Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saras is Dead For Uma!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak tells Suman that her hand’s burn injury became severe by cutting wood. Suman says she will cut wood. Uma brings more wood and tells Saras he told they have to perform pooja couple, so she should cut wood alone without anyone’s help. Suman leaves. Kanak says her hand is burnt, how will she cut wood. Uma holds her injured hand tightly and cuts wood ignoring Kanak’s pain. Kanak reminisces Uma earlier getting worried when she sprains her leg.

Bhabho does tulsi pooja. Saras comes and touches Babasa’s feet. He blesses her. She then touches Bhabho’s feet. Bhabho blesses her and feels she has fever, asks she was right last night, what happened now. Saras says it is due to exhaustion. Vansh comes and says he did not do anything. Ved comes and says he will

bring medicines for Saras. Saras says her family uses ayurvedic medicines as per her dadusa/Uma’s orders. Vansh angrily says that will not work here, she has to do whatever we say, Kanak was forced to eat in dirty plate and stop her tea, he will use similar tough rules. Bhabho warns Vansh to behave with Saras, else she will beat him. Ved says he will call ayurvedic ved then. Vansh says no need for that, Saras’ family troubled his sister, now he wants to see Saras in pain. Bhabho warns him again.

Uma cuts wood while Kanak writhes in pain and tells on dharam path they will not feel pain. Maasi informs Maasa that Uma has become very strong religiously now and will not listen to Kanak. Maasa feels sad and tries to express her feelings unsuccessfully. Suman, Palomi and Payal come and watch Uma’s drama. Pandit comes and asks Uma why did he call him. Uma shows Saras’ photo and keeping it on wooden logs says he wants to perform his sister’s last rights. Kanak is shocked and pleads Uma not to do that, but Uma continues and lights woods and starts rounding around it holding broken pot. Kanak continues trying to stop him, but he pushes her down and continues. Maasi stands in Maasa’s room smirking. Kanak gives her promise and asks Uma to stop. Uma stops. Maasi watches anxiously. Uma starts walking again and finishes last rights.

Kanak confronts Uma and giving him pots asks to do Suman, her, Maasa, and other family women’s last rights. She continues that always woman are treated badly by men. Uma thought Shivji signaled him and married her forcefully without her wish, Vansh trapped Saras and married her to take revenge from Uma, Uma stopped Suman from studying, Balbrahmachariji took brahmacharya oath and when Saras came to her own house and fell on him by mistake, he imposed his decision on her. Always men forced their decisions on women, they are utterly wrong, what is woman’s mistake in this. Uma shouts from the beginning animals, birds and women are controlled by woman and are lashed to be under control and are men’s slaves. Kanak stands in a shock seeing his cheap thinking.

Precap: Kanak says where woman is respect, god stays there, and where women is insulted, god does not. Maasa via signal informs Kanak that Maasi is bad for whole family. Maasi confesses t hat Palomi wore Kanak’s dress and filed police complaint against Uma. Uma asks Palomi who asked her to do that. Palomi points at Maasi.

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  1. Another difficult episode.. however I just love the way Avinash and Rhea have played the role of their characters.. they do deserve an award.. next 2-3 episodes r going to be more horrible as per the spoilers.. poor Maasa is trying her best to get up from her place.. I hope it happens soon.. once Maasisa ka real face is revealed.. Iam sure Uma will change but I can’t expect the same from Vansh.. very well said ved.. that vansh is just another Uma Shanker.. an innocent gal like saras deserves an understanding guy like ved

  2. bet she’s going to point at kanak.

    1. Definitely, Palomi thinks that she will get married to Uma: why cant she see that masisa is never
      going to let that happen because if she was going to do that than masisa would have arranged the marriage long before Kanak came on the scene.

  3. Bad thing is in drama that like that worest man is hero and kanak trying hard to keep relation with him instead uma fall for her she is so much falling for him crazy writer

  4. Loved Kanak today, every word she said is right,and Vansh, what is he doing? Ved is right, hope Vansh comes back to senses. Masa is right, the main cause of problem is that stupid Maasisa, in the name of dharam, she made Uma her puppet, she guided Uma wrongly from his childhood on wards, poor Kanak and Saras, they are bearing, now I think only Maasa show Uma thr right path, and seeing her today, I think that seh would get fine soon. Ans about the precap, I am almost sure that Palomi will point towards Kanak.

