Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma At Meera’s Office

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera gets out of her and enters shopping mall. She breaks fire alarm smirking and thinking when Meera Mittal shops, she does not like anyone around. People panic and run hearing fire alarm while Meera walks in. Uma sees her and asks not to go in as fire broke out. She does not hear him and walks into a boutique. Uma searches her and asks if she can hear him, fire alarm is ringing. He finally reaches her. She gets mesmerized seeing his charm. He thinks she is deaf and dumb, lifts her and runs out of mall while she looks at his face. He drops her down and apologizes for bringing her like this, actually fire alarm was ringing. She just looks at his face. He says danger danger, then writes on a piece of paper and gives it to her. She continues looking at his face and drops

paper. He picks it and says sorry, he is going for an important meeting with Meera Mittal, a famous tycoon, she must be knowing her, he cannot drop her till auto though. He runs again, she calls him. He asks if she can speak. She says all the best, looking at his tilak it looks like he is not confident of himself, so he buttered god. Uma reminisces Kanak applying tilak.

Meera reaches her office. Staff greets her. She gets into he cabin, calls secretary and asks with she has meeting at 11 a.m. Secretary says Mr. Uma Shankar. She asks to cancel all meetings except 11 a.m. one and eagerly looks at CCTV footage. Uma enters exactly at 11 a.m. and tells receptionist he is Uma Shankar and has an appointment with Meera Mittal. Receptionist asks him to wait. Meer thinks let us see if he will believe her words and clean his tilak or not. Uma waits for 2 hours and asks receptionist. Receptionist says madam is busy and will call him when she gets free. Uma waits again.

Kanak waits for Uma and thinks already meeting would have finished and looking at her mobile gift thinks Uma will like it. She gets video call from an unknown number and picks. She is surprised to see Uma who says he bought latest mobile and is calling her first. Kanak sadly looks at her gift and asks if his meeting is over. He says Meera is business tycoon and is very busy. He then wipes his tilak and says it is not good for business meeting. Kanak reminisces Uma applying tilak daily and telling he feels he is near god. Meera sees that and asks receptionist to send Uma in.

Payal while doing household chores speaks to her mother who says people always praise working women, so Saras will garner all the praises and not Payal. Payal hopes Saras’ shop catches fire and says she tried 2-3 times to spoil Saras’ business, but failed, tonight she will not. A man records her confession and plays it. She gets tensed.

Uma walks towards Meera’s cabin, knocks door, and walks in. Meera says knocking door does not meeting he got permission, he should seek permission and walk in. Uma is shocked to see mall girl. She says he has 5 min and it will decide if he can convince her or not.

Precap: Meera tells Uma that ruth comes with a price, if he knows he will lose his chance today. Kanak sees Uma standing on underconstruction building terrace and rushes to him, does not find him there.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Just because you are a tycoon doesn’t give you the right to break glass falsely for your benefit ?Secondly make someone wait for over 2 hrs for a 5 minute meeting that too watch them on CCTV how sick & lame This Meera is one ugly rich girl With face that has enough fillers & collagen & Botox with over pouting lips ? If you are such a wealthy businesswoman dress like one too !!!Instead of criticize Uma about his Tika Feel one Masisa left who taught Uma religious beliefs & now another enters who wants to make him modern overnight It’s demoralizing for Uma Kanak can sense On the other side Payal is planning her next evil move Looks like it’s Vansh but possibly could be Ved let’s wait & see Feel Uma will return to Meera & give his piece of mind Didn’t enjoy today’s episode one little bit Hope this woman is not around for long as acting it under par ??

    1. I agree business trycon are actually more hard working, ambitious, demanding, professionals than anyone. They certainly not gonna waste time by this type of childish behaviour. She looks more like the spoiled rich daddy’s girl who’s main worries in life is to get the lastest designers clothes

  2. Uma has changed but kanak is a little sad and tensed. Payal i hate u by the way episode not bad

  3. this meera want to recreate uma and now uma is starting to consider about what people say especially about his belief which is making kanak sad i dont know why but i feel the change in uma will bring nothing but saddnest in kanak life. we all wanted to see uma live a progressive life but not like this.

  4. Very nice episode. Loved it…kanum are my fav pair i just love them

  5. So now that all the vamps have disappeared from our screens, her comes another vamp, this time in the form of a rich business tycoon Meera…. what a rude & egoistic character.

    I like the way cvs are showing Uma’s shifting behaviour through kanak’s character, the phone scene & tilak scene portrayed the change in Uma’s outlook….Kanak desperately wants Uma to succeed whilst remaining himself, whilst Uma is losing his way, maasisa’s deceit has made him question his outlook and now he doesn’t know what to stand for.

    Once again TSMSP has brought another interesting twist…which I fit one, did not see coming. I would never have imagined Uma changing to such an extent that Kanak will be under threat of being left behind…. obviously it’s early days so I don’t want to jump to any conclusions too early – the story could move in many different directors , but I am now super excited to see how the cut throat business world impacts on Uma’s character and how Kanum overcome this latest hurdle.

