Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma thanking Lord that he has given Kanak to him. He praises Kanak and says today we will be uniting, just bless us that our relation has love, belief, dedication and respect like you and Parvati Maiyya. He hopes Kanak likes the gift. Suman likes the decorations in the room. Maasi asks Suman how did she come here, its not her age to see all this. She asks them to hurry up and leave, else Uma will think how did hurdles come here. Paulmi thinks how would I get equal to Kanak, just keep Uma happy always. They all leave.

Kanak looks out of the boat. Arvind’s man calls her out. She asks him to wait. She sees Uma and goes back. Uma sees her. He knocks the door and enters. He keeps some shagun things. He sits beside. They both look tensed. He says I got a small

gift for you, its said women like Shringhaar, I don’t know what my wife likes. He tries to sit close. She gets up and says I will get warm milk for you. She goes out. He waits for her.

He calls her out and says I don’t need it. Kanak finds a way and leaves from the boat. She goes with Arvind’s man. Ved, Vansh, Babasa and Meenakshi are in hospital. They pray for Bhabho. Bhabho is in ICU. Meenakshi asks doctor about Bhabho. Doctor says she is in deep shock, she is still in coma, we are helpless. Meenakshi cries.

Ved and Vansh apologize to Babasa. Vikram blames Meenakshi for all this, as she got blind for getting her son married. She says I m sorry, I did not know this will happen. Vikram asks her what’s the meaning to sell shop. Meenakshi asks did I wish this to happen with Bhabho. Babasa asks them to stop fighting. He says its none’s mistake, we thought to sell shop so that Bhabho lives well, thing done with good intention is never wrong, don’t blame yourself, we could not understand, we forgot that shop is Bhabho’s life. Meenakshi worries and asks what will happen now. Ved says we know Bhabho has deep connection with shop, we will take Bhabho to the shop, where her breath is connected.

Uma asks for Kanak. He knocks the door and looks for her. Paulmi, Maasi and Suman have rest. Paulmi gives water to Maasi. She says pandit gave this to keep in bride’s clothes. Maasi asks her to go. Paulmi gets sad. Maasi says I will keep it come. They see Kanak’s bag. She sees bangles in the bag, and says if this bangle set is here, what did she wear. Suman says Kanak did not had bangles when she clapped for Shiv’s mischief. Maasi asks did she create hurdle in ritual, then why did she get ready and go on boat, it means Kanak is trying to run away from here, she did this so that we sit here and she runs away.

Kanak meets Arvind. She asks him to say what haappened, I hope you got all proof. She asks him why does he look worried. He says I m really sorry, Uma Shankar did not cheat, these papers are original, Bhabho’s thumb impressions are also original, Bhabho has named the shop to Uma Shankar. Kanak gets shocked. Uma says it means Kanak has gone away.

Arvind asks Kanak to go Pushkar and tell them truth. Bhabho asks Kanak to think for herself or her Bhabho. Uma asks Kanak to come with her. Kanak refuses to go with him. She sits crying at the station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Finally kanak bhag gaye but how can bhabo sold shop to uma confussion he confusion hai solution kuch pata nahi ????
    What will kanak do after knowing truth
    Waiting for reaction of rathi family after knowing kanak marriage truth

    1. Yeah I’m also confused.. ….who sold the shop??????
      Kuch to garbar hai.. ……..

  2. Hate the massive.she is like a spy women

  3. Bhaana

    Going slow,atleast tomorrow they should open the truth behind bhabo shop or kanak marriage infront of rathi family.
    Thanks for the link vinal.
    Sooraj ka entry kab hoga?

  4. looking forward

  5. Massi, has anything age appropriate came out of Suman , mouth so far. She needs to be discipline.
    Who sold the shop?
    Could babho be suffering from Alzheimer’s?
    Or a mysterious crook lurking around.
    Stay tuned!

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Kanaka should not run away like spy and theif. She should go back to Uma Shankar and tell him the truth. After all she is a daughter of Sooraj and Sandhya. I think after knowing the truth Uma Shankar will give shop as a gift.

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