Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Massi’s new move against Kanak

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma tells Kanak that ladies are like a bird. They do not deserve good behaviour. Men do not need to give ladies any explanation. That is how they stay in control of men. Men should just rule women and keep them in their limits. Kanak is shocked and saddened. She says he’s comparing his wife with an animal? Uma says he’s not saying this. It’s written in shastras and they are never wrong. She says she doesn’t know what he read, but from what she has read.. she says some sentence in shastras language and then explains that God comes only where ladies are respected. Puja and all is useless if ladies are not respected. Maasa is trying to get up. Kanak says she learned this from book that he gifted her. Uma says she can twist words as she wants, but he’s not

going to be changed. If she wants to stay with him, then she will have to follow his beliefs. She says, but.. He says enough, no more arguments and questions. This house will follow rules as it’s been following. Those who try to break will be punished. He leaves from there. Massi smiles.

Later, Kanak complains Maasa for Uma. She asks how it is possible to live with him. She tried her best to show him right and wrong, but he’s very stubborn. Why he’s behaving like this. Which self-respected girl would be able to take all this? He’s very bad. She cries. After trying a lot, Maasa finally speaks up. She says “she is bad”. Kanak gets happy and says she will call everyone, but Maasa stops her. Kanak asks she wants to say something? She asks her to try. Maasa keeps saying she’s bad. Kanak asks who? She takes everyone’s names and asks Maasa to blink when she takes right name. Maasa blinks when Kanak takes Massi name. Other side, Massi shows her evilness. Kanak tells Maasa, so she knew Massi is bad towards her? Maasa says she’s bad for everyone.. Uma. Other side, Massi shows her bad intentions for Uma too. Kanak says what this family has done to her? Uma takes her as his God. Kanak tells Maasa not to worry and decides to expose Massi to everyone and also find out why she wants bad for this family.

Later, phone rings. Kanak picks up. Ved says he has arranged CCTV footage and asks her to meet up. Kanak is going. Uma asks where she’s going. She says she doesn’t feel like telling him. He stops her and says ladies can’t go out alone in this house. Uma calms herself down as it’s important to get that footage. She says she wants to go temple. He says she still can’t go alone.

Kanak comes temple with Payal and Shiv. Ved and Payal recall their previous meetings. Both can’t stop looking at each other. Kanak introduces them to each other. Kanak then sends Payal and Shiv inside. Kanak sees the footage. It’s revealed that it was Palomi who filed complaint against Uma. Kanak wonders why she did that. She filed complaint with Kanak’s name, wore her clothes, jewelries, and even signed like her. Ved asks whose that. She tells him about Palomi being part of Uma’s family. Ved says it’s crime, they should get her arrested and truth will come out. Kanak says no, it’s family matter. She will see. Kanak asks about Saras. He says Bhabho is taking care of her. Vansh is angry, but he’ll have to accept her. Ved gives pen drive to Kanak with full video and leaves. Payal seems to have heard everything.

When they return home, Massi is scolding Palomi and asks her to leave the house. Kanak, Uma ask what happened. Massi says Palomi filed complaint against Uma being Kanak, so she could get Kanak out of the house. Kanak wonders how Massi found out what Ved told her just few minutes ago. Uma asks Massi. Massi says when inspector said someone from family filed the complaint, she had someone finding out the truth. Uma asks Palomi why she did this. Palomi says she was helpless. She was threatened. Uma asks who threatened? Palomi takes Kanak’s name. Kanak is shocked.

Precap: Kanak tells Massi that she’s a poison. She’s biggest enemy of Uma. Uma gets mad at Kanak. Marrying her was his biggest mistake. He throws her out of his home. Vansh comes there.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. What a women hater episode. But what Uma said is still prevalent in modern society also don’t we hear women get abused or harassed at work place or somewhere at some home, biggest example is Hollywood Weinsten case or Trump making fun of women before election that’s why we see only few women working under his admin, although we say Uma taking name of religion to torture women but even in any part of country you go where they didn’t read any shastras but still price is paid by woman, so sad.
    It looks like a Beta movie plot, where Madhuri trying to talk against Anil mother Aruna Irani and Madhuri was thrown out of home, here Massa will be holding her not to leave home.
    As usual everyone did good job in their act.

  2. Just few words to describe today’s episode shouting, lots of anger and accusing Kanak for everything ???

  3. omg anytime i watched how uma treat kanak it disgust me,how on earth did the writers made uma the male lead is obvious he and masisia are the villian .it doesnt matter if he is been influence by masisa as a man who loves his wife will investigate rather than abuse the wife. kanak should end this God damm marriage

  4. Bhaana

    Thanks jenny for the detailed update?

