Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nanda, Kanak Clash

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak asks Nanda Maasi why did she do such a heinous act. Maasi confesses that she hates Kanak to the core and hated more when she tried to trap Kanak to become Balbrahmachariji’s sevika, but Saras fell into it. Kanak asks why she has so much hatred. Maasi continues that she will not let Kanak spoil her house with her adharmi ideologies and will kick her out of this house. Kanak challenges her that she will get her house rid of Maasi’s wrong ideologies and wil protect them from her wrong doings. Maasi also challenges Kanak herself will be out of Uma’s life soon.

Uma does Shivji’s aarti holding hot fire lamp. Kanak reaches and tries to stop hi, but he shouts he will not let her spoil his dharm and dharm is superior than anyone else to him. Kanak asks how he wanted

to see his sister, shows Saras’ doll with widow dress and asks if he wants to see her as sevika, then with bridal dress and asks if he wants to see her as bride. Uma reminisces Maasi telling he should not let Kanak spoil his dharm and conspire against him. He angrily snatches doll and throws it in fire. Kanak rescues doll and burns her hand. He checks her hand, but does not deter. She asks if he is not concerned about her burn injury. He says no and says tomorrow she has a task awaiting. Kanak thinks what he is going to do tomorrow.

Bhabho with Babasa and Meena returns home with Saras and Vansh. Meena says she will arrange Saras’ graha pravesh and bring aarti thali. Bhabho says no need for that as Saras will live as a daughter in this house. They enter and see Rani and Golu’s romantic nok jhok. Rani sees Meena, runs and touches her feet, asks how was Uma’s sister ceremony, gets shocked seeing Vansh and Saras as groom and bride and asks if Vansh bhaiya got married Meena tells she is Saras and Vansh tricked and married her, ruining her life. Vansh angrily walks in. Bhabho asks Saras to go her room. Saras says she is married now and Vansh’s room is her room now.

Meena takes Saras to Vansh’s room and scolds Vansh that he ruined innocent Kanak’s life, so she will not forgive him. She tells Kanak that she is daughter of this house and exchanged her with Vansh and asks if she needs anything, she can call her anytime as she is her Kanak now. Once Meena leaves, Vansh asks Saras to get out of his room. Saras says this is also her room now and sits. He angrily increases AC. She requests to lower AC as she is not habituated to it. He says she has to get habituated to his habits now. She sleeps shivering on floor.

Next morning, Uma gathers wooden logs and asks Kanak to cut them as they both have to perform pooja tonight. Kanak tries cutting wood, but feels severe pain in her burn injury. Suman passes by and seeing her writhing in pain. Uma returns with more wood and warns Kanak that they both as couple have to perform pooja, so Suman cannot help her. Kanak continues cutting wood in pain.

Precap: Uma holds Kanak’s injured hand and forcefully cuts wood. Maasi says Palomi that Uma will not hear Kanak’s pain.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Now understand why bholenaath gave sign to uma that he get married to kanak.. so that uma n her mother can be saved from masisa evil plan..I do agree force marriage is very bad idea but only kanak love can change uma mind.so kanak had to enter uma life n this is the only demand of the story ….but today episode is very disturbing n bad ..we can assume tht now upcoming episodes kanak going to suffer a lot. …..but if uma misbehave with her n give her mentally n physical torture then kanak should take pushkar bus bcs uma not deserve her love……his punishment is only tht he remain puppet of masisa hand n marry to palumi..

  2. We hv already lot of stress in our life so now onward we r leaving this show……just a crap….only few good episodes I hv seen not every bcs of backward thinking which I m always against. ….

    1. agree. v true.

  3. https://youtu.be/K08hJsQdSAY

    Please do watch this video. Its very relevant

  4. okay so what is this proving except he is utterly stupid and arrogant fool who refuses to listen to
    his heart.
    I think such mistreatment of the women should not be encouraged on the screen as it is not
    helping the women across India. Come on writers show something more positive rather than this complete bakwas. Uma man up and see that what you did in the name of the dharma is absolutely wrong. please re read all the puranas and you will notice that women were held in high esteem and not trodden upon. This behaviour towards Kanak does not make you a man!!!!!