  5. Bhaana

    How dare they show ill treatment against woman?..is there no limits for a TV serial…does the show require to showcase violence, I feel I did adharm by watching this show..get the point that they are highlighting the grey part of the society..I tried to express my feeling that this episode deserves, as violence can’t b appreciated in any way…
    Though I saw this clips before, expected to see different way of portray…but end with boiling my blood.

  6. An abuser, is an abuser, is an abuser, is an abuser and I will say it a thousand times that irrespective of the reasons and who made her or him like that and due to whatever upbringing, an abuser is an abuser and showing a woman in a romantic relationship with a man who abused her in any way, physically, emotionally, or mentally , for the purpose of entertainment, by playing on viewers’ love for the actors is morally wrong, and the producers of this show are guilty of that. Whatever they have shown Uma saying and doing to Kanak, to show Kanak forget and forgive this at any point in future will tell us what is wrong with our society and why we still have households where women live with men who are their husbands, rapists, abusers, and lifelong partners. I am very disturbed that such a relationship can have any acceptability even in the fictional world. If I accept it, o will feel like I have sold my conscience to entertainment and romance. But this happens again and again in our TV shows and the TRP shows that for some reason we as viewers enjoy this or are hooked to it. It’s easy to sit in your safe environment, in a loving household and say this is just fiction and entertainment and will never happen in real life. But there are millions who take such abuse and due to lack of options, are compelled to stay there and die there. Romanticizing such relationship which they will of course in the future, is a mockery of those real cases of domestic violence. What a beautiful show it was and how it has fallen. The question is not whether Maasi is villain or not. The question is that this man is capable of such degradation and given that, he is still the main lead who will undergo some miraculous transformation of character upon finding the one truth about Maasisa and will turn into Prince charming. Oh my God! I have no more words. I wish the best for the actors though. I am sorry I wrote all this.

  7. Neha I agree with you that once we can separate the character from actors than we can appreciate that they have played their roles beautifully. I am now looking forward to seeing the tables turn on Masisa and her getting her just desserts.
    Please bring some joy in their lives

  8. I do hope Palomi points at maasi sa after hearing Uma’s thoughts about women. If not that she and Uma most certainly deserve each other. He, who thinks, woman have no right but to be at a man’s disposal and she, who is all but willing to follow him without any selfrespect.

  9. Paloumi is going to point at Kanak in the precap…don’t believe how Uma Shankar has become so stone-hearted…Maasi is executing her role very well as I felt like punching off the smirk on her face..

  10. Oh kanak can pull uma lungi means dhoti to stop him from that stupidity?. …..very simple

    1. Lol??? that would had raised the Trps as well..

      1. Bhaana

        Lol…??? cutie n neha..very funny

  11. Good acting by both Avi & Rhea glad that Masa was able to witness the wrong going preached by Masisa to Uma’s blind faith. Kanak asked Uma why did Bholenath give him signs to marry Kanak hope he takes time to digest all this He does respect his wife & women in the house but the brainwashed Masisa thinking stops him Masa will tell Kanak or signal her This Paullomi is a pathetic puppet too she needs to be shown the door out well soon the true colors of Masisa will surface that’s Tv serials AS for Vansh he wants Saras to adjust to their lifestyle as Kanak had to in Ladno there is nothing wrong with that but it’s his approach he has lots of anger towards Uma Why accomodate Sara when they couldn’t Kanak

  12. Day by day the show is becoming more & more difficult to watch & is losing its original charm. I loved the concept of a 21st century girl bringing progression to a regressive household. I really liked the way it provoked questions around rituals/customs carried out in the name of religion.
    There was a time (feels like ages ago now) that Uma’s character came across a misguided but kind hearted, an individual who would bite a bullet for Kanak but now Cvs have turned his character into a stone hearted person who is now being shown inflicting pain on Kanak….. not sure where cvs are taking this storyline but abuse is abuse regardless of whether it is due to misguidance!!

    I feel repulsed by his actions & am hoping that the message women are getting is that this kind of behaviour is wrong!

  13. I’m still holding out for Uma repenting for his mistakes once he realises he is wrong.
    Both men are coming across as complete idiots… as for women always being shown as the root cause….theee two are men are proving that some men are only too willing to allow anger to cloud their judgements & allow anger to get the better of their actions.

  14. I know that I will get so much of hate for this but I actually feel Vansh is right. After all he is an older brother and feels his sister’s pain. If Kanak had to stop so many of her activities, why cant Saras be treated by a normal doctor? She should also be made to follow the Rathi family’s rules. Why should the rules be modified for her? Isnt Kanak following her in-law rules?
    Does anyone support me ?

