Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma’s Gift For Kanak

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Uma’s Gift For Kanak

Kanak and Uma return back to India. In court, judge pronounces Nanda and Aditya guilty in trying to frame Uma in Palomi’s murder case, looting Uma for whole life, misusing his medical knowledge, etc.. and announces 3 yeas’s rigorous imprisonment. He further says Gajendra Singh will be convicted after he gets well. He frees even Vansh and says Uma can continue his practice. Kanak and family congratulate each other. Bhabho says it is truth’s win. Aditya fumes seeing all this and challenges Uma that he will return back to take revenge from Uma. Nanda apologizes Uma. Uma says how will a son feels when a mother deceives him, he cannot forgive her even if he wants to.

Uma comes out of court with family. People chant Uma’s praises. Uma

reminisces people alleging him and trying to kill him. One among them apologizes Uma for misunderstanding him and says Uma served them since years, but they did not think a bit before alleging him. Sumer walks in. Uma reminisces Sumer trying to burn him alive. Sumer chants Jab Tak Sooraj Chand Rahega, Uma Shankar Tera Naam Rahega/until sun and moon are alive, Uma’s name will be alive. He apologizes Uma for misunderstanding him and says he did not know minister is so close to his family. Family stands confused. Minster’s car arrives. Sandya’s friend Arpita gets out of it and walks towards them. Kanak gets happy seeing Arpita maasi. Arpita says after resigning from police job, she joined politics to serve the country. She calls Kanak as modern day savitri who saved her husband and says she proved she is Sandya’s daughter and suggests her to join politics. Kanak says she is happy with a family life and cannot even think of becoming Sandya. Arpita says she gave political answer. Bhabo says let us celebrate holi.

Holy celebrations start. Whole family dances. Uma dances with Kanak on Sanjhna hua mai tera…..song…Kanak happily dances with Uma. Uma walks aside sadly. Kanak walks to him and asks what happened. Uma says so many things happened in his life from Maasi’s betrayal to Sumer trying to kill him, if Kanak had not saved her, he would have died long ago, he is nothing with out her. She tries to calm him down. He continues and says he wants to become competent and on par with the new generation with whom Kanak can stand proudly. Kanak’s birthday is after 12 days, he will change himself before that and will give her the gift she deserves. Kanak emotionally says she always stood with him and will always. They hug each other.

Precap: Uma walks in wearing corporate dress. Kanak asks whom he was thinking about whole night. He says Ms. Mittal. A lady comes out of car.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love this pair so much kanum. veyry beautiful Joyful episode .. Massisa convicted justice won uma proved innocent Minister Arpitha encouraging kanak serve nation Uma regretting for being regressive assured to become progressive for kanak. i love you both kanum. have a nice day guys

    1. Bhaana

      Hi Thalia☺
      Welcome to our tsmsp family
      Agree, episode is light, full of fun….
      Have a good day dear.

  2. Colourful joyful episode after ages. Massisa
    Adithya and Gabbasa convicted for 3 years rigrous punishment. Adithya challenged he would come back to take revenge. Massisa was regretting for all her misdeeds she did to uma. She was expecting that uma will apologize her. But uma was still grief stricken and he coudnt forget his betrayal. But I thought uma would apologize her but he didn’t. Time only will heal his wounds. Somewhere I felt Massisa is wholeheartedly regretting for her sins. I hope uma apologize her after punishment and accept her back as his Massisa. Today one aspect was very clear Adithya made his mom greedy and bad. Out of her avariciousness she betrayed uma. Who I am feeling sorry for her is reasons unknown. Maybe that old strict cute Massisa is still in my heart. Uma was proved innocent and he got back his medical license. Kanak rejoicing their victorious moments. Bhabho blessed them to be happy forever. Ladnun people also regretted and asked apologize to uma for mistrusing him. Sumeir singh raised slogan supporting uma he asked him to apologize for mistaking him. Minister Arpita entry kanak was so happy welcoming her. Arpita praised kanak as kalyug Savithri who saved her husband life from danger. She stated she is again seeing a rebirth of sandhya rathi IPS. She encouraged her to serve the nation as her mom did. Kanak refused said she wants to first become perfect housewife. Serving nation are all big responsibility and she is not that much capable to do it. Kanum danced celebrated holi very happily. Uma was depressed and distressed that he has been regressive all these years. He was angry on himself for not being broad minded. Uma promised assured kanak that within 12 days he will change completely and he will become competent with the modern world. He will become her perfect jeevan sathi compatible with her. Waiting to see our new progressive umashankar soon. Kanak motivated him that she will be always with him in all his future endevours. Soulful perfect song. Kanum beautiful ethreal hug full of satisfaction and happiness and contentment in their faces. That hug was an emotional moments for both of them. Which brought tears.