    1. Why to blame Uma, don’t u see who is instigating him a women Masisa, so its women who needs to change in real life mother has to teach correct and right thing to child than we will not see any atyachar on women, woman has to be friend not foe.

      1. I agree that he is being instigated but does he not have his own brain? He is educated, I hope. Man use it and listen to your heart. God gave us the power of discrimination so we should use that and not be a puppet on the string. Also Lara you have made a very good point: It is the women’s mind set that needs changing as we have seen over and over again how women can mistreat (mild word used here) another women!!! No wonder than what is happening in India at the moment is the direct result of this where a woman forgets that by mistreating another woman she is setting a very bad example for man to follow. Children learn by example!

  5. Thanks for update MA..
    vote link for ITA AWARDS 2017.vote before 26 oct..show your support for TSMSP..


    1. Thanx for the link Avanti.. I have voted for tsmsp?

  6. This Uma is too much. He’s abusing his wife and the wife is letting him. What he’s doing is unforgiveable and I bet the writers are going to let Kanak forgive him because he doesn ‘t know the truth, he’s just a puppet for maasi sa with no opinion or thoughts of his own. He needs to be fighting for his wife for once. All I have seen is Kanak being the one to make comprimises and not him. This is clearly a marriage in which the woman is nothing but an obedient servant. I do hope the writers will expose Maasi sa and Palomi because it’s getting very disturbing to see evil win, good girl enduring all hardship and a male lead who’s nothing but a pretty face.

  7. I think uma will change tomorrow

    1. we can live in hope

    2. Oh he changed alright, for the worse.

  8. Day by day things are going horribly wrong.. vansh is such an ass.. Uma is stone hearted.. the only hope is Maasa ka recovery

    1. Totally agree Neha, I too think only maasa can bring some change… here’s wishing maasa a Speedy recovery so maasisa can be put in her place!

  9. Feel sorry for kanak

  10. namita pathak

    Ab to jab positive dikhaenge ye log tabhi ye show dekhne layak hoga…..uma totly mental case h….mai kanak ki jagha hoti to turant bhag jati ese paaglon k kunbe ko chhodke.

  11. Today episode was tough to watch it showed extreme anger will spoil lovely relationship.That basic dard ka rishta also vanished between kanUm today whenever kanak is in pain uma will treat her with love and concern.uma holded her hand for sec but his extreme anger overruled his concern on kanak .Uma was extremeist today .AVINESH anguish expressions was awesome today.Kanak was too tired after fighting for entire day but the way she challenged massisa shows the fighting spirits of her.Whatever happens she is going to fightand save her house the way she says that its her house the sense of belonging shows she has accepted uma wholeheartedly.Throwing doll on fire symbolically shows uma is ready to do the final rights of saras that showed hw deeply he has been hurted by the betrayal of saras.But seriously vansh is too much he is really irritating me .Is he sooraj son? where did he get this type of parvarish of illtreating wife.Saras due to her sanskar is ready to face any humilation she is ready to be doormat with her sacrifice patience.uma never illtreated kanak he always respect her with love.he is a gem unlike vansh what mistake saras did why should she suffer.From now onwards we are going to see two couple simultaneously becoming diya aur bhati.

    1. You are right Divyaa Uma accepted Kanak as his wife whole heartedly, even when he had found out she had cheated on him & never used his dharm to force himself on her.
      Vansh treatment towards Saras is Just vile. He intentionally duped her (even though he fully well knew what he was doing was wrong) & hasn’t got the decency to apologise or treat her nicely ?.

    2. Yes.. fine vansh out of immaturity married her for revenge for the love of his sister.. but now when all are against him.. atleast now he can understand things.. even if he has not understood atleast he must have some basic humanity to let his wife sleep in bed.. he did not even offer her a pillow nor turned off the A.C.. I felt more bad for this than his marriage thing.. on the other hand Uma who had some kindness has also become like Vansh.. in the precap Uma called Kanak as gawar.. but in reality he is gawar who has is being orthodox and not religious.. because religion, no matter which, will first teach humanity and respect towards otgers.. this aspect has gone missing in Uma’s upbringing..