    So maasisa has now(to our knowledge) become don???
    She wants to kill everyone in this house…kya zarurat hai sab pehele se hi zinda laash lagreha hai..
    Story line ko oh my Mata kardiya cvs ne??
    I’m eagerly waiting to see how nanda ji bailwan umashankar ko apne haatho se mukti degi
    This is called nayi soch where villain will do every duty of a mom for a bunch of kids and when they grown up she will kill them??
    I don’t know exactly what they mean, from today’s part it looks very funny?
    No offense try to cool down myself.

    1. Hahaha bhaana your comment …kya zarurat hai sab pehele se hi zinda laash lagreha hai’ made me laugh so hard ??
      I’m also waiting to see how maasisa a.k.a don ?gives mukti!

    2. Ha ha ha that was a good one bhaana .Yes massisa character is really very weird .Why she gave this much care and now trying to kill all of them.

    3. Thanks meera and divyaa?

  5. Wow! What an episode there were so many turns. I think I’m now suffering from whiplash ?. I wasn’t expecting Ved & Payal to come face to face so soon … but unfortunately even that love story is a non- starter seeing as Aditya’s entry is about to grace us…. This show is taking the saying that a love story never runs smoothly to the next level?..none of the relationships seem to be working out. I’m looking forward to seeing whether Ved & payals love story ever develops.

    As for Uma, there are no words to defend his current stance…. I loved the way Kanak gave him a taste of his own medicine with her gyaan shame it fell on Uma’s deaf ears at the moment, but glad Kanak wasn’t shown to just suffer in silence.
    I was really impressed by kanak’s character today – she basically said everything I was thinking to maasisa & it felt like cvs provided us with a reason for her staying… Kanak is now there to save the whole parivaar including Uma from maasisa, Maasa has made her realise that maasisa is pulling Uma’s strings & in true desi serial style Kanak is going to be the protector & take on the vamps!

    What I still find baffling is that why maasisa as a woman would try & make Uma into a chauvinistic pig, surely as a woman she too is bound by the rules ? so cvs are going to have to provide us with a sound reason for maasisa to manipulate Uma in this manner.

    Overall enjoyed today’s episode – especially the Ved & Kanak scenes. Both actors played the brother/sister bond very well.

  6. Bhaana

    Two good points today,
    1. Kanak and maasa combo is great..that was
    really amazing…the pain and the frustration
    maasa was in is clearly revealed today.
    2. Ved is back, hope I won’t miss him again
    and ved-payal track move slow and steady.

  7. i loved the way kanak gave a fitting reply to uma quoting in sanskrit the knowledge which she acquired from the book given by uma that shows uma is mechanically believing massisa words eventhough he has vast knowledge .More and more the way story unfolding shows uma is a innocent soul he trust massisa he respects her next to god he has been wrongly guided for thirty years.So i can only pity for uma rather than angry on him.He is being misleaded now at this scenario venting out anger on kanak is understandable becos he is in heights of frustration his beloved sister has cheated him his dharam is been questioned now which he thinks as his life.I accept uma behaviour is aggressive now but surely once his anger comes down he will surely think and regret.kanak is really shocked to see this changed uma earlier also we have seen hw uma respects woman .As i already told in last comment he is now A ROBOT version of massisa she has poisoned uma .Happy to see massa recovering a little only she can help kanak .Ved-payal track will also start now massisa is ready to finish the entire toshniwals family .I think gabbasa followed kanak and heard ved kanak conversation before kanak reaches itself massisa has started her game.god will stay where womans are getting respect very true ,This serial makes us to learn many things from our puranas and shastras,

    1. divyaa i dont agree with you trying to justify uma action, even if masisa is right abusing your wife is not right , he doesnt have any right to talk about women like that . kanak should just leave the house for masisa cos uma doesnt deserve her

    2. Divya, I’ve always wanted to say this and reading your comment today, couldn’t resist. I get a feeling you are one of the CVs or somehow connected formally to this serial when I see your comments.

      1. Hmm…good point. I just thought it was obsession with either Rekhi or the character of UmaShankar that made her justify him no matter what. Kind of made me resent the serial to see a girl so justifying an abusive character. But this is an interesting possibility.