    1. Bhaana

      Agree Divya, last hug is soulful…..
      after expressing his frustration and giving vachan uma felt lighter and hugged her with a cute smile??

      1. Bhaana

        Divyaasa teh bade bole hai sa??
        How easily forgot the extra powers of massi…lol
        Sorry, Just for fun?

      2. Yes bhaana beautiful soulful moments na. ??. I have big heart yaar so after seeing massisa regretting I felt little senti. ???

    2. How can Aditya make his mother greedy??It was d opposite..She always had fear of being caught nd convicted..When Aditya was poisoned,she was forced to c d mirror.. During d entire court room procedure,she had her head down.She has realised her mistakes but Aditya might b back in distant figure to trouble Kanum

      1. Figure s future

  3. Somehow I feel their chemistry is lost and they are like any other tv show couple. It was there till Kanak was going back to Pushkar and slowly it thinned out. Well at least a new chapter in the story is starting. Let’s see what that will bring. I would have respected Uma more if he had shown desire to face legal punishment for forcibly marrying her. Kanak could have stopped him from that. All this sadness and empty repentant words seem over convenient and hollow. Talk is cheap. Actions speak volumes. But trp bhi dekhna hai so I guess there was no other way. He is in corporate clothes by next episode? Is there a leap of twelve days? I am afraid of any more absurd plot development. Still better than a few other shows so let’s see.

  4. Bhaana

    Ok! Maasi n co imprisoned for 3 years CVS did justice? though the period is short I feel.
    Maasi apologised to uma, omg she is ready for her spin off drama??
    Party time for Rathis n toshniwal, uma look tensed how to cope up with the world, totally agree with him, sometimes what we feel correct is proved wrong as time passes, he wants to live a balanced life, eager to know his plans 12 years vs 12 days??
    In precap dhoti bro coming out of bathroom full dressed even with shoes, ye toh na insaafi hai na…..how many good scenes we have seen in the same location now everything changed or should I say covered ??
    New hottie is ready to test uma’s sayyam, be careful Kanak?
    Btw where is maasa???????

    1. Yes bhaana I guess for some days we will miss our hawttt shirtless uma??. But uma changeover itself big shock for us. But I liked the way he said he wants to become her perfect jeevan sathi ?.If the new hogtie exheeds her limit than our uma long gyan wil start again. Uma ‘s sayyam is now in testing zone but we know our uma’s sayyam isn’t it guyzz ???

      1. Bhaana

        Would love to hear his baashan divya? to new generation palomi
        Happy to hear we have chances to witness dhoti bro, wish to see uma n kanak in dhoti n lehanga for a while ?

    2. Bhanaa going to miss out dhoti bro it’s locked away now see in jeans & modern attire ??

      1. No VJ dhoti clad uma will come back as surprise . Av replied us to keep watching for that

      2. Bhaana

        Right vj, change is inevitable
        Dhoti bro to denim bro??
        Anyway his slang… pure hindi sustainable for me

    3. Hi Bhaana…….Yesterday episode was good, but i felt CV is rushing the scenes.
      Kanum hug was so passionate. They eyes were fulled with confident and happiness to win the world.
      I really like Adi’s line – Dhoti to Denim “Copy cat” 🙂 adi is unique no one will fit in his role.
      Adi will come back with new avatar 🙂
      Anyway joke apart, I guess hereafter CV will not show us the old chemistry between Kanum. I really miss those romantic days of Kanum. The beautiful and charm of the shown is gone :(.
      I think CV should work on this bit and concentrate on TRP 🙂

      1. Bhaana

        Hi Shalu☺
        Last Hug scene was very cute my favourite after kanum pati patni walk in bkk??

        Definitely they r rushing which is quite visible, even I wish to experience the old charm.
        Never expected bkk track to be so light n full of fun after the exaggerated maasi drama, just wish the same magic to repeat in this 12 days mission.
        Will miss adi though I’m good with kanum new journey, need a break?
        I have a feeling CVS don’t disappoint us not so soon, let’s see how the new journey unviels…
        Have a good day dear

  5. Very Nice Episode .. kanak and uma I love them too much … Each and every episode is so new and different and they don’t drag the story … Amazing show. nice comment divyaa. bhaana i miss maasa too

  6. really i like how kanak is full of life she smiles even at the painful times which makes me admire her, but i think what arpita suggested to kanak is not bad she shouldn’t waste all her time and become a typical housewife besides she is young and brilliant she can do something with her life and also became a pillar of strengthen to his husband. todays episode was just mind blowing , i think new entry will make kanak think about her future since that woman looks rich and successful.