    3. Yes in any religion humanity comes first by treating others with kindness & respect – so its starting to become absurd that anyone would act in this manner for the sake of religion.

      Now with most tv serials, there’s always some eavesdropping going on so I was secretly hoping that Uma was lurking in the background & overheard maasisa & kanak’s conversation (but Obviously that was wishful thinking) as with all serials no one ever overhears the Important conversations ?

      1. Lol so true?. No one hears any important conversation.. I just hope Suman opens her mouth about Palomi.. that she’s obsessed to Uma..

  12. frnds happy news TSMSP trp increased 1.4

    1. wow i hope it reaches the higher rank ,i love the show

    2. Thanks for sharing Divyaa, wishing the show lots of success!

  13. A male chauvinist that’s what you are uma!??…Why should kanak be punished out of defamation???….a stry has two sides then a listen to a heart of own self but uma you are the so blind and really being the opposite..How can a husband punish his wife to that extent!..I wish kanak should go back to push Mar for uma to realize his mistakes/ uma’s mum should get well soon to help kanak…I really despise Mrs.Nanda she’s so sarcastic she’s advising uma to mistreat kanak I.e women while she’s also a woman!!..

  14. the reason why i like this movie is because the story is different from all the movies i have watch .but uma is getting worst day by day but i know kanak will change him eventually

  15. Fabulous acting by avinesh rekhi. To be able to convince the audience of being a warm figure & then to a stone hearted man takes some talent & versatility, what a convincing performance ?.
    As for today’s episode Uma & Vansh are both coming across as complete morons. With the exception of vansh, I was proud of the rathis today, how they promised to treat Saras as their duty & showing their anger towards vansh’s behaviour & what can I say about the Toshniwal parivaar, they have decided to take regression to the next level. I don’t think we have seen Kanak as being strong enough to take on Maasisa, Paloumi & Uma’s dharam… maasisa is so experienced at being manipulative I don’t think Kanak stands a chance & I’m not sure how much more her tiny shoulders can take & still remain true to her character.
    It now feels as though the show had taken one minor step towards progression & is now taking fifty steps back to regression.
    Any Kanum chemistry has well & truly evaporated by Uma’s anger. I do hope the track doesn’t run too slow as it’s difficult to watch Kanak being treated so badly.

    1. *daughter not duty ? autocorrect

  16. Man someone slap that Uma for me. What Dharam is this to treat a girl like that, worst then Ravan

  17. Yes good TRP is up. But today’s episode was unwatchable There was no difference in behavior between Uma & Vansh towards their spouses Vansh behaving like a spoilt brat who had no respect for Saras feeling & Uma’s behavior towards Kanak when she burnt her palm couldn’t careless so engrossed in stupid DHARMA Thought he was a Ved were did his work ethics go then ?? Like Kanak had said god should have put a stone in men instead of a heart that’s how both behaved cruel This Masisa is a witch wish something bad will happen to her accidentally fall & hit her head ?? well this is Bholenaths wishes to have Kanak change Uma & rest of them Masa must be praying for that Kanak it’s a tough mission especially when Uma doesn’t let her speak or nor does he listen to her & there is Maisasa & Poullomi with their own intentions Thought Uma told Kanak he loved her a lot when BB was there what was all that suddenly changed Does he even know the meaning of love ❤️ & to be loved

  18. I liked how Kanak challenges Masisa news flash Masisa this is not your house it’s your sisters & Umas Wish Kanak had a cellphone to record conversation what Masisa was telling her about how much she hates her & had planned trap for Sevika etc she can play this for all to hear wouldn’t that be awesome

  19. Uma obviously does not know love or it’s true meaning. Or the fact that you are supposed to stand together in adversity. But I guess that a lot of Indian/Asian men, who are always tied to the apron strings. Would not mind so much if it was his real mother.