  6. Bhaana

    Hi guys
    Really shocking twist but looks quite natural, he is like a small kid wandering around what’s happening.
    It’s very interesting to see the hit n miss game of uma.
    Is the Tilak matter evident that Meera gonna dominate uma as massi did??
    Kanak gonna suffer a lot, anyway eagerly waiting for Kanak’s turn
    Happy weekend guys
    Love you all tsmspians ?

  7. nice episode i am excited to see what will happen next. with our kanum pair.. love tsmsp

  8. interesting episode friends. uma is so enthusiastic to explore new world i like that Uma is now in a experimenting zone he will surely learn he may fall but he will again stand up and run in this competitive world. He will discover his original identity soon. Payal and her mom speaking as usual her mom is poisoning her. i hope kanak slap her really.meera is nothing in front of kanak and uma love kanak so much so for me meera is another poulami .I really hope uma won’t accept all her conditions to get back the patent He don’t care for Meera except that she owns the medicines he made. waiting for monday episode

    1. agree with you dear about mera well said.. stay blessed waiting for more scenes of kanum ..btw nice episode i loved it too.

    2. KanUma came through after KMB,then the 30 days divorce period,the 7 days in BKK and now this 12 days prior to KanUma marriage and Kanak birthday This Meera is just a dark cloud ☁️ passing by in their lovely relationship They will come out victorious ?

      1. Well said VJ 🙂

  9. Meera is an over the top character but hey, this is a tv show where there are over the top religious followers, over the top mother figure villains, over the top joker villains, over the top in love heroines so this over the top new vamp fits in fine since it is just a piece of fiction. After all so many other things shown in the show till now would not really happen in real life. It’s just for relaxation and entertainment. I like this new character as she has a punch that will have enough force to drive Uma in the opposite direction of course until he realizes his error. At least until then it will be fun. I am looking forward to a new Uma that I may like as he will be more humanized and three dimensional. The scene where he wipes off the tilak was powerful and well done. It showed a man who doubts everything he has been taught and is figuring out what all from his past life is bogus in the real world and should be eliminated; at some point it might include that old ex wife whom he married thinking her a sign from God. Today he wiped one sign of God. In future this new woman might make him think he should wipe off that other sign of God too. He deduced that tilak putting which Maasisa might have taught him was disapproved by a successful business woman as a mark of low confidence and by his logic he removed it. I look forward to seeing how he one by one destroys all of his old habits to fit in. Meera may be like Amrita Singh’s character in Raju ban gayaa gentleman. Copycats as CVs are, they will probably copy that entire plot which itself was a copy of Shree 420. After all they copied the plot of Beta movie before. Except the forced marriage bit. That piece of crap was the CVs own invention so they have also realized that they are better off copying. The hurt on Kanak’s face was priceless. Looking forward to more such scenes. while they last I will go back to watching rather than just reading.

    1. In a way yes because he is now single and free and not bound to anyone. Kanak is nobody to him in the legal sense. If he loses his moral sense by being enticed by Meera’s way of life and the attraction of the modern lifestyle, he might question his relationship with Kanak. She has done him many favors and for that he may be ever grateful to her just like he still has deep respect for Palomi. Kanak might become the new Palomi whom he will be grateful to for her long service and will repay with tons of respect but just respect.

  10. I dont like this new Uma and track
    I liked the old style and the old music
    I thought they would go back to that and make it more family drama instead they keep axding villans and plots

    1. don’t worry dear & you cant say that this is a new track now meera is just a new character like a cloud like palomi …and the new uma we don’t know him too. we must watch more episodes i think to understand his change. Both Uma and Kanak are in difficult position yet their love is more the strongest now than ever. Uma is trying to change himself to some one won’t be a burden to their relationship. Hope they understand each other very well and soon this phase will blend into the their normal daily life. Let’s wait and watch dear

  11. Meera is the over the top character.

    It may seem Uma is changing his beliefs initially but his own heart never accept it in the long term. I guess Kanak is more worried about Uma getting hurt with these changes rather than herself.

    How Vansh said once how Kanak like new gadgets. Kanak sort of doing everything by keeping Uma in mind.

    Uma also doing the same. He never want to loose Kanak and in bkk track they went very near to it. So he determined to understand and face the world.

    Only wish is Bholenath is always with Uma not in his teeka. Nothing in the world can break this match made by Shivji.

  12. Huge change in Uma Shankar. Anyway i guess Kanak has to suffer a lot.
    I am little by little losing me interest and sayyam in watching this show.
    Kanum will be separated in the future track 🙁 because of this new witch (Meera) guess of mine.

    1. so if you don’t like the new track you lost interest maybe quit watching sorry a true fan support the show maybe we complain somtimes we not like things but lost interest i don’t understand. but it’s okay this is your opinion and i respect that. for me i will continue to watch because this show is my favourite and die fan for kanum.

      1. Hi Kanum………
        I regret if i had hurt your feelings.
        I was hurt seeing Kanak’s pain. And Kanum look good when they are together.

      2. Hi Kanum……..
        I regret for hurting your feeling towards the show.
        My intention was not this.
        I was hurt seeing Kanak’s pain. I love this show and have watched all episode number of times.

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