    1. I do. I completely see where Vansh is coming from. His point is valid and hopefully with time the writers will make his method right too. ?

    2. True.. for Uma’s mistake I feel anyone would had hated his whole family.. now divorce thing comes up when vansh witnesses that Uma pushes Kanak out of the house as she blames Maasisa.. so I don’t think vansh is wrong in this divorce matter.. ya he was not wrong even in that marriage thing as he had a valid reason nd didn’t force her unlike Uma.. but I hope he atleast stops treating her like an animal or worst than that.. but I wonder after seeing Uma ka behaviour with Kanak.. how will vansh treat saras. And no use of threatening Uma coz he already declared saras dead so he will not give a damn.

  15. After calming down ? here is my take on what I would like to see to make Uma acceptable. I have no patience left to write my FF so here are my thoughts in a nutshell. What if Uma was actually appalled when Maasisa said all those horrible things to provoke him and realized that something was seriously wrong with this lady. But instead of reacting, he played along to get to the bottom of the entire matter that seemed very fishy to him. Therefore, he is pretending and showing maasi exactly what she wants to see so that he can find the truth and in the process he is having to be mean to Kanak to keep maasi convinced. If that happens, at least it would still be some consolation and maybe a little easier to accept this relationship in the future. I am not worried about Vansh track. Except Vansh, everyone will treat Sara’s lovingly. And with time Vansh, who is a very sensitive character which is why his sister’s plight affected him so badly, will realize his son and repent. He is not being misguided by his family but rather being shown the right direction. There my hope is that the Rathis will teach Sara’s to have self esteem and see thatit is not sanskaari for a woman to follow her husband even if he cheated her and treated her badly. I hope she will learn from the example of her motherinlaw and confront Vansh. That might lead him to respect her and actually love her. Rather than silly bedroom scenes, I wish they would show the develoof a deeper love story. That track has great potential with all the wonderful characters of Rathi household. All my wife tjinking. It never matches with opular opinion and what CVs feel compelled to show.??

    1. All my *wishful thinking. It never matches with *popular opinion!

    2. That’s what I am also hoping for a when I commented yesterday about ‘eavesdropping’. I hope Uma heard maasisa & kanak’s entire conversation & is now playing the long game & putting up a hard exterior to see how low maasisa can stoop….after all this is a tv serial so anything can happen ?.

    3. sometimes I think us the viewers can come up with a much better story line than serial writers!!
      take heed from our comments they can help really improve the story and at the same time the rating will go sky high…..

  16. I agree with you Vrushika I said the same why accommodate for Saras at Rathi when they couldn’t do it for Kanak at Thoshiwals Just adjust to where you are need to change yourself & fit in But these are all Masisa rules don’t think Masa was that way I liked what Ved said we have a Uma in our house now that was funny ? Just shows the different upbringing & belief In this case set by Masisa & drilled into your brain

  17. Can anyone tell me what is it that Kanak said when Uma was performing the death ritual for Saras that made him stop for a while and Maasi was shown looking worried? Thank you, friends.

    1. She said stop it “tumhe meri saugandh” which means you have my oath

    2. Bhaana

      Kanak said meri kasam..i.e.,promise in my name.

  18. A person can live without love but not without respect and trust in relationship its a basic right of every human .I was actually upset seeing that attitude of uma its slowly changing day by day.He is totally lifeless without any emotions .This uma is Enthiran 2.0(robot) perfectly programmed by massisa to cause destruction.see hw totally brainless becos massaisa has totally brainwashed his mind now he stopped thinking completely .Whatever it is physical abuse is not acceptable I cannot tolerate this attitude of any men hw much ever angry uma is he should not abuse her .That push is by accident he was terribly angry with her..That one sec he stood so kanak voice is reaching his heart but not his mind .Only kanak has guts to oppose his wrongdoings she will not stop raising her voice till she succeeds .Sad to c uma cannot see kanak ‘s agony pain is this the same uma who cared and treated for her when she was in pain .Kanak point was perfect whenever a bad incident happens in our society the blame comes only on girls either be rape or domestic violence if a rape happens first that girl will be blamed for not wearing proper clothes .In our society girls only has restriction .Men’s always control woman they always try to prove their superiority on woman .That is what CVS are trying to show us .In many household even now we can see either husband controlling wife or wife controlling husband..I want to give a example for this in Tamil nadu people ask whether the house is ruled by Madurai or chidambaram that means madurai a divine religious place in south India there goddess meenakshi ie parvati mayya rules madurai that is wife controlling husband .In chidambaram bholenath ie shivji rules that place ie husband controlling wife.What I am trying to say is human should not control another human it is not acceptable .Especially husband and wife should have mutual respect and trust than only love comes.