    Massisa really annoyed me when she was floating to her sister in the precap for tomorrow.

    The question for Kanak is , is Uma worth fighting for or does she leave him to his dharma pit. I know what I would do, & that is run as fast as I could

  20. Correction , I meant gloating

  21. Well of course the TRP is rising…that’s what I had predicted…the more the female lead gets I’ll treated and the more cruel the male lead gets, the better trp will be. The show has now entered the league of SaathNibhaanaSaathiya, Sasural Simar ka, KumkumBhaagya, all top shows at one time or another. That does not mean the quality of the story is getting better. It means the writers are turning up the absurdity, regression, misogyny, and making thousand excuses why the male lead is a shithead and why the audiences s( women mostly) should keep swooning over him and gush Everytime there is some sensual scene between him and the female lead whom he will torture most of the time so that that one moment of softness melts women’s heart and convinces them that that’s what’s manly and macho behavior is supposed to be. And of course in the end they will excuse him from all wrongs by writing some female character to be this horrible Mastermind villain and the male lead will be portrayed as an innocent victim whom a spineless heroine will forgive all tortures. Nice video Meg but I doubt there are many who will be capable of understanding the essence of that speech.

  22. Well well well a parallel clash of 2 pairs of life struggling for acknowledgment. Has begun let’s c wat results they bear……….

    Anyways I suspect vansh to be a cop intentionashowing rebel towards Uma for some purpose may b his bro (payal B ka pagal pati) he izzat the culprit the bad person ….
    To reach him vansh on secret missin by cmmisnr that sandhya’s apprentice ???? on that complaint day may b mission Uma ka bhai ??????? or may b saras is D bad 1 intentionally sepratd frm uma nd co ……..
    Hmmm………..I hope to c old characters soon aply MM cute boy as grown-up ……??? Let’s c who is the culprit D bad guy bcz vansh ki chuppi kaafi khatarnak thi….???

  23. this show was goimg well i do not understand why they did the sarass wedding that just shows the men of india they can treat women like dirt and play with feelings and lie
    plus its hypercritical considering he hated uma for force marriage
    uma is a man but god its so boting seeing him so blind and brainwashed esp when he kidnapped kanak
    now they are showing phyical and menal torture towards a girl
    massi sa was nice before shame they vamped her i thought it was because she was a protective mum
    but she is old enough to know right and wrong
    i hope suman and shiv realises what poulami did and tells uma with proof – that would be good
    and uma mother wakes up slapping uma hard for being such a weak man

    the show was nice without vamps and trying to kill people it was different
    now its become same as any other – shame

  24. this show was goimg well i do not understand why they did the sarass wedding that just shows the men of india they can treat women like dirt and play with feelings and lie
    plus its hypercritical considering he hated uma for force marriage
    uma is a man but god its so boring seeing him so blind and brainwashed esp when he kidnapped kanak
    now they are showing phyical and menal torture towards a girl
    massi sa was nice before shame they vamped her i thought it was because she was a protective mum
    but she is old enough to know right and wrong
    i hope suman and shiv realises what poulami did and tells uma with proof – that would be good
    and uma mother wakes up slapping uma hard for being such a weak man

    the show was nice without vamps and trying to kill people it was different
    now its become same as any other – shame

  25. This Uma thinks women are same as animals,even animals are treated better than the women in this house!!!! Maybe someone will have to put a rope round Masisa & Uma and pull them like that goat maybe then they will value life & learn how to treat a human being regardless of what ever gender appalling that they consider women in same category

  26. Why does this uma thinks so highly of himself!!..He considers women as animals ryt?..Is his beloved maasi sa included in the list of animals too????..or the poor woman who’s lying on bed for years now???…i really feel pitty for her i wish she gets well soon and give uma “a dose of his own medicine!”..where do u think u came from uma shankar!!..Heaven?..well No!!

  27. Hope this is not happening in reality so much negative in 2017. Cant stand this version of Uma.

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