  7. Modern neta sleeveless blouse n heels ? I think it’s CVS new yr resolution to change everything from old to modern look ?
    Bt like shikha said I too feel chemistry is lost
    And yes bhaana we hv witnessed so many sweet moments at the same place yr
    Jane kaha Gaye vo din..??
    Ab ye new chapter kaun h ?

    1. Bhaana

      Modern neta in high heels ??
      What an observation dear ??
      U know me na, I will complaint only if uma is shown dumb or for Saas bahu drama, high heels neta no issues ?
      Let’s see how long is this 12 days mission ?

      1. Hey Bhaana
        Gift for Kanak from our hero Uma
        12 days is equal to 12 weeks 🙂

  8. Hello Tsmsp friends… Shreya I just loved your jaane Kahaan gayen voh din comment ??… I totally agree!! I feel like The show is jumping in so many different directions that it no let linger feels like the original tsmsp… I was expecting a gradual change in Uma’s outlook… instead his views have just transformed overnight.
    Maasa, Suman & Shiv have just disappeared from our screen

    For me, I’m disappointed to say that it’s turned into an average drama… but I still love Kanak & Uma’s Jodi though ❤️

    1. Bhaana

      Hi Meera, how r u
      Missing you yaar, do present once in a week if possible, love to read your viewpoint.
      CVS are rushing scenes, hope we will see family bonding too, shiv was present just for a scene, no maasa and no sibling interaction ved and vansh with Kanak.
      Have a good day dear ☺

    2. nope tmsps will never be an average dramma you watched just one episode after the bkk track guys cmon..atleast watch more than week and then say that. in my opinion this episode was amazing and kanum was amazing uma has changed a lot for kanak and that what we all wanted before months.. masisa and adi yesterday just dis from our screen and now some people miss them like really guys.. & that too what we wanted all before months. i am very happy now i am more exciting to wait for the future unknowns.

    3. Hi Meera glad to see u dear after so long n agree with bhaana try to come at least once in week
      Good day to all ?

  9. agree with you mavis It was a fabulous episode, good to see kanum together happy with the family ! precap look interesting,

  10. I agree with all your comments not more to add Glad Masisa & Entourage sentenced to prison but kinda short duration Aditya couldn’t leave without saying ‘the devil will be back’ ??? Uma is all cleared to return to normal life but he feels something is missing in his life He wants to change for Kanak Was hoping CV would bring his mom back healthy As for Kanak joining politics feel she needs to enjoy married life for a bit But this new entry Mittal is trouble Feel because of her Kanak will make a name for herself

  11. Beautiful analysis Divya for equally beautiful episode.

    It’s glad to see lovely KanUm moments and it’s intriguing when Uma asked for 12 days.

    I can’t figure out how and what he’s going to do but it’s exciting to wait for the future unknowns.
    I feel there’s more chemistry now as they both involved in the moments.
    Before Kanak is going to pushkar, it’s more Uma’s one sided feelings with Kanak also slowly impressed by his rare qualities but still not able to digest the fact that he’s one who cheated her Bhabho.

    After pushkar, it’s small adjustment phrase with beautiful scenes which is a pleasure to watch . Slowly it turned into Kanak is fighting with Massisa for her evil plans. Even then there’s lot of times they supported each other. Loved those moments when Kanak used to complain to Maasa and Uma able to understand her naughty plans. BB track brought one more deeper level understanding where Uma scared to loose her but still adamant on his blind beliefs.

    How Uma said some one can go to Himalayas with bare foot but no one can convince her. The cute drama and scenes and other beautiful moments while Uma saving Kanak brought much more chemistry between them.

    I can go on but will stop here because of time limits.

    For me, I am enjoying their chemistry day by day and track by track

    1. Hi Manasa……..Good to see your comments on this page.
      I too have same feeling, there is no more chemistry btw Kanum.
      In Bangkok lots of running and chasing scenes 🙁 I hope the same will not repeat again. If so viewer will lose they interest in this show.

      I seriously miss adi and cute restrict massis. Though she was evil and against Kanum, but i still can’t forget that first 100 episode of her. She is an awesome actress.

      Beauty and charm of this show is Kanum’s nok jok and romance bit. This is missing in the show.

  12. Very nice comment divyaa and mavis agree with yoy. Yesterday’s episode was very good Since there was puckup of old villains and kanak and uma finally started celebrating with family and talking about birthday uma cannot live in his own world with nanda direction he has to become part of the society now kanum are newly married couple and they love each other. Beautiful epi rack for more.. i hope they show maasa recovery in future too..

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