  8. I don’t understand one thing, Suman is much younger and has been brought up in the same set up but understands what rules are good and what are unfair so she rebelled silently. Then how do I accept the logic that Uma us innocent as maasi is misleading him. I am not convinced about Uma’s basic goodness. Kanak might have taken this household as a challenge and I can try to digest that logic although it is hard. I still think that this sorry would have been more beautiful without all this vampish set up. It’s very hard to accept Uma Shankar as male lead whatever the case may be.

    1. Hmmm valid point ??, definitely a flaw in the storyline although I think it could be down to the fact that because suman is a girl, she is of no use to maasisa so maasisa Just focused on teaching Uma his role as a ‘male’ & how to keep women in check & that way if there was ever any need to put suman back in her box Uma would do the dirty work for maasisa. (My interpretation from my viewpoint only, I could be completely wrong).

  9. We keep hearing how these serials make the ‘woman the root cause of evil’ but what about the men?… the men that are always portrayed as hot headed idiots. I swear these men must walk around with ear plugs & blindfolds as they never seem to have a clue about what is going on in their own household & always need protecting by the females – in my view it’s the men that always seem to end up looking liking the muppets ?.

  10. Hi frnds don’t know what to say about the serial
    I know it’s not tolerable when people treat women like animals bt like many of u said it’s also prevailing in today’s modern society too.
    I have the present example in my house. My younger sister is getting abused in her sasural n his husband n in laws ill treating her in every manner n she is tolerating all this just for her 2 daughters. One is 2 yr old n secnd is 2 months old
    Abusing n beating not enough, her husband used to say this that he will leave her if she will not stay according to him
    Am feeling sad n helpless after seeing this in my house
    Don’t know what to do..

    1. Bhaana

      Hi shreya….. Welcome back dear
      As avanti said sharing will reduce our pain, no need to regret…be positive and strengthen your sister
      Please do comment if u are free earlier you used to comment regularly and give us story before telecast seeing in hotstar on our demand when the show is in afternoon slot and we all said the show should be in evening slot so that everyone watch and enjoy it.Now the slot changed I guess sns k booth agaya show mein itna chikna chillana n all?
      This page is stress bursters for me and seeking different way of thoughts.

  11. Sorry guys if I bored u with my story bt one thing
    I haven’t commented anything abt the serial cos now am not watching it properly
    Earlier I used to watch it’s repeat telecast in night bt now it’s not repeating so I watch it on hotstar
    Bt one thing I want to say previously v all were wishing to extend the show time for 1 hour bt now it’s really hard to watch the show guys.
    May b due to this vempish stuff we r loosing interest
    One thing which make it interesting is only ur comments guys?
    Though I don’t comment regularly bt I alwYs do keep reading ur comments frnds

    1. Hii shreya..your sister’s problem will surely solve soon ,dont worry dear..dnt regret for sharing this,, as sharing our pain to others will reduce it..

      comming to the episode..Though i got serious angry towards uma’s attitude,its necessary for story .In todays world also this kind of man is there,,who not at all understands women due to ego,male dominance,family member evil plan etc..without showing uma like this ,,they cant show men-women equal rights..surely kanak will make him to regret for his mistake..It will bring awareness to the male dominance,arrogance etc..CWs of this show took most sensitive part to handle eventhough they know more complaints will come..kanak will soon win and be a good example for bold women in this society.we have to wait and watch..it will take some time..

    2. Hi Shreya, thank you for sharing your story with us … I have a family member who is putting up with a cheating husband for the sake of her children ?. It is sad to standby, but I think the only thing we can do is offer words of support & strength to help make them strong enough to realise that their lives can continue without these toxic people .

  12. Divya, I’ve always wanted to say this and reading your comment today, couldn’t resist. I get a feeling you are one of the CVs or somehow connected formally to this serial when I see your comments.

  13. I still feel these horrible episodes are due to a huge turn in the storyline.. initially Maasisa was just trying to break Uma and Kanak relationship.. but now she’s planning something big.. I think this will bring an end to her evilness.. I feel she wants to kill everyone so that the property goes to her illigitimate son Aditya.. Uma has been brainwashed that he broke his Dharam due to Kanak.. hes been tortured that all gals at home are going against him.. his anger has just over ruled his kindness. One thing I wonder.. when Palomi pointed towards Kanak.. why was Suman silent.. she could have confronted to Uma about Palomi’s feeling towards him..

  14. By the way today when Uma pushes Kanak out and vansh holds her.. I hope later vansh just punches Uma in his face for Uma’s such behaviour ?. Just for the sake of viewer’s peace of mind..

