Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma saying Dharm things don’t hurt me. Kanak thinks how is he, he does not express any pain. They all have food. Suman coughs. Maasi asks her to have food peacefully, a girl should not forget her shyness and limits while having food. Kanak thinks to get up and salute Maasi. Arvind comes in disguise. He serves food to them. She sees him and gets shocked. She drops the food on her clothes and apologizes. She says I will clean this and come. Paulmi gets up to go with her. Arvind asks Paulmi to sit, he will help Kanak. Uma looks on.

Arvind tells Kanak to run away in evening, she will get a boat outside the cottage, we will talk rest of the things there. He helps her clean the dress. Kanak thanks him and comes back. She smiles. Maasi looks at her. Uma thinks

its good the distance between us is over. She thinks its time I get free of their clutches. Uma tells Maasi that Kanak is getting ready, I will go and see house boat, I was thinking to get some gift for Kanak. Maasi says sure, sit here, your life is getting a new relation, which will be imp for you. Paulmi hears them.

Maasi says you can give importance to people, but don’t lose own importance and respect, love fades without respect and limits. He says Maasa gave me birth, but you are my Yashoda Maiyya and Guru, I won’t let anything happen that raises question on your upbringing. Uma goes. Paulmi gets roses and says I will keep it.

Meenakshi and Rani have a talk. Meenakshi gives the beauty lep to Rani. Rani thanks her. Babasa praises Meenakshi. Meenakshi thinks Golu will rule in rich house, once shop is sold, way will be clear. She gets shocked seeing Khandelwal coming. She takes lep and applies to her face. Khandelwal says I got ayurvedic medicine for you. She asks him to leave, else he will catch infection. He asks her not to worry, he already had chickenpox. Rani comes and drops juice on her. Meenakshi cleans her face. Khandelwal says your disease got fine. He asks Babasa to be careful, Meenakshi had chickenpox. Babasa asks Rani to get medicine for her. Meenakshi sends Rani.

Khandelwal says your face does not show you had chickenpox. Meenakshi says yes, diseases are such, I m having itching, you please leave. Khandelwal says fine, I got a mask and gave it to your relative. He sees the family pic and says I have given mask to this elderly lady. Babasa says she is my Santosh. Bhabho cooks sweets and is happy for Golu. Babasa says she is my wife. Ved and Vansh come.

Babasa says our fight went out of home. Meenakshi asks Ved and Vansh to go. Vansh talks to Khandelwal. Khandelwal says I came to meet my Samdhan, she got chickenpox. Ved says it means we are selling Bhabho’s shop to Golu’s Sasur. Babasa asks what, did you sell it. Vansh says did we know he is Golu’s Sasur. Vansh introduces them. Khandelwal says Meenakshi did not say this is family’s shop, its wrong to hide it. Ved says its good we did not take token money, we will cancel this deal here.

Paulmi says Kanak, Maasi has sent flowers. Kanak asks her to keep it on table, she is in washroom. Paulmi sees her clothes and bangles. She says the relation’s dream which I have seen since years, I wish I got this chance, I would have smile and given any Agnipariksha I would have bear any pain for him.

She tries kamarbandh and smiles. Maasi comes to see Kanak. She sees Paulmi removing kamarbandh. She says I thought you will learn your Maryada with time, you accept what you got and accept what you did not get as fate, now Uma is married, such emotions are against Dharm, I have tolerated this, if Uma knows this, then you will lose this family, Uma does not like Adharm, lock your feelings with Maryada. Kanak comes. Maasi says this kamabandh got stuck to her dupatta, did you see all this, get ready well, the wife who dedicates herself to husband wins all life. She laughs and goes with Paulmi. Kanak says I will snatch my Bhabho’s happiness from him.

Vansh asks did you know we are selling Bhabho’s shop to Golu’s Sasur. Bhabho hears this and gets shocked. She recalls the shop and drops laddoos. She gets dizzy. Vansh holds her. Ved gets a call and man informs him about shop owner, Uma Shankar. Ved does not hear him and runs to hold Bhabho.

Maasi says Kanak is trying to run away. Arvind says Uma Shankar did not cheat, papers are original, Bhabho named shop to Uma. Uma gets shocked seeing Kanak missing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bhaana

    Maasi’s advice to uma was good,its shows affection btwn them and uma’s expression when arvind offered to help kanak was so cute with jealousy
    I hate this paulmi behaviuor
    Kal kya hoga,feeling bad for uma

  2. first time i am seeing uma shankar reaction that is kanak gone missing and worrying.

  3. Aarti32

    If bhabho had sold d shop..Then y is she so shocked.. Thali falling n all!!

  4. Aarti32

    Palomi!! Y does she want to hurt herself more..She always comes up wid dat ridiculous crying expression..I hate it ?

  5. VINAL

    Palomi is behaving like child again & again ………it was my dream she is hurting herself
    No repeat telecast for this show why.,.,.,.,,./

    1. Because no wants to see caveman story twice same day!

  6. Lizaa

    Waiting for next epi
    Very much excited for kanak’s decision

  7. Can someone please explain to me who is Paulomi?? It’s very confusing for me. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Aarti32

      Palomi sharanarthi h..?? just kidding
      She’s Uma’s sister Saraswati’s frnd

      1. Thanks for clarifying.
        But why is she behind Uma? What’s the back story?

  8. Today’s episode was exciting… Waiting for the episode when kanaka will ran away…..

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