Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maasi coming to Uma. She sees him sad and asks what happened, did Kanak run away. Paulmi thinks I m helpless, he is in pain and I can’t hold him, Kanak is dear to him, being a stranger and I m a stranger, being dear. Uma recalls Kanak. Main Sooraj tu saanjh piya……plays…. Uma says how can she go this way, this relation is made by Lord sign, she can’t break it.

Arvind says Bhabho named this shop to Uma Shankar herself. Kanak gets shocked and says no, this can’t happen, that shop is Bhabho’s world, how can she give it, check well. He says I m not mistaken, I have checked each paper and signs, maybe Bhabho lied or have hidden something. She says Bhabho never lies. He says fine, calm down, maybe someone cheated her, but it can’t be

proved illegal, we can’t file case against Uma, go Pushkar and tell to Ved and Vansh, get proof how he got signs, then we will file case. Kanak says if we file case, Bhabho will know shop is sold, she can’t bear the shock.

He says life does not end if one shop goes. Kanak recalls Bhabho’s words. He gives her a ticket to Pushkar and says you are like my sister, I can’t see you hurt, so making you reach home is my responsibility, come. He takes her.

Ambulance comes to hanuman gali. Everyone take Bhabho to the shop. Vansh asks Bhabho to see where did they come, your shop is decorated well. Ved says Bhabho has put red lights which she likes. Babasa says the shop looks like you when you came as my bride. Vikram asks her to open eyes and see her shop. Golu asks Bhabho to get up, I did not know mummy is paying big price for my marriage, else I would have been a bachelor and not let anything happen to your shop. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to understand her heart pain, she did not do this intentionally.

Vikram says Bhabho is not hearing us. Meenakshi says she will hear when we talk well, make sweets, Bhabho will react. Ved, Vansh, Rani, Meenakshi and Vikram go to make some sweets. Babasa says house got divided, not hearts, look at them, everyone is working together. He says I feel this shop will bind all of us, it has our soul. Kanak is at train station and recalls Arvind’s words. She sees Bhabho. Bhabho says al relations, loves got limited to words, you cried that I hate you, you can give your life to get me, when I asked the price of love, you had fake devotion and love, it came out, you said you came far for the shop, you were going empty handed. Kanak says Arvind said shop papers are real, I m helpless. Bhabho says you are right, you write this in your fate, Sooraj and Sandhya died for you, you are helpless when I m losing their shop, you are useless, you just deserve hatred. Kanak gets shocked and cries. She stops Bhabho and says I really want to get your love and do something, I married that man forcibly to get your shop, when papers are real, you tell me what to do. Bhabho says says you stayed for 5 days and ran away, without succeeding, you call yourself Sooraj and Sandhya’s daughter. Kanak says I have to go back to that cage again to get your shop. She hears Uma and turns to see. Uma says yes, Kanak you have to come. She gets shocked.

He says you have accepted ghatbandhan by taking rounds, you can’t break it this way. She sees chains instead ghatbandhan. He says you are just mine and walks to her. She gets away. He says Lord made us meet, this relation is of births. She says no, I don’t believe in it, I will never come to you, I feel suffocated in your world, you think woman is your shoe, you pose rules on Dharm name and tie woman like an animal. He says we are made for each other, come with me. She says no. Bhabho asks did you get scared, you are asking my love since 21 years, what did you get, think for yourself or me, I m living because of the shop, I won’t be there without the shop. Uma says we are made for each other, you have to live for me, I m your fate. Bhabho says you have to give this sacrifice for me Uma chains Kanak. Kanak shouts no….. Her imagination ends.

She thinks of Uma and Bhabho’s words. She starts running to catch the train. Babasa asks Bhabho to forgive her, he can’t see her going away. Kanak gets back in crowd. She tries to board the train.

Maasi asks Gabbasa to get Kanak back. Daasi asks Kanak did she marry. Kanak goes to ask for Kanak sweet shop, how was it sold and by whom. The man shows her CCTV footage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    When this show was stated it was one of my favourite show but now losing interest just because of these forced marriage track

    1. Forced marriage is not new concept watch Ishqbaaz, Chandra Nandini, Pardes mera dil and DBO all has forced marriage, in Ishqbaz Shivay shown tabla tod guy and here Uma is calm and serene person, both r rich and there Anika falls for him after forced marriage so enjoy Kanak will also do the same. In Dia aur Bati Sandhya was forced by his brother.

  2. Yup exactly… Aisa Kahan hota hai yar aajkal.. ?

  3. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    It’s my favorite show from the beginning because, I love Diya and Bati him. Tu suraj mai sank piya ji is it’s sequel. I think it’s also a different and unique love story of Kanak and Uma Shankar. But today’s episode was really disappointing. Kanak make marriage a joke. She should go back to Uma Shankar and tell him the truth. But no she just run a way after fulfilling her motive not even apologized to Uma Shankar. Really disappointing!

    1. This is total garbage. Liked by uneducated gawar only. Uma is name of a woman not of cave man.

  4. Bhaana

    Till kanak didn’t succeed in saving the shop for her bhabo,i think after rescuing the shop completely,she may feel for her act towards uma.
    According to me,Only uma made the marriage a joke by forcing kanak,u may be a leader of ladno,scholar of veda,but u should not hurt or underestimate anyones feelings.

    Still i loved this pair,their chemistry is awesome,jaldi se sab teek hojay

    Writers please dont drag too much

  5. first time i am seeing uma is so sad,but he is not crying.

    1. today episode is so sad for uma,bhabho and kanak.

  6. Why do they promote forced marriage. Uma Shankar is a psychopath character forcing marriage on a girl. Ye serial me itnaa bakwaas kyu dikhaate…Uma make marriage a joke by forcing…mental case!

  7. Rajitha

    Hi guys
    Please dont take harsh decisions. This serial has a different story… So please wait and watch. Every thing will be ok. Kanak will come back to uma and relationship between bhabo and kanak will improve…. It will take time….

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I started watching this serial a few weeks ago and am hooked …
    I want Uma to get his Kanak … yes he has a lot of pride but Kanak is a very sweet girl and I feel their chemistry ? this will make their union so much sweeter ?

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