  15. Welcome back Jenny.
    Thank you for the update.
    Please stay.

  16. Kanak you did impress Uma with your knowledge Wish some how Uma will for once listen to Kanak so she can convince him to listen to his mother what she has to say about Masisa maybe then he will understand Kanak Maybe they should have that pot for Masisa too as I feel they will be needing it soon ??? She is evil to the core with that pathetic smirk on her face Feel Payal might get Ved involved some how ( I wish that’s if she is bright enough) Glad Vansh walks in at right time he needs to give Uma a good slap for his behavior maybe that might knock some sense into him Feel Kanak is intelligent enough but needs assistants too to bring out this Nanda’s motives don’t understand why the others just stand around with clueless faces is beyond me Uma you need to open a page in your religious book to get guidance & answers Thought Shiv was antaryami or maybe physic he needs to speak to his Dadusa

  17. i would like to see uma brother come in and help kanak. ved finding out what happend with his cousin
    but its seems like the family are marrying into each other lol
    also like to see uma mother get up and give him a slap
    they talk about dharam then itnt is against a womans dharam to touch another womans husband???
    have shiv suman uma’s brother help kanak
    i would say kanaks cousin is alive but hopefully not maried into uma’s family but a husband outside
    and uma’brother didnt accept dharam and went to ge evidance against massi
    – would make more sense really as the show is in dribs and drabs

    – i would have liked to see uma understand he was wrong to forcefully marry and say sorry to kanak and family and offer a proper wedding
    – this plotting storie has to change soon
    i have stopped watching this show since it started the vamp and the trying to kill

    – it was interesting before simple funny romantic
    these pple look at ratings but they forget the times of the show in the western world is during work hours of course rating will be low
    – it started off so good being different but now its just as same as any other

    1. Bhaana

      Goods points Maya…completely agree with u

  18. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Earlier, I like this show because of true love of Uma towards kanak. But now it became a horror show. Really horrible to watch. Full of ill-treatement , domestic violence, Misbehavior, superstitions, conspiracy and trap towards women. This kind of show are really harmful for society. It’s worst sequel of Diya aur Bati! Really very disheartened and disappointed with the show. Show is full of negativeness.

    1. I agree with Bipasha. How is this all going to effect Shiv? I think it also has a very negative
      effect on the viewers and further enforces that it is okay to behave badly towards women as it is shown on the TV and daily reported that if something bad happens to the women than they are responsible for this. Truly disgusted with the past few episodes. No matter how you look at it Uma is coming across as a complete blind idiot. Surely he has some intelligence left……. You can only be manipulated if you allow another person to do so and Uma is seriously blind towards all that is happening in his family and this is the only reason why masisa can get away with so much evil doings. Also I am still waiting to find out what happened to the scene at the police station where a man looking like Uma is taking over Rathi sweet bhandar? What was Misri doing there? Is her son some how related to Uma’s family? I would rather we have this than this disgusting behaviour of Uma and masisa?

  19. Ever since Kanak came to this house , Maassissa is in constant tension . She immediately realized that Kanak was a very clever girl. Now she is feeling its end. She lives in fear. This fear makes the Maassissa even more sinister and avenged. This malice will turn into a boomerang against her .
    Umma is not a stupid man. He feels a woman’s scam. He does not correctly interpret religion . This makes him blind to the truth in life and he does not see from which direction the deceit comes . He loves and respects women very much. And he was born by a woman. But his mother , who is the leader and the wisdom and love of every son , the relationship between them is interrupted. The lack of contact with the mother made him a weak and uncertain man. What it shows now is not anger , it’s a disappointment. People who stand firm on the ground never get angry or raise the tone. Religion is a desperate way of life for Umma. Religion fills the void of maternal love in his soul. That is why he he is so strongly influenced by religion. But there is no one who interprets religion properly , so that the Umma lives as a pure , righteous and just man. Only Kanak sees all this and fights for Umma.

    Episodes are heavy , but also very strong. From viewers reactions , the effects of scenes are also visible . But the moment will come when your hearts will be happy.

  20. Don’t hate me all- but I personally think these kind of shows are exactly what society needs to prick consciences and make people question their attitude towards abuse, religious interpretations, culture etc.
    Through this show they has been lots of discussion around these areas which to me, is a good thing…
    It really is easy to provide a knee jerk reaction & write the show off, But i too believe that the current track is an important factor in the turning point of the show & there’s still a lot that left that is to be explained.
    As for Divyaa, being a relative of the show makers… I find that comment completely absurd ?… this page is about the gathering different viewpoints & Divyaa is entitled to her own, she isn’t supporting uma’s action just providing a different perspective.

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