Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maasi saying Kanak is restless since she came from temple, I gave her the phone. Kanak sees Suman. Maasi says I did not had bad intention, I thought she is worried and will talk to family, then we could know who is in her family. Uma asks is Maasi saying true, are you worried for something. Maasi says I have seen the world, I can’t get cheated, there is something. Kanak thinks they should not know about my family. She says I don’t know how to save money and pass this test, I was worried for the test. Uma thinks I also want this. Maasi smiles and says one thing is sure now that you have come from a good family, where you did not think of saving money, right, what’s there, we should respect her personal life, she will say when she has to. Maasi says yes, but

it feels bad when none comes from her family. Payal comes and says I did all arrangements.

Vansh says I got tired and sits. Bhabho asks him to come by walk. Vansh says I will get a child till you go too slow till bus stop. They laugh. Bhabho argues with Babasa. Vansh asks her to manage bags, he will get auto. Babasa asks Bhabho not to get so angry. Payal and Saraswati shows the arrangements to Maasi. Kanak smiles and thinks my Bhabho was standing here some time back. Maasi says this is good shagun. Bhabho and Babasa come back. Babasa sees Kanak and gets shocked. Kanak puts her ghunghat fast. Babasa says I have seen Uma’s wife just now. Bhabho says you think you know her. He says I felt she is like Kanak. Bhabho thinks he is forgetting things again, he is seeing Kanak again.

Maasi asks why did you put ghunghat. Kanak says I know married women should be in ghunghat. Maasi asks Payal too learn from Kanak. Uma sees Bhabho and Babasa, and says come in mehendi rasam till your car comes, we will be glad. Maasi asks them to come. Everyone sits for puja. Maasi applies mehendi to Kanak and Payal. She asks Payal why did her mum send so much instead nek. Payal asks Kanak did anything come from her Maayka. Kanak gets sad.

Maasi asks Bhabho and Babasa to be her Maayka people for the rasam. Kanak thinks Lord has got this coincidence. Uma says they will be with you in all your rituals. Maasi asks them to bless Kanak. Babasa says Sandhya used to be like this. Bhabho sees Kanak tensed and recalls Sandhya. She says Sandhya really used to be like this, standing silent. She thanks them for respecting them and making her do ritual. She gives her nek. Babasa says Maayka is not just a name, it has many emotions linked, she is our daughter now. Chote chote….plays…. Maasi says we will get Samdhis like you now, it will be our good luck. Kanak cries taking the nek. She holds Bhabho’s hand. Payal sees the sweet shop box.

She asks are you from Pushkar, my mum likes the sweets from this shop, its famous shop. Bhabho says its good thing, its a small shop. Kanak gets tensed. Bhabho says it made big place in customers’ heart. Uma says so its decided, you did not do bad deal, the sweet shop is famous. Saraswati asks what is he talking about. Kanak slips and falls. She drops the sweet box. Uma holds her. She gets some sweets in hand. Bhabho says sorry, we just got one box. Maasi says no, Kanak’s fate does not have Maayka’s happiness. Kanak cries.

Uma says I made this medicine for Pushkar’s patient, I thought to give it to you also. Bhabho is on the way. Uma says if you fail, this will be your second failure.

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  1. So roopesh ki laxmi test is begun I think bhabho will help her indirectly to pass this test.Finally kanak got her bhabo ‘s blessing after marriage which she yearned for so many years.Nice expression kanak .But nearly week is gone there is no romantic sequence .And Bhabasa saw kanak .I also read in one of spoilers that uma will give agni pariksha test to kanak including raathi family.So by the time this sequence come uma will know about kanak’s maayka .Bhabho is feeling something when she sees uma ‘s wife but its not clear whether she made any guess or not.

  2. Diyaa

    Another incredibly slow but heart-rending episode. Kanak Bhabho scene took my breath away. Oh poor kid!! I think there is a purpose behind these scenes. Later, when Bhabho discovers the truth of Kanak’s wedding, she will at least know how hard the circumstances were that Kanak tolerated for Bhabho’s happiness. Since now Bhabho knows how conservative and orthodox (although good-hearted) UmaShankar’s family is. She will also know how much pain Kanak went through quietly just for her sake. And I hope RheaandAvinesh know how much pain of dragging we viewers are tolerating because we love their chemistry so much??The precap…??This Uma, again bullying Kanak. Bholenaath is watching your atrocities Uma. As they say, Karma is a —–?

  3. Frnds I feel 7 pm is perfect time .Hope it gets better trp .This serial shows still there are superstitious elements still exists in our country which should be abolished completely for betterment of our country

    1. Nothing is superstitious its your belief and faith for that thing, some of the thing shown in this show is just to create drama nothing else, but what we had vedas and ayurvedas those are not we had strong history and background because of our belief we still have some Indian culture remaining otherwise most is blindly following bollywood or western culture just to get better picture and videos for their FB or Instagram.In short show is good with masala of our culture.