    1. Bhaana

      Lovely comment divyaa?…good to see u didn’t support this part of the show I had fear we have to accept whatever in the name of entertainment as we all became a big fan of this show.
      From yesterday I was waiting for our view..thank god we didn’t loose our conscience.

      1. Thank u bhaana just becos we love this serial that doesn’t means we should support them always if its wrong we should raise our voice .I ve even tweeted the pproduction house

    2. wonderful comment divyaa..

  19. Thank you, Neha and Bhaana. Oath to do what, if I may ask? Sorry, I don’t understand Hindi.

    1. Kanak told him to ‘take an oath on her life’ – not sure where you are from Mal, but in the uk its the same as the term ‘swear on my life’ which basically forces someone to stop doing or say the truth.
      if the person continues to do so then it means they are putting the other persons life in danger because the oath was taken on their life. (I hope that explains it ) ?

      1. Thank you so much, Meera. Understand your explanation perfectly.

  20. Hi vrushika I agree with your comments with regards to Saras changing her routine.
    I just can’t agree with the way vansh treated Sara’s over the ac & making her sleep on the floor. that is also a form of emotional abuse (regardless of whether it is for revenge or not).

  21. I also hope that living in the rathi household saras feels empowered to live her life freely & Question vansh.

    I’ve calmed down & watched the show again & found kanak’s speech was both empowering & very thought provoking.

    I do think Uma still has strong feelings for Kanak & I hope the cvs show their situation being resolved in a responsible manner. Now as vj pointed the 30 day track is upcoming… let’s hope the 30 days doesnt drag over 30 weeks!
    After watching Kanak speech I have faith that she won’t take any ‘atyachaar’ lying down & will stand up & question everything she is facing

    1. Bhaana

      Hi Meera, liked ur comment always but nowadays u became great wall here…?
      Your POV is amazing yaar..learning more from this page…
      30 days how long it will be no idea..?
      Yesterday, I was in imagination..maasa will stop uma by giving a tight slap to maasisa..how filmy na..? but nothing happened

      1. Aww thanks Bhaana that’s really sweet of you ?! I too really enjoy reading the comments on this page, it brings lots of different perspectives & I’m glad that through this show we are able to have lots of discussions about problems facing the Indian society … keep your comments coming too x

    2. Bhaana

      Kanak won’t give up and question everyone straightly but how will she handle so many problems simultaneously in a sensible manner…maasisa, stupid palomi, vansh and a new entry aditya and regain uma’s trust.

  22. Hi Meera Bhanna vj I just posted my analysis today morn.Guys if u have time u can join our Tu sooraj main saanjh piyaji Indian forum to share or views opinions abt our beloved serial .You guys can also tweet #tusoorajmainsaanjhpiyaji u can also tag Avi he reads all our tweets u can post or positive comments there

    1. Divyaa love your comments and I agree with you about abuser is an abuser no matter what the reason. Why is it that the serial will only become popular when women are shown being abused. Are we sadist nation or what?
      I do hope the writers will eventually show that the dhongi baba is punished severely and so is masisa for all the wrong she has done and hopefully the naive hero will wake up and use his God given brains to see what is really happening instead of looking at everything from the level of hatred, anger and resentment. No dharma is being adhered here as far as I can see…..

      1. Thank u ranju glad u liked my comment surely uma will repent for this mistake and surely realize his true love on kanak

    2. Thanks Divyaa I will definitely try & get myself on Twitter, it was be lovely to show our appreciation to Avi’s acting.
      I do visit the India tv forum every now & then but just found this page easier to use, but will give that a go too ?

    3. Bhaana

      Thanks divyaa…I will try to do so, just now created an account in india forum and read your comments.

  23. please post todays written soon..waiting.

  24. seriously i dont care the reason why uma is doing that to kanak whether is masisa influence or not how can you treat your wife like a piece of gabbage, am very dissappointed with the writers of this movie. is hard to believe uma was the same guy who used to be concern for her,his character is becoming disgusting for my liking

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