him
    I know kanak will get hurt bt I guess this whole drama will give kanak a new way of thinking a new ambition in lyf

  11. Don’t know what the CV have in mind Showing Uma as desperate guy to get back what was rightfully his but at the cost of a plumped lipped rich spoilt business person who needs to learn firstly to treat a person humanly not snap your fingers & secretly spy on them for ones satisfaction & top it all take advantage of someone in intoxicated ? state for ones benefit This is the same Uma who doesn’t touch other women,drink alcohol or even smoke for that matter come on !!!

  12. I just love this show very much my favourite . and kanum pair are great. I love them. Very excited for the next episode..no negativ thoughts kanum will be soon together. So meera polami any girl is nothing in front of kanak. So don’t worry guys

  13. Of course Uma will be back to Kanak. That’s a no brainer. They are the lead actors so they will be together. But all successful trp shows have some tension and separation between leads with short periods of happiness in between. This show also sold it’s soul to the devil TRP. Before Uma goes to Kanak again, there will be plenty of drama with Meets and this time Uma is not the old idealistic Uma as he was with Palomi. He is now drinking and mingling in exciting new company and is obsessed with succeeding materialistically. He hates all the ideals taught to him by Maasisa. So before they get back to being tension free, Kanak will witness a lot of heartache. Meera is not Palomi. She is a great manipulator and knows how to take advantage of Uma’s desperation to succeed. She may make things look like much worse to Kanak than they really are. As someone said, third negative character is yet to enter. I agree that that might be a new man in Kanak’s life who will try to get her for himself. Lots of drama and tension to come before the leads get together again for a brief period before another cycle of trouble starts. That’s the recipe of a high TRP show. BTW, I think Uma will stop Meera from seducing him tomorrow. This will anger her and she will come back at him with her full force. It will be very interesting to watch. Also it will be fun to watch how Purab torments Payal. Sandhya’s IPS friend will soon come to Kanak to give her career advice. I have a strong feeling, Kanak is going to land up as an I AS or IPS officer. Thank God shell do something with her miserable life other than follow Uma Shankar like a dog.

    1. sorry dear if she is with uma and follow him and loves him that dosn’t mean that she is dog i think all the new girls writing here are old haters of kanak.. it’s clear. And by chance they use harsh terms against them to minimize ..sorry. it’s good that she do something in her life and him too like any normal couple ..but kanak did nothing wrong a great character i think you all against her from the begining..sorry dear that what i felt fromyour comment if i am wrong i am sorry. but really i don’t understand this hate towards kanak.

  14. Iss meera se jayada sunder toh palumi hai palumi ke ander jealousy thi kanak ko le bt yeh meera arrogant rude psycho n selfish type ki lgti hai..not interesting track..I knw uma has only 12 days to get success bt I dnt think after 12 days meera ll let them marry again. .

  15. Right yr guys Meera n bhaana ye Kya ho Raha h? we were waiting for kanums Milan bt what they r showing to us
    I just don’t like this Meera yr koi dhang ki ladki hi cast Kar lete Uma k opposite,?

    1. Shreya that is too funny where the hell did they find this fake faced plump up lip women to play opposite Uma ??? yak

      1. Yes vj where the hell they find this item ?? kahi se rich or stylish nhi lagti

    2. Bhaana

      Koi dang k ladki chahiye??

      Uma gonna experience moha maya?
      Dharam yogi survival is a big question?

  16. I think this Uma will stop Meera or maybe all that seduction is not even real, just her imagination. But he will go back home drunk and that will shock the hell out of that rather sad Kanak female.

  17. He believes in lord shiva
    He does not drink
    It goes against all his principles i really hope they do not show him change
    I quite liked the old uma i thought that was the point
    No matter what he still has pride and respect and honesty

    If this turns to a typical show i dont think i wanna see it
    I liked the old bits and the learning and uma and kanaks parts before

    I thought w
    After this massi stuff the show would go back and be based around family and uma kanak and getting his mum better.
    Maybe kanak teaching him things and them working as a team NOT him going all crazy it goes against all his beliefs.

    First season was actually good

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