      1. With due respect Lara, there are such things as superstition and orthodoxy. A person is free to practice it if he or she wants but not to force it on people who don’t believe in it. Most viewers are not talking about Ayurveda , they are talking about degrading practices against women like making them prove their goodness, chastity, worthiness through rituals and asking for absolute submission to their husband. It’s not just melodrama, these things are seen on the news usually with a very bad ending for the women. Divyaa is right when she says that dome of these horrible beliefs that suppress women do still exist in some parts of our country. People should become aware of them, and try to remove them rather than pretend that it does not happen.

    2. I wish it is telecasted at 9pm…………….same time as DABH………………7 pm is too early………………I am not able to reach home most of the time……………………..have to wait till nextday………..

  4. Nice epi, babho babasa become kanaks maayka in puja. Thanks so much for the fast update

  5. Loved today’s episode but want more romance Felt sad ? for Kanak especially when Payal is showing off Read Vansh &Saras will come to like each other Poor Babasa really did see Kanak I have a question if someone can answer me Paullomi is kept at Umashanker house as what ??? Help me with word they use beginning with Sh not sure what is means

    1. She is there as a “Sharanaarthi” meaning a refugee, someone who has been provided with protection in a time of need. Palomi said in an episode that when everyone shunned her, Uma Shankar and his family “accepted” her. She reads more into her position there as compared to what UmaShankar and Maasisa give her or she aspires to become more important than she is at present. She has, clearly, befriended Suman who is completely devoted to Palomi.

      1. Thanks Navi for clarifying that word don’t speak Hindi so try to read subtitles ??

  6. Very emotional episode today first time bhabho touch kanak and bless her ….
    I like that scene when bhabho gave kanak negg and kanak tears falls on bhabho’s hand and envelope ….
    awesome act by bhabho and babasa .and kanak …..!!
    Greedy payal ….. !!
    Masisa so intelligent idea to catch kanak background .

  7. Nice episode but veryyyy slow…tear drop falling from Kanak’s eye took 5 mins,.everything in slow motion…
    Funny elements should be added in this show to make it more successful like Ishqbaaz

  8. Hope that there would be more love & understanding between the couple like Diya aur baati hum. Waiting 2 know the reaction when truth comes out. It might take about 2 months. I guess so

  9. I agree your viewpoint lara but degrading women is not our culture .A husband should treat his wife with love and respect .I accept its a melodrama.Mutual respect is very important between couple .In the name of dharam he cannot force her to believe his belief .Each individual is different from other.

    1. Completely agree with you Divyaa. If the writers show Uma realizing that part of his understanding of religion was flawed specially about position of women in a household, then they will have done a commendable job. My fear is that they usually give in to trp demands and show backward stuff to satisfy a certain type of audience.

  10. Well said neha .hope they change uma slowly and make him to understand Kanak .But it will take some more time to uma to realize his mistake but we don’t know how will writers take forward the story but we have to appreciate the makers to take a bold script showing the negative aspects of the society still practiced in some parts of our country And many uneducated women hood are suffering in silence

  11. Uma has no relationship with sweet shop and bhabho after 4 year . There is mysterious behind uma and bhabho are befooling them.

  12. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Very nice episode! I really hate payal. I really wish kanak will pass the test. Poor kanak from childhood she didn’t have parents love because sooraj and sandhya died. Even Bhabo didn’t like her ! But today’s episode is really emotional and heart-touching! I am waiting for the episode when bhabo come to know that kanaka is Uma’s wife.

  13. Vansh didnt meet saras, so sad.since they spoiled payal charac, want to see vansh n Saras convo.
    I know without testing our patience n highing BP they wont finish this current track Still hoping for the best n cvs pls make sure tat uma pay with interest for his doings
    Today epi is nice kanaks exp is good, but dont make her cry throughout the week

  14. What is the meaning of Bindini ????? Tooo much dragging in the show!!! Shocking promo shoot updates in YouTube ….. In one of the updates its said that Uma knows Kanak s Motive and Kanak is Unaware that Uma Knows the reason why she s taking all these tests… My god what next ???

    1. really………………when they are going to telecast it?………………it is obvious…..Uma saw the Diya he bought from Kerala(got exchanged with kanak’s lantern ) in Kanak Mishtanna Bhandar…..and he is smart enough to understand the connection…………………

  15. “I think bindini mean bride”.
    and serial go very slow but I like it becoz it different from other here the main lead hero wear dhoti and kurta and his backward think will be change by a girl . who he thought sent by god destiny ….

  16. I think vansh also forcibly marry to saraswati n tell uma that he did this bcs of lord shiva sign? then see the reaction of uma ……it just for comedy scene n also make him understand wt kanak was telling him before…..

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